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Timo Book and Catalog sent FREE for the asking


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Blood Poison

On Credit

If you

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Why cramp yourself finan.

cially to wear Diamonds ? We have a NEW SECRET REMEDY abso- Why not use your credit lutely unknown to tbe profession. Permanent

with Loftis i Select any Di. cures in 15 to 35 days. We refund money if we

amond in our million dollar

stock and have it handed to do not care. You can be treated at home for

you at your own door or the same price and the same guaranty. With place of business. those who prefer to come here we will con- like the Diamond, and are tract to cure them or pay expense of coming,

convinced that it is from 10 railroad and hotel bills, and make no charge

to 20 per cent better value if we fail to cure. If you have taken mercury,

than you can get elsewhere,

pay one-Afth of the price iodide potash, and still have aches and pains, and keep it, paying the bal. mucous patches in mouth, sore throat, ance in a series of eight pimples, copper-colored spots, ulcers on equal monthly payments any parts of the body, hair or eyebrows

that you will hardly miss falling out, it is this secondary blood poison

from your earnings. we guarantee to cure.

We solicit the LOFTIS’WAY is the one most obstinate cases and challenge the world success in modern Diamond for a case we cannot cure. This disease has selling, because the goods always baffled the skill of the most eminent are the best; prices the low. physicians. For many years we have made a

est and terms the easiest.

Every Diamond is sold unspecialty of treating this disease with our

der & GUARANTY CERTI. MAGIC CURE, and we have $500,000 capital FICATE of quality and behind our unconditional guaranty.

value. Every Diamond is

also sold with a perpetual WE CURE QUICKLY AND PERMANENTLY.

option of exchange at full Our patients cured years ago by our Great

original price paid, for other

goods or a larger Diamond. Discovery, unknown to the profession, are today sound and well, and have healthy children LOFTIS' only require

is . since we cured them.

position to do as you agree DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ex

to do, and a sufficient earn.

ing capacity to enable you perimenting. We have the ONLY curo. Abso- to spare a few dollars from lute and positive proofs sent sealed on ap

your income each month plication. 100-page book free. NO BRANCH usually from $3 to $10. You OFFICES. Address fully as follows:

simply make a selection of
& Diamond ring, brooch,
locket, earrings, stud, cuft

buttons or a Watch-Lottis COOK REMEDY CO.

does the rest. There is

no risk or expense involved 1467 Masonio Temple, Chicago, Ill.

in asking to have & Dis.
mond sent for inspection,
for LOFTIS pays all express
Loftis' Establishment
is the largest Diamond

Credit Business in the
THREE OUT OF FIVE world, and one of the oldest

(Established in 1858.) It is Men suffering from weakened nerve force, con

responsible beyond ques.

tion, and refers to any bank stant depression, gloomy forebodings, fast be

in America, for instance: coming unfitted for active business life, fail to

Ask your local banker how attribute their deplorable state to the proper LOFTIS is rated in the com. cause. They know they

mercial world. He will tell
you that no house stands

higher in credit, promptHAVE VARICOCELE

ness and reliability and that

its representations may be as they have suffered much discomfort on account accepted without question. of it, paticularly while standing. But the evil ef

Loftis'CASH OFFER: fects due to varicocele are so gradual that they neglect it until the entire system is undermined and Pay cash for any Diamond

and you will be given a bill they are forced to realize that something must be of sale with the option of done to prevent them from breaking down com- returning the Diamond at pletely. To such sufferer I say, don't fall into the any time within one year hands of Quacks-don't submit to the knife-don't

having all you paid refunded

in spot cash--less ten per pay enormous sums to so-called specialists

cent. If you selected a fifty-
dollar Diamond you could
wear it for a whole year and
then return it and get $45 in

cash, thus having the pleasI have successfully treated and cured thousand of

ure and prestige of wearing

a beautiful Diamond for less than ten cents per cases with a patent mechanical device which is absolute

week. We can make this offer for the reason that ly guaranteed to cure any

we are direct importers of Diamonds, buying from case of Varicocele patnlessly,

the cutters of Amsterdam in larger quantities than rapidly and permanently

any other house in our line of business, and from

the further fact that Diamonds are increasing in without inconvenience

value at the rate of about twenty per cent annually. loss of time from business.


LOFTIS' MONEY BACK OFFER: Send only $2.00 to Mark M.

ber that Kerr, M. D., 315 Kerr Build.

we make it absolutely safe for you to send Arst ing, Cincinnati, and receive

payment (one-fifth of the price) with your order, the full guaranteed treat

for we promptly and cheerfully refund what you ment with simple instruc

have paid in case you conclude not to buy.

Write today for our beautifully illustrated catalog tions by return mail.

-worth its weight in gold to any intending DiaA treatise on the caso,

mond buyer. It shows thousands of beautiful eftect and cure of

pieces and answers every question about our Varicocele sent

goods, prices, terms and the Loftis System. sealed FREE OF


Diamond Importers and Manufacturing Jewelers,

92, 94, 96 and 98 State St., Chicago, Ill.

Copyright 1902, Loftis Bros. & Co. Opp. Marshall Field & Co When writing to advertisers, mention this Journal,

Gure Yourself at Home


Dept. B 4

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