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1100 pages containing illustrations, descriptions and wholesale prices on all kinds of merchandise.

Fill in the blank below, cut it out and mail to us with 15c. in either stamps or silver,

Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago.

Enclosed find 15 cents for which please send as soon as possible Catalog ue No. 71 for Fall and Winter of 1902-1903.

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OHIO U.S.A. When writing to advertisers, mention this Journal.

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It's Wrong to Stay Sick

Here is the utmost that medicine can do.
I know it so well that I supply it on trial.
All I ask is a postal card—no money wanted.
You are wronging yourself by delay.

How Thousands Get Well. The Only Way to Cure.

I have actual records of over half a mil- In most chronic diseases the only way lion chronic cases which I have cured in to cure is to strengthen the inside nerves. the past twelve years—cured them with Remedies that merely doctor the weak my Restorative-cured them on just the

organs may seem to bring brief benefit. terms that I offer you.

But real results come only when we reMy offer is this:

store the inside nerves. This is the Simply mail me this coupon, or write me power which alone operates the vital ora postal stating which book you need. I gans. And no weak organ can do its will then mail you an order on your drug- duty until that nerve power comes back. gist for six bottles Dr. Shoop's Restora

My Restorative does that-always. I tive. You may take it a month on trial. have spent a lifetime in perfecting it for If it succeeds, the cost is $5.50. If it just this one purpose. It treats a weak fails, I will pay the druggist myself. And organ as you would treat a weak engineyour word shall decide it.

by giving it more power. It does all that My Restorative is the leading remedy

is needed, and does that which must be of the world today. I have furnished it

done, whether the trouble is little or seon those remarkable terms to nearly 550,000

Cut Out This Coupon people, and 39 out of each 40 have paid

For we all resolve to send for something, but for it gladly, because they were cured. In

forget. Mark the book desired and mail this practically every neighborhood every

with your name and address to where there are cured ones telling others

Dr. Shoop, Box 800, Racine, Wis.

Book 1 on Dyspepsia. about it.

Book 3 on the Kidneys. Book 6 on Rheumatism. There are 39 chances in 40 that it will Mild cases, not chronic, are often cured by one cure you, and I'll take the entire risk.

or two bottles. At all druggists. When writing to advertisers, mention this Journal.


Book 4 for Women.
Book 5 for Men (sealed).

Book 2 on the Heart.

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Time Book and Catalog sent FREE for the asking LARNED, CARTER @ CO., DETROIT, MICH,

When writing to advertisers, mention this Journal.





with all that such an assertion means in every point of labor and selling, quality and appearance. They are made in one of the very first Union factories by the only Brotherhood man in the overall business. You risk nothing in buying them under my guarantee, but be sure BROTHERHOOD is on the buttons.

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There's a style of garment and material to suit you among them and

I'll sell you direct and pay the charges, if there's no agent in your town. Particulars for the asking

H. S. PETERS B.L. F. No. 3 B. L. E. No. 171 DOVER, NEW JERSEY

When writing to advertisers, mention this Journal.

Home of the Carhartt Overall

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The first Union Made Glove ever manufactured. Named after Mr. Frank P. Sargent, one of the greatest friends

organized labor has ever had. Fit Perfectly.

Wear Steadily. If your dealer does not keep them, send us one dollar and

your size and we will sell you direct,

prepaying all charges.

Manufactured Only By

Detroit Leather Specialty Co.





A Matchosafe showing the material from which the gloves are

made free for the asking.

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