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No better method for saving small sums monthly for a Locomotive Engineer than by taking a Ten Year Endowment Investment Policy in the Northwestern Life and Savings Company, of Des Moines, Iowa.

This policy guarantees all profits earned from five distinct sources set out in the policy contract.

Has a limited expense account guaranteed.

All policies secured by first mortgages on Iowa farms deposited with the State of Iowa.

D. F. WITTER, President. C. C. CROWELL, Secretary.




Hostler to Engineer

Through the I. C. S. of the

For ten years I have been em. ployed in the mechanical departments of various railroads, and have read almost every book for informing a man on the locomotive. But I have learned more in twelve months' studying in the 1. C. S. than in the whole ten

years. The difference, resulting from my Course, in my last month's pay more than paid

for the Course itself. When I began my Course I was a by the founder of the hostler; but, as a result of my I. c. S. training, I am a "WHITE BUTTON"

full-fledged engineer; and have this season pulled some

of the fastest trains in the United States. Railroad Temperance

W. T. JONES, Mayport, Fla. Movement

You owe it to yourself to find out just what we Hon. L. S. Coffin

can do for YOU. Fill out and send in the Coupon

TODAY! No man in America is better known among railroad men, or more highly regarded than L.S. Coffin, whose portrait appears above. His unqualified endorsement of

INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS, Dr. Bartlett after a thorough investigation of his methods will carry absolute conviction.

Box 809, Scranton, Pa. In a letter published in the "Railway Conductor,” Mr.

Please explain how I can qualify for the position Coffin says:

marked x below. "For two years I have been investigating and testing a simple and cheap cure for the

drink crave. I wanted to R'd Foreman of Engines Air-Brake Repairman know for a dead certainty if it was effective before I said a word in favor of it.

Traveling Engineer Roundhouse Foreman "All doubt is now removed. I have seen it proved in

Traveling Fireman Railroad Surveyor scores of cases. Not in a single case has it failed.


Trainman A man need not leave his business. When I know that


General Foreman this cure can do the work at about one-eighth of the ex- Hostler

Master Mechanic pense (time being considered), can I lay claim to real, gennine good will to railroad men unless I make every rea

Engine Repairman Car Letterer sonable effort to make this fact known to them?

Air-Brake Inspector Telegraph Engineer I will pledge my word of honor that if the treatment does not eradicate the drink crave, when taken according to directions, I will

myself, stand the cost." Write or call on us in confidence. Our book on Alcohol

Name ism sent Free in plain wrapper.

St. and No. The Bartlett Cure Co., D.C.Bartlett, M.D.


State Suite 115, 155 Washington St., Chicago, Ill.

When writing to advertisers, mention this Journal.

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WHY is this So? Because we make OVERALLS with an eye single to the INTERESTS of ENGINEERS. WHAT are the features that so appeal to Boginemen? Among the many we specify the following:

FIRST and FOREMOST: They are Union Made Garments. Look sharp for the BUTTONSI "Sweet, Orr & Co." stamped thereon. Look for these letters when you buy our Coats, Overalls or Pants.

SECOND: They do not Rip. THIRD: They do not Shrink. Never fear that they will "crawfish" an inch or two up the legs and arms after they are washed. Our goods are shrunk, so they will shriok no more, before they are made up.

Also call for our RAILROAD High back Apron Overalls. Suspenders and Garments all in one plece. Novel lo Design. Easy fitting. Perfectly made.

ENGINEERS : Be loyal to the principles of UNIONISM. Every garment made by us bears the registered label of UNITED

280, 282 Market St.
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Comploto from HBAD to TOB in latest Style FREE SAMPLES and Measurement Blanks.

TO INTRODUCE DIRECT TO THE WEARER OUR CUSTOM TAILORING we will make the first ten thousand suits absolutely to measures sent us for only 810 and give the following com. pleto outdt FREE. Actually 828 value for only SI) and nothing to pay til after you receive the sult and treo outfit and flnd it just as represented. Send us your name and post office address, and we will send you FREE SAM

RADU MARX PLES OF CLOTH, 6-foot tape line & measurement blank for size of Suit, Hat, Shirt and Shoes.

A GENUINE CHEVIOT Suit mago to measure in the latest English Sack style, well made and durably trimmed, such a suit as some tallors charge.

820.00 A Danlap block, Derby or Fedora Hat... 2.50 A palr of stylish Lace Shocs, the new

queen ast 2.50
A Percalo Shirt, with Collar and Cuffs attached 1.25
A Neat silk Four-in-Hand Necktle or Bow... .50
A pair of fancy Web Elastle Suspenders.... .50
A Japanese Bilk Handkerchlef............... .50
A pair of fancy Lisle Thread Socks........
Thousads of American eltizens pay dally for this....$28.00
DON'T RELAY-After having filled 10,000 orders our
prices for theco suits will be 820 and NO FREE ARTICLES.

Dept. 685, 242 Market St., Chicago, Ill.
Reference: First Nat'l Bank, Chicago; Capital $19,000,000

If every man knew of the value, the help, the benefits, to be derived by wearing an 0-P-0 suspensory; there would be very few men without them.

An 0.P-C suspensory will help every man as much as any one thing can. Nut because it will develop his brain or his muscle, but because it will do away with the one strain which every man experiences a little strain at first, but when multiplied by the number of seconds in a day, means a big loss of nerve energy .

Ask any vigorous, right-minded man, who wears an O-P.C, what he thinks of it. His answer will be a revelation to you.

Your drugglst has 0-P-suspensories and can give you a copy of our booklet " The Struggle for Supremacy." It tells why, under the rush and grind of modern life, every healty, normal man should wear an O.P.0 suspensory.

If your druggist does not have our book send us his name for a free copy.

No, 2 0-P-Olisle, $1.00.

No. 3 0-P- silk, $1.50,
Every draggist is authorized to refund the
money if purchaser is not entirely satisded.
Ask for O.P.C and "Get the Right Brand."

Made by

Bauer & Black,
Twenty-fifth St., Chicago, U.S.A.


$4.00 Vapor Bath Cabinet $2.25 each
$5.00 Quaker

3.50 each

6.10 each $1.00 Face & Head Steam. Attch. 650 Quality best. Guaranteed. $2. Book

Free with all "Quakers. Write for our New Catalogue, special 60-Day offer. Don't miss it. Your last chance. New plan, new prices to agents, sales

men, managers. Wonderful sellers. Hustlers getting rich. Plenty territory. World M’f

g Co., 97 World Bldg., Cincinnati, O.



O-HI-O" Steam Cooker



DOORS. Cooks an entire meal over one burner. Food cooked by steam cannot be burnt or spoiled by waiting. Every course can be served hot. Saves 60 per cent in fuel, food and labor. Cooker is a KITCHEN SAVINGS BANK. Makes food healthier. Oures and prevents indigestion. We also make round Cookers, large sizes, $3 and 84. AGENTS WANTED. $30 to $40 a week guaranteed to good agents. Free catalogue

and special offer to ENGINEERS' WIVES by which they can OBTAIN A COOKER FREE by giving a little of their time.

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Continental Casualty Company,

CAPITAL STOCK, $300,000.00.


OHIO STEAM COOKER CO., .99 Ont. and Jeft. Sis.)

99 . Perfect Pile Cure.

[blocks in formation]

No cutting; no poison; no acids. Immediate relief. Price, 50 cents. Send 10 cents for postage and we will send you a box on trial. Balance, 40 cents, to be paid if satisfactory.

263 La Salle Street,



The Ever Ready FlashLight" for Engineers and Firemen.

Throws a strong, bright, steady light. No Dirt, Heat, Smoke.
Odor or Danger from fire. Wind or storm will not affect light,

Gives 4 to 5000 flashes before renewal. Can be carried in pocket.

PRICE, Complete, $3.00. Extra Renewals only 30c.

Write for Catalogue.

266 Centre St., New York. When writing to advertisers, mention this Journal.


mail to SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO.,

B. of L. E. Emblems.

BIG WAGES Hustlers, to Men and Women,

Write for Special offer at home or traveling, all or part time, showing, taking orders and appointing agents for HARRISON'S BLUE FLAME NEW FUEL OIL STOVES. Wonderful invention. Just out. Nothing else like it. A Great Seller summer and winter.


We will send any bicycle to any address with the un.
derstanding and agreement that you can give it 10
DAYS' FREE TRIAL and if you do not find it easier run.
ning, handsomer, stronger, better finished and equipped,
more up to date and higher grade than any bicyclo
you can buy elsewhere at 85.00 to 815.00 more money, you can
return it to us at our expense and you will not be out one cent,

Buys our new HIGH GRADE 1903


antee stronger, easier riding, better CINTI. O.

equipped; better frame, wheels, hubs and bearings than you can get in any other bicycle for less than €20.00.

OUR 1903 NAPOLEON BICYCLE is priced at We want Agents, Salesmen and Managers in every about ONE-HALF the lowest price asked by others. state. Biggest money maker ever offered. Enormous For Free Bicycle Catalogue, hundreds of price surprises demand year round, in every city, town, village and

in bicycles and supplies, our Free Trial and Guarantee among farmers. Customers delighted. Write for

Proposition and our Most Astonishing Offer, cut this

ad. out and catalogue. Most Wonderful Stove Invented.


A HOCS-HEAD OF FUEL CAS. Generates its own Fuel Gas from Kerosene or common coal oil. No cotton wick, dirt, kindling, ashes, or hot fiery kitchens. Splendid cooker, roast. er and baker. Makes summer cooking a pleasure.

60c. for this beautifully enamCHEAPEST AND SAFEST FUEL,

eled pin in rolled plate. The 10 to 20 CENTS A week should furnish Fuel Gas

same in solid gold, $1.00. for small family for cooking. A gallon of Kerosene

oil costing 8c to 10c should furnish Fuel Gas for a
hot blue flame fire for about 18 hours.

Solid gold ring, like cut,

with heavy raised em

blem, beautifully enamDANGEROUS GASOLINE STOVES

eled and hand carved, No more Big Coal Bills, Smoky Cotton Wick Stoves,

$5.25. expensive, dirty coal and wood stoves-ours are ab

5043 solutely cafe-will not explode-easily operated. AGENTS WANTED. Should last 10 years. Handsomely made. All sizes.

Special terms to agents and 80-page emblem PRICES, 83.00 UP.

catalogue free, Write today for Catalogue, FREE, also foi Special Offer, New Plan, etc. Address,

JUDSON EMBLEM CO., 126 State Street, WORLD MFG. CO., 6392 World Bldg., Cincinnati, O.


FREE: Our Wholesale Jewelry Catalogue. For 750. we will send you this beautiful enameled and richly fin

MUSIC FOR R. R. MENS HOMES. ished rolled gold pin, the

The prettiest pieces that have come out same in solid gold $1.25.

in a long time. We also carry a fine line

Fairies Dream Reverie Piano Solo

of Ladies' Auxiliary Pins.

Mountain Pink
Agents wanted. Illus-

No. 286.
trated catalogue free.

Strains from Rocky Mountains,
Universa Emblom Batton Co., 126 State Street, Chicago, IL


PRICE, 25 CENTS EACH, POSTPAID. Manufacturers of Emblematic Jewelry and Medals for all occa

Send for catalogue. sons; Information cheerfully given.

W. W. PEPPERS, 154 Arcade, Cleveland, Oblo. When writing to advertisers, mention this Journal.

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to prove how it will positively
restore the buoyancy of per-
fect health to those suffering
from any ailment caused by
over-taxed nervesordepressed

Send us your name, address,

height, weight and nature of Discoverer of This Magic Compound That your trouble, and we will send Grows Hair in a Single Night.

one set absolutely free of
charge. Put on the apparatus
and wearit;if it helps you send

us One Dollar, if not, we ask A trial package of a new and wonderful remedy

not one cent. We can afford malled free to convince people it actually grows hair,

to do this because failures are Pat. appl'd for stops hair falling out, removes dandruff and quickly few. We stand the cost when one says we have failed. restores luxuriant growth to shining scalps, eye- WRITE TODAY, as we file applications in the order re brows and eyelashes and restores the hair to its

ceived. Address natural color. Send your name and address to the Altenheim Medical Dispensary, 9036 Foso Building, The Sytonic Company, Ltd. Cincinnati, Ohio, for a free trial package, enclosing a 2-cept stamp to cover postage. Write to-day,

10 Gates St., Jackson, Mich. Financial Reference: – People's National Bank,

Jaekson, Mich.
When writing to advertisers, mention this Journal.

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