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HISTORY OF WEST-POINT, and Its Military Importance during the American Revolution; and the Origin and Progress of the

United States Military Academy. By Captain EDWARD O. BOYNTON, A. M., Adjutant of the Multary Academy. With numerou Maps and Engravings. 1 vol., octavo. Blue cloth, $6; half mor., $7.50 ; full mor., $10.

" Aside from its value as an historical record, the volume under notice is an entertaining guide-book to the Military Academy and its surroundings. We have full details of Cadet life from the day of entrance to that of graduation, together with descriptions of the build. Log, grounds, and monuments. To the multitude of those who have enjoyed at West-Point the combined attractions, this book will give, In its descriptive and illustrated portion, especial pleasure."--New-York mening Post.

“The second part of the book gives the history of the Military Academy from its foundation in 1802, a description of the academia buildings, and the appearance to-day of this always beautiful spot, with the manner of appointment of the cadets, course of study, pay time of service, and much other information yearly becoming of greater value, for West-Point has not yet reached its palmiest days." Daily Advertiser. QILLMORE'S FORT SUMTER. Official Report of Operations against the Defences of Charleston Harbor, 1883. Comprising the

Descent upon Morris Island, the Demolition of Fort Sumter, and the Siege and Reduction of Forts Wagner and Gregg. By Major General Q. A. GILLMORE, U. S. Volunteers, and Major U. S. Corps of Engineers. With 78 Lithographic Plates, Views, Maps, &o. 1

vol., 8vo, cloth, $10. FOLLEY'S TREATISE ON ORDNANCE AND ARMOR: Embracing Descriptions, Discussions, and Professional Opinioni

concerning the Material, Fabrication, Requirements, Capabilities, and Endurance of European and American Guns for Naval, Sea Coast, and Iron-Clad Warfare, and their Rifing, Projectiles, and Breech-Loading; also, Results of Experiments against Armor, from Official Records. With an Appendix, referring to Gun-Cotton, Hooped Guns, etc., etc. By A. L. HOLLEY, B. P. With 493 Illustra

tions. 1 vol., 850, 948 pages. Half roan, $10; half Russia, $12,50. HAUPT'S MILITARY BRIDGES, For the Passage of Infantry, Artillery, and Baggage-Trains; with suggestions of many now

expedients and constructions for crossing streams and chasms; designed to utilize the resources ordinarily at command, and reduce the amount and cost of army transportation. Including, also, designs for Trestle and Truss Bridges for Military Railroads, adapted especially to the wants of the Service of the United States. By HERMAN HAUPT, Brigadier-General in charge of the construction and operation of the United States Military Railways, Author of " General Theory of Bridge Construction," &o. Illustrated by sixty. nine Lithographic Engravings. Octavo, cloth, $6.50; half Russia, $8.50.

« This elaborate and carefully prepared, though thoroughly practical and simple work, 18 pecullarly adapted to the military service of the Urited States. Mr. Haupt has added very much to the ordinary facilities for crossing streams an afforded in this work."- Boston Courler. CULLUM'S SYSTEMS OF MILITARY BRIDGES, In Uge by the United States Army; those adopted by the Great European

Powers; and such as are employed in British India. With Directions for the Preservation, Destruction, and Reostablishment of Bridges. By Brig.-General GEORGE W. CULLUM, Lieut-Col. Corps of Engineers, United States army. 1 vol., 8vo, cloth, With numerous Ilustrations. $3.50.

" It is a trite remark that of all the operations of war, none is more difficult and hazardous than the passage of a large river, in the pres. ence of a bold and active enemy. The importance to this country of such a work as the present, when our armies have to pass so many

reat rivers, cannot be over-estimated. We have no man more competent to prepare such a work than Brigadier-General Cullum, who had the almost exclusive supervision, devising, building, and preparing for service of the various bridge-trains sent to our armies In Mexico during our war with that country. The treatise before us is very complete, and has evidently been prepared with scrupulous care. The descriptions of the various systems of military bridges adopted by nearly all civilized nations are very interesting, even te the non-professional reader, and to those specially interested in such subjects must be very Instructive, for they are evidently the word of a master of the art of military bridge-building."-Washington Chronicle.


BENET'S MILITARY LAW. A Treatise on Military Law and the Practice of Courts-Martial. By Capt. 8. V. BENÉT, Ordnance

Department, U. S. A., late Assistant Professor of Ethics, Law, etc., Military Academy, West-Point. 1 vol., 8vo, law sheep. $4.50

“This book is manifestly, well timed just at this particular period, and it is, without doubt, quite as happily adapted to the purpose for which it was written. It is arranged with admirable method, and written with such perspicuity and in a style so easy and graceful, 88 to engage the attention of every reader who may be so fortunate as to open its pages. This treatise will make a valuable addition to the library of the lawyer or the civilian; while to the military man it seems to be indispensable."-Philadelphia Evening Journal.


Engineers in the Army of France; and Professor of the Military Art in the Imperial School of St. Oyr. Translated by BrigadlerGen. GEORGE W. CULLUM, U. 8. A., Chief of the Staff of Major-Gen, H. W. HALLECE, General-in-Chief U. S. Army, 1 vol., 8vo, cloth, $5.

“I read the original a few years since, and considered it the very best work I had geen upon the subject. General Qullum's ability and familiarity with the technical language of French military writers, are a sufficient guarantee of the correctness of his translation."


of Cavalry in the service of the Netherlands. Elegantly illustrated with one hundred and twenty-seven fine Wood Engravings. In one large octavo volume, beautifully printed on tinted paper. Cloth, $6; half calf, $7.50.

"I am exceedingly pleased with it, and regard it as a very valuable addition to our military literature. It will certainly be regarded as a standard work; and I know of none so valuable to our cavalry officers.” GEORGE B. MOOLELLAN, Major-General U. 8. A. ARMY OFFICERS' POCKET COMPANION. Principally designed for Staff Officers in the field. Partly translated from the

Hench of M. Dx Rouvre,Lieutenant-Colonel of the French Staff Corps, with Aditions from Standard American French, and English Authorities. By Wm. P. CRAIGHILL, First Lieutenant U. 8. Corps of Engineers, Assist. Prof. of Hagimering at the 'U. S. Military

Academy, West-Point. 1 vol., 18mo, full roan. $2. ODBON'S HAND-BOOK OF THE UNITED STATES NAVY. Being a compilation of all of the principal events in the history

of every vessel of the United States Navy, from April, 1861, to May, 1864. Oompiled and arranged by B. &. OSBON. 1 vol., 12mo, blue cloth. $2.50.

“As & condensed and compact history, as well as a work containing a vast amount of information, this work cannot be surpassed." om boston Traveller.

* Any of the above worke sent free by mall on receipt of price.

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