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nothing can wholly efface it; the Queen's Dead, but the Marchioness of Normanby Lives; and I doubt not but I shall be envy'd the rare Happiness of Two such Patronesses. I must confess, Madam, that it is not the Grandeur of your Birth,

or your Fortunes, that can raise my Veneration : Those you possess in common with some few others, even Beauty itself, must die, nor is Wit itself, whatever we fanse, Immortal. That Prerogative is only granted to Piety and Virtue, they are the only

Estates which last for ever and ever. By these are you distinguish'd from the Crowd of the World, the great and the small Vulgar, more than by your Fortunes and Honours: May you ever increase in these, and consequently in Happiness, till both are

consummated in a better World. Towards which, if these mean Papers may be any small Advantage, he has bis End, who is

With all Humility

and Respect,

Your Ladyship's

Chaplain and Servant,



R E A D E R.



Have but little to say concerning this small Present which I here make thee.

'Tis some Account of the Intervals of my Time, which I wish had never been worse employ’d. There are some Passages here represented which are fo barren of CircumItances, that it was not easy to make them fhine in Verse ; tho' neither could they bę fo well omitted, without breaking the Thread of the History: As for these, I hope that old Excuse will be allow'd me, Ornari res ipsa negat, &c. But there are others where I have more Liberty, wherein it is my own Fault or Misfortune if I have not succecded

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