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mentary law; not that it is in the conventional and stereotyped form of a parliamentary treatise, but the actual body of the law is presented in its pages, and an attentive reading of the volume will provide one with the knowledge necessary to conduct an ordinary public meeting in this country. the topics usually treated in works on parliamentary procedure are covered in Mr. Hackett's chapters. Among these are “How Meetings Get Under Way," " The Legislature: How Composed," "The Sources of Parliamentary Law," * Lawmakers at Work,” “ Quorum," " How to Make a Mo.

Petitions," Postponement," Laying on the Tita ble," "Commitment," Amendment," " Privileged Ques tions," " Debate," " Committees," etc.


Robert's Primer of Parliamentary Law. By Joseph

Thomas Robert. 16mo, pp. 264. New York : Doubleday & McClure Company. 75 cents.

The great merit claimed by Mr. Robert for his primer is its simplicity of statement. He has aimed to make a text. book on parliamentary law so simple that the average highschool teacher can make it plain to the average high-school pupil. In concluding his preface, Mr. Robert says: “If any. where this little book makes parliamentary practice too simple and too plain, please let me know; and I'll give bonds to strive in all my future work to repeat that blunder as often as I can." The lessons that make up this little book have been tested in classes and clubs so thoroughly that their clearness has been thoroughly proven.

The Statesman's Year-Book, 1901. Edited by J. Scott

Keltie and I. P. A. Renwick. 12mo, pp. 1320. New
York : The Macmillan Company. $3.

The latest issue of "The Statesman's Year-Book" con. tains, in addition to much other new material of a statisti. cal nature, the results of the censuses taken during 1900 and 1901 in the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Austria-Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and the British empire. Recent changes in the political map of the world are indicated in the transference of the sections dealing with the Transvaal and the Orange Free State from their old independent positions to the portion of the volume devoted to the British empire. In dealing with Australia, also, the new commonwealth is for the first time treated as a political entity. The general excellence of the “ YearBook" seems to us to justify the opinion previously expressed in this magazine, that the publication deserves to rank as first among the statistical annuals published in the English language. An Introduction to Political Economy. By Richard T.

Ely. New and Revised Edition. 12mo, pp. 387.
New York : Eaton & Mains. $1.20.

It is certainly significant that an American treatise on political economy should within twelve years have attained its thirty-first thousand. Perhaps this fact is in great part explained by the well-understood purpose of the book, which was to present what the intelligent citizen ought to know in regard to political economy; and, while doing this with scientific accuracy, not to attempt to give exhaustive classi. fications and sub-classifications. Another marked feature of the work is the emphasis placed on the ethical side of political economy. Dr. Ely has endeavored to help those who wish practical guidance in the solution of economic questions as they arise in the various relations of life. In the present revision statistical statements have been brought down to date and theoretical ex positions have been changed so far as the advance of economic thought clearly requires that this should be done. In other respects the book remains the same. Its success as a popular exposition of economics is most gratifying. Industrial Evolution. By Carl Bücher. Translated

by S. Morley Wickett. 8vo, pp. 393. New York: Henry Holt & Co. $2.50.

This analysis of the great processes of industrial evolu. tion by an eminent German specialist has been employed by students as a sort of introduction to economics and as a preparation for economic thinking. In a late revision of the work the author had specially in mind this class of readers, and has presented several of the lectures in a simpler form, advising, however, the concurrent use of a good systematic treatise of the principles of political economy. The present translation has been made from the author's last revision, and embodies his complete discussion of the subject. Some Questions of Larger Politics. By Edwin Maxey.

12mo, pp. 134. New York: The Abbey Press. $1.

The discussions in this volume have already appeared in several of the leading American magazines, and some of them have received notice in former numbers of the REVIEW OF REVIEWS. Among the topics treated are: “The Speakership," " Race Supremacy in South Africa," Anglo-Russian Relations,"

" " The Eastern Question," "Election of United States Senators," "The Referendum in America," "The Eight-Hour Day by Legislation," and “Methods in Political Discussion." The Gavel and the Mace; or, Parliamentary Law in

Easy Chapters. By Frank Warren Hackett. 12mo, pp. 272. New York: McClur Phillips & Co. $1.25.

Assistant Secretary of the Navy Hackett has achieved what almost any one would have believed impossible in producing a really entertaining and brilliant manual of parlia

TWO VIEWS OF SOUTH AFRICA. The New South Africa : Its Value and Development.

By W. Bleloch. Svo, pp. 435. New York: Doubleday, Page & Co. $3.

A new book on South Africa, dealing not with the Porr war and the past, but with the future of the country, ought to have many readers. The volume by Mr. Bleloch contains the fullest exposition that has come under our notice of this mineral and agricultural resources of the country. There are chapters on the laws relating to gold-mining, the coai fields, the dynamite monopoly, railways, the fiscal policy, and other matters of vital interest to Englishmen and others who are contemplating settlement in the new British prov. inces,-the Transvaal and the Orange River Colony. With a Policeman in South Africa ; or, Three Years in

the Natal Mounted Police. By E. W. Searle. 12mo, pp. 130. New York: The Abbey Press. 75 cents.

Mr. E. W. Searle, the author of this work, had three years' experience in the Natal police before the present troubles in South Africa had begun. The descriptions of places which have in more recent times been singled out for distinction in connection with the Boer war are exceedingly entertaining and realistic. His sojourn in the country put Mr. Searle on terms of familiar acquaintance with the land and the people.

BOOKS ON VARIOUS SUBJECTS. Problems of Evolution. By F. W. Headley. 8vo, pp.

373. New York : T. Y. Crowell & Co. $3.

This is a popular exposition of the Darwinian theory by an authority on the subject of birds. Mr. Headley devotes much space to the subject of natural selection, showing that heredity limits the range of variation, and limits it more narrowly as evolution advances. In the second part of his work, Mr. Headley discusses the problems of human evolu. tion, assuming that the principles which have brought about the evolution of plants and animals must also account for the evolution of man. After reviewing the conditions of progress and civilization, Mr. Headley concludes with a chapter on the great un progressive people,--the Chinese, hinting at the possibility that China may eventually develop into a progressive nation.

Men and Letters. By Herbert Paul. 12mo, pp. 334.

New York: John Lane. $1.50.

This is a series of essays by a cultivated English critic on such subjects as “The Classical Poems of Tennyson," ** Matthew Arnold's Letters," " Sterne," " Gibbon's Life and Letters," "The Victorian Novel," "Macaulay and His Critics," and other topics in modern English literature. Most of the papers have appeared in the pages of the Nineteenth Century. 'Sconset Cottage Life : A Summer on Nantucket Island.

By A. Judd Northrup. Syracuse: C. W. Bardeen. $1.

Mr. A. Judd Northrup, a lover of 'Sconset, a quaint hamlet on the extreme southeastern end of Nantucket Island, has written a charming description of the place, having in mind city people who may wish to know where to go during the summer time to get the greatest amount of healthful enjoyment with the least amount of worry and expense. The first edition of his little book was published some twenty years ago, and in the interval the little village has undergone some marked changes; but the author states that in the main it is essentially the same as twenty years ago. “Its spirit, its simple pleasures, its ever resounding surf, the battle on the rips,' the glamour of the moors at sunset,-these and a hundred other things remain as of yore." The new edition of Mr. Northrup's book is illustrated from photographs which will interest many visitors to 'Sconset, old and new.

The Stage in America, 1897–1900. By Norman Hap

good. 12mo, pp. 408. New York: The Macmillan Company. $1.75.

Mr. Norman Hapgood, dramatic critic of the New York Commercial Advertiser, and a valued writer on dramatic topics for several of the leading magazines, has written a book which aims to describe the present-day conditions of the American stage, both artistic and commercial. In this, Mr. Hapgood has attempted no profound criticism, but has held rather to the journalistic ideal of presenting facts as they are. The book, however, contains a great fund of discriminating comment on our most popular plays and players of the last three or four dramatic seasons.

School and College Speaker. Edited by Wilmot Brook

ings Mitchell. 12mo, pp. 358. New York: Henry
Holt & Co. $1.
A new speaker"

." for school and college use has been compiled by Prof. Wilmot B. Mitchell, of Bowdoin College. The book gives instruction in the essentials of elocution, besides providing declamations for boys and girls of school and college grade. Many of the selections included in tlon volume have never before been printed as declamations, but the editor assures us that most of them have been testea in prize speaking contests and class-room work in Bowdoin College. Such distinctly modern writers as Richard Harding Davis, Henry W. Grady, Senator Beveridge, President McKinley, Henry Cabot Lodge, James Whitcomb Riley, and the Rev. Newell Dwight Hillis are represented by selections, although the standard orators of former days have by no means been neglected. Patriotic Eloquence Relating to the Spanish-American

War and Its Issues. Compiled and arranged by
Robert I. Fulton and Thomas C. Trueblood. 12mo,

pp. 364. New York : Charles Scribner's Sons. $1. This volume contains a collection of speeches relating exclusively to the Spanish-American War and the resulting issues. Many of our prominent public men are represented in the book, and their speeches set forth the various and conflicting views of American policy that have been developed within recent years. A Dictionary of Architecture and Building; Biographi

cal, Historical, and Descriptive. By Russell Sturgis. In three volumes. Vol. I., A-E. 4to, pp. 942. New York : The Macmillan Compan $18. Sold only by subscription.

Previous to the publication of this dictionary of architecture, there was only one work of similar scope in the English language; that was published some ten years ago by a society organized for the purpose of its publication. It is also a remarkable fact that no one work in a foreign language is sufficiently comprehensive for the purposes of the student. There was, therefore, abundant reason for undertaking the preparation of a practically complete encyclopedic dictionary, with the alphabetic arrangement carried to minute subdivision, and with cross-references in abundance. The architecture of such countries as Italy, France, or England is treated in elaborate articles, while minor matters, such as the details which go to make up the appurtenances of tire building, form the subjects of briefer papers, Much information concerning technical and scientific subjects connected with the building trades is included in the work. It will thus be found of use, not only to the profes. sional architect, builder, and sculptor, but to the owner himself. The staff of contributors to the dictionary includes many eminent architects, painters, engineers, and other expert writers, American and foreign, all working under the direction of Mr. Russell Sturgis. Telephone Lines and Their Properties. By William J.

Hopkins. 12mo, pp. 307. New York : Longmans,
Green & Co. $1.50.

Several chapters in Professor Hopkins' excellent manual on “Telephone Lines and Their Properties” have been almost entirely rewritten, while many diagrams have been added and the number ot half-tone reproductions of photographs largely increased. There is also an account of the latest developments of composite working and wireless telephony. Amateur Photography : A Practical Guide for the Be

ginner. By W. l. Lincoln Adams. 12mo, pp. 135. New York : The Baker & Taylor Company. $1.25.

In the new edition of this manual on amateur photography, Mr. Adams has retained the characteristic features of the book as it originally appeared, revising, however, all that is thus retained, omitting obsolete matter, and adding much new and useful information.

pp. 268.

The Myths and Fables of To-day. By Samuel Adams Drake. Illustrations by Frank T. Merrill. 12mo,

Boston: Lee & Shepard. $1.50. Colonel Drake's "Myths and Fables of To-day" shows how large a part superstition has had in the shaping of say. ings and doings that materially affect our daily lives. The book discusses the “Folklore of Childhood,” “Weather Lore," " Charms to Good Luck," "Charms Against Disease,” and many other matters of every-day life that have more or less influence-often unacknowledged-in the determination of conduct.

The Chinaman as We See Him, and Fifty Years of

Work for Him. By Rev. Ira M. Condit, D.D. 12mo, pp. 233. New York : Fleming H. Revell Company. $1.50.

Taking advantage of the revival of interest in all things Chinese, the Rev. Dr. Condit has brought out a book dealing with the Chinaman as an immigrant to the United States, and giving the experience of Christian missions among the Chinese on the Pacific slope This aspect of the Chinese question is but imperfectly understood in this country, and the facts presented by Dr. Condit are of no small importance. Estimating the number of Chinese at present in the United States as 100,000, Dr. Condit apportions 18,000 to San Francisco, 54,000 to the Pacific coast outside of San Francisco, and 28,000 to other States and Territories. The num. ber of Chinese Christians at present in the United States he estimates at 1,600.


Unless otherwise specified, all references are to the August numbers of periodicals.

For table of abbreviations, see last page.

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and Emma G, Cummings, Chaut. District of Columbia, Government of, H. B. F. Macfarland,

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College, Requirements for Admi on to, E. H. Babbitt,

SR, July.
College and School, Limitatio,

tive Work in, B. J.
Ramage, SR, July.
Economics in the Public Schools, G. Gunton, Gunt.
Education, the End in-I., A. T. Hadley; II., L. Abbott, Out.
Education in the South, E. A. Alderman, Qut.
Education, Legal, F. M. Finch, ALR.
Edward VII., Court of, F. Cunliffe-Owen, Mun.
Egypt, Irrigation of: The Nile Reservoirs, J. Ward, CasM.
Egypt. The Rejuvenation of, F. A. Talbot, Cos.
Electric-Power Installations of Italy, E. Bignami, Eng.
Electricity, Progress in, G. Roux, RRP, July 15.
Electro-Chemistry, L. Houllevigue, RPar, August 1.
Engineering as a Profession, G. H. Paine, Mun.
Engineers, Commercial Education for, L. S. Randolph,

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English Spelling, Simplification of, B. Matthews, Cent.
English as Spoken in England, J. Ralph, Harp.
Epilepsy, The Dangers of, C. Pelman, Deut, July.
Episcopal Thrones and Pulpits, C. Coleman, Arch, July.
Ethanites, Study of, T. K. Cheyne, AJT, July.
Evolution and Holy Seripture, RasN, July 16.
Evolution and Human Perfectability, A. Forel, IntM.
Factory Expense, Distribution of, A. H. Church, Eng.
Family Budgets--V., Lady Agnew, Corn.
Farms, Abandoned, as Homes for the Unemployed, C. E.

Blake, NEng.
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Finland-11., E. Mottaz, BU.
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G. L. Beer, Crit; Dial, July 16; Gunt. Fiske, John, and the History of New York, Mrs. Schuyler

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fer, Arch, July. France, Political Parties of, C. Seignobos, IntM. French Army, The Reorganization of, Before 1870, P. Le

hautcourt, RPar, Aug. 1. French Coasts and Ports-I., C. Lentheric, RDM, July 15;

II., Aug. 1. French Legal Jargon, E. R. Holmes, G Bag. French Revolution, History of, E. Faguet, RDM, Aug. 1. French Revolution, Piracies Incident to the, J. R. Spears,

Chaut. Fungi, Interesting Facts About, A. J.H. Crespi, Cham. Genesis, Legends of, H. Gunkel, oc. Gentleman, Modern, The Evolution of, Gent. German Code, New, Organization of the Family Under the,

A. Crétinon, Refs, July 16. Germany, City Administration in, E.J. James, AJS, July. Germany, Former English Influence in, S. Whitmail, NÅR. Gilbert, William, of Colchester, Brother Potamian, Pops. Gilman, Daniel Coit, G. S. Hall, Out. Glasgow Exhibition, Fine Art at the, A. Mudie, MA. Gloucester, Fishing Industry of, J. B. Connolly, Scrib. God, The Fatherhood of, G. W. Northrup, AJT', July. God Idea, Development of the, E. H. Thompson, Mind. Gold, Influence of the New Supply of, G. E. Roberts, NAR. Golf, A. Haultain, Contem. Golf in Canada, W. A. R. Kerr, Can. Golf in Colorado, S. H. Thompson, Jr., O. Gorki, Maxime, Lauro Gropallo, NA, July 15; Count E.M.

de Voglie, RDM, Aug. 1. Gospels as a Source for Life of Christ, J. Macpherson, AJT,

July. Great Britain: Education Bill, Some Fallacies and the, J. B. C. Kershaw,

MonR. England's Greatness: The Rational Horizon of Falmouth.

G. S. Bowles, MonR. Federal Government for the United Kingdom and the

Empire, T. A. Brassey, NineC. Great Britain, Economic Decay of, Contem. Liberal Imbroglio, Sir Wemyss Reid, NineC. Liberal Party and Its Differences, J. A. Spender, Contem. Liberalism in extremis, E. Dicey, Fort. Mediterranean Fleet: Shall It Remain Unready? A.

White, NatR.
Mediterranean Scare-1., A. S. Hurd; II., E. Robertson,

Military Service and Suffrage, J. H. Burton, USM.
Naval Questions of the Day, H. W. Wilson, Fort.
Navy, The: Some Facts and Fallacies, Fort.
Parliamentary Session, 1901, Black.
Practical Training in the British Army, USM.
Ruminations of a Regimental Officer, USM.
Rural Exodus, E. A. S. Lowndes, West.
Sea Fisheries, The Decay of Our, QR.

South African Republics, Pacification of the, Forum. Great Lakes, Ore-Handling Machinery on the, J. N. Hatch,

Eng. Greece and Asia, Edin. Haeckel, Ernst, and His Work, R. S. Baker, McCi. Halle, and Its Charities, A Visit to, LeisH. Harrisons, The, of Berkeley, Va., Sarah H. Johnston, A MonM. Havana, Sanitation and Yellow Fever in, V. Havard, Sar. Highways, American, The Building of, G. E. Walsh, Gunt. Himalayas, Across the, in Midwinter, Earl of Ronaldshay,

Corn. Houseboats and Houseboaters, Louise W. Snead, 0. Howard, Sir Edward, Lord High Admiral of Henry VIII.,

P. C. Standing, USM. Hughitt, Marvin, President of the Chicago & Northwestern

R.R., H. I. Cleveland, Ev. Hugo, Victor, and Prince Bismarck, Miss E. L. Banks, Fort. Humanism and the College of the Future, D. Y. Thomas,

MRN. Hunt, Walter, Animal Painter, Marion Hepworth-Dixon,

MA. Hygiene and Sanitary Science in the 19th Century, G. M.

Kober, San. India, Banking in, G. Cecil, BankL. India, Impressions of, H. C. Potter, Cent. India, Religious Temples in. S. Vas, (ath. India : Tale of the Great Mutiny-VIII.. W. H. Fitchett,

Corn. India, Twelve Thousand Miles A wheel in, Mrs. F. B. Work.

man, WWM. Indian Remnant in New England I., G. J. Varney, G Bag. Indians, The, Since the Revolution, W, Seton, Cath.

Industrial Changes Since 1893, C. D. Wright, WW.
Infantry Tactics, Evolution of, F. N. Maude, USM.
Infusoria, Methods for Use in the Study of, A. W. Peters,

A Nat, July.
Insects as Carriers of Disease, S. E. Jelliffe, Mun.
Invention, American, a Century of, L. Mead, Gunt.
Ireland, the Gaelic Revival in. T. O'Donnell, AMRR.
Iron Ore: Machinery for Handling, on the American Great

Lakes, J. N. Hatch, Eng.
Iron and Steel Production, American Primacy in, J. F.

Crowell, IntM.
Islam, The Beginnings of, W.M. Patton, MRN.
Girl Life in, Marchesa Theodoli, LHJ.
Homicide in, N. Colajani, RSoc, July.

The Fifteenth Century in, E. Bovet, BU.
Italian Drama in the Last Half-Century, E. Cheechi, NA,

July 1. Italian Elections, Machiavellism in, G. Lanzelone, RPL,

July 15. James, Francis, Marion Hepworth-Dixon, AJ. Jerahmeelites, Study of the, T. K. Cheyne, AJT, July, Jerome Park, The Passing of, W. S. Vosburgh, O. Jewish Customs, Modern, as Helps in Bible Study, A. K.

Glover, Bib, July. Joachim, Joseph, W. von Wasielewski, Deut, July. Johnson, Clifton, and His Pictures of New England Life,

Mary B. Hartt, NEng. Johnson, Tom L., W. R. Merrick, FrL. Jurisprudence, Concerning the scope of. C. Thorne, ALR. Katipunan of the Philippines, L. W. V. Kennon, NAR. Kentucky Mountains. The, and Their Feuds-I., S. S. Mac

Clintock, AJS, July. Kiowa and Comanche Indian Reservation, Opening of, W.

R. Draper, Home. Labor, History of-II., C. Benoist, RDM, August 1. Labor Troubles, American, W.J. Ghent, Forum. Labor Unions: see Trade-Unionism. Lakes: see Great Lakes. Lake Memphremagog, Isabel C. Barrows, NEng. Language, An International, M. Bréal, R Par, July 15. Latin America, Future of, J. V. Noel, NatM, July. Latin America, Our Trade with, F. Emory, WW. Laurentian Mountains, the Home of the Windigo, C. A.

Bramble, Chaut. Lawson, Thomas W., R. G. Anderson, NatM, July; W.M.

Thompson, Ains. LeConte, Joseph, T. J. McCormack, OC. Lee, Virginia, and the Union, F. H. Cox, SR, July. Legal Maxims, C. Morse, ALR. Lemaître, Jules, as Dramatist, E. Tissot, Deut. Leopardi, Study of, in England, RasN, July 16. Leprosy, A. Dastre, RDM, July 1. Leviathan, Evolution of the, F. A. A. Talbot, PMM. Libraries, Traveling, Country Life and, H. H. Stone,

MRS. Library Coöperation, Lodilla Ambrose, Dial, July 16. Li Hung Chang, Passing of, E. Wildman, Mun. Liquor Traffic, Magnitude of the, R. M. Rabb, Areia. Literature, Catholic, A Century of, W.H. Kent, Dub. Literature, Continental, A Year of, Dial, August 1. Locomotive, American, as a High-Speed Machine, E. P.

Watson, Eng. Lombards, The, L. C. Casartelli, Dúb. London: Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Three Years with the,

G. Nugent-Bankes, Black. Longevity, Philosophy of, Emilia P. Bazan, EM, July. Louis XV., of France, Marriage of, with Maria Leszczynska,

F. Funck-Brentano, Deut, July. McKinley, President, Tour of, 1901, H. L. West, Forum. Machine Moulding, J. Horner, CasM. Machine-Shop Conditions in the United States, M. Cokely,

Eng. Machine-Shop Processes, Rules of, B. Cruikshank, Eng. Magellan, The Strait of, and the Republic of Chili-II., F.

Macler, BU. Maine, Three Old Meeting-Houses in, Edith A. Sawyer,

NEng. Maltese Grievances, 0. Eltzbacher, Contem. Mammalia, The Evolution of the, W. B. Scott, IntM. Mangrove Swamp, In a, Mrs. Woods, Corn. Marriage and Morality, Agnes G. Lewis, West. Matthews, Brander, as a Dramatic Critic, W. P. Trent,

IntM. Matterhorn, A Record Climb Up the, S. Turner, Can. Medal of Honor, American, J. F.J. Archibald, Over, July. " Medea," The, of Euripides and the " Medea" of Grillpar

zer, C. C. Ferrell, SR, July. Mediterranean Fleet of Great Britain : Shall It Remain Un

ready ? A. White, NatR. Memphremagog, Lake, Isabel C. Barrows, NEng, Metric System and International Commerce, J. H. Gore,

Meyers's Frederic, His Service to Psychology, W. James,

Military Service and Suffrage, J. H. Burton, USM.

Missions in Southern California, Preservation of, E. H. En.

derlein, Cath. Mississippi Valley, Early French Occupation of the, E. E.

Sparks, Chaut. Mocking-Birds, Days with the, I. W. Blake, Ev. Modjeska, Helena, C. J. Phillips, Cath. Molière's Women, H. Davignon, RGen, July. Moody, Miss Fannie, and Her Work, Cass. Moody, William Vaughn, G. B. Rose, SR, July. Moon, Birth and Death of the, E. S. Holden, Harp. Morocco, Riding and Camping in, Cham. Moscow Before 1812, E. Haumant, RPar, July 15. Mosquitoes, W. S. Harwood, O. Mosquitoes as Transmitters of Disease, L. 0. Howard,

AMRR. Mothers and Daughters, Mrs. Hugh Bell, MonR. Municipalities, Local Self-Government of, E. McQuillin,

ALR. Munkacsy, Letters to, F. W. Ilges, Deut, July. Mural Painting, F. Fowler, Arch, July. Music, Church, in Colonial Days, Mercia A. Keith, Mod. Music, Military, Development of, Marian West, Mun. Music, Program, The Rise of the, E. B. Hill, Mus, July. Musical Ethics, E. Swayne, Mus, July. Musicians, Moral Education of, C. Mauclair, RRP, Aug. 1. Mutinies on American Ships, J. R. Spears, Mun. Mutiny, Great, Tale of the-VIII., W. H. Fitchett, Corn. Napoleon 1 , Birthplace of, Nonie Powell, Can. Napoleon I.. Character of, as shown in Bulletins, Proclama

tions, Essays, and Pamphlets, Deut. Napoleon at Play: His Married Life at La Malmaison,

G. De Dubor, PMM. Napoleon and Prince Metternich, Georgiana Hill, Gent. Napoleon III., Bismarck, and the Polish Question, RDM,

July 15. National Indebtedness, O. P. Austin, NAR. Negro Leadership, Evolution of, W. E. B. DuBois, Dial,

July 16. Netherlands Railway Company, Case of the, NatR. Newfoundland Question, QR. Newman, Cardinal, Letters of, W. H. Sheran, Cath. Newspaper Art and Artists, Katherine L. Smith, Bkman. Newspapers, American, B. Winchester, Mind. New England: The Hill Town Problem, E. A. Wright,

NEng. New England, Rock Formations of: "Sermons in Stones,"

C. H. Crandall, NEng. New Hampshire, Summer Flowers of, F. French, O. New York, John Fiske and the Colonial History of, Mrs.

Schuyler van Rensselaer, NAR. New York: The City and Its Life, C. Annet, RPar, Aug. 1. New York City Apartment Houses, C. H. Israels, Arch.,

July. New York City, Rural, J. L. Williams, Scrib. New York City, Midsummer in, Mrs. Schuyler Van Rens

selaer, Cent. Ney, Marshal, The Execution of, R. Blennerhassett, NatR. Niagara, The Chaining of, 0. E. Dunlap, WW. Niagara Falls, D. A. Willey, Home. Nietzsche, Frederick, and Hippolyte Taine, Correspondence,

Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche, Deut. Nileland, Negro, and Uganda. QR. Nile Reservoirs, J. Ward, CasM. Nineteenth Century, Great Movements of the-II., F. Par.

sons, Arena, Nineteenth Century, Physical Science in the, B. 0. Flower,

Arena, Nineteenth Century, Time Spirit of the, Edin, North Americans of Yesterday; Edin. North Pole, The Quest of the, H. C. Walsh, Mun. Northwest, First White Baby Born in, W.S. Harwood, LHJ. Oberammergau, Passion Play at, and the Exposition of 1900,

J. S. Stuart Glennie, oC. Oil Fields, Texas, A. Clark, NatM, July. Oklahoma, Kiowa and Comanche Indian Reservation in,

Opening of, W. R. Draper, Home. Old Testament, The Poetry of, G. D. Sparks, SR, July. Oriental Chronology, Recent Investigations in, L. B. Paton,

Bib, July. Oriental Commerce, Relation of Banking to, P. C. Kauff.

man, BankNY, Otter, A Day with the, T. W. Sheppard, Bad. Oxford, Mediæval Life in, J. B. Milburn, Dub. Panama, Old and New. A Glimpse of, M. McMahon, Cath. Pan-American Exposition:

A Camera-Girl on the Midway, Millicent Olmstead, Mod. Color the Esthetic Feature of the Exposition, H. Schearer,

Nat M, July. Exposition, The, as a Work of Art, C. H. Caffin, WW. Fine Arts Exhibition at the, E. H. Brush, AI. Indian Village of Baum, H. C. Brown, NatGM, July. Pan-American Exposition, W. H. Page, WW. Personal Impressions of, J. M. Chapple, NatM, July. Play Side of the Fair, Mary B. Hartt, WW. Sculpture at the, W. H. Hólmes, BP. Short Stories of Interesting Exlibiis, A. Goodrich, WW.

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