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ceachers' training school having a course of study of not less than

thirty-eight weeks, approved by the state superintendent; or in

lieu of such special training had at least three years' successful

experience in teaching.

The limitations prescribed in subdivision three do not apply to

the holder of a state normal and training school diploma, or to a

state certificate granted after examination, nor to a foreign di

ploma or certificate indorsed by the superintendent nor to a

person who has been employed in teaching in the primary and

grammar schools in the cities of this state since January first,

eighteen hundred and ninety-seven.

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$ 276. Revocation of teachers' authority.-Authority to teach

in the public schools may be revoked as herein provided:

1. A certificate or license may be revoked by the officer grant.

ing it.

2. A school commissioner may hear and determine any charge

affecting the moral character of a teacher within his district.

If the charge is sustained, the commissioner may annul the

teacher's certificate or other authority, by whomsoever granted,

and may declare him unfit to teach. If the teacher holds a cer.

tificate or diploma granted, signed or endorsed by the superin.

tendent, the commissioner shall immediately notify him of such

annulment or declaration.

3. The superintendent may annul a school commissioner's cer

tificate, or may declare a normal school diploma ineffectual as a

qualification to teach.

4. The superintendent may revoke his endorsement of a foreign

diploma or certificate.

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$ 277. Additional grounds of revocation.--A teacher who wil.

fully refuses:

1. To teach the nature of alcoholic drinks and other narcotics,

and their effects on the human system, as required by this chap.


2. To attend a teacher's institute;

3. To fully perform an agreement to teach a term of school;

Is deemed to have forfeited his right to teach, and his author.

ity may thereupon be revoked by the superintendent or the com


[Con. School Law, tit. VII, $ 47, sub 9, Con. School Law, tit. 10, part of § 6, and Con. School Law, tit. XV, part of § 20, rewritten and condensed without intended change.

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$ 278. Notice of revocation. All revocations of a teacher's an

thority must be for cause and after notice to the person affected,

and a reasonable opportunity to be heard in his defense.


$ 279. Teachers' contracts. The employment of a teacher shall

be by a written contract, which must be signed by him and the

trustee, board or other officer with whom it is made. Such

contract shall clearly state the agreement between the par

ties, and particularly the term of employment, the agreed com

pensation, and the time of payment. A teacher is not deemed

employed under this chapter until such contract is executed. The

contract or a duplicate thereof shall be filed with the district


[Con. School Law, tit. VII, § 47, sub. 10, Con. School Law, tit. VIII, § 15, sub. 11, and Con. School Law, tit. XV, § 17, rewritten and condensed without intended change, except that the provision for filing a copy of the contract with the district clerk is new.]

(Pages 48, 76, 101, $$ 47, 15, 17.)

$ 280. Limitations on agreement.—The right of a trustee or other

officer to make a contract under the last section is subject to the

following limitations:

1. It cannot be made with a person who is related to such trus

tee or other officer by blood or marriage, except with the approval

of two-thirds of the qualified voters present and voting on the

question at a district meeting.

2. It cannot be made for a term to begin after the expiration

of his official term.

3. It cannot be made for a shorter time than ten weeks, unless

for the purpose of completing an unexpired term of school.

4. It cannot be made with a teacher who does not hold a certifi.

cate of qualification which covers the period of contemplated


The term “trustee" under subdivision one, includes also a

member of a board of education, and the employment of a teacher

who is related to such a member by blood or marriage, can be

made only on the written approval of two-thirds of the mem

bers of the board.

Subdivision two does not apply to an agreement made by a

board of education.

Subdivisions three and four apply to such a board.

[Con. School Law, tit. VII, § 47, sub. 9, and Con. School Law, tit. VIII, § 15, sub. 11, rewritten and partly new.]

(Pages 48, 76, subs. 9, 11.)

§ 281. Teachers' wages; when payable.—The compensation of a

teacher in a public school is due and payable at the end of each

calendar month during the term of employment, but the contract

may provide for more frequent payments.

[Con. School Law, tit. VII, § 47, sub. 10, Con. School Law, tit. VIII, § 15, sub. 11, and Con. School Law, tit. 15, $ 18, rewritten and combined without intended change, except the provision for more frequent payments is new.]

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§ 282. When wages not a district charge.-A person employed

to teach without an agreement as herein provided cannot recover

his wages of the district, but the trustee who employs him is

liable individually for such wages.

[Con. School Law, tit. VII, § 47, part of sub. 9, without intended change.]

(Page 48, sub. 9.)

$ 283. Teachers' record of attendance. Each teacher shall keep

a school record in which shall be entered:

1. The names and ages of the pupils attending school.

2. The names of the persons who send them.

3. The year, month and day of the month, and the number of

days each pupil attends.

4. The date of each inspection of the school by the commis

sioner or other official visitor.

5. Any other facts required by the superintendent.

The record shall be kept in such form and manner as the state

superintendent may prescribe. The entries in such record shall

be verified by the teacher, and it shall constitute the school list

from which the average daily attendance of the school shall be

determined. A teacher is not entitled to any compensation until

such record is verified. Each teacher is responsible for the record

kept by him, and shall at the close of his engagement deliver it

to the district clerk, or the clerk or secretary of the board of


[Con. School Law, tit. VII, SS 41, 53, and Con. School Law, tit. XVI, § 6, rewritten and condensed without intended change.]

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§ 284. Dismissal of teacher.-A teacher may be removed by

the trustee at any time. for neglect of duty, incapacity to teach,

immoral conduct, or other sufficient cause.

[Con. School Law, tit. VII, § 48, sub. 9, and Con. School Law, tit. VIII, § 15, sub. 11, rewritten without intended change.]

(Pages 48, 77, SS 48, 15.)

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