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of such attendance, the same as if such school had been then in



§ 304. Teachers' training classes. The superintendent shall

provide for a course of instruction in the science and practice

of common school teaching, in academies and union schools and

high schools which, with their consent, shall be designated by

him, among the commissioner districts as equitably as may be,

with reference to the number of school districts in each, and the

location and character of the institutions selected.

Every academy and school so designated shall instruct a class

of not less than ten nor more than twenty-five scholars, and such

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class is known as a teachers' training class. Each academy and

school in which such instruction is given shall be paid by the

comptroller on the certificate of the superintendent, at the rate

of one dollar for each week's instruction for each scholar who has

attended during the time herein required; but the sum allowed

for such instruction shall be at least five hundred dollars.

[Con. School Law, tit. XI, SS 1, 2, 3, rewritten without intended change, except that the section has been broadened so as to include high schools.]

(Page 90, SS 1, 2, 3.)

$ 305. Visitation of classes.-A teachers' training class is sub

ject to the visitation of the commissioner, and he shall advise and

assist the principals of academies or schools in the organization

and management thereof. He shall, at the close of the term of instruction, under the direction of the superintendent, examine

the students in such classes, and issue teachers' certificates to

those who possess the required qualifications.

[Con. School Law, tit. XI, § 7, rewritten without intended change.]

(Page 91, $ 7.)

§ 306. Regulations. The superintendent shall prescribe the

conditions of admission to the class, the course of instruction and

the rules under which said instruction shall be given, and shall

determine the number of classes which may be formed in any

one year in an academy or school so designated, and the length

of time exceeding thirty-six weeks during which such instruction

may be given.

[Con. School Law, tit. XI, part of g 3, rewritten without intended change, except the length of time which such a class shall continue is changed from sixteen to thirty-six weeks.]

(Page 90, $ 3.)

§ 307. Term of instruction. Instruction shall be free to all

scholars admitted to such classes who have continued therein

during the required time.

Each scholar must continue under instruction not less than

thirty-six weeks, except that if it appears to the satisfaction of the

superintendent that a pupil admitted to such a class has been

prevented from attending the same for the full time of thirty-six

weeks, or that such class has not been held for the full term of

thirty-six weeks, he may excuse such default and allow an

academy or school pay for such scholar for the time actually spent in attendance or during which such class shall have been

instructed, at the rate fixed in the last section.

[Con. School Law, tit. XI, parts of $$ 3, 4, rewritten without intended change, except that the length of time such classes must be taught is changed from sixteen to thirty-six weeks.]

(Page 90, $$ 3, 4.)

§ 308. Training classes in certain cities and villages.-- The

board of education, or other school authorities of any city, or of

any village which employs a superintendent of schools, may estab

lish, maintain, direct and control one or more schools or classes

for the professional training of teachers in the course of instruo

tion, and under the regulations, prescribed by the state superin.

tendent. Such schools or classes must be maintained at least

thirty-eight weeks in each school year. The local superintendent

of schools shall report to the state superintendent, whenever re

quired, the time during which such a teacher's training class or

school has been maintained, and the number of pupils who have

attended the same.

Each such city or village which maintains such a training

school or class for the period herein required, shall be entitled

to one dollar for each week of instruction of each pupil, which

shall be paid by the comptroller on the certificate of the state


[Con. School Law, tit. II, § 5, and L. 1895, chap. 1031, $S 1, 2, 3, rewritten and condensed without intended change.]

(Pages 90, 155, $$ 5, 1, 2, 3.)



Section 315. Normal schools.

316. Duty of superintendent.

317. Nonresident pupils may be admitted.

318. Appointment and supervision of local boards.

319. Officers of local board; rules.

320. Powers and duties of treasurer.

321. When superintendent may take charge of school.

322. Custody of property.

323. Insurance of property.

324. Local boards may take by gift, grant or devise.

325. Special police.

326. Person arrested to be taken before magistrate.

327. Appointment of Indian pupils.

328. Who entitled to privileges of normal school.

329. Tuition money.

330. Annual report of local board.

331. Estimates of expenses. [General note.- This article is intended to include the whole law relating to normal schools. Several statutes have been passed at different times, and nearly all the schools were created by special law. These schools are placed under the supervision of the state superintendent.]

§ 315. Normal schools.--The state normal schools here

tofore established at Albany, Brockport, Buffalo, Cortland, Fre

donia, Geneseo, Jamaica, New Paltz, Oneonta, Oswego, Plattsburgh and Potsdam, are continued. The school at Albany is

known as the State Normal College, and is subject to this chapter

and also any other general law relating to normal schools. The

executive committee of the State Normal College shall hereafter

be known as the local board of trustees thereof, and is subject to

all the provisions of law relating to such a board. [The normal school at Albany was established by L. 1844,

ch. 311, and L. 1848, ch. 318; name changed to New York

State Normal College by the regents in 1890.
Brockport, 1867, chaps. 21 and 96.
Buffalo, 1867, ch. 583.
Cortland, 1867, ch. 199, and 1868, ch. 174.
Fredonia, 1867, ch. 323.
Geneseo, 1867, ch. 195; 1868, ch. 601; 1871, ch. 294.
Oswego, 1863, ch. 418, as am. by L. 1865, ch. 445; 1867, ch.

Potsdam, 1867, ch. 6.
New Paltz, 1885, ch. 387.
Oneonta, 1887, ch. 374.
Plattsburgh, 1869, ch. 517.
Jamaica, 1893, ch. 553.]

§ 316. Duty of superintendent.— The superintendent shall:

1. Determine the number of teachers to be employed in each

school, and fix their compensation.

2. Decide on the number of pupils to be admitted to each


3. Prescribe the time, manner and conditions of the appoint

ment of pupils.

[L. 1866, chap. 466, SS 4, 5, rewritten and condensed without intended change.]

(Page 141, SS 4, 5.)

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