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superintendent may prescribe, not exceeding three years.


local board shall pay the necessary traveling expenses of each

such pupil, on the certificate of the superintendent.

[L. 1850, chap. 89, $$ 1-5, rewritten and combined without intended change.]

(Page 143.)

$ 328. Who entitled to privileges of normal school.—The privi

leges of the normal department of a normal school are free to all

resident pupils who comply with the rules prescribed by the

superintendent of public instruction.

[L. 1866, chap. 466, part of $ 5, rewritten without intended change.]

(Page 141.)

$ 329. Tuition money.-Tuition money shall be used for the gen.

eral purposes of the school.

[Supply Bill, 1870, chap. 492.] (Page 144.)

§ 330. Annual report of local board.—Each local board shall

annually on the first day of January transmit to the superintendent

in such form as he may prescribe a report showing in detail ita

receipts and expenditures during the last preceding year, the con

dition of the school, and such other facts as the superintendent may


The report must be verified by the president and


[L. 1866, chap. 466, last sentence of go3, rewritten and changed so that the report must be made to the State superintendent instead of to the legislature, as by present law.]

(Page 141.)

§ 331. Estimates of expenses.—The local board shall from time


to time present to the superintendent a verified itemized statement

of the amounts estimated to be needed for carrying on the school.

The superintendent shall examine and may revise such estimate,

and he shall draw his warrant on the state treasurer in favor of the

treasurer of the local board, for the amount approved by him.




Section 340. Free text books.

341. Adoption of text books.

342. Change of text books.

343. Penalty for violation.

344. Instruction concerning stimulants and narcotics.

345. Minimum time of instruction.

346. Primary scholars.

347. School authorities to furnish facilities.

348. Requirement of text books.

349. Examination by regents.

350. Instruction in normal schools and institutes.

351. When not to share in school money.

352. When institute or training class entitled to school


353. Affidavits by school authorities.

354. Affidavit by school commissioner.

Section 355. Affidavit by principal of normal school.

356. Superintendent to furnish blanks.

357. When superintendent to withhold school money.

358. Instruction in natural history.

359. Free instruction in industrial or freehand drawing.

360. Evening schools.

361. Vocal music.

362. Kindergartens.

363. Industrial training in schools. [General note.—This title is intended to include the subject of text books, their adoption and change, and special instruction in special subjects, so far as they can be fairly included in a general article. Some changes have been made which are indicated in the foot notes.]

§ 340. Free text books.-A district meeting may vote a tax for

the purchase of text books or other school supplies for free use in

the schools. The trustee or board of education may establish

rules concerning the use of such books and their care, preserva

tion and custody.

[Con. School Law, tit. VIII, § 13, sub. 3, as added by 1897, chap. 295, rewritten and extended to all school districts. The present law applies to union schools.]

(Page 72, sub. 3.)

§ 341. Adoption of text books.-In a common school district an

annual meeting, by a two-thirds vote of the qualified voters pres.

ent and voting, shall designate and adopt the text books to be

used in the school. Elsewhere the board of education or other

authorities in charge of the school shall designate and adopt the

text books.

[Con. School Law, tit. XV, § 9, rewritten without intended change.]

(Page 99, $ 9.)

$ 342. Change of text books.-A text book so adopted shall not

be superseded by another book within a period of five years from

such adoption, except on a three-fourths vote of the qualified

voters present and voting at an annual meeting in a common

school district, or elsewhere by a three-fourths vote of the board

of education or other school authorities by which such book was


[Con. School Law, tit. XV, § 10, rewritten without intended change.]

(Page 100, $ 10.)

§ 343. Penalty for violation.—A person who violates any of the

foregoing provisions is liable to a penalty of not less than fifty

dollars nor more than one hundred dollars for each violation, to

be sued for by any taxpayer of the district, and such penalty

when collected shall be paid to the treasurer for the benefit of the


[Con. School Law, tit. XV, § 10, rewritten without intended change.]

(Page 100, $ 11.)

§ 344. Instruction concerning stimulants and narcotics.-The

nature of alcoholic drinks and other narcotics, and their effects

on the human system, shall be taught in connection with the

various divisions of physiology and hygiene, as thoroughly as other branches, in all schools under state control, or supported

wholly or in part by state school moneys or local taxation.

[Con. School Law, tit. XV, first part of $ 19, as added by L. 1895, chap. 1041, and as amended by L. 1896, chap. 901, rewritten without intended change.]

(Page 102, § 19.)

§ 345. Minimum time of instruction.-All pupils below the

second year of the high school and above the third year of school

work, computed from the beginning of the lowest primary, not

kindergarten year, or in corresponding classes in ungraded

schools, shall be taught and study the subjects mentioned in the

last section every year with suitable text books in the hands of

all pupils, for not less than three lessons a week for ten or more

weeks, or the equivalent of the same in each year, and must pass

satisfactory tests in these studies before promotion to the next

succeeding grade or year's work; except that where there are

nine or more school years below the high school, the study may be

omitted in all years above the eighth year and below the high

school, by such pupils as have passed the required tests of the

eighth year.

In ungraded schools the superintendent shall

classify the work as nearly as may be to conform to the foregoing


[Con. School Law, tit. XV, part of $ 19, as added by L. 1895, chap. 1041, and as amended by L. 1896, chap. 901, rewritten without intended change. The last sentence is new.]

(Page 102, $ 19.)

§ 346. Primary scholars.-- Pupils in the lowest three primary,

not kindergarten, school years, or in corresponding classes in un.

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