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By Way of
Conference between THREE FRIENDS.
On the Angelical HEAVEN.
The Nature and Fall of ANGELS.
The Scripture Account of the State of the DEAD.
The several Benefits of the RESURRECTION.
The Millennium of St. John.
And the future Renovation of ALL THINGS.

Tending to
Illustrate the Writings of the PropheTS:
And to thew theHarmony of the Sacred System.

To which is added by Way of
A P P E N D I X,
Certain Letters respecting the aforesaid SUBJECTS.


So foall the World go on - till the Return
Of him fo lately promis'd - to disolve
Satan with his perverted World, then raise
From the couflagrant Mass, purg'd and refin'd,
New Heav'ns, new Earth, Ages of endless Date,
Founded in Righteousness and Peace and Love,
To bring forth Fruits, Joy and eternal Bliss.

L 0 N D 0 N
Printed for the Author ; and sold by J. Noon, at the

White Hart in Cheapside ; E. Owen, at the Golden Grifin,
in Holborn; and Mrs.OVERALL,facing the Church in the
Little Minories. MDCCLIX.

141. j. 90

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S it is the Defign of these Dialogues to in

form the Mind in Points commonly reckon'd both useful, and entertaining, and at the same Time of universal Concernment ; if they are so framed as to answer their End, it is a fufficient Apology for their Publication. They might indeed bave been thrown into the Form of Esays, or Dissertations on such and fuch Subjects, but as the prefent Form was designedly pitch'd on to please the Publick, and for no other Reason than as judging it more entertaining, the Author hopes bis Design to please will at least be pardon'd, even by such as may think be bas taken an improper Way for it. He has endeavour'd at least at Truth in the

, if Things to differ from some be happens in some knows it impossible to agree with every one, be bas only to say he imposes bis Tenets on no one, and will as soon as convinced as readily change bis Sentiments, as Philander does in Dialogue the Vth, where as the Reader will easily see the Plan is alter'd, and for the very fame Reason that is there related. It is a Debate be knows which bas been lately agitated, but which be bas therefore purposely refrain'd from Reading, that he might not be biafi'd by any meer buman Authority, but by that more perfeet Rule of Faith the sacred Writings. And to conclude, thohe does not pretend to new Discoveries, the Reader may yet meet with Some Things set here in a different Light than perhaps he has seen them before : and be thereby led both to study the Scripture with more Application, and to do it with more Understanding.

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