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July 1906,



Glimpses of Washington


The Summer Life of the Diplomats


N EW ENGLAND is, in the eyes
TV of the majority of foreign

governments, the “summer capital of the United States.” This is due to the fact that the diplomats who are stationed in this country as the accredited representatives of foreign powers almost without exception spend the vacation season in the northeastern section of Uncle Sam's domain. Diplomacy has been tion of the capital of the nation by termed a profession of leisure and governmental officials during the even though this be a definition jus- heated term but the new status of tified by appearances rather than by affairs has not been reflected by any actual conditions, certain it is that change of procedure on the part of the devotees of statecraft are en- the diplomats. Most of them conabled to enjoy a longer play time tinue their old practice of leaving each year than workers in many Washington in the spring or early other fields of endeavor. In conse- summer and remaining in some quence many of Uncle Sam's official cooler clime until late in the auguests spend five or six months tumn. each year in New England.

It is notable, however, that there The new multiplicity of our na- is no longer a universal migration tional interests has forever put an to Europe on the part of not only end to the old-time wholesale deser- envoys but their subordinates as

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