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turn play over them. He is about scale, called their fellow countrymen to give his men an immense amount "contumacious Rebels,” their ebulliof work, and aside from the pros- tions of patriotism, the "blusterings pects of immediate personal loss, of seditious demagogues” and so the blow his pride will receive in denouncing,-departed. the event of a failure is big before The Longfellow and Lowell houses him. A beaten general may retire are examples of the mansions they to his tent and there brood alone left behind them. A study of the over his discomfiture, or, if utterly exodus alluded to above shows that routed his flying followers have no the forbears of these people came breath for taunts, but the Skipper almost entirely from the shore who has directed an unsuccessful towns of New England and the cast is confined to a narrow boat in South. So it was not sentiment, the midst of his crew on the wide but the bad roads leading from the Atlantic, and howsoever undeserved, interior to the sea coast that kept from the low mutterings and dis- some of our fathers at home in '97. appointed looks of his men there Be that as it may, these descendis no escape.

ants of the Loyalists are an enterThere should be no knots in the prising, sturdy lot. They have thread of a story, but while the touched the hem of the garments boat is covering the space between of the Great Republic and clearly it and the school, we desire to take perceive that their forefathers in you on board and introduce you to adhering to the King instead of the the crew. Don't be diffident, never farmyard made a stupendous blunmind the present surroundings, der; that their loyalty blinded them you'll find yourself in most excel to the future prospects in real lent company, nothing less than de- estate. Nevertheless, they call hisscendants of Colonial governors, tory to depose that a people who, lawyers, doctors, schoolmasters, phy, because of their religious or politisicians, and, you'd scarcely credit it, cal opinions, relinquish their hearths a Judge of the Superior Court of and homes and household gods to Massachusetts.

confiscation, gather their old men The majority of the crew are from and tender little ones about them. the British Provinces, and many of embark on frail vessels, cross the them inherit by direct descent or ocean in midwinter and plunge into marriage, the blood of the Loyalists a wilderness, have at least the courwho emigrated during or at the age of their conviction. close of the Revolution. No doubt A few of the crew are from the some of these fishermen could trace old families of Cape Ann, bearing their ancestry back to a prolific names that have often been on the New England divine. We will not tongues of men during our country's go deeply into the matter lest we history. Who can count the seed stir up trouble by producing an heir that has blown over the Great Reto old King's Chapel in Boston. public from thy parent stalk O You will recall that their fore- Essex County! Their fathers leaped fathers considered the forbears of into the surf at Louisburg and some people we could name, very stormed shoreward. Down came much beneath them in the social the “Fleur-de-lys” and out marched the dandy officers of Louis XV, You will recall that a young fellow laces and ruffles much bedraggled with a decided droop in his left eyeThis breed was right behind the · lid, who was to be Governor of son of Webster when he went down Massachusetts, one day sailed out of where the wave of battle was Marblehead on the same errand. whitest.

The vessels discharged both of the There is one Swede, a yellow- above cases "Cured.” The schoolhaired, handsome fellow whose fea- master is now a physician himseli tures have the regularity of a and you may be assured that when chiselled statue. He comes from the he sees a boy whose symptoms inNorth of Sweden where the air is so dicate cod liver oil, he says to his clear that the Milky Way, Vinter patient "first catch your codfish!" Gäten (Winter Garden) he calls it, The young fellow pulling stroke looks like an unbroken pathway of oar, is sure he has “a call.” He will silver. Were you with him any some day mount the pulpit of the clear night in the middle watch he largest Baptist church in Maine. would tell you the origin, according He has preached many times in to the folk-lore of his Province, of Massachusetts and some of my this celestial phenomena. A very readers have without doubt sat pretty story. “Ever so many years under him. His son is to be one of ago," he would say, “there were two the most eloquent clergymen in the young lovers and they both died, city of Boston. and the soul of the boy went to one The boy pulling on the after seat, planet and the soul of the girl to trying to keep time with his big another, and they were thousands “Down East" thwart-mate, insists and thousands of miles apart, and upon being a lawyer. Not a sea they mourned because they were lawyer, but a real lawyer that pleads thus separated, but a happy thought before a learned judge and says possessed the boy lover and he be- sweetly: “Now, if your honor gan to build a roadway of stars, and pleases.” Sharp indeed would be the he was thousands and thousands of ears that could catch at this moment years in building it, but at last it a voice in a political state convenwas completed, and that accounts tion nominating this befreckled and for the way of silver and that is the scale-bespattered chap for Attorney road on which the lovers were General. He reached that distincunited.”

tion. He was, within the month, And now for the learned profes- nominated and confirmed Associate sions. That man with the brown Judge of the Superior Court of cheeks and white forehead, his hat Massachusetts. Now aren't you tilted back, keeping as regular if not glad you came aboard! as strong a stroke as any, is a Ver- So next season when you go to mont schoolmaster. He had a mild Cape Ann to feel the beauties of an hemorrhage in the middle of the "An Old Maid's Paradise” or to school year and his physician pre- see the sunset glorifying the sand scribed a sea voyage. To ship on a dunes at Annisquam, in your tour Cape Ann seiner and fill both of the wharves if you should happen pocket and prescription at the same to run across a chap in a yellow oiltime, was a clever idea, wasn't it? skin packet, hoisting out halibut,

just remember that the jacket may now, for, fish or no fish the act of some day be shed for the robes of setting the seine must now be gone a bishop or the mantle of a judge. through with. The Captain's face

With such a crew, O Captain, we wears the relaxed look of one who are led to expect nothing short of a has for better or for worse, put his successful cast!

decision into action, and he cries out Having reached the vicinity of the to his men: “Lift her out of the fish, the speed of the boat is les- water, boys, carry her along; break sened, the voices of the crew fall to them rowlocks, if you get that a murmur and the Captain begins school we can buy gold ones; little to study the movements of the more beef on your port oars, there!" school. It is a critical moment and These coaching cries are but a relief a little while will decide all. From to the Captain's pent up feelings. the crew comes the encouraging There are no shirkers. The crew remarks: “They're mack'rel all right, are putting every pound of strength Captain, and they're going along they possess into the bending oars, asleep.” “You could bail them up fully appreciating the importance of with a dipnet!” “There is no her- surrounding the school in the shortring about them, — look at their est possible time. Bight after bight gills !"

of the seine is thrown overboard, The cork-heaver, the lightest man the cork-heaver following with a in the crew, stands aft of the seine, corresponding section of corks. The the seine-heaver, the heaviest and turn is made, the school is half surstrongest man of the crew stands rounded and the boat, still circling, forward of it, his hand resting is bearing in toward the buoy to caressingly, like an old cannoneer, which the men in the dory have on the mighty instrument he is attached their craft, making a about to discharge. These latter larger steering target for the Captwo are silent, passive; their time is tain. All is going well and cries of not yet come.

mutual encouragement break fitfully The Captain, having assured him- from the lips of the panting oarsself that the fish are keeping an un- men when, suddenly, the fish that varying course, lazily and unsus- have, up to this time, shown their pectingly rushing along in the calm nipple on the surface, disappear. ocean, suddenly lifts his long steer- The zone of the cork-beaded circle ing oar out of the water with a wide is as smooth, and unvexed as the sweep and cries out: “Stand by,- sea without. For some anxious give them the twine!” The seine minutes the fishers would, figuraheaver's passive form awakens to tively and literally, float on a sea of life, and ere the keg, attached to doubt. No evidence would be visone end of the seine to act as a ible until the seine was well in to buoy, is dancing on the waves, every tell whether the cast had been sucoar has caught the water with a cessful or not. With a force and mighty grip and plank and stan- momentum that almost overturns chion groan beneath the telling the dory, the boats come together strain.

and in a trice the purse-lines, one The bolt is shot, the die is cast, from the dory and one from the sober second thought cuts no figure seine boat, are rove through blocks

on the gunwale of the later, the lines them together like a magnet, whatare manned and come hissing in ever independent movement is sugfrom the ocean carrying with them gested to any individuals, the gretwo jets of sea water.

garious instinct denies, and the While the boat is encircling a school, intact, rises once more toschool of mackerel, the oars of ne- ward the surface. The matter has cessity make considerable noise and now become serious and the fish bethe length of time the fish remain gin to poke their noses into the visible depends on their degree of meshes, cautiously, curiously, try"wildness.” Sooner or later, they ing to discover what this strange settle and disappear, and perhaps thing is opposing itself to the free when the seine appears to be half will of an independent mackerel around them they come up without who has heretofore darted where it the circle and it is hard to convince listeth, the while, following the the fishermen that the ripple they wall of twine toward the buoy. leave behind is not the ripple of Both fish and boat are now conlaughter. They may following verging on the same point. As a dozen older and wiser heads who they near one another, the school, have been trapped before, dive alarmed at the uproar, suddenly straight down and escape to a fish, wheel in a body and dart towards and the cry, “They've dove her!” what appears to them, open water, announce the melancholy fact that only to meet with the old obstruclabor and energy have been ex- tion on the opposite side. The only pended in vain. Observers will have avenue of escape is toward and noticed, however, that fish of the under the boat, but the noise, the mackerel species usually leave the shadow of the boat on the water, surface at a very acute angle, which the long oars that are plunged into fact increases the likelihood of the the sea and agitated, commonly school striking the seine before they deters them from this course. At clear its confines. They appear to last the thoroughly bewildered and settle, at first, somewhat below the disorganized school breaks up into surface, their speed slightly acceler- small pods or bodies and then sinks ated. As they strike the bunt or to the bottom of the seine that has middle of the seine which has been been drawn completely around and thrown directly in their course, it beneath them. is possible they conceive it to be Having pursed the seine up, that the ocean's bed and they naturally is, drawn the bottom of it together, begin to rise towards the surface. like the mouth of lady's opera bag, Having discovered their error they the rings are taken across the gundive once more, this time perhaps wale of the boat, the fishermen, lindeeper, but the seine that was at first ing up from bow to stern, insert a circular wall with the bottom wide their fingers into the meshes and open, has rapidly assumed the for- the great net is slowly, foot by foot, mation of a bowl and again they dragged into the boat. The susare blocked.

pense is now intense, up to this, The denseness of the mass de- there is not one vestige of evidence creases the mobility, the mob-con- to tell the fishermen that their cast sciousness is at their centre holding has been successful, but now a keen eye catches sight of some sil- swarm beneath and the order is ver bars down in the blue depths given to hoist away. As the botstanding out from the seine. These tom of the net clears the rail it is manifestations increase and multi- upset and the first installment of ply, and suddenly the whole school “blue blacks” go rattling and drumrises to the surface, seething and ming over the decks. This process boiling in their ever-narrowing con- is continued until the catch is transfines. It is a sight no human eye ferred from the seine to the could look on and be unmoved and schooner's decks. Now begins the the fishermen hail it with exulting work of "dressing down." The shouts that rises from a low roar to crew are divided into gangs of four; a crescendo of shrieks: “They're two split the fish, the others free in her! They're in her! THEY'RE them from their gibs and entrails ALL IN HER!" .

and throw them into barrels, partly During the drying up period, the filled with water, to soak out the dory is stationed at the bunt cork, blood. From these wash-barrels a cork exactly in the middle of they are taken and salted down. the seine. This precaution is neces- No sleep is permitted and only a sary because the school, if a large moment is allowed for a hasty one, may by their weight carry the lunch, until the entire catch is split, corks below the surface, allowing gibbed, plowed and salted and ready the fish to escape.

to be stowed below. It was a big The seine being fully dried in, school and every remaining barrel this cork is taken on the gunwale on board is full. And now, from the of the seine boat, an oar is put up decks of the conquering vessel, a as a signal for the vessel to draw mysterious, cylinder-shaped object near, the captain with a portion oi runs up aloft, is hauled out to the the crew is carried aboard and the mainpeak, and the next moment the vessel is slowly worked up to the Stars and Stripes, like an embodied prize. As they near the seine boat shout of victory, flutters out on the the fore sheet is eased off, the jibs favored air, telling the scattered ar lowered and the vessel glides fleet through which she is Aying, quietly alongside. Lines are passed that effort brings nearer the target fore and aft to the seine boat, the of desires; that the “Alice M. Story' bunt cork is taken on the rail of the has wet all her salt and is homeschooner and the work of trans- ward bound; telling them also that ferring the haul to the decks begins. the rules of the Navy do not obtain Hoisting tackle is attached to a here, to wit: Vessels in sight at time huge dipnet, holding from one to of capture have no share in the two barrels and plunged into the prize money.

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