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Goss Heights, a favorite resort. Spencer offers a variety of delightful scenery and advantages for a summer home and is located one thousand feet above the sea level. Spencer has a magnificent hotel, the Massasoit and numerous boarding houses. It is situated in the center of a very interesting historical district and there are a hundred interesting points easily reached by trolley or short drives. New Salem is a quiet village, on the summit of a picturesque hill, three and a half miles from the railroad station. Blandford, Massachusetts, is a central village in the Berkshire Hills. The average altitude of the town is fifteen hundred feet. Its easy access, interesting scenery and delightful climate have made it a popular summer resort. There are numerous lakes in the vicinity, and the view embraces Mt. Tom, Monadnock, North Haystack and Greylock. Many cottagers, seeking sites for a summer home, have selected Bland ford and its growing colony of cottages speaks its praises as a vacation town. Abouth thirty miles north of Springfield,

Massachusetts, is Greenwich. Mt. Pomroy, Mt. Lizzie and Great Quabbin Mountains rise abruptly from the Greenwich Valley. The town has ten lakes within its borders and is crossed by the middle and east branches of Swift River. Quabbin Inn is a new building and was opened for its first season in 1900. It is situated on a farm of over one hundred acres. The Berkshires are served from the west by the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, which reaches most of the im. portant towns. Great Barrington, one of the most attractive of the Berkshire towns is reached only by the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad. It is elevated far above the sea level and has been a summer resort of repute for many years. It has fine ponds and lakelets in profusion, scattered within its limits, and these are charming features in its landscape vista. One might perhaps linger longer in the dear old Berkshires and the Hoosac region, but we have journeyed to the boundary of New England and must end our tour at the threshold of the Empire State.

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CIAL RATES TO VACATIONISTS From now on through the summer season the Central Vermont Railway will sell round-trip summer excursion tickets from Boston and all principal cities in New England to all Vermont, Lake Champlain and many Canadian and Adirondack resorts. Such tickets are good going until September 30th, and on the return trip may be used up to November ist. The rates cover more than a hundred attractive summering places on the line of the scenic "Green Mountain Route." Book lets and information on apllication to T. H. Hanley, N. E. P. A., 360 Washington street, Boston, Mass.

retail value of the contents. They also manufacture larger sizes, for use in factories, shops, etc. Their advertisement can be found on another page.

TAKE IT WITH YOU In travelling during your summer vacation, a most useful thing to take with you is a neat little box of remedies, styled Taka-Tab. It is an allopathic home emergency case-in fact a medicine chest containing bottles with tablets for all common ills. The price is $1.00 and it may save one five times that amount. Tak-a-Tab is manufactured by the J. H. Carpenter Co., 5 fark Square, Boston.

A POPULAR DENTIFRICE A good thing, well advertised, is bound to bring good results. Such is the case with Dentacura, an article which although on the market but a few years, has now become firmly established in several countries and is to be found in all well-regulated homes in the l'nited States. The reason for this is twofold: first, the article is well advertised by its capable management and second, the dentifrice is ideal in every way, being endorsed by physicians everywhere. The Dentacura Co., 200 Alling street, Newark, V. J., manufacture it.

THE BEAUTIES OF JERSEY Two booklets issued by the Central Railroad of New Jersey are particularly fine examples of this class of literature.

One is “Seaside Resorts in New Jersey," and the other is "In the Jersey Foothills," and both have been prepared with the utmost regard for entertaining description and artistic illustration. The former is a complete handbook of the Jersey const re sorts, the value of the information being equalled by the attractive style in which it has been handled. The other deals with the interior of the State, with helpful descriptions of various points and charming pictures of sylvan scenes, winding rivers, and other features. Each book is of special interest to the vacationist. W. H. Harrien, who handles the Jersey Central's advertising, has a thorough understand ing of the requirements of railroad pubhoity.

DELIGHTFULLY SITUATED Of the many hotels on the North Shore, none is more delightfully located than the New Ocean House at Swampscott The drives are perfect, the bathing fine and best of all the hotel is managed in a manner which is a pleasure to its guests. This is evidenced br the fact that the same faces are seen here season after season Ainsie & Grabow also manage the Hotel Tuileries and Hotel Empire on Commonweath avenue, Boston and in winter the Hote? Tichheld at Port Antorn, lamaica the onest winter hotel in the Hen Indies Hose men in every scrise (i the word is the reason why they

This to care for their guests in so hisable a manner.

USEFUL FOR TRAVELLERS The Incident Cabinet Company. Kalanazoo. V igan, is placing on the market a small sich an Acc dent Cabinet suit alle for travers aus etc 1: con 11:45 tur e ri es Past help to he recito? y se o scares or accident. Pre samme is 01.: S: 50. less than the

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The author's labors are deserving of the highest praise. I most heart. Jily recommend the work for study and convenient reference,

Benj. Harrison


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