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The Metric System. Herbert Spencer.
The Monetary Problem. L. G. McPherson.
Why Progress is by Leaps. George Iles.
Posthypnotic and Criminal Suggestion. W. R. Newbold.
Woman and the Ballot. Alice B. Tweedy.
The Subterranean River Midroi. Paul Raymond.
Our Southern Mocker. I. W. Blake.

The Arena.-Boston. June.
Celsus, The First Pagan Critic of Christianity. S. J. Bar-

rows. Direct Legislation Movement and Its Leaders. E. Pomeroy. Mexico in Mid-Winter. Walter Clark. A National Platform for the American Independents of 1896. The Telegraph Monopoly.-VI. Frank Parsons. Bimetallism. A. J. Utley. A Prophet of Freedom. B. 0. Flower. Monopoly and the Mines of Minnesota. C. J. Buell. Mental Cure In Its Relation to Modern Thought. H. W. Dresser.

Art Amateur.-New York. June. A Day at the Metropolitan Museum. Figure Painting. M. B. O. Fowler. Flower Painting. F. V. Redmond. Hints for Sketchers. Robert Jarvis. Talks on Elementary Drawing.–VIII. Elisabeth M. Hal

lowell. Helpful Hints for Ceramic Artists. M. Helen E. Montford.

Art Interchange.- New York. June.
The Missouri Artist. William H. Downes.
Mural Decorations at Washington.-II. Elizabeth E. New.

Newspaper Illustrating. F. C. Clarke.
Plain Talks on Art.-IV. Arthur Hober.
The Poster of To-day.
Practical Lessons in Modeling.-I. W. 0. Partridge.

Atalanta.-London. June.
Thomas Moore and the Emerald Isle. E. L. Arnold.
Coaches and Carriages. C. F. Yonge.

Bachelor of Arts.- New York. June. “Blackwood's ” History of the United States. F. S. Dick.

Paul Verlaine. Joseph T. Stickney.
My Gardening. R. K. Munkittrick.
The Peril of Our Democracy. Albert Matthews.
Recent Scientific Theology. Henry G. Chapman.

Badminton Magazine.-London. June.
The Royal Military Tournament. Major S. S. Barker.
Lion Hunting. Lord Delamere.
Cycling in the High Alps. C. F. Simond.
The Ethics of Modern Gunnery. A. Chapman.
Stag and Chamois Hunting in Austria. Count Schlick.
Polo Prospects, 1896. C. Bradley.
Amusements Under Cover. W. Pigott.

Bankers' Magazine.-London. June. Agricultural Depression and the Agricultural Rating Bill. Bankers' Liability for Jewels, etc., Left for Safe Custody. Educational Papers on Banking and Finance.

The Bankers' Magazine. New York. May.
Loans of the United States.
Bank Defalcations-Their Causes and the Remedy.
Foreign Banking Systems.
Private and Public Debt in the United States.
Immigration into the United States.

The Gresham Law in the United States.
Currency Expansion-Would it Benefit the Country? J. H.

Bank and Corporation Accounting. T. H. Leavitt.

Blackwood's Magazine.-London. June.
A Naval Utopia. Admiral Fournier's Ideal.
Purcell's Life of Cardinal Manning.
Some Episodes in a Long Life. F. M. F. Skene.
The Novels of John Galt.
My Friends Who Cycle.
Captain Francis Lawton.
The Season of 1896 ; The Looker on.
The New Parliamentary Obstruction a Serious Danger.

Board of Trade Journal.- London. May 15.
The Italian Woolen Industry.
British Trade with Egypt.
Foreign Competition with English Interests in Japan
Coffee Planting in British Central Africa.

The Bond Record.-New York. June.
Anthracite Coal.-IV. William Griffith.
Can Greenbacks be Retired Without Issuing Bonds?
The Territory of Alaska.-II. Frederick Funston.

The Bookman.-New York, June. Mrs. Gaskell and Charlotte Brontë. C. K. Shorter. Mr. Coventry Patmore. Richard Garnett. Portraiture of the American Revolutionary War.-II. W.

L. Andrews. Canadian Feeling Toward the United States. D. C. Scott. Stendhal.-II. F. T. Cooper.

The Bostonian. -Boston. June. Our Coast Defense.-IV. Lieut. J. A. Frye. An Open Air Gymnasium for Women. Kate Gannet Wells. The Growth of La Fiesta in California. Mabel Craft. San Antonio: Its Battle of Flowers and Missions. J. D.


The Cambridge Magazine.-Cambridge, Mass. June.
Hawthorne as a Worker. Rose H. Lathrop.
The Cambridge of To-day. W. A. Bancroft.
Cuba and the Cubans. Enrique A. Zanetti.

Canadian Magazine.-Toronto. June.
The Daily Newspaper. J. T. Clark.
Hunting for Jacques Cartier. Kate W. Yeigh.
A Canadian Bicycle in Europe.-III., Constance R. Boulton.
Dr. Oronhyatekha. Mary T. Bayard.
The New County Council. J. M. McEvoy.
The Colonies and the Navy. A. H. Loring.
The Canadian Historical Exhibition, 1897.0. A. Howland.

Cassell's Family Magazine.-London. June.
Carriages Without Horses. J. Munro.
Women in Prison. Tighe Hopkins.
Bulgarian Embroidery. L. Dobrée.
New Serial Story : "Å Puritan's Wife," by Max Pemberton.

Catholic World.-New York. June.
The Church and Social Reform. Francis Howard.
The “ Conversion of Prince Boris. B. Morgan.
Tennyson's Idyl of Guinevere. P. Cameron.
An Extinct Religious Order and Its Founder.
The American Celt and His Critics. Walter Lecky.
The Unjust Steward of the Nations. J. J. O'Shea,
Montmartre and the Sacred Heart. J. M. Kiely.

Chambers' Journal.-Edinburgh. June.
London's Great Land Owners.
Some Facts About the Opium Habit.
New Taxes and Old Ones.
Tafilet, Morocco; the Land of Dates.

Charities Review.-Galesburg, Ill. April.
Agricultural Banks.
The Social Function of Wealth.
Teaching Charities and Correction. E. D. Jones.
General Sociology and Criminal Sociology. C. R. Henderson.
Social Structure of a Western Town.-VI. A. W. Dunn.

Contemporary Review.-London. June.
The Policy of the Education Bill. Dr. A. M. Fairbairn,
The Late Marquis of Bath. Canon MacColl.
Mr. Hobson on Poverty. W. H. Mallock.
London Revisited ; Some Reminiscences. William O'Brien.
Art and Life. Continued. Vernon Lee,
The Incarnation : A Study in the Religions of the World.
The Highlands of Natal. Emile McMaster.
J. H. Tuke and His Work. Sydney Buxton and Howard

The Frangipani Ring. Linda Villari.
Champagne. Dr. George Harley.
Our Telegraphic Isolation. Percy A. Hurd.

Cornhill Magazine.-London. June.
Men and Manners in Florence.
Caen; a City of Suffering.

Cosmopolis.-London. June.
The Case Against Goethe. Prof. Edward Dowden.
The Jubilee of Free Trade. H. Dunckley.
Current French Literature. Edmund Gosse.
Richard Cobden. (In French). P. Leroy-Beaulieu.
Henrik Ibsen, (In French). F. Sarcey.
George Sand and F. Buloz. (In French.) Continued.
Antonio Fogazzaro, an Italian Novelist. (In French.):
Emile Zola's "Rome;" the Novel of the Day in Paris. (In

French.) The Jubilee of Free Trade and of Democracy. (In German.) Byron and Wordsworth. (In Gorman.) The Founding of the Jesuit Society. (In German.)

Demorest's Family Magazine.--New York. June. The Royal Household of Spain. A. B. DeGuerville. Robert Louis Stevenson's Life in Samoa. E. A. Fletcher. Where Summer Days Fly Swiftly. J. H. Welch. Architecture as a Profession for Women. Mary A. Fanton. Women in Athletics, The Reign of the Bicycle.

The Dial.-Chicago.

May 16.
Playing With Fire.
Shakespeare in Lexicography. F. H. Teal.

June 1.
The Duties of Authors.
The English Language in Japan. E. W. Clement.

Education.-Boston. June.
Shakespeare's Ideal King. L. W. Spring.
A Lesson from Matthew Arnold's Letters. J. W. Abernethy.
Aims and Methods in the Study of Literature. N. Butler.
The Philosophical Method of Isaac Newton. L. R. Harley.
Through Poetry to Religion. Samuel Thurber.

Educational Review.-London. May.
Comenius and the Great Didactic.
The Cambridge History of the United States.
The Education Bill : the Full Text, etc.

Educational Review.-New York. June.
Work of the London School Board. T. J. Macnamara.
College Organization and Government. Charles F. Thwing.
Possible Improvement of Rural Schools. J. H. Blodgett.
Evolutionary Psychology and Education. H. M. Stanley.
College Entrance Requirements in Science. Ralph S. Tarr.
Horace Mann. Francis W. Parker.

English Illustrated Magazine.-London. June.
Baron Hirsch. With Portrait. Arnold White.
The Hon. Walter Rothschild at Tring Park ; Interview.
The Olympic Era of the Greeks. J. Gennadius.
Royal and Notable Oaks. G. Clinch.
*The Tall Hat and Its Ancestors. R. S. Loveday.

Fortnightly Review.-London. June.
Mr. Rhodes and the Transvaal.
'Thomas Hardy's "Jude the Obscure.” Prof. R. Y. Tyrrell.
Russia and England in the Far East.
The Irish Land Bill of Lord Salisbury's Government.
On Things Persian. Dr. J. C. Wills.
The Modern Persian Stage. James Mew.
Our Neglected Tories. H. D. Traill.
Dr. Max Nordau's " Degeneration;" Deterioration of Soul.

V. Lee. The Olympic Games. G. S. Robertson. Free Trade ; From Cobden to Chamberlain. Edward Salmon. The Work of the Chartered Company. Edward Dicey. Wilhelm Liebknecht. Miss Edith Sellers.

The Forum.-New York. June. Election of Senators by Popular Vote. J. H. Mitchell. Modern Norwegian Literature.-Björnstjerne Björnson. The Fallacy of Territorial Extension. W. G. Sumner. A Keats Manuscript. Thomas Wentworth Higginson. Promises of Democracy : Have They Been Fulfilled ? F. W.

Blackmar. Education of Women in Turkey. Mary Mills Patrick. Armenia's Impending Doom. Our Duty. M. M. Mangasa

rian. The Democratization of England. Thomas Davidson. Ego, et Rex Meus : A Study of Royalty. Ouida. Our Sub-Arid Belt. E. V. Smalley. True Aim of Charity Organization Societies. Josephine S.

"The Isolation of Music. Waldo S. Pratt.

Free Review - London. June.
Robert Burns and the Church.
*The Holocaust of Infants. E. S. Galbraith.
The Revival of Phrenology. J. M. Robertson.
Miscarriages of Justice in England. Thomas Stanley.
The Decline of Literary Taste. Florence E. Hobson.
A New Sciotheistic Theory. Continued. J. P. Gilmour.
Foreign Missions. Fred. Wilson.
The Higher Music Hall Art. Geoffrey Mortimer.

Gentleman's Magazine.-London. June.
The Actress as Usurper of Man's Prerogative. W. J. Law.

rence. Robert Herrick. H. M. Sanders. How India Has Suffered in the Race for Wealth. D. N.Reid. Scotch Pearls and Pearl Hunting. Rev. M. G. Watkins. Rivers vs. Sewers. Rev. Samuel Charlesworth.

The Green Bag.–Boston. June.
Daniel Webster. William C. Todd.
Some Peculiar Judgments. George H. Westley.
The Lawyer's Position in Society. Guy Carleton Lee.
Some Aspects of the Growth of Jewish Law.-I. David W.

Gunton's Magazine.--New York. June.
Bishop Potter as an Arbitrator.
The Banks and Sound Money. George Gunton.
History of Banks of Issue.

The Founding of Harvard. Sarah B. Kenyon.
The University Settlement Movement.
Remedy for Monetary Sectionalism.
The Groningen Land Lease System. J. H. Gore.
Industrial Cuba. Eusebio Vasquez.
Harva d Graduates' Magazine. Boston. (Quarterly.) June
The University Ground and Buildings. R. S. Peabody.
Francis Channing Barlow. E. H. Abbot.
William Henry Furness. C. G. Ames.
The Essential in Rowing. R. H. Dana.
Fay House of Radcliffe College. Arthur Gilman.
A Group of Presidents. E. E. Hale.
American School of Classical Studies in Rome. W. G. Hale.

The Home Magazine. Binghamton, N. Y. June.
The Tennessee Exposition. Leland Rankin.
The New York Custom House. Violet E. Mitchell.
The Soldiers' Home at Washington. Thomas Calver.
Bismarck and

the German Empire.-VI. G. C. Lee. X-Rays up to Date. Edward L. Wilson.

Homiletic Review.-New York, June. The Biblical Account of the Deluge.-II. J. W. Dawson. How Far are Men Responsible for Errors of Opicion E. F.

Symposium on the Christian Endeavor Movement.
The Reflective Poetry of Pope. T. W. Hunt.
The Land of Canaan, the Lot of Your Inheritance. J. F.

Irrigation Age.-Chicago. June.
Irrigation in Victoria, Australia.
Irrigation by Pumping. H. V. Hinckley,
The Art of Irrigatíon.-XIII. T. S. Van Dyke.
Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies.

Philadelphia. April.
Improvements in Coal Handling Machinery. J. D. Isaacs.
Undergound Electrical Service. E. J. Spencer.
Journal of Political Economy.-Chicago. (Quarterly.) June.
Credit Devices and the Quantity Theory. H. P. Willis.
Factory Legislation in Italy. Romolo B. d'Ajano.
Transportation on the Great Lakes. George Tunell.
Subjective and Exchange Value.
Journal of the United States Artillery.-Fort Monroe.

(Bi-monthly.) May-June
Vertical Fire in Sea Coast Batteries. Gen. H. L. Abbot.
Motion of Projectiles in the Bore of a Gun.
Resistance of Air to Motion of Projectiles. F. Siacci.
Range Tables for 12-inch Breech Loading Mortar.

Kindergarten Magazine.--Chicago. June.
Vacation Schools and their Function. Sadie American.
Nursery Appointments. May B. Woodward.
A Playroom and Its Advantages.
Kindergarten Department of Pratt Institute.

Knowledge.-Indon. June.
The Nature of the X Rays Röntgen. J. J. Stewart.
Brief Description of the Orchid Photographs. H. A. Bur

A Geographical Description of the British Isles. H. R. Mills
Protective Resemblance in the Nests and Eggs of Birds.
Sun Symbols in Ancient Egypt. F. W. Read.
The Approaching Total Eclipse of the Sun. A. Fowler.
Waves. Continued. Vaughan Cornish.

Leisure Hour.-London. June.
A Glimpse of American Schools. Miss Alice Zimmern.
The Rise of the Royal Society. H. Rix.
Notes on the Zoo. W. J. Gordon.
The New South Africa. B. Worsfold.
Over the Hog's Back, Surrey. F. Hastings.
Water : Modern Hygiene in Practice. Dr. A. T. Schofield

Lend A Hand.-- Boston. June.
Canned Sunshine. Edward E. Hale.
Profit Sharing. Washington Gladden.
Compulsory Education. Clare de Graffenried.
Bill for Compulsory Education. N. C. Schaeffer.
Education of the Deaf. Sarah Fuller.
Tribunal of Arbitration. J. R. Tucker.

Longman's Magazine.-London. June.
Letters on Turkey. Mrs. F. Max Müller.
Ravens in Somersetshire. W. H. Hudson.
Perplexing Manifestations : And That Last Sunday.

Lucifer.-London, May 15.
The Lives of Later Platonists. G. R. S. Mead.
Early Christianity and Its Teachings. Continued. A. 31.

Animal Reincarnation. N. A. Knox.
Man and His Bodies. Continued. Mrs. Besant.


'Safism. Hon. 0. Cuffe.
Letter to the American Section. A. P. Sinnett.
Letters to a Catholic Priest. Continued. Dr. A. A. Wells.

Macmillan's Magazine.-London. June.
The First Scots Brigade.
Matthew Green : An Arm Chair Philosopher.
Duke Alexander de Medici : A Florentine Despot.
In Bideford Bay.
Old and New Radicals.

Menorah Monthly.-New York. June.
Adolphe Crimeux. M. Ellinger.
Convention Address. Leon Weil.

Midland Monthly.--Des Moines, Iowa. June.
On Foot in Egypt and Palestine.-I. N. Tjernagel.
The Battle of the Stoss. Irving B. Richman.
Some Statesman's Wives in Washington. – II. Juliette

Impressions of Block Island. George M. Hyde.
Robert Louis Stevenson at Gretz. Mrs. C. F. McLean.

Missionary Herald.-- Boston. June.
Relief Work at Van, Eastern Turkey.
Prison Reform in Japan. W. W. Curtis.

Missionary Review of the World.-New York. June.
The World Kingdoms and the Kingdom of God. A. T. Pier.
Recent Progress in Central Africa. C. J. Laffin.
Nine Centuries of Buddhism. -III. F. B. Shawe.
Tne Recent War in Madagascar and Its Consequences.
The Martyrdom of Armenia. Cyrus Hamlin.
The Abyssinians and Their Church. G. H. Schodde.

Month.-London. May.
Folk-Lore Ex-Cathedra.
Byzantinism. Rev. W. Humphrey.
Indian Sketches in Black and White. S. H. Dunn.
Traditional History and the Spanish Treason of 1601-3.
Seventeenth Century Primers. Orby Shipley.
Protestant Fiction. J. Britten.
Monthly Illustrator and Home and Country. New York.

From Cuxhaven to Constantinople.-VII. C. W. Allers.
The Montpelier of the North. Violet E. Mitchell.
Plotting Against a Czar.
Realistic Painting in France. Edgar M. Ward.
The Historic Kearsarge. Col. D. G. Purman.

Music.--Chicago. June.
Music in Vassar College. G. C. Dow.
Music in the Language of the People. K. Hackett.
Jenny Lind's First Concert in America. Ira G. Tompkins.

National Review.-London. June. Relations Between the United States and Great Britain. Justice to Egypt. Lord Farrer. Arthur Young. Leslie Stephen. South Africa. H. O. Arnold Forster. Two Years in Rhodesia Lionel Decle. The Money of the Far East. George Peel. Some Gossiping Reflections. Frederick Greenwood. Union ; Spiritual or Ecclesiastical! Bishop Boyd-Carpenter. Emancipation from the Jews.

New Review.-London. June, Edgar Allan Poe. Charles Whibley. Arabian Poetry of the Days of Ignorance. W. S. Blunt. The Lesser Trades; Made in Germany. Continued. Assassination of Násiru'd-din, Shah of Persia. G. Browne. The Duelling Craze. Karl Blind. Pillory and Cart's Tail. Francis Watt. Early Days in Rhodesia. Lady Henry Paulet. The Alarm in Matabeleland. Sir John Willoughby.

Nineteenth Century.--London. June. The True Motive and Reason of Dr. Jameson's Raid. G. S.

Fort. Some Flaws in the Education Bill. J. G. Fitch. Cardinal Manning's Memory and Purcell's “Life." G. Wil

berforce. America as a Power. A. W. Maclure Mutual Aid Amongst Ourselves. Prince Krapotkin. Natural Requital. Norman Pearson. Murder by Measles. Dr. F. J. Waldo and Dr. D. Walsh. English Emigrants to America : Round Pegs in Square

Holes." John Addington Symonds. Frederic Harrison. Did Chaucer Meet Petrarch: J. J. Jusserand. Has Our Army Grown With Our Empire ? Lieut.-Col. Adye. A Plea for the Resurrection of Heraldry. Everard Green. Sheridan. W. E. Gladstone.

The New World.-Boston. (Quarterly.) June
Cardinal Manning. St. George Mivart.
International Arbitration, John B. Moore.
The Limits of Evolution. G. H. Howison.
Matthew Arnold's Letters. Milton Reed.
New England Trinitarianism. Levi L. Paine.
Relation of Preacher to Local Subjects. J. W. Day.
Las Casas and the Democracy. C. C. Starbuck.
Mr. Balfour and His Critics." Thomas R. Slicer.
The Will to Believe. William James.

North American Review.-New York. June.
The Ship of State Adrift. Andrew Carnegie.
Immigration from Italy. Joseph H. Senner.
Policy and Power of the A. P. A. W.J. H. Traynor.
How to Arrest the Increase of Homicides in America. I. C.

Parker. The Outlook for Silver. Otto Arendt. England's Colonial Empire. Hannis Taylor. Progress of Theosophy in the United States. E. T. Har

The Sky Scrapers of Rome. Rodolfo Lanciani.
Dreams and Their Mysteries. Elizabeth Bisland.
Environment and Man in New England. N. S. Shaler.
Future Life and Condition of Man Therein.--VI. W. E.

Outing.-New York. June.
The Invasion of the Bicycle : Athens. T. G. Allen, Jr.
Wheeling Through Western England. Alice L. Moqué.
Yale at Henley. W. B. Curtis,
Through Virginia Awheel. J. B. Carrington.

World Tour Awheel : Pasingan to Teheran.
Military Bicycling Through the Dakotas. Lieut. R. C. Cabell.
Our Turf's Transition. Francis Trevelyan.

Overland Monthly.-San Francisco. June. Prospective Influence of Japan Upon the Industries of

America. W. H. Mills. Unexplored Regions of the High Sierra.II. T. S. Solomons. Concerning School Libraries. Milicent W. Shinn. A Pioneer Bimetallist : Judge C. C. Goodwin. James Dryden. The Poet of the Sierras. Charles W. Stoddard. Oakland and Alameda County. Cecil Hammerton. The Law on the Silver Question. W. J. McConnell.

Pall Mall Magazine.--London. June. The Footprints of Fashion. Mrs. Parr. Adam Lindsay Gordon. Dr. Charles Pearson. Early Romances of the Century. Countess of Cork and

The New Photography of the Invisible. A. A. C. Swinton.

The Photo-American.-New York. May.
The Art of Photographing Sailing Yachts. J. N. Gould.
Utilizing Foggy Plates.
Copying. H. C. Rapson.
Inspection of Buildings by Photography.
Toning Bromide Paper and Opals.
Coloring Prints.
How to Print by the New Carbon Process.
Odd Dodges in Lantern Slide Making. T. N. Armstrong.

Photo-Beacoa.--Chicago. May.
Choosing a Subject. H. E. Murchison.
Artistic Lighting.-II.
Spots and Pinholes. C. T. Horne.
Duplicating Negatives in Roversed Position.
A Talk About Platinum Printing. T. Perkins.
Treatment of Bromide Prints. J. L. Van Geysel.

Photographic Times.-New York. June.
Instantaneous Shutters. W. de W. Abney.
Naturalistic Photography.-II. P. H. Emerson.
How Bromide Paper Is Made. Max Holzberg.
Short Chapters on Organic Chemstry.--XI. A. B. Aubert.
On the Source of the Roentgen Ray. W. M. Stine.

Poet-Lore.-Boston. June July.
The Literary Democracy of William Wordsworth. J. W.

Sordello.-II. The Hero as Man. C. C. Everett.
Tennyson as Poet of the English People. G. W. Alger.
Shelley and Whitman. A Comparison and a Contrast.

Political Science Quarterly.-Boston. June.
Federal Railway Legislation. H. T. Newcomb.
Party Politics and Finance. Edward Carey.
The Gold Reserve. Frank Fetter.
Free Coinage and Prosperity. J. B. Clark.
The Colonial Corporation.-I. H. L. Osgood.
Four German Jurists.-II. Munroe Smith.
Seebohm's Tribal System in Wales. W. J. Ashley.

Review of Reviews.-New York. June,
St. Louis : This Year's Convention City. Albert Shaw.
The People's Food - A Great National Inquiry.

Sheldon Jackson, Alaska's Apostle and Pioneer. John Eaton.
The Gold Fields of Alaska. Robert Stein.
The Franco-Russian Alliance. Pierre de Coubertin.
Nicholas II., the Czar of Russia.
The Rosewaters and the “ Bee," of Omaha.

The Rosary Magazine.- New York. June,
Slaves, Black, Red, White and Mixed. J. A. Mooney.
Sir William Davenant. Richard M. Johnston.
Institute of Our Lady of the Cenacle.

The Sanitarian.-New York. May.
World's Congress of Medico-Climatology.
Cincinnati Water Supply and Typhoid Fever.
Sexual Purity. S. D. McConnell.
Filtration of City Water Supplies. Edwin F. Smith.

The Stenographer.-Philadelphia June.
Literal Reporting, W. H. Griggsby.
Law Reporting. H. W. Thorne.

Strand Magazine.-London. May 15.
The Russian Coronation. C. S. Pelham-Clinton.
A Real Case of Buried Treasure. J. Holt Schooling.
The Planet Saturn Through a Telescope. Sir R. Ball.
Dandy Dogs. W. G. FitzGerald.
Her Majesty's Judges. Continued.
From Behind the Speaker's Chair. Continued. H. W. Lucy.
Mr. Taylor ; Interview. H. W. Salmon.

The Students' Journal.-New York. June.
Phonography for College Students.
Letters of Washington.

Sunday at Home - London. June.
Landmarks ; The Law of Finis. Rev. M. Macmillan.
Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Mrs. I. F. Mayo.
Bunrise in Japan. Katharine Tristram.
Mashonaland. Bishop Gaul.
Handwriting of Dr. Owen. Dr. A. B. Grosart.

Temple Bar.-London. June.
Leigh Hunt. F. Warre Cornish.
Three Days in Achil Island. B. Pattison.
The Personality of Margaret Fuller. Elsie Rhodes.
Bome Collecting Fads. W. Roberts.
The Novels of George Meredith. F. Mary W. Parsons.
In St. Mary's Kirkyard, Border Country. W. L. Paige Cox.

The Treasury.--New York. June.
St. Paul's Missionary Methods in Africa. Ross Taylor.
Divine Power Harnessed. E. T. Lee.

The Unity of Faith. W. E. Barton.
Character Studies for Independence Day from Boston

The United Service.-Philadelphia. June.
Reminiscences of Napoleon Bonaparte at St. Helena.
Our Cavalry in Mexico. Lieut.-Col. W. B. Lane,
Earth's Centre of Gravity. William H. Shock.

United Service Magazine.-London. June. The Battle of Adowa. Lily Wolffsohn. Naval Cadetships. The Critics and the Infantry Attack. The British Infantry Regiment in 1869 and 1896 ; Now and

Then. Recollections of the Indian Mutiny Campaign. J. R. Oliver Our Art of War " As Made in Germany. T. Miller Maguire. Punjaub Movable Column under Nicholson. Lieut. Col.

Crosse. The New Photography ; A Most Practical Achievement. A Military Experiment. Captain Henry J. Woodside. The Congo State: A Revelation. Captain Salusbury. Correspondence-Sir Hope Grant : A Study of Character.

Wilson's Photographic Magazine.- New York. June. Photographic Chemicals and the Hydrometer. A. V. Smith. How to Make Duplicate Negatives Direct. c. Balagny. How to Study Process Chromatics. C. Ashleigh Snow. Effect of Caustic Alkalies on the Hands. F. S. Dunn. About Feeling and Judgment. Edward L. Wislon.

Westminster Review.-London. June. The Present Situation of Sunday Opening. Continued.

Symposium. The Present Sacrifice of Education. C. Waterer. The Jātaka, or Stories of the Buddha's Former Births. J. F.

Hewitt The Evolution of Compassion. Mona Caird. The Education Crisis." E. G. Taylor. Cecil Rhodes and the Empire: The New Islam and Its

Decimal Coinage for Great Britain. H. W. Broughton.
Social Reform; New Pleas for Old Remedies. R. H. Law.
How We Marry. Laura B. Cameron.

Yale Review.-New Haven. (Quarterly.) May.
The Economics of Improved Housing. E. R. L. Gould.
On Political Obligation. E. V. Raynolds.
Labor and the Injunction. Evans Woollen.
The Situation in Colorado. Louis R. Ehrich.
The Income Tax Decision. John K. Beach.
Commercial Relations of the Poor. J. B. Reynolds.



May 2. The Time of the Paris Commune, March-May, 1871. H. von

Karl Heinemann's Biography of Goethe. T. H. Pantenius.

May 9.
Glass Painting. M. Allihn.
Paris Commune. Continued.

May 16.
National Costumes. Prof. A. von Heyden.

May 23.
Helen Keller. A. Hecke.
The Zugspitze ; Germany's Highest Point. R. Stratz.

Deutscher Hausschatz.-Regensburg. Heft 11.
The Dance of Death. Dr. A. Dürrwaechter.
The Overland Mails. Post-Director Bruns.
Cardinal Serafino Vannutelli. With Portrait. A. de Waal.

Deutsche Revue.-Stuttgart. May. Count Fred. Frankenberg's Journal. Concluded. H. von

Poschinger: Religious Liquidation. H. von Samson Himmelstjerna. Interview with Max von Pettenkofer. Luise von Kobell. The Aristocracy Among Officers and Officials. Dr. F. von

Schulte. Hermann von Helmholtz. Continued. Dr. S. S. Epstein. Smallpox Then and Now. Prof. Ludwig Kirn. The Discovery of the North Coast of Greenland. C. Kolde.

wey. The Solution of the Mystery of Existence. Hübbe-Schleiden. Rudolf von Ihering. Karl Friederichs.

Deutsche Rundschau.-Berlin. May. The Most Ancient Epoch of Culture in Greece. G. Busolt. Marquis Ito Hirobumi. M. von Brandt.

The Bi-Centenary of the Imperial Academy of Arts at Berlin.
The German Women Movement. Concluded. G. Cohn.
Karl Jmmermann, E. Schudt.

Gesellschaft.-Leipzig. May.
The Union of the Useful Professions. B. Eulenstein.
Work for the Good of the People. F. G. Schultheiss.
Cåsar Flaischlen. With Portrait. W. Harlan.
M. E. delle Grazie's Poems. K. Bienenstein.
English Art. G. Eller.

Konservative Monatsschrift.-Leipzig. May.
Keminiscences. Heinrich von Struve.
Fire and Sword in the Soudan.
The Egyptian Army.
Carlyle's Political and Economic Works. H. Wilhelmi.
Venezuela and the Monroe Doctrine.
Berlin Exhibition.

Neue Revue.-Vienna.

May 6.
The International Women's Congress at Paris. Dr. R.

Talleyrand. Dr. F. H. Geffcken.
Nationalities in Hungary. J. Deri.
Heinrich von Treitschke. P. Pauli.

May 13.
Foreigners in Austria. Dr. L. Hardt.
Talleyrand. Concluded.

May 20.
England, Germany and the Triple Alliance.
The Higher Education of Women. Pastor A. Spanuth.

Nord und Süd.-Breslau. May.
Ernst Schuch and Modern Conducting. With portrait. L.

The Last Words of Eminent Men. A. T. Kalischer.

Duelling. A. Croabbon.
Life in the Harem. Kerimée Hanoum.
Dalberg at the Court of Napoleon. I. H. Wagner.

Sphinx.-Brunswick. May.
Thoughts on Astrology. R. Weber.
The Mystery of Life Work. C. Buttenstedt.
Graphology and Palmistry.
Uber Land und Meer.-Stuttgart.

Heft 11.
From the Sources of the Havel to the Elbe. Continued.
Salmon Fishing. R. Pohl.
The French Officer and His Army. E. von Jagow.
Salzbrunn. M. Heinzel.
The Chalifa el Mahdi.

Photography in Natural Colors. Dr. Selle-Brandenburg.
Staffelberg and Neighborhood. Illustrated. C. Maack.

Heft 12.
From the Sources of the Havel to the Elbe. Continued.
Elster. Dr. H. Helmkampff.
Vom Fels zum Meer.-Stuttgart.

Heft 18.
Duelling. A. Niemann.
The Arm of Justice. T. Duimchen.
Chauncey M. Depew. With Portrait. C. F. Dewey.

Heft 19.
The Conclave and the Papal Candidates. P. Ambrosius.
Living Balls ; Ball Shaped Animals. Dr. L. Staby.
Karlsburg, Karlstadt, etc. K. A. Baur and others.

Bibliothèque Universelle.-Paris. May.

May 15.
The Swiss National Exhibition at Geneva. Ed. Vallichet. The Government of National Defense. I. E. Lamy.
Unknown Siberia. Concluded. Michel Delines.

Contemporary Poets and Poetry in Germany. J. Thoret. Middle Class Manners in France, Thirteenth to the Sixteenth Manning as a Catholic (1851-1892). F. de Pressensé. Century.

Marie Antoinette and Madame Dubarry. P. de Nolaic. Marie Corelli's "Satan." Aug. Glardon.

Revue de Paris.-Paris.
In Bohemia. L. Leger.

May 1.
Nouvelle Revue.-Paris.

The Moderate Party; What It Is and What It Ought to Be.
May 1.

The Division of Africa.-II. Explorations. G. Hanotaux. The Evolution of Style. J. Delafosse.

An English Novelist ; Robert Sherard. H. Rebeli. Tolstoy's * War and Peace" from a Military Point of View.

1815-1816. Portraits. Baron d'Haussez. A German Centre of Realism. E. Muntz.

Fashions in Art and Literature. H. Hallays. The Millennium of Hungarian Verse. J. Kont.

May 15.
Letters on Foreign Politics. Madame Juliette Adam.

The Soul of a Traveler. Prince Henri of Orleans.
May 15.

Some Youthful Recollections. Munkacsy.
A German Centre of Realism. Continued. E. Muntz.

The X Rays and Surgery, P. Delbet. Unity of Doctrine ; Unity in Military Action. J. Blombus.

The Truth About the Abbé Provost's Death. H. Harrissee. Russian Coronations. Madame V. Vend.

The Champs de Mars Salon. Ary Renan.
The Salons of 1896. C. Mauclair.

Revue des Revues.-Paris.
France in Tunis. E. Rodocanachi.
Letters on Foreign Politics. Madame Juliette Adam.

May 1.

Automatic Carriages. A. Pitres.
Revue Bleue.-Paris.

The Roumanian Press. Prof. Jonnesco Gion.
May 2.

May 15.
Arvède Barine. Frederic Loliée.

English Traps. Marquis R. Paulucci di Carboli.
A Letter from Madagascar.

The Czech Literary Movement. F. V. Krejci.
May 9.

Revue Scientifique.-Paris.
The Russian Imperial Family in 1886. Gustave Lanson.

May 2.
Jingoes and Jingoism in the United States. A. Moireau.

Alphonse Guérin. Paul Reclus.
May 16.

Madagascar a Hundred Years Ago. A. Grandidier.
The Russian Imperial Family in 1886. Continued. G. Lan.

May 9. A Conversation with M. d'Annunzio. E. Tissot.

The Recent Bolis at Madrid. S. Meunier.

The Population of Great Britain from 1881-1895.
May 23.
The Russian Imperial Family in 1886. Continued. G. Lan.

May 16.

The Roentgen Rays and the New Photography. E. Bonty. M. Becque and the French Academy. G. Pellissier.

May 23.

The Polyzoic Conception. Yves Delage.
Revue des Deux Mondes.-Paris.

The Notation of Colors in Japan. A. Arrivet.
May 1.
Manning : His Anglican Days. F. de Pressensé.

Revue Socialiste.-Paris. May.
The Reign of Wealth ; International Banking. A. Leroy Production Under Socialism. Jean Jaurès.

Landed Property in Java. Rienzi (Van Kol). Music from the Sociological Point of View. C. Bellaigue. Integral Socialism and Marxism. Georges Renard. The Beginning of Lyric Poetry. J. Bedier.

The Economic Condition of the Russian Peasants. E. Ru. Science and Agriculture ; Corn. P. P. Décherain.





Nuova Antologia.-Rome.

May 1.
A New Phase of Ecclesiastical Politics. R. de Cesare.
The Sicilian School of Poetry. F. Torracca.
Historical Materialism and the State. Continued. C. F.

May 16.
The Dahormida Family. E. Pinchia.
Two Years of Finance. A. Salandra.
The Hungarian Millenium. D. Carraroli.

Rassegna Nazionale.-Florence.

May 1.
Abandoned Children. C. Barri.
Liberal Catholics. G. Riccardi.
On Behalf of Sicily. Regulus.

May 16.
The Art of Speech. N. Bardelli.
Cardinal Galimberti. G. Grabinski.

España Moderna.-Madrii. May.
The Salons of the Countess del Montijo.
Recollections of Bécquer. Miguel S. Oliver.
The Poetry of Spanish Songs. F. Wolf.
Revista Contemporanea.-Madrid.

April 30.
Medina del Campo. Victor Balaguer.

May 15.
The Future of the Spanish-American Nations. L. Barrios.
A New View of Don Quixote. C. M. Garcia.
Revista Brazileira.-Rio de Janeiro.

No. 31.
The Supposed Glaciation of Brazil. Dr. Branner.

No. 32.
Fetish Animism Among the Negroes of Bahia. Dr. Rod

Final Examinations in Germany. Said Ali.

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