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Aberdeen, J. A. Black, Scots, May.
Achill Island, M. B. Patisson, TB.
Africa :

Impressions of South Africa- II., James Bryce, CM.
Recent Progress in Central Africa, C. J. Laffin, MisR.
South Africa, H. O. Arnold-Forster, NatR.
Two Years in Rhodesia, L. Decle, NatR.
Early Days in Rhodesia, Lady H. Paulet, NewR.
Cecil Rhodes and the Empire, WR.
Mr. Rhodes and the Transvaal, FR.
True Motive and Reason of Jameson's Raid, G. S. Fort, NC.
Work of the Chartered Company, E. Dicey, FR.
The New South Africa, B. Worstold, LH.
The Alarm in Matabeleland, John Willoughby, NewR.
Mashonaland, Bishop Gau), SunH.
The Highlands of Natal, Emile McMaster, CR.

The Congo State, Captain Saulsbury, USM.
Air We Breathe, The-IX., S. Dunham, Chaut.
Alaska :

The Gold Fields of Alaska, Robert Stein, RR.
The Territory of Alaska-II., F. Funston, BRec.
Alhambra, Lights and Shadows of the, Elizabeth Pennell,

Andover, Historic, Annie S. Downs, NEM.
A. P. A., Power and Policy

of the, W. H. J. Traynor, NAR. Arabian Poetry of the Days of Ignorance, W. S. Blunt,

New R. Arbitration :

International Arbitration, John B. Moore, NW.

Tribunal of Arbitration, J. R. Tucker, LAH.
Architecture :

The Sky-Scrapers of Rome, R. Lanciani, NAR.
Domestic Architecture of Washington City. Eng M.
Architecture as a Profession for Women, Mary A. Fanton,

Dem. Armenia : The Martyrdom of Armenia, Cyrus Hamlin, Misk. Armenia's Impending Doom : Our Duty, M. M. Manga

sarian, F. Armies :

Our Cavalry in Mexico, Lieut.-Col. W. B. Lane, US.
Has Our Army Grown with Our Empire ? Lieut.-Col. Adye,

Arnold, Matthew, Letters of, Milton Reed, NW.
Art and Life, Vernon Lee, CR.
Astronomy : The Planet Saturn, Sir R. Ball, Str, May.
Athens, A Visit to, William C. Doane, Harp.
Athletics : The Olympic Games, FR.
Australia. Convicts and Bushrangers in, T. W. Knox, Cos.
Authors, Duties of, D, June 1.
Balfour, Mr., and His Critics, T. R. Slicer, NW.
Balkans, In the, Henry Norman, Scrib.
Block Island, Impressions of, G. M. Hyde, MidM.
Banking :

The Banks and Sound Money, GMag.
History of Banks of Issue, G Mag.
Agricultural Banks. C'Rev., April.

See contents of Bank.
Bathe. When and How to, Cyrus Edson, LHJ.
Bicycling :
The Invasion of the Bicycle : Athens, T. G. Allen, Jr., O.

Lenz's World Tour Awheel, O.
Military Cycling Through the Dakotas, 0.
The Reign of the Bicycle, Dem.
A Canadian Bicycle in Europe-III., CanM.
Bideford Bay, Mac.
Birds :
Protective Resemblance in Nests and Eggs, K.
Ravens in Somersetshire, W. H. Judson, Long,
The " Bird of the Musical Wing,” Olive T. Miller, AM.
Our Southern Mocker, I. W. Blake, APS.
Bimetallism a Compromise, D. Strange, AMC.
Brontë, Charlotte, Mrs. Gaskell and C. K. Shorter, Bkman.
Brownson, Orestes, G Lathrop, AM.
Buddhism :

Stories of the Buddha's Former Births, WR.

Nine Centuries of Buddhism-III., F. B. Shawe, MisR. Burns, Robert, and the Church, FreeR. Bushrangers, Convicts and, in Australia, T. W. Knox, Cos.

Byron and Wordsworth, A. Brandl. Cosmop.
California :

Unexplored Regions of the High Sierra-II., OM.
Oakland and Alameda County, Cecil Hammerton, OM.

The Growth of La Fiesta in California, Mabel Craft, Bost. Canada :

The Strong Ilen of Canada, E. M. Smith, MM.
Canadian Historical Exhibition, 1897, CanM.
The Guananiche and its Canadian Environment, Harp.
Canadian Feeling Toward the United States, D. C. Scott,

Carriages Without Horses, J. Munro, CFM.
Cartier, Jacques, Hunting for, Kate W. Yeigh, Can M.
Catholic Church : Founding of the Jesuit Society, Cosmop.
Celsus, The First Pagan Critic of Christianity, A.
Celt, The American, and His Critics, W. Lecky, CW.
Champagne, G. Harley, CR.
Charities and Correction, Teaching, E. D. Jones, CRev, April.
Charity Organization Societies, True Aim of, F.
Chaucer and Petrarch, J. J. Jusserand, NC.
Children : The Holocaust of Infants, E. S. Galbraith, FreeR.
Christian Endeavor Movement. Symposium on the, HomR.
Church Union, Spiritual or Ecclesiastical, NatR.
Churches : Duddingston Church, Edinburgh, Scots.
Cincinnati, The Society of the, M. Benjamin, Chaut.
City Government in St. Louis, Albert Shaw, CM.
Civil War, Patriotic Societies of the, M. Benjamin, MM.
Civil Service Reform and the Workingman, H. Walsh, AMC.
Coaches and Carriages, C. F. Yonge, Ata.
Coal, Anthracite-IV., William Griffith, BRec.
Coast Defense, Our-IV., Lieut. J. A. Frye, Bost.
Cobden, Richard, P. Leroy-Beanlieu, Cosmop.
Collecting Fads, W. Roberts, TB.
College Organization and Government, C. F. Thwing,

EdRNY. Colorado, In the Grand Canon of the, Edith S. Tupper, FrL. Colorado, The Situation in, L. R. Ehrich, YR. Compassion, Evolution of, Mona Caird, WR. Compressed Air for Street Railroads, Čas M. Conservative Party : Our Neglected Tories, H. D. Traill, FR. Convicts and Bushrangers in Australia, T. W. Knox, Cos. Criminal Jurisprudence, I. L. Wistar, Lipp. Criminal Suggestion, Posthypnotic and, w. R. Newbold,

APS. Cuba : Industrial Cuba, G Mag. Dancing : The Moqui Snake Dance, Lue E. Teters, G. Davenant, Sir William. R. M. Johnston, R. Deluge, The Biblical Account of the-II., J. W. Dawson,

HomR. Democracy, The Peril of Our, Albert Matthews, BA. Democracy, Promises of : Have They Been Fulfilled: F. Democracy. Las Casas and the, C. C. Starbuck, NW. Democratization of England, The. T. Davidson, F. Drawing, Talks on Elementary-VIII., E. M. Hallowell, AA. Dreams and Their Mysteries, Elizabeth Bisland, NAR. Dogs : Dandy Dogs, W. G. FitzGerald, Str, May. Duelling Craze, Karl Blind, NewR. Editors, NatR. Education : Work of the London School Board, T. J. Macnamara,

Possible Improvement of Rural Schools, J. H. Blodgett:

Co-ordination of Our Educational Institutions. APS.
Compulsory Education, Clara de Graffenreid, LAH.
The Education Bill, CR; NC; WR.

A Glimpse of American Schools, Alice Zimmern, LH.
Egypt : Justice to Egypt, Lord Farrer, NatR.
Egypt and Palestine, On Foot in-I., N. Tjernagel, Mid M.
Election of Senators by Popular Vote, J. H. Mitchell, F.
Electricity :
Undergound Electrical Service, JAES, April.

Electric Current Supply from Central Stations, CasM.
Emigrants to America, English, B. M. Goodsall, NC.
England :

The Democratization of England, T. Davidson, F. England's Colonial Empire, Hannis Taylor, NAR. Evolution. The Limits of, G. H. Howison, w. Fashion, Footprints of, Mrs. Parr, PMM.

Finance :

Decimal Coinage for Great Britain, H. W. Broughton WR.
New Taxes and old Ones, CJ.
The Lesser Trades : Made in Germany, NewR.
Filtration of Ci:y Water Supplies, E. F. Smith, San.
Financial :

The Monetary Problem, L. G. McPherson, APS.
Loans of the United States, Bank NY.

Private and Public Debt in the United States, BankNY.
Fogazzarro, Antonio Comte de Gubernatis, Cosmop.
Folk-Lore Ex Cathdra, M. May.
Food, The People's, RR.
Franco-Russian Alliance, The, Pierre de Coubertin, RR.
French Literature, Current, Edmund Gosse, Cosmop.
Frogs and Their Uses, R. W. Shufeldt, APS.
Fuller, Margaret, Elsie Rhodes, TB.
Future Life and Condition of Man Therein--VI., NAR.
Galt, John, Novels of, Black.
Gardening : My Gardening, R. K. Munkittrick, BA.
Geographical Description of the British Islands, K.
German Struggle for Liberty, The-XXXIX., P. Bigelow

Harp. Gorelovka, Queen Lukeria of, H. F. B. Lynch, Harp. Goethe, E. W. Dowden, Cosmop. Gordon, Adam Lindsay, PMM. Grant as a Colonel, James L. Crane, McCl. Gravity, Centre of, of the Earth, W. H. Shock, US. Greece: The Olympic Era of the Greeks, J. Gennadius, EI. Green, Matthew, Mac. Greenwood, Frederick, Gossiping Reflections of, NatR. Hardy's (Thomas) " Jude the Obscure,” R. Y. Tyrrell, FR. Harem, The Ladies of the, Eugene Duerr, FrL. Harvard, The Founding of, Sarah B. Kenyon, G Mag. Harvard Presidents, A Group of, E. E. Hale, HGM. Heine, Heinrich, Alexander Small, Scots, Heraldry, Everard Green, NC. Hirsch, Baron, Arnold White, EI. Hobson on Poverty, W. H. Mallock, CR. Homicides in America, How to Arrest the Increase of, NAR. Horses : Evolution of the Trotting Horse-II., H. Busby,

Scrib. Hotel, Conducting a Great. J. G. Speed, LHJ. Housing, The Economics of Improved, E. R. L. Gould, YR. Howe's (Lord) Mission to Pacify the Colonies, P. L. Ford, AM. Hunt, Leigh, F. W. Cornish, TB. Hymn, What Constitutes a Good ! SunM. Ibsen, Henrik, F. Sarcey, Cosmop: Dlustrating, Newspaper, F. C. Clarke, AI. Immigration : Restriction of Immigration, Francis

A. Walker, AM.
Immigration from Italy, Joseph H. Senner. NAR.

Immigration Into the United States, BankNY.
Immortality : The Future Life, W. E. Gladstone, NAR.
Income Tax Decision, The, J. K. Beach, YR.
Indians :

Civilizing the American Indian, Ruth Shaffner, Chaut.

The Moqui Snake Dance, Lue E. Teters, G.
Ireland : The Irish Land Bill of the Salisbury Government,

Irrigation : See contents of IA.
Italy :

Men and Manners in Florence, C.

Old Lombard and Venetian Villas, Vernon Lee, Cosmop. Jackson, Sheldon, Alaska's Apostle and Pioneer, John Eaton,

RR. Japan : Prospective Influence upon the Industries of America, OM. The English Language in Japan, E. W. Clement, D, June 1. Sunrise in Japan, Katharine Tristram, SunH.

Prison Reform in Japan, W. W. Curtis, MisH. Jay Treaty, The, Elizabeth B. Johnston, AMon. Jews :

Emancipation from the Jews, NatR.

Some Aspects of the Growth of Jewish Law-I., G Bag.
Keats Manuscript, A, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, F.
Labor :
Labor Legislation in the United States, H. G. Wadlin,

Labor and the Injunction, Evans Woollen, YR.

Labor Unions in China, W. N. Fong, Chaut.
Lafitte, Pierre. Frederick Harrison, Cosmop.
Lakes : How the Great Lakes Were Built, J. W. Spencer,

Land Lease System, The Groningen, J. H. Gore, G Mag.
Landmarks, H. Macmillan, Suni.
Las Casas and the Democracy, C. C. Starbuck, NW.
Law and Lawyers :

See also contents of GBag.
Legal Luminaries in England, S. P. Cadman, Chaut.
Criminal Jurisprudence, I. J. Wister. Lipp.
Miscarriages of Justice in England, T. Stanley FreeR.

Her Majesty's Judges, Str, May,
Lawton, Captain Francis, Black.
Lee, Gen. Robert E., J. J. Garnet. FrL.
Legislation Movement, Direct, and Its Leaders, A.
Lexicography, Shakespeare in, F. H. Teal, D, May 16.
Lewis, G. Foulie, Scots, May.
Liebknecht, Wilhelm, Edith Sellers, FR.

Lincoln, Abraham, The Life of, Ida M. Tarbell, McCI.
Lind's, Jenny, First Concert in America, Mus.
Literature :

Modern Norwegian Literature_11., B. Björnson, F.
The Decline of Literary Taste, Florence E. Hobson, FreeR.
Living Together, Art of, R. F. Horton, SunM.
London :

London's Great Land Owners, CJ.
London Revisited, W. O'Brien, CR.
Mann, Horace, F. W. Parker, EdRNY.
Manning, Cardinal, St. George Mivart, NW.
Manning, Cardinal, and Purcell's “Life," NC; Black.
Marriage : How We Marry, Laura B. Cameron, WR.
Measles : Murder by Measles, F. J. Waldo, NC.
Medici, Duke Alexander de, Mac.
Mental Cure and Its Relation to Modern Thought, A.
Meredith, George, Novels of, Mary W. Parsons, TB.
Metric System, The, Herbert Spencer, APS.
Mexico in Mid-Winter, Walter Clark, A.
Minerals of the United States, Minor, D. T. Day, EngM.
Missions :

Relief Work at Van, Eastern Turkey, MisH.
Foreign Missions. F. Wilson, FreeR.
Modeling, Practical Lessons in-I., W.O. Partridge, AI.
Monopoly and the Mines of Minnesota, C. J. Buell, A.
Monroe Doctrine : A German View of the Monroe Doctrine,

Montmartre and the Sacred Heart. J. M. Kiely, CW.
Moore, Thomas, E. L. Arnold, Ata.
Morocco : Tafilet, CJ.
Music :

See also contents of Mus.
Music in America-XIV., R. Hughes, G.

The Isolation of Music, Waldo S. Pratt, F.
Music Hall Art, The Higher, G. Mortimer, FreeR.
Mutual Aid Among Ourselves, Prince Krapotkin, NC.
Nansen's “Throwing Stick," John Murdoch, APS.
Natural Requital, Norman Pearson, NC.
Napoleon Bonaparte, Life of-XX., W. M. Sloane, CM.
Napoleon Bonaparte, Reminiscences of, at St. Helena, US.
Navies :

A Naval Utopia-Admiral Fournier's Ideal, Black. Naval Warfare in 1896, Owen Hall, Lipp. New England, Environment and Man in, N. S. Shaler, NAR. Newspaper, The Daily, J. T. Clark, CanM. Nicaragua Canal, Absence of Facts about the, EngM. Nordau's “ Degeneration," Vernon Lee, FR. Normandy : Caen, C. Norwegian Literature, Modern-II., B. Björnson, F. Olympic Games : See under Athletic. Opium Eating, CH. Orient, The :

The Money of the Far East, G. Peel, NatR.

Russia and England in the Far East, FR.
Parliament, The British : The New Obstruction, Black.
Peace, The Safeguards of, Considered, F. Greenwood, Cos-

Pearls and Pearl Hunitng in Scotland, GM.
Peat Fuel in Germany, Louis Stern, CasM.
Persia : On Things Persian, J. C. Wills, FR.
Persia, Shah of, Assassination of, E. G. Browne, NewR.
Photography :

Description of the Orchid Photographs, K.

See also contents of AP; PA; PB; PT; WPM. Phrenology, The Revival of, J. M. Robertson, FreeR. Physical Geography : Waves, V. Cornish, K. Pillory and Cart's Tail, F. Watt, NewR. Plants, Intelligence of, J. Carter Beard, FrL. Poe. Edgar Allan, Charles Whibley, NewR. Poetry of Pope, The Reflective, T. W. Hunt. HomR. Political Obligation, On, E. V. Raynolds, YR. Poorhouse, A Month in an English, M. B. Thrasher, NEM. Pope, Reflective Poetry of. T. W. Hunt, HomR. Portraiture of the American Revolutionary War-II., Bkman Potter, Bishop, as an Arbitrator, GMag. Presidential Conventions, Humor and Pathos of, J. B. Bishop,

CM. Prisons :

Women in Prison, Tighe Hopkins, CFM. Prison Reform in Japan, W. W. Curtis, MisH. Profit Sharing. Washington Gladden, LAH. Progress : Why Progress is by Leaps, George Iles, APS. Protection and Free Trade, Cosmop ; FR. Quakers, The Free, Mary C. Emerson, AMon. Radical Party, Old and New, Mac, Railways : Fruits of Fraudulent Railroad Management,

Eng M. Religions of the World: The Incarnation, W. W. Peyton, CR. Rings : The Frangipani Ring, Linda Villari, CR. Romances of the Century, PMM. Roentgen Rays : USM; K; PMM. Rosewaters, The, and the " Bee" of Omaha, RR. Rossetti, D. G., Letters of-II.. George B. Hill, AM. Rowing : The Essential in Rowing, R. H. Dana. HGM. Royal Society, Rise of, H. Rix, LH. Royalty. A Study of, Ouida. F. Russia and England in the Far East, FR. Russia, Nicholas II., The Czar of, RR.

Russia, Czar Nicholas II., Coronation of, Str, May.
St. Hilaire, Barthélemy, Janet Ross, Cosmop.
St. Louis :

This Year's Convention City, Albert Shaw, RR.
City Government in St. Louis, Albert Shaw, CM.
St. Mary's Kirkyard, In, Border Country, W. L. Paige Cox,

Sand, George, and F. Buloz, Cosmop.
Sanitation : Rivers vs. Sewers, GM.
Sargent and His Painting, W. A. Coffin, CM.
Sciotheistic Theory, J. P. Gilmour, FreeR.

The American Girl in, Isabell McDougall, LHJ.
Sheridan, W. E. Gladstone, NC.
Shorthand : See contents of SJ; Sten.
Silver Question :
The Law of the Silver Question, OM.

The Outlook for Silver, Otto Arendt, NAR.
Social Reform, The Church and, CW.
Social Reform, R. A. Law, WR.
Social Structure of a Western Town-VI., A. W. Dunn, CRev,

Sociology, General and Criminal, C. R. Henderson, CRev,

Slaves, Black, Red, White and Mixed, J. A. Mooney, R.
Spain :
The Capital of Spain, H. C. Chatfield-Taylor, Cos.

The Royal Household of Spain, A. B. DeGuerville, Dem.
Steel Forgings, Making, in America, H. F. J. Porter, CasM.
Stendhal-II., F.T. Cooper, Bkman.
Stevenson, R. L. :

Vailima Table Talk-II., Isobel Strong, Scrib.
Stevenson's Life in Samoa, E. A. Fletcher, Dem.
Stevenson's " Weir of Hermiston,'' Sidney Colvin, Cosmop.

Stevenson at Gretz, Mrs. C. F. McLean, MidM.
Stowe, Harriet Beecher :

Reminiscences of Harriet Beecher Stowe-VII., McCl.
Mrs. Stowe at Eighty-five, R. Burton, LHJ.
Stuart, Mary, Beauty of, Emily B. Stone, G.
Subterranean River Midroï, Paul Raymond, APS.
Suburban Homes, R. C. Sturgis, Cos.
Suggestion. Posthypnotic and Criminal, W. R. Newbold,

Summer Resorts :

Our Great Summer Playground, MM.

Where Summer Days Swiftly Fly, Dem.
Sunday Opening, Present Position of, WR.
Symonds, John Addington, Frederic Harrison, NC.
Taxation, Principles of -V., David A. Wells, APS.
Telegraphic Isolation, Our, P. A. Hurd,

Telegraph Monopoly, The_VI., Frank Parsons, A.
Tennyson's Idyl of Guinevere, P. Cameron, CW.
Territorial Extension, The Fallacy of, W. G. Sumner, F.
Theatres and the Drama :

Actress a Usurper of Man's Prerogative, GM.
The Modern Persian Stage,

J. Mew, Fr.
Theology, Recent Scientific, H. G. Chapman, BA.
Theosophy, Progress of, in the United States, NAR.
Tragedy, The Genius of, w. de Wagstaffe, FrL.
Trinitarianism, New England, Levi L. Paine, NW.
Turkey: Letters on Turkey, Mrs. F. Max Müller, Long.
Twain, Mark, Portraits of, McCl.
Typhoid Fever, Cincinnati Water Supply and, San.
United States :

America as a Power, A. Maclure, NC.
Relations Between the United States and Great Britain,

This Country of Ours-VI., B. Harrison, LHJ.
University Settlement Movement, The, GMag.
War, Nelson A. Miles, Cos.
Washingtons, The, in Official Life, Anne H. Wharton, Lipp.
Washington's Ancestors, Julia W. Fontaine, AMon.
Washington City, Domestic Architecture of, G. Brown,

Eng M.
Waste, CJ.
Water as Food and Drink, T.'G. Allan, Chaut.
Wealth, The Social Function of, CRev, April.
Webster, Daniel, W. C. Todd, G Bag.
Women :
Benefit to Women of Suffrage, AMC.
Education of Women in Turkey, Mary M. Partick, F.
Industrial Art Schools for Women, Mary A. Fanton, G.
Open Air Gymnasium for Women, Kate G. Wells, Bost.
Woman in Business, Mary E. J. Kelley, Lipp.
Woman and the Ballot, Alice B. Tweedy, APS.

Women in Athletics, Dem.
Wordsworth and Byron, A. Brandi, Cosmop.
Zola's " Rome," Emile Faguet, Cosmop.
Zuological Gardens of London, W. J. Gordon, LH.


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Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in the Index.
AP American Amateur Photog. ER. Edinburgh Review.

MI. Monthly Illustrator.
Ed. Education.

MM. Munsey's Magazine.
AHReg. American Historical Register. EdRL. Educational Review,

Mus. Music. AHR. American Historical Review.


NatR National Review.
AMC. American Magazine of Civics. EdRNY. Educational Review. (New NEM. New England Magazine.
AAPS. Annals of the Am. Academy of


NewR. New Review.
Political Science.
EngM. Engineering Magazine.

NW. New World.
AJS. American Journal of Sociol. EI. English Illustrated Magazine. NC. Nineteenth Century.
FR. Fortnightly Review.

NAR North American Review.
A Mon. American Monthly.
F. Forum.


Our Day. APS. Appleton's Popular Science FreeR. Free Review,


FrL. Frank Leslie's Mouthly.

OM. Overland Monthly.
GM. Gentleman's Magazine.

PMм. Pall Mall Magazine.
AA. Art Amateur.


PRev. Philosophical Review.
AI. Art Interchange.
G Bag. Green Bag.


Ata. Atalanta.
G Mag. Gunton's Magazine.

PB. Photo-Beacon.
AM. Atlantic Monthly.
Harp. Harper's Magazine.

PT. Photographic Times.
BA. Bachelor of Arts.
HomR. Homiletic Review.

PL. Poet-Lore.
BankL. Bankers' Magazine. (London). IJE. Internat'l Journal of Ethics. PRR. Presbyterian and Reformed
BankNY. Bankers' Magazine. (New IA. Irrigation Age.


JAES. Journal of the Ass'n of En- PQ Presbyterian Quarterly.
Biblical World.

gineering Societies.

QJEcon. Quarterly Journal of Econom.
BSac. Bibliotheca Sacra.
JMSI. Journal of the Military Serv.

ics. Black. Blackwood's Magazine.

ice Institution.

QR. Quarterly Review. BRec. Bond Record.

JPEcon. Journal of Political Economy. RR. Review of Reviews.
Bkman. Bookman. (New York).



Bost. Bostonian.
LHJ. Ladies' Home Journal.

San. Sanitarian.
Can M. Canadian Magazine.
LAH. Lend a Hand.

SRev. School Review.
CFM. Cassell's Family Magazine. LH. Leisure Hour.

Scots. Scots Magazine.
Cas M. Cassier's Magazine.
Lipp. Lippincott's Magazine.

Serib. Scribner's Magazine.
CW. Catholic World.
Long. Longman's Magazine.

Sten. Stenographer.
CM. Century Magazine.
LuthQ. Lutheran Quarterly.

Str. Strand Magazine,
CJ. Chambers's Journal.
McCI. McClure's Magazine.

SJ. Students' Journal.
CRev. Charities Review,
Mac. Macmillan's Magazine.

SunH. Sunday at Home.
Chaut. Chautauquan.
Men Menorah Monthly.

Sun M. Sunday Magazine.
Contemporary Review.
Met M. Metaphysical Magazine.

TB. Temple Bar.
MR. Methodist Review.

US. United Service.
Cosmop. Cosmopolis.
Mid M. Midland Monthly.

USM. United Service Magazine.
MisH. Missionary Herald.

WR Westminster Review.
Dem. Demorest's Family Magazine. MisR. Missionary Review of World. WPM. Wilson's Photographic Maga-
Mon. Monist.

zine. DR. Dublin Review.


YR. Yale Review.


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[It has been found necessary to restrict this Index to periodicals published in the English language. All the articles in the leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.)


[blocks in formation]


The Late William E. Russell of Massachusetts.

Frontispiece. The Progress of the WorldA Schoolmaster and his Scholars.

131 The Fertile Soil of Discontent..

131 The Position of Silver..

132 Bimetallism at Low Ebb..

132 The Revived Gospel of “ Sixteen to One" 132 Who are these Silver Men?.

133 Honest, though Enthusiasts

134 Both Sides Contending Sincerely for Principle.. 134 The Silver Forces at Chicago

135 The Debate on tue Platform.

135 Mr. Bryan's Famous Speech.

136 The Question of a Candidate..

137 The Man of Destiny..

193 W. J. Bryan as a Man and a Type...

138 Arthur Sewall for Vice-President

140 The Free Coinage Plank..

140 Other Parts of the Platform..

141 A Notable Bolt of Newspapers

141 The Talk of a Separate Ticket..

142 Death of William E. Russell..

142 The Populist Position..

142 Sharply Drawn Issues..

142 New Light on the Anglo-Irish Partnership.

143 The Argument for Home Rule-.

143 --and for Amnesty.

143 The Collapse of the Education Bill.

144 Mr. Balfour's Leadership

144 " Touch and Go" for Mr. Chamberlain.

144 The Colonial Zollverein...

144 The Question in Canada

145 Mr. Laurier's Premiership.

145 The Significance of his Victory

145 Colonial Prosperity.

145 News from the Dark Continent.

146 India in Africa

146 The Egyptian Victory at Ferket.

146 Li Hung Chang in Europe

146 The French at Home..

147 The Powers and the Sultan..

147 The Christian Endeavor Convention.

147 The Obituary Record..

147 The Marquis de Mores..

147 With portraits of Mr. H. H. Harvey, Gov. John P.

Altgeld, Senators White, Daniel and Tillman, Hon.
Arthur Sewall, Mr. C, H. Jones, Hon. W. J. Bryan,
Hon. R. P. Bland and Hon. Horace Boies, and a view

of Mr. Sewall's house in Bath, Maine. Record of Current Events....

... 148 With portraits fof Col. Henry Walker, Col. Freeman A.

Walker, the late Marquis de Mores, the late Benj. H.
Bristow, and the late Lyman Trumbull, two views

of the Chicago convention, and other illustrations. Current History in Caricature......

153 With reproductions from American and foreign journals. William J. Bryan: A Character Sketch ...... 161

By Willis J. Abbot.
With portraits of Mr. Bryan and his family, and other

Harriet Beecher Stowe.

177 With portraits of Mrs. Stowe.

The Progress and Present Conditions of the Australian Federation Movement...... 197

By the Hon. John Quick, LL.D., of Victoria.
Leading Articles of the Month-

American Free Coinage from an English Point of

The Movement for International Bimetallism
in Great Britain...

200 M. Leroy-Beaulieu on Protection and the Silver Question...

200 Free Coinage and Prosperity

202 Automatic Regulation of the Volume of Cur. rency.

202 International Coinage..,

203 Japanese Competition with American Industry.. 204 Transportation on the Great Lakes..

206 Canada and the British Empire....

207 Advice to Would-be Gamblers of the Stock Exchange..

207 Boston's Saloons and their Competitors.

207 The Economics of Improved Housing..

209 Mexican vs. American Criminal Trials.

210 President Angell and the University of Michigan .

211 Secretary Morton on “ The Scholar in Politics”.. 212 The Education Fiasco...

212 The Catholic Education Policy

213 Russia, Persia and England.

214 “The Apotheosis of Russia "

215 Menelik'in His Empire...

216 How Stands Home Rule Now?

217 John Morley in Parliament..

218 The Homes of Mr. Balfour and Sir William Harcourt..

218 Mr. Gladstone's Secret of Life.

220 “Man-Making and Verse-Making

221 The Native Races of South Africa.

222 Von Seyffert's Crane The Faiths of Germany.

223 The Canadian Press..

224 A National Sanitarium for Consumptives. 224 The Work of the Sanitarian...

225 Industrial Arbitration...

225 Continuous Polar Exploration.

226 With map of the Arctic regions. Cycling in the Tyrol.

227 Henry Cuyler Bunner. Thomas Hardy from an Italian Standpoint.

229 Tennysoniana..

229 Amusing Stories from the Magazines.

231 Sunday in a Tramps' Hotel...

231 Periodicals Reviewed...

232 With portrait of Mr. J. St. Loe Strachey. Contents of Reviews and Magazines.

248 Index to Periodicals...


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