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the Dark Continent.


-stacle in the way of development of the Western tance to the discussion which is raging as to whether Australian gold fields will disappear.

or not the Indian exchequer should be saddled with While the reports from England's self

the cost of the Suakim garrison. A paper has been -News from governing colonies are uniformly encour

published giving the opinions of the Anglo-Indian aging, she hears less satisfactory news

authorities on this subject, but there is very little from the two extremities of Africa, where her sons

doubt as to how the question ought to be decided. are struggling with varying success against the

Africa ought to pay its own way. If it can call upon aboriginal forces of barbarism. The news from

India for trained troops in case of need, it ought to Rhodesia last month has been almost uniformly bad.

pay for them. India is not a country that can af All the natives appear to be in insurrection, even

ford to pay the cost of expeditions to other con

tinents. the timid Mashonas have risen, and the English appear to hold as much territory as they can cover

While affairs have been going very

The Egyptian with their guns. The ravages of the rinderpest, Victory at badly in Matabeleland, England rewhich is probably the chief cause of the rising, have

joices over a brilliant victory gained by fatally crippled the transport service ; and unless the British-led Egyptian army on the road to Donsomething can be done in the course of the next two gola. Froin a military point of view, nothing could months, the English garrison, which includes many be better than the way that Sir Herbert Kitchener women and children, will be put to severe straits for did his work at Ferket. The Khalifa had sent for. lack of food. Bad as is the news of the native up ward some 3,000 to 5,000 of his best fighting men to rising, it is less painful than the intelligence which bar the advance of the Egyptian troops. Sir Herreaches us from time to time as to the savagery with bert decided to attack. Three brigades of infantry which beleaguered whites are avenging themselves marched at night down the river until they were on their foes. The English-speaking man, as a rule, within four miles of the enemy's position. Breakis not ruthless in dealing with the colored races, be ing camp at early dawn, they came up to the enemy cause he is always so confident he can hold his own. at five o'clock. At the same time the force of But when once he feels, as it were, the ground inov. cavalry and horse artillery fell upon their rear. ing under him, as in India during the Mutiny, or in After two and a half hours' fighting the Dervishes Jamaica under Governor Eyre, or as it

eems in

fled. As usual the chief loss of life took place in Matabeleland to-day, the aboriginal devil asserts it. the pursuit. The Egyptians only lost twenty-one self with a vengeance ; and then there is little to killed and eighty wounded, while nearly 900 of the choose between him and any other European. For

Dervishes were killed and over 1,000 were taken a long time the settlers clung to the belief that they prisoners.

Most of the Emirs were killed, and nine would be able to deal with the natives without ap boats were captured, and many camels. The railpealing for Imperial aid. But the rising which way has been pushed on and the road is now open to threatens Salisbury and necessitated the dispatch of Dongola. a contingent from Bulawayo to relieve the belea.

Beyond the fact that the Russian Emguered town, has convinced even the optimists that

Li Hung Chang peror had an attack of the jaundice at the time has come for the redcoats to put in an ap

the conclusion of his coronation fespearance, and they are accordingly being moved up.

tivities, and that his wife is not in a condition to acMr. Rhodes' resignation has been accepted at last.

company him on his visit to Berlin, little definite The situation looks ugly, and it would seem ex

news has come from Russia. It is stated that Mar tremely probable that Matabeleland will have to be

shal Yamagata has returned to Japan, convinced reconquered from India as a base of operations.

that from the Japanese point of view nothing can be Nothing is more remarkable than the got out of Russia. Li Hung Chang, on the other Africa.

emergence of India as the dominating hand, is said to have fixed everything up with

military factor of the southern half of the Prince Lobanoff, Russia is to have a free passage Eastern hemisphere. For some time past, Sir H. for her railways, with exclusive trade facilities in H. Johnstone has recruited his bodyguard in Nyas China, which in return will, it is understood, be saland from the Sikhs of Northern India. The con able to count upon the assistance of her northern struction of the East African railway has been neighbor in case of any further trouble with Japan, placed in the hands of Indian contractors, who will or, possibly, with England ; but that, of course, is execute it by Indian labor, protected by Indian not stated at present. Li Hung Chang, who has troops. Suakim is now garrisoned by 4,000 Sepoys, been made a great deal of in Russia, and has been and nothing is more probable than that the relief of much lionized by the astute Germans on the look: Bulawayo will ultimately be effected by an Indian out for orders for German shipyards, is making the army landed at Beira. Mr. Rhodes dreaded this in tour of Europe, taking Paris and London en route. the days when he regarded the Cape as his natural What will happen after he returns, no one seems to base. It is possible that he may take a different know. Wild schemes are being discussed, but the view of matters now. The fact that the whole of probability is that the Chinese Empire will continue East Africa will be more or less under the military to creak along like an old wheelbarrow in the old and industrial doininion of India lends great impor ruts. Li Hung Chang returns via the United States.

India in

number will be found an article dealing with the career of the late Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe ; and on an earlier page in this department of the REVIEW we have spoken of the untimely death of the Hon. William E. Russell of Massachusetts. The Hon. Benjamin H. Bristow, who was Secretary of the Treasury under President Grant, and who unearthed and prosecuted ihe whisky ring's frauds upon the internal revenue, died on June 22d. He was a conspicuous candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 1876, and was afterward for many years a practicing lawyer in New York City. The Hon. Frank Hurd of Ohio, a prominent Democrat and free trade leader, who was very conspicuous in the Democratic convention of 1892, died in Ohio on July 10th. The well-known publisher of religious books, Mr. A. D. F. Randolph of New York, died on July 6th in his seventy-sixth year. From Europe has come the news of the death of Ernst Curtius, the eminent German archæologist ; Sir Augustus Paget, the English diplomatist; Sir John Pender, the great British promoter of ocean telegraphy, and Cardinal La Valletta, senior cardinal bishop of the Roman Catholic hierarchy and dean of the Sacred College. The obituary records include, also, the names of other notable personages, American and European

The Christian

The Powers

Count Goluchowski, Minister of Foreign and the Affairs for Austro-Hungary, made his Sultan.

annual statement at Budapest last month. So far as can be gathered from his very guarded remarks, it seems that Austria is in hearty accord with the British policy in Egypt. For Armenia nothing can be done, but the Turk must beware lest he go too far in Crete. The situation in that island seems to show no improvement. The powers have agreed 1) press upon the Turk, by a joint note, the appointment of a Christian governor, the declaration of an ampesty, the re-establishment of the Convention of Halepa, and the summoning of the Cretan Assembly with its old powers. The Sultan, finding the powers in earnest, has promised to concede all their de. mands, as the fighting between Christians and Turks continues briskly up and down the island, with the usual resulting atrocities. The Sultan is playing with fire in Crete. One single picturesque mas. sacre of Greek villagers, after the Bulgarian or Ar. menian fashion, would necessitate the immediate landing of European troops and the final severance of Crete from the Ottoman Empire. Meanwhile, the Macedonian question has broken out in a gravely serious fashion.

An interesting event of the past month Endeavor was the great yearly convention of the Convention.

Young People's Societies of Christian Ondeavor, which was held at Washington in several nammoth tents pitched in the vicinity of the Washington monument. The concourse of delegates from all parts of the country was enormous.

So far as the outside world is concerned, the most notable incident of the convention was an impassioned denunciation of our governinent by the Rev.B. Fay Mills for its neglect of the interests of American missionaries and educators in Armenia and the Turkish empire. Mr. Mills spoke in the hearing of several thousand delegates, with the result of creating a furor of excitement only equaled in our recent nistory by the effects of Mr. Bryan's speech in the Chicago Democratic convention. In our judgment Mr. Mills' remarks, though perhaps unduly severe, were not without a great deal of justification.

Among the names that are found in last The Obituary month's obituary list occurs that of the

Hon. Lyman Trumbull of Illinois. It was in his office at Chicago that Mr. William J. Bryan, the Democratic nominee, read law some years ago. Lyman Trumbull, in the war times and the period immediately following. was one of the great figures of the United States Senate. His action in the impeachment trial of President Johnson, though it was harshly criticised by his Republican colleagues at the time, has since been admitted by everybody to bave evinced great moral courage and a deep sense of public responsibility. Elsewhere in this

One of the most picturesque figures of The Marquis

our time was the late Marquis de Mores, de Mores,

who on the 9th of June was assassinated in the desert of Sahara while engaged in an expedition partly commercial and partly political in its objects. A dozen years ago the Marquis de Mores was known to everybody in our Northwest as a ranchman in the valley of the Little Missouri. He had great plans for slaughtering cattle in the vicin. ity of the ranges and shipping beef in refrigerator cars, rather than live cattle. He was a mighty man with weapons, and was famous in France as a duelist. Returning to France from America, he participated in the Boulangist movement; and the mere list of his exploits would fill a page. He was a hater of the English, and is believed at the time of his death to have been endeavoring to persuade the Arabs of the desert and the Dervishes of the Soudan to more formidable action against Great Britain's influence in North Africa. Antonio Amedeo Maria Vincenzo Manca, Marquis de Mores and de Montemaggiore, a son of the Duke of Vallombrosa, was born in Paris on the 15th of June, 1858. He entered Saint-Cyr in 1877, and became a Lieutenant of the First Cuirassiers in 1881. The following year he married the daughter of a wealthy New York banker. His portrait, on horseback, which will be found on a subsequent page, is from a recent photograph, and shows him in the uniform of a lientenant of the Reserves of the Twenty-second Dragoons.







(From June 19 to July 18, 1896.)

POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT -AMERICAN. June 19.- Mark A. Hanna of Ohio is chosen chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee.... The “ silver” Republicans who left the national convention at St. Louis issue an address in which they propose the name of Senator Henry M. Teller of Colorado for President.

June 20.–Populist leaders at St. Louis issue a manj. festo presenting the name of Senator Teller as a candidate for President.

June 23.–Parliamentary elections held throughout the Dominion of Canada result in the return of the Liberals to power.... Illinois Democrats renominate Governor Altgeld, and choose him to lead the delegation to the national convention at Chicago, instructing the delegates to vote as a unit, and to insist on a declaration for free coinage of silver.... Wisconsin Democrats, by a vote of 271 to 219, reject a declaration for free silver, choose delegates to Chicago who favor the single gold standard, and instruct them to vote as a unit.... Texas Democrats elect contesting delegations to Chicago, one composed of “gold” and the other of "silver "men.

June 24.- New York Democrats send a gold standard delegation to Chicago.... Ohio Democrats choose freesilver delegates to Chicago, and adopt a free-silver platform by a vote of 542 to 128.... Indiana Democrats choose delegates to Chicago, adopt a platform favoring the free coinage of silver, and nominate B. F. Shively for Governor.

June 25.-North Carolina Democrats declare for free silver, and nominate Cyrus B. Watson for Governor.... The Greater New York Commission holds its first meet

ing, ex-Mayor Gilroy taking the place of Controller Fitch, who declines to serve.

June 26. — The Newfoundland Assembly passes a rerenue bill which adds mining and agricultural requisites to the free list.

June 27.- A committee of five members of the Greater New York Commission is appointed to report on a charter, and the commission adjourns till September 21.

June 29.—Major McKinley is formally notified of his nomination to the Presidency by a committee of the national Republican convention, and replies in a speech.

July 1.- Minnesota Republicans renominate Governor Clough ; the Prohibitionists nominate W. J. Dean for governor.... Arkansas Republicans nominate H. L. Remmel for governor.

July 2.- Prominent Minnesota Republicans issue a freesilver address.

July 6.-The Democratic National Committee selects Senator Hill of New York for temporary chairman of the national convention at Chicago. ... The Louisiana Legislature passes a bill to license pool-rooms at $1,000 year and the bill giving to New Orleans a reform city charter.

July 7.-The Democratic national convention meets in Chicago; Senator Daniel of Virginia is elected tem. porary chairman by a vote of 556 against 349 for Senator Hill of New York, the candidate of the National Com. mittee and of the anti-free-silver element....Garret A. Hobart of New Jersey is officially notified of his nomi. nation for Vice-President by the Republican national convention at St. Louis ; in his reply he emphasizes the currency issue.


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July 11.–The Democratic national convention takes four ballots for Vice-President, as follows: Candidates.

1st. 2d. 3d. 4th. Sewall..


97 262 McLean,


158 210 296 Williams (Mass.).


19 Lewis.

11 Clark.


46 Fithian.

1 Sibley.

163 113

50 Daniel.


6 51 Boies.. Bland.

294 255 Williams (Ill ).


13 Harrity

:1 21 19

11 Blackburn Teller.

1 Pattison.


i White.

1 Not voting.


260 On the fifth ballot Arthur Sewall of Maine is nominated, and the convention adjourns sine die.

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July 8.-The Democratic national convention adopts the majority report of the committee on credentials seating the free-silver contestants from Nebraska in place of a gold delegation, unseating four gold delegates from Michigan, thus giving that State to the silver men under the unit rule, and admitting four additional delegates from each of the Territories, Alaska, and the District of Columbia ; a minority substitute in favor of the gold delegates is defeated by a vote of 558 to 368, four dele. gates not voting. Senator White of California is made permanent chairman.... Sir Charles Tupper, Premier of Canada, resigns as a result of the recent elections ; Wilfrid laurier, the Liberal leader, is suminoned to form a cabinet.

July 9.–The Democratic national convention adopts a platform (see “Progress of the World ”) by a vote of 628 to 301, after having rejected a substitute offered by Senator Hill for the free-coinage plank by a vote of 626 to 303, and a resolution cominending President Cleveland's administration by a vote of 561 to 357.... South Dakota Republicans nominate A. O. Ringsrud for governor.

July 10.–The Democratic national convention takes four ballots for Presidential nominee, as follows : Candidates.

1st. 2d. 3d.

4th Bland....

235 283


241 Bryan.


280 Boies.

85 41 36

33 Pattison...

100 Stevenson.


17 Hill..

1 i
Not voting.


16i Total voting.

747 768 768 During the fifth ballot (Chairman White having announced that two-thirds of the votes cast constitutes a majority) after it becomes evident that Wm. J. Bryan of Nebraska is to receive the 512 votes necessary to a choice, a sufficient number of votes is trausferred to him to make his total about 642, and he is nominated.




41 53

83 49 37 95

27 54 34 97







Drawn for the Chicago Tribune.



July 12.–The American Bimetallic League indorses Bryan for President.

July 13.-Chairman Hanpa names the Executive Committee of the Republican Campaign Committee.... Wilfrid Laurier, the new Liberal Premier of Canada, announces his cabinet ; Parliament is summoned to meet on August 18.

July 14.- The Addicks faction of the Republican party in Delaware nominates John H. Hoffecker for Governor.

July 15.- The Republican Campaign Committee decides to establish headquarters both in New York and Chicago.

June 20.-President Diaz of Mexico is renominated.
Madagascar is declared a French colony.

June 22.– The British Ministry permits the education bill in the House of Commons to be dropped for the present session.

June 23.-Opening of the Victorian Parliament.

June 26.- A royal decree authorizes the Spanish Bank to issue $12,000,000 in gold bills to pay the current obli. gations of Spain in Cuba.


Drawn for the Chicago Times-Herald.


June 25.—Li Hung Chang visits Prince Bismarck.... Mr. Harrison released by the Venezuelan government.

June 27.-France proposes to Great Britain a termination of the British occupation of Egypt within two years subsequent to the neutralization of Egypt, no one power to exercise an armed protectorate over the country without the assent of the others.

July 2.-It is announced in the British House of Commons that Brazil has not yet consented to arbitrate the Trinidad question with Great Britain.

July 7.- As a result of representations on the part of the powers, the Porte suspends military operations in Crete, unless the Turkish troops are attacked by insurgents.

July 8. -The Spanish Chamber of Deputies rejects an amendment to the address in reply to the speech from the throne urging that Spain join the Franco-Russian al


July 9.-At the dinner given in London by the Ancient COMPANY OF BOSTON.

and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston, in return

for hospitalities extended to them there, the Prince of June 27.-Chancellor Hohenlohe of Germany announces Wales expresses sentiments of friendship for the United a change of attitude toward prohibitory regulations States. relative to political associations.

INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL AND FINANCIAL June 28.-The Spanish Chamber of Deputies adopts a

DOINGS. bill pledging the tobacco revenues for a war loan of June 19.-The New York Telephone Co., under West$100,000,000.... Georgi Pacha Berovitch, Prince of Samos, ern Union control, is incorporated.... Venezuela adopts is appointed Governor of Crete by the Porte.

the gold standard. July 3.-The Irish educational bill is withdrawn in the June 20.—A miners' strike is begun at Lead ville, Col British House of Commons.

over a demand for the recognition of the miners' union July 4.—The Czar and Czarina of Russia re-enter St. and an advance of wages from $2.50 to $3 per day ; 750 Petersburg

men go out.... The fishermen's strike at Astoria, Oregon, July 5.-A Cretan revolutionary government is formed. is declared off.... The Societa Immobiliere is declared July 6.- The British House of Commons, by a vote of

bankrupt in Rome, Italy, 252 to 106, decides that the Indian exchequer shall pav for the maintenance of troops in the Soudan expedition ....A peerage is conferred on Sir Hercules Robinson, Governor of Cape Colony.... Election of Deputies to the Belgian Chamber causes no material change in party strength.

July 11.-Resignation of the Italian Ministry of the Marquis di Rudini is announced....John Morley becomes a candidate for Liberal leadership in the British House of Commons.

July 13.-President Diaz of Mexico is unanimously re-elected.

July 14.-Christian delegates in the Cretan Assembly withdraw from that body, and decide to establish an assembly from which Turks shall be excluded.

July 15. -Several sections of the Irish land bill are withdrawn in the British House of Commons.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. June 19.-The South African Republic urges the British Government to bring to trial Cecil Rhodes, Mr. Beit and Dr. Harris. .... The Porte issues a report ot the massacres at Van, attributing them to the Armenians.

June 24.–The Spanish Senate, by a vote of 88 to 44, rejects a proposition to abrogate the protocol of 1877 with the United States.. Portugal gives Great Britain permission to land troops at Beira, in Africa.


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