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Francis Joseph of Austria, 63... Kate Field, the wellknown writer and lecturer, 56.

May 20.- Mme. Clara Schumann, musician, 77.

May 21.-Gen. Silverio Martinez, a celebrated Mexican commander....Ebenezer Nelson, editorial writer on the Boston Transcript, 71.

May 22.-Ex-United States Senator William A. Wallace, of Pennsylvania, 64....Gen. John Coffey, of Alabama, 84. ..Dr. McIntyre, principal of the Presbyterian Ladies' College at Toronto.

May 23.-Gen. Lucius Fairchild, ex-Governor of Wisconsin, and ex-Commander-in-Chief of the G. A. R., 64.... Rev. Dr. Thomas Henderson Pritchard, ex-president of Wake Forest College, N. C., 64.

May 24.-Dr. Carleton Pennington Frost, dean of Dartmouth Medical College, 66.... Richard Sims, of the British Museum, 80.... Edward Armitage, British historical and mural painter, inember of the Royal Acad.

tinguished author, 81.... Captain John G. Bourke, U. S. A.... Frank Mayo, American actor, 57. June 9.—Dr. James William Cox, of Albany, N. Y., 68.

June 10.-D. H. MacDonald, ex-Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario.

June 11.-Sir George Webbe Dasent, English author, 79.

June 12.—Ex-Judge Isaac H. Maynard, of Albany, N. Y., 58.

June 13.--Ex Gov. Alpheus Felch, of Michigan, 90.... Mary Bucklin Claflin, wife of ex-Governor Claflin, of Massachusetts.

June 18.—Gen. Wm. H. Dimond, of San Fraucisco, 58. .... Ex-Lieut.-Gov. E. H. Hyde, of Connecticut, 84.

emy, 79.

May 25.—Gen. Louis Frederick Menabrea, Marquis de Val Dora, 87....Gen. Franz Kuhn, Baron de Kuhnefeld, 79....Lieut. Luther B. Baker, who had charge of the party which captured J. Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Lincoln, 66.

May 26.- Victor C. Barringer, first American justice of the International Court of Appeals in Alexandria, Egypt.

May 27.-Ex-Congressman Walter Sessions, of Chautauqua County, N.Y., 72.... Thomas Main, writer on engineering subjects, 68.

May 28.—Dr. William Smith, English author, 79.

May 29.—Sir J. Russell Reynolds, ex-president Royal College of Physicians, 68 ... Rev. H. F. Barnes-Lawrence, Canon of York, 78... Ex-Congressman Francis E. Shober, of North Carolina, 65.... Prof. Gabriel Auguste Daubrée, distinguished geologist and mineralogist, 82.... George W. Latimer, the first slave hunted on Massachusetts soil, in 1842, 75.

May 30.– William Ivison, formerly a well-known American publisher, 82....Col. George A. Purington, U. S. A. (retired).... Marcus Mills (“ Brick") Pomeroy, American journalist, 62.

May 31.-Ex-Mayor Edwin H. Fitler, of Philadelphia, 71....Dr. Homer Virgil Milton Miller, formerly U. S. Senator from Georgia, 82.

June 1.-Robert Colfax Avery Ward, one of the oldest citizens of New Jersey, 93.

June 2.-Ex-United States Senator Ozora Pierson Stearns, of Minnesota, 65.... Dr. Asa Horr, founder of the Iowa Institute of Arts and Sciences, 78.

June 3. —Sir George Johnson, physician extraordinary to Queen Victoria, 78....Gerard Rohlfs, German traveler and explorer, 62.... Thomas Tracey Bouvé, for many years president of the Boston Society of Natural History, 81.

June 4.- Austin Corbin, American railroad manager and financier, 69.... Ernesto Rossi, the distinguished Italian actor, 67.

June 6.-Gen. Rafael de Quesada, Cuban filibuster, 61.... Ex-Gov. Josiah W. Begole, of Michigan, 81.

June 7.- Wyatt Eaton, American artist.... Rev. Sanford J. Horton, D.D., a prominent Episcopalian clergyman of Cheshire, Ct., 79.

June 8.-Jules Simon, ex-Premier of France and a dis


POLITICAL CONVENTIONS. July will be an important month in American politics. The Democrats will gather at Chicago on the 7th, to nominate a President and Vice-President. Two weeks later the Populists and "Silver" men are called to meet at St. Louis. The action taken by these different bodies will have everything to do in shaping the coming campaign.

RELIGIOUS MEETINGS. The great Christian Endeavor meeting at Washington, July 8-13, will attract thousands of Endeavorers, young and old, even from distant parts of the country, and some from foreign lands.

On the same dates the Young People's Christian Union of the Universalist Church will be in session at Jersey City.

The sixth international convention of the Young People's Union of the Baptist Church will be held in Milwaukee, July 16-19.

The gatherings at Northfield, Mass., beginning with the World's Student Conference, will occupy the greater part of July and August.

NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION. The meeting of the National Educational Association at Buffalo, July 7-10, promises to be an important one. The concession of half rates and extension of tickets by the railroads insures a large attendance. Papers and addresses may be expected from Presidents Hall, Jordan, and Draper, Commissioner Harris, Bishop Vincent, Booker T. Washington, Brander Matthews, and many others. A meeting of the Council of Education will precede the general Association meeting, beginning July 3.

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UNCLE SAM: “This Congress didn't do a thing

Mr. Cleveland sounded the keynote in his letter of June 17, and Mr. Whitney volunteered to carry the standard straight to Chicago.

to me, eh?"

From the Herald (New York).

From the Herald (New York).

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MCKINLEY: “And he never touched me !"

From the World (New York)

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When this big fire cracker explodes, where will the Democratio party be 8–From Judge (New York).

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WHICH WAY, MISS DEMOCRACY ? From the Advertiser (New York).

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THE BEARDED LADY, MISS DEMOCRACY. THE HON. GROVER CLEVELAND : “We draw the line at whiskers; they must go." THE HON. WM. C. WHITNEY: "Off with the Populist !

From the World (New York).

יי: beard




From the Times-Herald (Chicago).

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