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(From July 20 to August 18, 1896.)

August 5.-Missouri Democrats nominate Lon V. Stevens for Governor.... Nebraska Populists nominate Governor Holcomb..... West Virginia Populists nominate Isaac Cox Ralphsnyder, a free silver Democrat, for Governor.... Louisiana Populists put an electoral ticket in the field and indorse Bryan and Watson.

August 6.-Michigan Republicans nominate Mayor Hazen S. Pingree of Detroit for Governor.... Wisconsin Republicans nominate Edward Schofield for Governor. ... Texas Populists nominate Jerome B. Kearby for Governor.....Florida Populists nominate A. W. Weeks for Governor.... Kansas Populists indorse Bryan and Sewall electors, while the Democrats indorse the Populist State ticket.... Thomas E. Watson controls the State convention of the Georgia Populists.

August 7.- A call is issued for a “sound money" national Democratic convention to meet in Indianapolis, September 2, and nominate candidates for President and Vice-President.

August 8.-The New Orleans City Council refuses to accept the new charter framed for the city by the Louisiana Legislature.

August 11.–Kansas Republicans renominate Gov. E. N. Morrill.

August 12.-The meeting to inform the Democratic candidates for President and Vice-President of their nomination is held in Madison Square Garden, New York City; William J. Bryan and Arthur Sewall make speeches of acceptance.

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July 22.- The Populist and Silver Party national conventions meet at St. Louis.

July 23.–Senator Allen of Nebraska is chosen permanent chairman of the Populist convention at St. Louis. .... Missouri Republicans nominate Robert E. Lewis for Governor.

July 21.— The Populist national convention at St. Louis adopts a platform ; it is decided to nominate for the Vice-Presidency first .. The Silver Party convention nominate Bryan and Sewall and adjourns....A conference of " sound money · Democrats in Chicago appoints a committee to call a national convention to nominate candidates for President and Vice-President.

July 25.—The Populist national convention at St. Louis nominates William J Bryan of Nebraska for President and Thomas E. Watson of Georgia for Vice-President, and adjourns.

July 28. -Indiana Populists nominate the Rev. Thomas Wadsworth for Governor, and reject all propositions for fusion with the Democrats.

July 29.-Speaker Reed makes an important political speech in Alfred, Me.

July 31.–The Tammany Hall executive committee in-' dorses the Chicago nominations and ignores the platform.

August 3.-In the Alabama elections for Governor, members of the Legislature and county officers, the Democrats win by a majorty of more than 40,000.

August 4.--Minnesota Democrats nominate John Lind, bolting silver Republican, for Governor.

HON. J. H. SOUTHGATE, Candidate of the National" Party for Vice-President.

August 15.—The Republican campaign in Ohio is opened by a meeting at Columbus addressed by Senator Sherman, Senator-elect Foraker, and others.

August 18.-Hon. Bourke Cockran makes a political address in New York City in reply to Mr. Bryan's speech of acceptance.

POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT-FOREIGN. July 20.—To facilitate discussion of the Irish land bill, the British House of Commons adopts Mr. Balfour's motion for longer sessions.

July 21.– Premier Rudini announces to the Italian Chamber of Deputies that the army estimates for 189798 amount to about $48,000,000, in addition to special expenditures in Africa.

July 22.-An adverse vote in the British House of Commons causes the withdrawal by the Government of clause 24 of the Irish land bill.

July 23.- The 'rish land bill is passed through the committee stage in the British House of Commons.

July 29.— The British House of Commons passes the Irish land bill.

August 5–Serious tax riots are reported in the prove ince of Valencia, Spain.

August 6.—The British House of Lords passes several amendments to the Irish land bill, some of which are accepted by the Government, others withdrawn, and others carried against the Government by votes of 125 to 67 and 107 to 60.

August 7 – The House of Lords passes the Irish land bill through committee.

August 10.—The Irish land bill passes third reading in? the House of Lords.

August 13.—The House of Lords accepts the reamendments of the Irish Land bill made by the Commons; the measure thus becomes a law.

August 14.—The British Parliament is prorogued to October 31.

August 15.—The Bulgarian Cabinet resigns....Gen. Brousart von Schellendorf resigns as German Minister of War,

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. July 20.—Venezuela's brief on the boundary dispute with Great Britain is filed with the commission in Washington.

July 21.-Commercial treaty between China and Japan signed.

July 22.-Great Britain issues another blue book on the Venezuelan dispute.

July 25.- The Cape Colony Parliament adopts the report of its committee on the Jameson raid into the Transvaal.

July 30.-President Cleveland issues a proclamation warning Cuban sympathizers in the United States not to engage in filibustering expeditions.

August 12.-The Porte refuses to make further concessions to Crete.

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July 31.-U. S. Treasury deficit for July, $12,800,600.

August 1.-All the Rockefeller iron mines about Bessemer, Mich., are closed down.

August 3.-The new 800-foot lock in the Sault Ste. Marie Canal is informally opened.... The Goodyear Rubber Glove & Shoe Companies of Naugatuck, Ct., employing 1,400 hands, close because of dull business.

August 4.--The failure of Moore Brothers, promoters of the Diamond Match and New York Biscuit Companies, with liabilities placed at $8,000,000, causes the closing of the Chicago Stock Exchange.

August 6.—The closing down of the Johnson Steel Works at Lorain, Ohio, throws 800 men out of employ. ment.

CASUALTIES. July 21.-A cloudburst and flood in Franklin County, Kentucky, cause the loss of nine lives.

July 23.—The German gunboat Iltis is sunk in the Yel. low Sea, off the Chinese coast ; 75 officers and men are lost.

July 25.--Fifty persons are killed or injured in a rail. way collison at Delhi, India....In Colorado, many lives are lost in cloudbursts.

July 26.-In a tidal wave off the coast of Hai-Chau, China, 4,000 persons perish and much property is destroyed.

July 27.–Fire in a Belfast shipyard causes damage estimated at $1,250,000.

July 30.-A collision between an express train and an excursion train at a railway crossing near Atlantic City, N. J., kills 44 persons and seriously injures 43 others.

August 4.-Forty miners are buried alive as the result of a firedamp explosion in Neath, Wales.

August 8-14. — There are hundreds of deaths and prostrations resulting from the intense heat in New York City, Chicago, and other large cities.

OTHER OCCURRENCES OF THE MONTH, July 20.—The trial of Dr. Jameson and his associates is opened in London.... Further massacres in Crete.

July 21.-A monument is unveiled near the grave of John Brown at North Elba, N. Y.

July 22.-Celebration of the centennial anniversary of the founding of Cleveland, Ohio... Marriage of Princess Maud of Wales to Prince Charles of Denmark at Buckingham Palace.

July 23.-Several advocates of the single tax in Wil. mington, Del., are arrested and imprisoned for obstruct. ing the highways.

July 25.—The British troops near Bulawayo, South Africa, meet with a reverse.

July 26.-International peace demonstration in Hyde Park, London....Prince Maximilian of Saxony is ordained a priest.

July 27.—The International Socialist Workers' Con. gress opens in London....Professor Andrée's balloon is reported filled and ready to start on its proposed polar voyage.

July 28.—Dr. Jameson and his officers in the Transvaal raid are found guilty in the British High Court of Justice, and sentenced to imprisonment.

August 7.-The St. Louis of the American Line makes the passage from Southampton to Sandy Hook in 6 days, 2 hours and 8 minutes.

August 9.—During the Christian Alliance convention

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August 14.- It is announced in the British House of Commons that owing to the proposal made by the United States the Venezuelan matter will soon be adjusted.

August 17.—The Rt. Hon. Sir Edmund Mouson, British Ambassador to Austria, is appointed to succeed Lord Dufferin as Ambassador to France. INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL AND FINANCIAL

DOINGS, July 20.—The banks of the New York Clearing House pledge $15,000,000 to protect the United States Treasury gold reserve.

July 21.- The New York garment workers order a general strike of tailors.

July 25.—The Northern Pacific Railway is sold at auction to the reorganization.

July 28.—The firm of A. G. Elliott & Co., paper manufacturers, of Philadelphia, makes an assignment; the failure is caused by shrinkage in the value of securities held by the firm.... The first bale of Georgia cotton, crop of 1896, is received in Savannah and shipped to New York.

August 6.-Judge Samuel Shellabarger of Washington, D. C., 78.

August 8.-Dean Charles H. Gardner of the Trinity Cathedral (Protestant Episcopal), Omaha, Neb., 46.... Mrs. Susan N. Carter, for 25 years head of the Cooper Union Art School, New York City, 60.... Ex-Congressman Calvin C. Chaffee of Springfield, Mass., 85....Judge Alfred Delavan Thomas of the United States Circuit Court, 58.

August 9.-Judge Alonzo J. Edgerton of South Dakota.... Ex-Justice William J. Gilmore of Ohio, 73.... The Earl of Limerick, 56.

August 10. -Baroness Tennyson, widow of the late Poet Laureate.

August 11.-Herr Otto Lilienthal, builder of flying machines, 46.

August 12.-Prof. Iubert An Newton of Yale, 66.

..Patrick C. Keely, the pioneer Roman Catholic architect of America, 80.

August 13.-Sir John Everett Millais, president of the Royal Academy, 66

August 14.–Olin Levi Warner, American sculptor, 52. ....Prof. Albert Nelson Prentiss of Cornell, 60.

August 17.—Mary Abigail Dodge (“Gail Hamilton"), American author, 66.

August 18.-Frederick William Nicholls Crouch, composer of “ Kathleen Mavourneen,” 88.

at Old Orchard, Me., the sum of $101,500 is given and subscribed for missionary work in Africa and Asia.

August 12.—The assassin of the Shah of Persia is hanged in Teheran.

August 13.—Dr. Nansen, the Arctic explorer, arrives at Vordöe, one of the islands of Norway, and reports having reached 86 degrees and 14 minutes of north latitude.

August 14.—The steamship St. Paul of the American Line crosses from Southampton to Sandy Hook in 6 days and 31 minutes, making a new record.

OBITUARY. July 20. —Arthur Cleveland Coxe, Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Western New York, 78.... Charles Dickens, son of the novelist, 59.... Thomas G. Weir, M.D., 84.

July 21.-Joseph Wes. Jey Harper, publisher, 66. ...Mrs. Josephine Hoey, actress, 72.... Dr. Edward Gutmann, art collector, of New York City, 68.

July 22.-Gen. George Wallace Jones, first United States Senator from Iowa, who served in Congress with Zachary Taylor, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, and Franklin Pierce, 92.

July 23.–Senator

Seraphin Eugène Spul. THE LATE GEN. G. W. JONES

ler, former Minister of OF IOWA.

Public Instruction and

Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, 60... Adolph Ebeling, German author, 69.... Mary Dickens, daughter of the novelist, 58.... Allen Pringle, leading beekeeper of Ontario.

July 24.- Thomas Augustus Wolstenholm Parker, sixth Earl of Macclesfield, 85.

July 27.-William Henry Smith, lately general manager of the Associated Press....Jean Baptiste Nicolas Coomans, the Belgian publicist, 83.

July 28.—Dr. James A. S. Grant (Grant Bey), 56.

July 29.–Robert Garrett, former president of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, 49.... Ex-Congressman Harrison H. Wheeler of Michigan....Gen. Raleigh Colston of the Confederate service, 71.

July 31.—Judge George M. Carpenter of the U. S. District Court for Rhode Island.

August 1.-Mason P. Mills, a prominent Iowa lawyer, 53.

August 3.-Sir William Robert Grove, the British physicist, 85.

August 4.-John Duane Park, former Chiei Justice of Connecticut, 77....Prof. Daniel B. Hagar, a well-known Massachusetts educator, 76.

August 5.-Ex-Governor George T. Anthony of Kan. sas. 72.

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LOOKING INTO THE ENEMY'S COUNTRY. UNCLE SAM: “I'm a pretty good blower myself."-From the Commercial Advertiser (New York).

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