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Atlantic Monthly.-Boston. September. The Problem of the West. Frederick J. Turner. The Story of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Charles Dudley Warner. The Awakening of the Negro. Booker T. Washington. The Election of the President. John B. McMaster. Out of the Street: Japanese Folk-Songs. Lafcadio Hearn. A Day's Drive in Three States. Bradford Torrey. Teaching the Spirit of Literature. W. P. Trent. Some Yorkshire Good Cheer. Eugenia Skelding.

The Bookman.-New York. September. Was Benjamin Franklin a Plagiarist? Kate Stephens. The Most Famous of Spanish Manuscripts. A. M. Hunting

ton. The Religion of Robert Louis Stevenson. W. J. Dawson.

Century Magazine.- New York. September. Midsummer in Southern Italy. Elizabeth Robins Pennell. The Author of “Uncle Tom's Cabin" Richard Burton. Prehistoric Quadrupeds of the Rockies. H. F. Osborn. The Gold-Fields of Guiana. Thomas Dalgeish. Life of Napoleon Bonaparte.-XXIV. W. M. Sloane. Glave's Journey to the Livingstone Tree. E. J. Glave. The Bicycle Outlook. Isaac B. Potter.

The Cosmopolitan.-Irvington, N. Y. September. Granada and the Alhambra. H. C. Chatfield-Taylor. William Wetinore Story. Mrs. Lew Wallace. A Summer Outing on Northwestern Waters. R. E. Stra

horn. The Wonderful New Eye of Science. Camille Flammarion. The Disease of Inebriety. Norman Kerr. A Unpublished Essay on "Honor," by 'Aaron Burr. W. E.

Curtis. Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly.-New York. September. Colonial Dames and Their Daughters. Sally Nelson Robins. The United States Lighthouse Establishment. Joanna R.

Nicholls. The Nuremberg of the Master-Singers. G. W. Bardwell. The War in Cuba. Frederick A. Ober.

Godey's Magazine.-New York. September. Political Caricatures and Caricaturists. Robert Shackleton. Entailed Poverty. Kathryn Staley.

A Sketch of Poster Styles. R. G. Badger.
Anna Ella Carroll. Lucinda B. Chandler.
Music in America.-XVI. Rupert Hughes.

Harper's Magazine-New York. September.
First in Peace. Woodrow Wilson.
The Art of Driving. Henry Childs Merwin.
Cliff Dwellings. T. Mitchell Prudden.
Old Silver. Theodore S. Woolsey.
Among the Trees. Anna C. Brackett.
Musical Celebrities of Vienna. William von Sachs.

Lippincott's Magazine.-Philadelphia. September.
The Natural History of “ Fiatism." Fred. P. Powers.
The Life of a Medical Student. A. L. Benedict.
How to Conduct a Local Newspaper. J. A. Cockerill.
Advantages of International Exhibitions. Theodore Stanton.

McClure's Magazine.- New York. September.
The Discovery of Anesthesia. Elizabeth W. Morton.
"Lincoln's Lost Speech."
Among the Gloucester Fishermen. Elizabeth Stuart Pielps.
Whistler, Painter and Comedian.

Munsey's Magazine.--New York. September.
In the White House. Alice E. Lewis.
The Daughters of Mexico. Jeannie A. Marshall.
In a Girls' Gymnasium. Jean Pardee-Clark.

New England Magazine.- Boston. September.
Harriet Beecher Stowe. George Willis Cooke.
The Grand Monadnock. Edward W. Emerson.
The University of Vermont. Robert E. Lewis.
A Chapter from the History of Knownothingism. G. H.

New Bedford. George F, Tucker.


(From the latest numbers received.)

Scribner's Magazine.- New York. September
The New Olympian Games. Rufus B. Richardson.
H. C. Bunner. Brander Matthews.
On the Trail of Don Quixote.-Il. August F. Jaccaci.
The National Portrait Gallery. Cosmo Monkhouse.
Sport in An Untouched American Wilderness.
Country Roads. Frank French.

American Amateur Photographer.-New York. July.
Can We Learn Too Much ? G. Lorimer.
Our Leading Amateurs. W. S. Clow.
Enlarged Paper Negatives. H. Stuart.
American Catholic Quarterly Review. Philadelphia. July.
Italy and the Ruins of Political Liberty. Thomas Hughes.
Rome or Naturalism-II. A. F. Hewit.
The Baptism of France. Rueben Parsons.
The Creed of Science-or Agnostic Evolution as a Religion.
Balfour's Philosophy-III. St. George Mivart.
Madame Roland. James F. Spalding
Catholic Missions in Africa. John T. Murphy.
Power of English Nonconformity. A. F. Marshall.
Father Baraga Among the Chippewas. R. R. Elliott.
Mr. Mallock as a Defender of Natural Religion. E. R. Hull.
George Washington and His Relations With Catholics. R.
H. Clarke.

American Historical Register.-Boston. June.
Lafayette's Visit to the United States in 1824-25.
Irish Rhode Islanders in the American Revolution. T. H.

Indian Wars in New England in Colonial Times. Mary Wood-

The Garrison of Fort Amsterdam. L. D. Scisco.

American Magazine of Civics.- New York. July,
Is the Foreigner a Menace to the Nation? W. G. Puddefoot.
International Arbitration. Belva A. Lockwood.

Is the Double Standard Desirable! W. A. Richardson.
The Suffrage Campaign in California. Adeline Knapp.
How to Make the Vice-Presidency Attractive. L. Satterth-

Municipal Home Rule. C. S. Palmer.
Relation of Political Science to History. J. W. Lowber.
A Woman's View of the Industrial Problem. Alice L. Wood-

The Canadian Elections. T. C. L. Ketchum.
International Law-Duty of Neutral Nations. John Gibbons.
American University Magazine, New York. July-August.
The American School at Athens.-I. T. D. Seymour.
The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.-II. J. H. Peck.
Religious Life in Colleges. C. $. Cooper.
History and Men of Illinois College.-II. G. W. Govert.
Comments on Intercollegiate Athletics. J. B. Holmes.
Confusion in College Names. W. R. Baird.

The Arena.- Boston. August.
The Telegraph Monopoly:-VIII. Frank Parsons.
Bibliography of the Land Question. T. E. Will.
Is the West Discontented : John E. Bennett.
Whittier--the Man. B. O. Flower.
Club Life vs. Home Life. G. S. Crawford.
A Social Settlement. Annie L. Muzzey.
Mahayna Buddism in Japan. Annie E. Cheney.
Ethics the Only Basis of Religion. R. B. Marsh.
Associated Effort and Human Progress. M. L. Holbrook,

Appleton's Popular Science Monthly.-New York. August.
Proposed Dual Organization of Mankind. W. G. Sumner.
Science at the University of Pennsylvania. L. R. Harley.
Principles of Taxation.-II. David A. Wells.
The Stone Forest of Florissant. A. Heilprin.
The Aim of Modern Education. C. H. Henderson.
Early Years of the American Association. W. H. Hale.
“Spirit" Writing and “Speaking With Tongues.' W. R.

The Genius and His Environment. J. M. Baldwin.
The Scallop. Fred Mather.
Epidemics of Hysteria. W. Hirsch.
Architectural Record.-New York. (Quarterly.) September.
Optical Refinements in Mediæval Architecture.-I. W. H.

French Cathedrals.--VII. Barr Ferree.
Modern Hospitals in Europe. Alphonse de Calonne.
Dr. William Thornton, Architect. Glenn Brown.
Authority in Architectural Design. J. B. Robinson.
Architectural Aberrations.

Art Amateur.-New York. August.
The Painting in Mire. H. L. Williams.
Suggestions to Drawing Teachers. Ernest Knaufft.
A Talk About Embroidery. L. Higgin.

Art Interchange.- New York. August.
Modern Russian Art.
A Sketching Tour in Brittany.
The Mural Decoration at Washington.-III. Elizabeth New-

port. Practical Lessons in Modeling.-III. W.O. Partridge.

Atalanta.-London. August.
Wm. Shenstone and Warwickshire ; Haunts of the Poets. G.

Knives, Spoons, and Forks. Aymer Vallance.
The Modern Jews in Europe. R. O. A. Dawson.

Badminton Magazine.-London. August.
The Grouse. A. I. Shand.
Baseball in England. R. Morton.
Night Shooting in India. Col. T. S. St. Clair.
On Rowing Camps. H. Coffey.
Wild Stag Hunting Viscount Ebrington.
Shark Fishing. H. R. Francis.
Grace in Cycling, and How to Attain It. W. Hay Fea.
The Revival of Croquet. Mrs. Churchill.

Bankers' Magazine.-London. August.
Bank of England Reserve and Recent Alterations in Country

Note Circulation.
Bankers and New Companies.
A Year's Failures.
Writings on Bank Notes.
English Financial Panics-Their Causes and Treatment.

Bankers' Magazine.-New York. July.
Credit, Credit-Man, Creditor. J. G. Cannon.
Bank Taxation-Injustices and Inequalities. J. C. Mabry.
Foreign Banking Systems.

August. Financial Politics of the Presidents. New York State Bankers' Association. Banking and Commerce in Canada.

Biblical World.-Chicago. July. Rev. George Adam Smith, D.D.A. B. Bruce. The Parable of the Field. C. J. H. Ropes. Excavations in Babylonia and Assyria. Robert F. Harper. The Character of Jesus. N. S. Burton. History of Old Testament Prophecy. W. R. Harper.

August. The Old Testament in Education of the Race. G. A. Smith. A Half Century of Assyriology. D. G. Lyon. The Ancient Synagogue Service. Ancient Persian Doctrine of a Future Life. A. V. W. Jackson.

Blackwood's Magazine.-London. August. A Strange Episode in the Life of Maj. Gen. Sir James

Robert Burns.
An Excursion in the Atlas Mountains. Walter B. Harris.
Some German Novels.
Through Touraine on Wheels. Sir Herbert Maxwell.
England's Duty in South Africa : A Study on the Ground.
A. Michie.

Board of Trade Journal.-London. July 15.
Cotton Cultivation in the Caucasus.
English Industries on German Competition.
The Foreign Trade of China in 1895.

The Sugar Industry of Formosa.
Tobacco Cultivation in India.

Borderland.-London. (Quarterly.) July.
Shall We Live After Death ; and If So, How ?
George Fox. With Portrait.
Haunted Houses up to Date. Miss X.
The True Basis of the New Catholicism.
Telepathy and Prayer. (1) The Strange Experiences of Dr.

Barnardo ; (2) Experiments in America.
Miracles ; Catholic and Protestant.
The Doctrine of the Demon Lover. Dr. Franz Hartmann and

The Bookman.-New York. August.
Uncollected Poems of H. C. Bunner.
Mrs. Meynell. E. K. Chambers.
An Unpublished Poem by Edmund Waller.

Canadian Magazine.- Toronto. August.
A Canadian Bicycle in Europe.-V.
The Cry for Free Silver. John A. Cooper.

Cassell's Family Magazine.-London. August.
Round the Royal Mews. B. Fletcher Robinson.
At Home and Abroad with George Curzon. W. E. Grey.
English Cave-Dwellers of To-day. Rev. S. Baring-Gould.

Cassier's Magazine.- New York. August.
Some Unusual Forms of Locomotives. G. L. Cark.
Brains in Modern Steam Engine Building. W. D. Wans.

Fly-Wheel Novelties H. E. Campbell.
Elevator Cables. Charles Desmond.
The World's Desire for Rapid Transit. G. E. Walsh.
Sand Blast Apparatus for Cleaning Castings. F. C. Brooks-

Conveying Belts and Their Use. T. Robins, Jr.
Some Fuel Problems. J. D. Weeks.
The Storage Battery. A. E. Childs.

Catholic World.-New York. August.
Convention of the Irish Race.
Reminiscences of Constantinople After the Crimean War.
"The War of the Sexes." J. P. MacCorrie.
Fifty Years of American Literature. W. B. McCormick.
Pilgrimage Churches in the Tyrol. Charlotte H. Coursen.
The Church in the Sandwich Islands. L. W. Mulhane.
Some Great Women of the Old Régime.
Amarilli Etrusca and the Roman Reading-Circle Movement.
Are Anglican Orders Valid ?_C. J. Powers.
Evolution of a Great City. J. J. O'Shea.

Chambers' Journal.--Edinburgh. August. The Case of the Trawler and the Line Fisherman. W. A.

Smith. “Hansard." "The Baltic." The Glastonbury Lake-Dwellers. Charles Edwardes. Cyclomania. A Chat About Barristers.

Charities Review.-Galesburg, I11. May.
Treatment of Tramps in Small Cities. J. W. Bradshaw.
Report of Committee on Vagrancy.
Analysis of the Social Structure of a Western Town.--III.
Causes and Conditions of Crime Among Women.

The Chautauquan.-Meadville, Pa. August.
The Justices of the Supreme Court. David H. Wheeler.
A Traveler's Views of New Mexico. J. R. Spears.
Where Do the Immigrants Go? C. C. Adams.
German Universities. Alja R. Crook.
The World's Debt to Biology. H. F. Osborn.
The Indian Sign Language. W. H. Wassell.
Aspects of Art in America. Clarence Cook.
The Bank of England. Horace Townsend.
Jean Paul Frederick Richter. Joseph Forster.
Past and Future of Physical Education. A. Mosso.
Tennyson's Women. Eugene Parsons.

Church Quarterly Review.-London. July.
The Constitution of the Churches in the Days of the Apostles.
The Present Tendencies of Presbyterianism.
The Epistle to the Romans.
Dr. Bright's "Studies in Church History."
Professor Moore's Commentary on Judges.
The Somerset Carthusians,
Dr. Gibson's "Thirty-nine Articles."
The Ancient Mysteries.
Keble's “ Christian Year."
Dr. Beet's Studies in Theology and Personal Religion.
The Seventh Ecumenical Council.
The Education Bill ; What Next?

Contemporary Review.-London. August. Mr. Balfour and His Critics-“The Foundations of Belief."

Professor Seth. Home Rule and the Irish Party. T. P. O'Connor. The Autonomy of Labor. H. W. Wolff. Mahomedanism ; the Caliph and His Duties. Ahmed Riza

Bey. Nitragin : a New Advance in Agriculture. C. M. Aikman. The Orange Society of Ireland. Michael Macdonagh. “Passing Through the Fire"-Ancient Ordeals. Andrew

Lang. Living in Community; a Sketch of Moravian Anabaptism.

R. Heath. Browning's Poem, “La Saisiaz." A. Taylor Innes. The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. J. Hunt Cooke. Money and Investments.

Cornhill Magazine.-London. August.
The Battle of the Nile; an Anniversary Study. J. K. Laugh-

American Millionaires.
Memoirs of Ali Effendi Gifoon ; a Soudanese Soldier.
Children's Theology.
Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. Spenser Wilkinson.
Sir Henry Parkes. A. Patchett Martin.
Fags and Fagging. Horace G. Hutchinson.
Pages from a Private Diary. Continued.

Cosmopolis.-London. August.
The True Cosmopolis. Frederic Harrison.
Bloated Armaments. Justin McCarthy.
The Comité de Salut Public in the Light of Recent Docu.

ments. Current German Literature. John G. Robertson. Tunis and French Colonization. (In French.) Joseph Chail

ley-Bert. Literature in England. (In French.) Augustin Filon. Unedited Letters of Ivan Tourguéneff. Continued. (In

French.) Diary of President Bouhier ; the Book of the Day in Paris.

(In French.) Emile Faguet. Woman Suffrage. (In German.) Helen Lange. The Tiara of King Saitapharnes. (In German.) A. Furt

wängler. The Ethics of Modern Novels. (In German.) Lady Blennerhassett.

Critical Review.-London. (Quarterly.) July 15. Rev. E. P. Gould's Commentary on the Gospel According to

St. Mark. Ramsay's St. Paul the Traveller and the Roman Citizen. R.

J. Knowling:
E. von Dobschütz's “Studien zur Textkritik der Vulgata."
Prof. R. G. Moulton's Literary Study of the Bible. "Dr. D.

Avestan Difficulties Not a Hindrance. Dr. L. H. Mills.

The Dial.-Chicago. August 1.
A Year of Continental Literature.-I.

August 16.
A Year of Continental Literature.-II.

Dublin Review.-London. (Quarterly.) July.
A Regius Professor on the Truthfulness of Catholics. Dom

John Chapman. A Regius Professor on the Roman See. Rev. Luke Riving

ton. Sir Francis Englefield. A. A. Harrison. Papal Elections and Coronations. Egerton Beck. The Cardinal of York. A. Shield. The Stratton Churchwardens' Accounts, 1512-1577. Florence


Economic Review.-London. (Quarterly.) July. Thomas Hughes and Septimus Hansard. J. M. Ludlow. The Rights of the Individual. Rev. H. Rashdall. Socialism and Social Politics in Austria. Rev. M. Kaufmann. Some Statistics of Middle-Class Expenditure. E. Grubb. The Agricultural Banks Association : A Vindication. E. M. Leman. A Rejoinder. H. W. Wolff.

Edinburgh Review.-London. (Quarterly.) July. Cardinal Manning and the Catholic Reaction of Our Times. The New Scottish Novelists. Sheridan. The Universities of the Middle Ages. The Countess Krasinska's Diary. The Paget Papers. Gardens and Garden Craft. The Government of France Since 1870. Egypt.

Educational Review.-London. August. Eton Reminiscences. Cardinal Richelieu. A Manual of Philology. New Testament Greek. The Teaching of Science in Girls' Schools. Mrs. M. McKil.


English Illustrated Magazine.-London. August. The Wreck of the Drummond Castle. Charles Marquardt. Sir Charles Gavan Duffy ; a Famous Irish Statesman. With

Portrait. The Sacred Crown of Hungarv. Dr. J. Horowitz. Woman; Her Hat, and the Height of Absurdity. R. S. Love

day. Lady Baker in the Soudan. With Portrait. H. Ward. The Right Way to See Norway. H. L. Braekstad.

Fortnightly Review.-London. August. The Future of China. The Gorge of the Aar, Switzerland, and Its Teachings. Sir John Seeley. Herbert A. L. Fisher. Luck or Leadership in Parliament ! Bimetallism and the Nature of Money. With Diagram. W.

H. Mallock. Stray Thoughts on South Africa. Con ed. Olive Schrei.

ner. Zola's Philosophy of Life. R. E. S. Hart. The Human Animal in Battle. H. W. Wilson. Sunday Closing in Operation. H. L. Stephen. Bethel Pike, Virginia ; On an Old American Turnpike. A. G.

Bradley. The New French Naval Programme. C. B. Roylance-Kent. The Making of an American President. Francis H. Hardy.

The Forum.-New York. August.
The West and the East. C. S. Gleed, T. S. Van Dyke.
A French College Sixty Years Ago. Jules Simon.
The Next American University. W. MacDonald.
Social and Economic Influence of the Bicycle. J. B. Bishop.
Altruism in Economics. W. H. Mallock.
The Free-Coinage Epidemic. J. S. Morrill.
Blunders of a Democratic Administration. S. M. Cullom.
What the Republican Party Stands for. Horace Porter.
Harriet Beecher Stowe. Julius H. Ward
Modern Archæology : Recent Excavations in Greece. J.

The Matrimonial Market. Edward Cary.
Significance of the Canadian Elections. George Stewart.

Free Review -London. August.
Our Ideas of Right and Wrong. B. S. Proctor.
The Immorality of Religious Education. R. de Villiers.
Shakespeare and Montaigne. Continued. John M. Robert-
The Present Position of Unitarianism.
Quida's Views and Opinions. Frederick Rockell.
The Evils of Boarding Schools. Thomas Waugh.
Marriage on Lease.
What Children Should be Told. H. Mansell.
Noah's Ark. D. Stokes.
Dangerous Women. A. Laidlaw.

Gentleman's Magazine.-London. Angust. Senior Wranglers. Charles G. Nuttall. In Spanish Gipsyries. James Platt. The Credulous Side of the Railway Mania. John Pendleton. An Eighteenth Century Atlas of England and Wales, F.

Owen Whitaker. The White Rose on the Border. Continued. Alison Buckler. "@dipe Tyranne" at the Comédie Française. W. A. Fox.

The Green Bag.-Boston. August.
William Sampson. Irving Browne.
The English Law Courts.-VI.: The Ecclesiastical Courts.

Gunton's Magazine.--New York. August.
The Chicago Platform.
English Reasoning on Protection.
Sweating System in New York City. J. M. Mayers.
Labor Problem in Japan. Fusataro Takano.
Basis of Real Bimetallism. J. H. Clark.
Foreign and American Banking.
Cuban War and Spanish Treasury.
The Debt of Great Britain. Lawrence Irwell.
The American City. M. McG. Dana.

Homiletic Review.-New York. · August.
The Biblical Account of the Deluge.-III. J. W'. Dawson.
Local Aids to Pulpit Realism. C. Geikie.
Study of the Apocrypha by the Preacher. J. O. Murray.
False Theories of Right and Wrong. W. S. Killy.
Assyrian Politics and Israel's First Captivity. J. F. Mc-



The Long Vacation in Oxford.
An Execution in India.
On the Antiquity of Tobacco-Smoking.
The Red Deer of New Zealand.
The Oxford and Cambridge Cricket Match of 1895 ; In Lord's

Menorah Monthly.-New York. August.
Simon, Renan, and Darmesteter.
Light of Freedom and Liberty. M. J. Gries.

Metaphysical Magazine.-New York. August.
The Universe Within. Hudor Genone.
The Art of Mind-Building.-II. Elmer Gates.
Krishna's Teaching on Karma. Charles Johnston.
Tyranny of Intellectual Shrewdness. R. B. Davenport.
Beyond the Illusions of Sense. B. F. Underwood.
Evolution of the Home. Lydia Bell.

Midland Monthly.-Des Moines, Iowa. August. Camping and Climbing in the Big Horn. D. F. and J. E.

The Angler's Paradise--Puget Sound. H. Bashford.
Newport on the Pacific. Florence McKinnie.
School Libraries. S. K. Stevenson.
Woman. Emma Y. Ross.

The Irrigation Age.-Chicago. August. Influence of Irrigation on Climate and Health. W. L. Wood.

ruff. The South Dakota Artesian Basin. F. F. B. Coffin. The Art of Irrigation.-XV. T. S. Van Dyke.

Jewish Quarterly Review.--London. July. Egyptian Fragments. Dr. A. Neubauer. Some Remarks on Samaritan Literature and Religion. A.

Cowley. The Demonology of the New Testament. F. C. Conybeare. The Talmudical Law of Agency. Rev. L. M. Simmons. Jehuda Bonsenyor and His Collection of Aphorisms. Dr. M.

Kayserling. The Dietary Laws from a Woman's Point of View. Frances

A. Joseph. Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies.-Phil.

adelphia. June. American Hydraulic Gates and Movable Dams. A. 0.

Powell. Highway Bridges. Carl Gayler. Journal of the United States Artillery.-Fort Monroe.

(Bi-monthly.) July August. Naval Attack on Sea-Coast Fortifications. H. L. Haw

The Tram-Chronograph. F. J. Smith.
The Principles of War. Colmar, Freiherr von der Goltz.
Garrison Artillery Warfare.
Artillery Material.
Military Geography: Cuba.

Juridical Review.-London. (Quarterly.) July.
Historical Development of Scots Law. Prof. J. Dove Wilson.
Lorimer's Juristic Theory. A. Thomson.
Legal Position of Auditors of Joint-Stock Companies. R.

Scott Brown.
Progress of the Second Division of the Court of Sessions.
The Socager in Domesday. G. Law.

Knowledge.-London. August.
Hygroscopic Seeds. Rev. A. S. Wilson.
English Coins. Continued. G. F. Hill.
Waves. Continued. Vaughan Cornish.
Stock-Taking of the Variable Stars. Lieut.-Col. E. E. Mark-

wick. Fur-seals ; Our Fur Producers. R. Lydekker. How to Observe an Earthquake. Dr. C. Davison.

Lend a Hand.-Boston August. Plan for Permanent International Tribunal. W. S. Logan. Counsel and Action. N. A. Butler. Man and Beast. Edward E. Hale. The Sweating System. Henry White. Our Dealings With the Indians. J. E. Greene.

Leisure Hour.-London. August. The Round Towers of Ireland. C. Lee. A Holiday Ramble in the Volcanic Eifel, Germany. Kath

arine S. Macquoid. Glimpses of Dr. Johnson in Eighteenth Century Oxford. E.

B. Parry.
The Royal Society. Continued. Herbert Rix.

Longman's Magazine.-London, August.
Oliver Wendell Holmes. A. K. H. B.
Atmospheric Pressure. H. Harries.

London Quarterly Review.-London. July.
The Early Ages of the Human Race.
Profit-Sharing and Gain-Sharing.
Lord Clive and Warren Hastings.
Albrecht Ritschl's Theology.
Keat's Letters.
The Bible as Literature.
Recent Researches Among the Annelids.

The Looker-On.-New York. August.
Shakespeare's Dramatic Construction.-V. W. H. Fleming.
Sir John Millais, Bart. Arthur Hoeber.
The Art of Accompanying. H. W. Loomis.

Lucifer.- London. July 15.
Buddhism, Christianity, and Phallicism H. P. Blavatsky.
The Lives of the Later Platonists. Continued. G. R. S.

The Spirit of the Age. Continued. A. Fullerton.
Sufism. Continued. Hon. Otway Cuffe.
The Unity Underlying All Religion. Mrs. Besant.
Animal Reincarnation.

Macmillan's Magazine.-London, August.
Owen Glendower; a Prince of Wales.
Rahel Levin and Her Times.

Missionary Herald.-Boston. August. Interdependence of Hoine and Foreign Missions.

Missionary Review of the World.-New York. August.
The Gospel in Spain. W. H. Gulick.
Work Among French Priests. L. J. Bertrand.
Nine Centuries of Buddhism.-V. F. D. Shawe.
Romanism in China. John Ross.
Lessons from Romish Missions. W. F. Gibbons.
The Inquisition and Its " Holy Offices." A. T. Pierson.

Monthly Illustrator and Home and Country. -New York.
An American Artist in Paris : Elizabeth C. Nourse.
Whist and Its Masters.-I. R. F. Foster.
The Making of Monotypes H. W. Faulkner.

Music.--Chicago. August.
Photographed Voice Production. Rosa Belle Holt.
Songs of the Lark and the Nightingale. I. G. Tompkins.
University Work in Music. A. G. Hanchett.
Music: Its Laws and Tendencies. Eleanor P. Sherwood.

National Magazine.-Boston. August.
Yachting on the Great Lakes. E. S. Hoch.
Our Coast Defense.- V. Lieut. J. A. Frye.
A New Southern Park. Blanche G. Sargent.
Golf and Golf Clubs. A. W. Tarbell.

National Review.-London. August.
Mrs. Meynell's Essays. George Meredith.
Joseph Chamberlain. B. C. Skottowe.
The Monetary Question in the United States. Francis A.

Walker. The Unpopularity of the House of Commons. T. Jackay. The Secret of Catholicism. Dr. William Barry. Five Years' Reform in New Zealand. W. P. Reeves. Our Naval Weakness. B. Tiliett.

New Review.-London. August. The Cuban Question. James Fitzmaurice-Kelly. Making for Empire. Ernest E. Williams. Li Hung Chang's Diplomacy. E. H. Parker. The Drift of Modern Medicine. Dr. George M. Carfrae. "Bloody Jeffreys "-Lord Chancellor Jeffreys. Francis Watt. Abbé de Brantôme. David Hannay. The Intolerable Waste of Parliament. James Annaud. Coronation Notes from Russia. Ian Malcolm.

Nineteenth Century.-London. August. The Decline of Cobdenism. Sidney Low. Molimo; the God Who Promised Victory to the Matabele. J.

M. Orpen.
Nature vs. the Chartered Company. Hon. John Scott

The Battle of Standards in America :

(I.) War to the Knife. W. L. Alden. (II.) Suggestions for a Compromise. W. Dillon. The Training of a Jesuit. Father Clarke. Li Hung Chang. A. Michie. Life in the Moon, and Animal and Human Psychology.

Prince Kropotkine. Life in Poetry : Poetical Conception. Prof. Courthope. Thomas Henry Huxley : a Reminiscence. Wilfrid Ward. The Quality of Mercy-Cruelty to Animals. Ouida.



Râmakrishna Paramakansa : a Real Mahâtman. Prof. Max

Müller. Arbitration with America. John Morley. Why South Africa Can Wait; Letter to the Editor. Melius de Villiers.

North American Review.-New York. August.
Future of the Anglo-Saxon Race. Walter Besant.
Is Japanese Competition a Myth? R. P. Porter.
The Canadian Elections and Their Result. J. W. Russell.
Wild Traits in Tame Animals.-VI. Louis Robinson.
Power of the British Press. H. W. Lucy.
Issues and Prospects of the Campaign. W. E. Chandler, J.

Some Ante-Bellum Politics. G. W. Julian.
Can the Criminal Be Reclaimed ? H. S. Williams.
Natural Bimetallism. G. H. Lepper.
Novels Without a Purpose. Grant Allen.
How to Prolong Life. William Kinnear.
Italian Immigration. Prescott F. Hall.

Outing.–New York. August.
A Bout With the Blue Fish. E. W. Sandys.
Through Virginia Awheel.-II. J. B. Carrington.
The Half-Raters. R. B. Burchard.
Lenz's World Tour Awheel : Tabreez to Kohl.
The Naval Militia. Lieut. W. H. Stayton.

Overland Monthly.-San Francisco. August.
Unexplored Regions of the High Sierras.—III. T. S. Solo.
The Origin of Fan Tan. Stewart Culin.
Bird Notes in Southern California. H. L. Graham
Indian Medicine Men. L. G. Yates.
Yosemite and the Big Trees. Rounsevelle Wildman.
The Teaching Force. Edward T. Pierce.

Pall Mall Magazine.-London. August.
Hardwick Hall. Rev. A. H. Malan.
The Cambridge A. D. C." A. H. Marshall.
The Kingdom of Kerry. G. W. Forrest.
Balloons; the Follies of Fashion. Mrs. Parr.
Devonshire; the Country and Towns of the Dart.
How to Tell Fortunes by the Stars. With Diagrams. F.

Photo-Beacon.-Chicago. July.
Chautauqua Convention.
Artistic Lighting.-IV. James Inglis.

Photographic Times.- New York. August.
Progress of Photography, etc. G. F. Jaubert.
Types of Panoramic Cameras. E. J. Prindle.
Orthochromatic Photography With Ordinary Plates.
The Bronx in the City of New York. M. Toch.
Naturalistic Photography.-II. P. H. Emerson.

Presbyterian Quarterly.-Richmond, Va. July.
Theology the Science of Religion. W. T. Hall.
Dr. Bavinck on the Principium Externum. H. E. Dosker,
The Foreign Evangelist : An Inquiry, P. D. Stephenson.
A Perversion of History. J. A. Waddell.
Historical Sketch of the Southern Presbyterian Church.

Quarterly Review.-London. July.
Sir Edward Hamley.
Dante's “ Vita Nuova."
The Garden.
Democratic Finance.
The Letters of Edward Fitzgerald.
New Methods of Historical Inquiry.
Our Indian Frontier.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
" The Philosophy of Belief," by the Duke of Argyll
The French in Madagascar.
The Citizenship of the British Nobility.

Review of Reviews.- New York. August.
William J. Bryan : A Character Sketch. W. J. Abbot.
Harriet Beecher Stowe.
Dr. Barnardo : The Father of "Nobody's Children." W. T.

The Latest Plea for International Bimetallism.
Progress and Present Conditions of the Australian Federa.
tion Movement. John Quick.

Rosary Magazine.- New York. August.
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. J. L. M. Monsabre.
A Chapter of Persecution in Our Own Day. B. J. Clinch.

Letters on the Dominican Order.-II. P. Duchaussoix.
The Yellowstone National Park.-II. G. E. Hardy,

The Sanitarian.-New York. July.
More About the Public Rain-Baths. M. Morris.
Purification of Public Water Supplies. G. H. Rohe.
Immunity, Natural and Acquired. J. M. French.
Infected Atmosphere. Guy Hinsdale.

The Jennerian Centennial at Newport. H. R. Stover.
Foods in Disease. George Fisk.
School Room Hygiene. William A. Moury.
Pollution of Water Supplies. A. M. Bell.

The Stenographer.-Philadelphia. August.
Law ReportingH. W. Thorne.
Teaching Shorthand. H. L. Andrews.

Strand Magazine.—London. July 15.
Lord Charles Beresford ; Interview. W. G. FitzGerald.
Heroes of the Albert Medal. Continued. L. S. Lewis.
The Centenary of Robert Burns. Alex. Cargill.
S. A. Andrée's Balloon Voyage to the North Pole. A. T.

Dog Smugglers. C. S. Pelham-Clinton.
The New Photography. A.W. Porter.

Students' Journal.- New York. August.
Brainard C. Brown.
Odd Features of Animal Life.
Asphalt Pavement.

Sunday at Home - London. August.
Scotland One Hundred and Sixty Years Ago. Rev. J. P. Hob-
Worms, Germany, and Its Jewish Legends. Rev. I. Harris.
Sunrise in Japan. Continued. Katharine Tristram.
The Handwriting of Richard Baxter. Dr. A. B. Grosart.

Temple Bar.-London. August.
Lord Bramwell. John Macdonell.
A Day in Goa, India. J. Lawson.
Matthew Prior. E. Manson.
Bicêtre Prison, Paris. Tighe Hopkins.

The Treasury.-New York. August.
The Work at Northfield. F. Noble.
The Military and the Christian Life, J. T. Pate.
Movements Toward a Unity of the Denominations. C. H.

Need of Broad Culture in the Ministry. Charles Noble.

The United Service.-Philadelphia. August.
McClellan's Peninsular Campaign. F. A. Churchill.
Our Cavalry in Mexico. Lieut.-Col. W. B. Lane.
The Queen of the Desert. (Lady Hester Stanhope.)
The German Army. Capt. J. J. O'Connell.

United Service Magazine.-London. August.
The Murder of Mr. Stokes. Captain Salusbury.
Trincomali as Our Naval Base in the East Indies.
Kabul in 1879-80. Continued. Col. G. B. Pretyman.
A Trip to Malta and Back.
The Cavalry Soldier in India. R. H. Morrison.
The Canadian North-West Rebellion, 1885. Concluded.
The Future of the Army Medical Staff. Surgeon-Major R.

H. Forman. The Battlefield of Wörth. Major C. E. de la Poer Beresford. An Italian Doctor in Abyssinia. Lily Wolffsohn.

Westminster Review.-London. August.
How the First Priests Measured Time. J. F. Hewitt.
Ivan Turgenev. Maurice Todhunter.
English History and the Gold Standard. J. Tyrrell Baylee.
Our Young Soldiers in India. T. A. Perry Marsh.
The Indian Executive ; Law or Caprice ?
The Ethical Impulse of Mrs. Browning's Poetry. Thomas

The Influence of Stomach Upon Mind. Walter Natthan.
The Prevention of Crime.
Girl-Life in Ilford Village Homes. James Cassidy.
A Claim for the Art of Fiction. E. G. Wheelwright.
Note on Marriage and Divorce in Scotland.

Wilson's Photographic Magazine.- New York. August.
Sixteenth Annual Convention at Chautauqua Lake.
Some Thinking About Thought. E. L. Wilson.
A Greeting. Jex Bardwell.
Papers for Professional Photographers. John A. Tennant.

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