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July 11.
Criminal Anthropometry. A. D. Klaussmann.

July 18.
Robert Burns. With Portrait. R. Fuchs.

July 25. Gerinan Fisheries at the Berlin Exhibition. H. von Zobel. titz.

Deutscher Hausschatz.-Regensburg. Heft 14.
"The Bank of England. Dr. A. Heine.
The Berlin Exhibition.

Deutsche Revue.-Stuttgart. July.
Labor Organization. G. von Stormarn.
Reminiscences of a Schleswig-Holsteiner. Dr. Henrici.
"The Army Reorganization of Count Caprivi. Von Leszezyn-

ski. Prince Bismarck and

the North-German Bund.
Aërial Navigation. Gross.
Suzerain and Vassals.
Spiritism. Prof. L. Büchner.
"The Discovery of the North Coast of Greenland.

Deutsche Rundschau.-Berlin. July.
The Tower of Bevano. J. V. Widmann.
Li Hung Chang. M. von Brandt.
Königsberg (Prussia) University. F. Friedlander.
The Microcosm-Evolution of Life. J. Reinke.
The Development of Ancient History Writing. O. Seeck.
Berlin Music Life. Carl Krebs.

Konservative Monatsschrift.-Leipzig. July. German Mottoes. A. Freybe. Turkish Reform. Spanuth. The Soudan Campaign and the Anglo-Egyptian Expedition. The Berlin Exhibition. Heinrich von Sybel on the Origin of the War of 1866. Dr. Völker.

Neue Revue.-Vienna.

July 1.
The Parties of French Socialism. Dr. R. Schüller.
The Philosophy of the Upanishads. Dr. A. Lampa.

July 8.
The Berlin Exhibition. C. Alberti.
The Philosophy of the Upanishads. Continued.

July 15.
University Life in England. Prof. O. Jespersen.

July 22.
Socialism in France. Dr R. Schüller.
University Life in England. Continued.

Nord und Süd.-Breslau. July.
Karl Bechstein. With Portrait. E. Zabel.
The Siege of Paris. Karl Blind.
Ernest Moritz Arndt and Charlotte Quistorp. H. Meisner.
Christian Names. K. Wissely.

Vom Fels zum Meer.-Stuttgart. Heft 22.
The Württemberg Museum at Stuttgart. Peregrinus.
Yellowstone Park. Dr. Max Graf von Zeppelin.
Adolf Bastian. With Portrait.


Bibliothèque Universelle.-Paris. July. Geneva and Zurich ; Some Reflections on the National Expo

sitions of 1896 and 1883. Outside the Walls of Plevna ; from the Letters of S. Botkine.

M. Reader.
Jane Barlow's "Irish Idylls." Aug. Glardon.
Slatin Pasha, a Prisoner of the Mahdi. Maurice Muret.

Nouvelle Revue.-Paris.

July 1. The Poem of the Rhone. Mistral. George Sand as a Journalist. L. De Vos. Unity of Doctrine : Unity in Military Action. J. Blomdus. The Telegraphic Communications Between France and Her

The Reorganization of the Louvre Picture Galleries. L.

Siam and the Siamese. F. Mury.
Letters on Foreign Politics. Madame Juliette Adam.

July 15.
The Poem of the Rhone. Mistral.
The Noviciate of England. Madame de Novikoff.
The Budget of 1897. Saint-Genis.
M. Zola as a Public Character. C. Mauclair.
Cardinal Lavigerie. L. Lavigerie.
Siam and the Siamese. F. Mury.
Judicial Reform. Demombynes.
Letters on Foreign Politics. Madame Juliette Adam.

Revue Bleue.-Paris.

July 4.
Cardinal Richelieu in Literature and Art. G. Larroumet.
The Barras Memoirs. F. A. Aulard.

July 11.
Maupassant Drawn by Himself. G. Chatel.
The Poetry of Hélène Vacaresco. Léon Barracand.

July 18.
Correspondence of the Princess Palatine. G Depping.
Li Hung Chang. F. Ganesco.

July 25.
The Goncourts. Emile Faguet.
The Co-education of the Sexes in the Sixteenth Century. L.
Revue des Deux Mondes.-Paris.

July 1. Twenty-five Years After. Duc de Broglie. The Life of a Savant: Hermann von Helmholtz, G. Gueroult.

The “Feminist " Party and Marriage. A. Barine.
The Caliph Abdullah. A. H. Dehérain.
Some Intellectual Types. G. Valbert.
The Posthumous Work of Robert Louis Stevenson. T. de

July 15.
The Government of National Defense.-II. The First Mis-

takes. William Wordsworth. J. Texte. The Seine Assizes. J. Cruppi. Swedish Ficilon.-II. Augustus Strindberg. O. G. de Hei

denstam. The Economic Movement. A. Moireau. France and Richard Wagner. H. S. Chamberlain.

Revue de Paris.-Paris.

July 1. Letters to George Sand. Barbès. The Tomb of Petrarch. J. J. Jusserand. The Yellow Kingdom. F. Schrader. A Great Doctor of the Seventeenth Century N. M. Bernar

Orpheus. Saint-Saens.

July 15.
Quirinal. Vatican Republic. E. Lavisse.
Provincial Politics. L. Mabilleau..
Some Recollections of Youth. Munkacsy.
The Cuban Insurrection. A. Deskardins.
The Turin Emigration. Comte d'Espinchal.
Paris Flower Shows. T. Villard.

Revue des Revues.-Paris.

July 1.
German Women. Laura Marholm.
Unknown Ancestors of the Dumas. Paul d'Estrée.

July 15.
Acetyline ; a Revolution in Lighting. G. Brunel.

Revue Scientifique.-Paris.

July 4.
The Solar Spectrum. André Broca.
Ancient Monetary Systems. Continued. L. Theureau.

July 11.
Marine Navigation. G. L. Pesce,
Statistics of Rabies. With Maps. V. Turquan.
The Decimal System for Bibliography and the Congress of

the Royal Society of London.

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Unless otherwise specified all references are to the August numbers of periodicals.

For table of abbreviations see page 384. Africa:

Brantôme, Abbé de, David Hannay, NewR. England's Duty in South Africa, A. Michie, Black.

Bridges, Highway, Carl Gaylor, JAES, June. Nature vs. the Chartered Company, J. S. Montagu, NC. Bryan, William J.: A Character Sketch, W. J. Abbot, RR. Why South Africa Can Wait, M. de Villiers, NC.

Browne, Maj. Gen. Sir James, Autobiography of, Black. Stray Thoughts on South Africa, Olive Schreiner, FR. Browning's Poem La Saisiaz," A. T. Innes, CR. Molime, the God Who Promised Victory to the Matabele, Buddhism : NC.

Mahayna Buddhism in Japan, Annie E. Cheney, A. The Murder of Mr. Stokes, USM.

Nine Centuries of Buddhism-V., F. D. Shawe, MisR. Agnostic Evolution as a Religion, ACQ.

Bunner, H. C., Uncollected Poems of, Bkman. Almanacs, Frank W. Crane, G.

Burns, Robert: Str, July ; Black.
Altruism in Economics, W. H. Mallock, F.

California :
American Association, Early Years of the, W. H. Hale, APS. Yosemite and the Big Trees, R. Wildman, OM.
Amsterdam, Fort, The Garrison of, L. D. Scisco, AH Reg.

Unexplored Regions of the High Sierras-III., OM.
Anglo-Saxon Race, Future of the, Walter Besant, NAR.

Canada : Animals, Wild Traits in Tame-VI., L. Robinson, NAR.

Canadian Elections and Their Result, J. W. Russell, NAR. Annelids and Recent Research, LQ, July.

Canadian Elections, T. C. L. Ketchum, AMC, July. Anthropology: Early. Ages of the Human Race, LQ, July. Canadian Elections, Signficance of the, G. Stuart, F. Arbitration, International, Belva A. Lockwood, AMC, July. Career, Selecting a, C. H. Parkhurst, LHJ. Archæology, Modern : Recent Excavations in Greece, F. Cathedrals, French-VII., Barr Ferree, ARec. Architecture : See Contents of A Rec.

Catholic Church : Argyll's (Duke of) “ Philosophy of Belief," QR, July.

The Secret of Catholicisın, W. Barry, NatR. Aristocracy: Citizenship of the British Nobility, QR, July. Cardinal Manning and the Catholic Reaction, ER. Armenian Notables, Some, Emma P. Telford, G.

The Training of a Jesuit, Father Clarke, NC. Armies :

Cave-Dwellers in England, S. Baring-Gould, CFM. England's Young Soldiers in India, WR.

Cetywayo, SM. The Human Animal in Battle, H. W. Wilson, FR.

Channel Island, C. Edwardes, GM. Astrology : How to Tell Fortunes by the Stars, PMM.

Chichester, W. C. Sydney, GM. Astronomy :

Children : Life in the Moon, Prince Krapotkin, NC.

Children's Theology, C. Variable Stars, E. E.Markwick, K.

What Children Should Be Told, H. Mansell, FreeR. Atlas Mountains, W. B. Harris, Black.

China : The Future of China, FR. Australia, The Federation of, Owen Hall, Lipp:

Christian Endeavor, Fifteen Years of, F. E. Clark, FrL. Australian Federation Movement, Progress of the, RR.

Cincinnati, Birthplace of the Order of the, NEM. Authors, A Generation of Women, Carolyn Halstead, MM. City, The American, M. McG. Dana, GMag. Balfour's Philosophy-III., St. George Mivart, ACQ.

Claudin, QR, July. Ballooning :

Cleveland (Ohio), The Story of, H. E. Bourne, NEM.
Balloons, Mrs. Parr, PMM.

Clive, Lord, Biography of, LQ, July.
Voyage to the North Pole, Str, July.

Club Life vs. Home Life, G. S. Crawford, A.
Banking : See also Contents of Bank.

Cobdenism, The Decline of. Sidney Low, NC. Foreign and American Banking, G Mag.

Coins : English Coins, G. F. Hill, K. Barbary, Peeps into, J. E. B. Meakin, Harp.

Colleges and Universities, Future of American, D. C. GilBarnardo, Dr., W. T. Stead, RR.

man, AM. Baxter, Richard, Handwriting of, SunH.

Colonies, British : Making for Empire, E. E. Williams, Bees, The Blessed, J. K. Reeve, Lipp.

NewR. Bible as Literature, LQ, July.

Constantinople After the Crimean War, Reminiscences of, Bicycling :

CW A Canadian Bicycle in Europe-V, Can M.

Cordova, the City of Memories, H. C. Chatfield-Taylor, Cos. Social and Economic Influence of the Bicycle, F.

Cosompolis. Frederick Harrison on, Cosmop. Through Virginia Awheel-II., O.

Cricket : Oxford and Cambridge Match, 1895, Mac. Lenz's World Tour Awheel, o.

Crime, The Prevention of, WR. Cyclomania, CJ.

Crime: Can the Criminal Be Reclaimed. H. S. Williams, Big Horn, Camping and Climbing in the MidM.

Bimetallism :

Cuba's Struggle for Liberty. F. G. Pierra, FrL.
Is the Double Standard Desirable ? W. A. Richardson, Cruelty to Animals, Quida, NC.
AMC, July:

Cuban Question, New R.
Basis of Real Bimetallism, J. H. Clark, GMag.

Damon and Pythias Among Our Early Journalists, NEM. Natural Bimetallism. G. H. Lepper, NAR.

Dante's “ Vita Nuova," QR, July. The Latest Plea for International Bimetallism, RR.

Decoration, Burnt Wood in, J. W. Fosdick. CM. Biology, The World's Debt to, H. F. Osborn, Chaut.

Decoration, Mural, at Washington -III.. Al. Bird Notes in Southern California, H. L. Graham, OM.

Deer : The Red Deer of New Zealand, Mac,

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Deluge, Biblical Account of the-III., J. W. Dawson, HomR.
Desert, The Queen of the : Lady Hester Stanhope, US.
Devonshire, MM.
Dog Smugglers, C. S. Pelham-Clinton, Str, July.
Dominican Order, Letters on the-II., R.
Don Quixote, The Trial of, A. F. Jaccaci, Scrib.
Duels, J. C. Hadden, GM.
Earthquakes, C. Davison, K.

Evils of Boarding Schools, T. Waugh, FreeR.
Fags and Fagging, C.
Immorality of Religious Education, R. de Villiers. FreeR.
The Aim of Modern Education, C. H. Henderson, APS.

The Teaching Force, E. T. Pierce, OM.
Egypt: The Book of the Dead, CR.
Electricity: The Storage Battery, A. E. Childs. CasM.
Embroidery, Designs, Florentine, Helen M. Adams, LHJ.
English History: The White Rose on the Border, GM.
Ethics : Our Ideas of Right and Wrong, B. S. Proctor, FreeR.
Fiction :

The Art of Fiction, E. G. Wheelwright, WR.
The Ethics of Modern Novels, Cosmop.
Some German Novels, Black.
Financial :

Money and Investments, CR.
Bimetallism and the Nature of Money, W. H. Mallock, FR.
English History and the Gold Standard, J. T. Baylee, WR.
Democratic Finance, QR, July.
Fire Ordeals : “Passing Through the Fire," Andrew Lang,

Fishing : The Trawler and the Line Fisherman, CJ.
Fitzgerald, Edward, Letters of, QR, July.
Flower Gardens, Old-Time, Alice Earle Morse, Scrib.
Foods in Disease, George Fisk, San.
Food : The Influence of Stomach on Mind, WR.
France :

Government of France Since 1870, ER, July.
Bicêtre, Paris, Tighe Hopkins, TB.
Through Touraine on Wheels, Black.
Free-Coinage Epidemic J. S. Morrill, F.
Fremont, Gen.: Story of a Famous Expedition, Cos.
Frontenac, Count, in New France, George Stewart, Cos.
Fuel Problems, Some, J. D. Weeks, Cas M.
Future Life, Ancient Persian Doctrine of a, BW.
Gambling : The Origin of Fan Tan, S. Culin, OM.
German Literature :

Current (terman Literature, J. G. Robertson, Cosmop.
Some German Novels, Black.
Germany :

A Holiday Ramble in the Volcanic Eifel, LH.
Worms and Its Jewish Legends, I. Harris, Sun H.

Story of An Ancient German Burg, C. F. Dewey, Cos.
Gladstone, Mr., at Eighty-six, W. T. Stead, McCl.
Glave in Nyassaland, E. J. Glave, CM.
Golf Playing, The New Woman and, Mrs. R. de Koven, Cos.
Guiana and the Dutch Claims, H. Thurston, M.
Hamilton, Jefferson and, in Our Education, E. P. Powell,

“Hansard," CJ.
Hardwick Hall, A. H. Malan, PMM.
Hastings, Warren, Biography of, LQ, July.
Heraldry in America, Eugene Zeiber, Lipp.
Historical Inquiry, New Methods of. QR, July.
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Long.
Home, Evolution of the, Lydia Bell, MetM.
Home Rule, Municipal, C. S. Palmer, AMC, July.
Horticulture :
Gardens, QR, July.
Gardens and Garden Craft, ER, July.
Hospitals, Modern, in Europe, A. de Calonne, ARec.
Hull House, Annie L. Muzzey. Dem.
Hungary, Sacred Crown of, EI.
Huxley, Thomas Henry, NC.
Hysteria, Epidemics of, W. Hirsch, APS.
Immigrants : Where Do the Immigrants Go? C. C. Adams,

Immigration : Italian Immigration, P. F. Hall, NAR.
Immigration Evils, Rhoda Gale, Lipp.
India :
The Indian Executive, WR.
Our Indian Frontier, QR, July.
An Execution in India, Mac.

A Day in Goa, J. Lawson, TB.
Indians :

Indian Wars in New England in Colonial Times, AH Reg
Our Dealings With the Indians, J. E. Greene, LAH.
Indian Sign Language, W. H. Wassell, Chaut.
Indian Medicine Men, L. G. Yates, OM.
Inquisition, and Its “Holy Offices," The, A. T. Pierson,

Ireland :

Home Rule and the Irish Party, T. P. O'Connor, CR.
The Orange Society, M. Macdonough, CR.
The Round Towers of Ireland, C. Lee, LH.

The Kingdoin of Kerry, G. W. Forest, PMM.
Irrigation : See Contents of IA.
Italy and the Ruins of Political Liberty, T. Hughes, ACQ.

Japar :

Japanese Competition a Myth ? R. P. Porter, NAR.

Japanese Art, About Faces in. Lafcadio Hearne, AM. Jefferson and Hamilton in Our Education, E. P. Powell,

Jeffreys, Lord Chancellor, F. Watt, NewR.
Jennerian Centennial at Newport, San.
Jews : Modern Jews in Europe. Ata.
Keats, John, Letters of, LQ, July.
Krasinska, Countess, Diary of, ER.
Krishna's Teaching on Karma, C. Johnston, MetM.
Labor :

Sweating System in New York City, J. M. Mayers, GMag.
Labor Problem in Japan, Fusataro Takano, GMag.
The Autonomy of Labor, H. W. Wolff, CR.

The Sweating System, Henry White, LAH.
Lafayette's Visit to the United States in 1824-25, AHReg.
Lake-Dwellers of Glastonbury, C. Edwards, CJ.

A Chat About Barristers, CJ.
English-VI., Law Courts, GB.

International Law-Duty of Neutral Nations, AMC, July.
Lee, Gen. Robert E., J. J. Garnett, FrL.
Libraries : School Libraries, S. K. Stevenson, MidM.
Life-Saving Service : Heroes of the Albert Medal, Str, July.
Li Hung Chang, The Viceroy, J. W. Foster, CM.
Li Hung Chang: NC; NewR.
Lincoln's Important Law Cases, Ida M. Tarbell, McCl.
Literature : Reminiscences of Literary Boston, McCl.

A Year of Continental Literature-I., D, Aug. 1.
Fifty Years of American Literature, W. B. McCormick,.

Present Conditions of Literary Productions, AM.

Literature in England, A. Filon, Cosmop.
Livingstons, The, W. F. Livingston, MM.
Locomotives, Some Unusual Forms of, G. L. Cark, Cas M.
Longfellow, The White Mr., W. D. Howells, Harp.
McClellan's Peninsular Campaign, F. A. Churchill. US.
McKinley, Maj. William, A Study of, J. G. Steed, Dem.
Madagascar : The French in Madagascar, QR, July.
Mahomedanism: The Caliph and His Duties, CR.
Marriage :

Marriage on Lease, FreeR.
Marriage and Divorce in Scotland, WR.
The Matrimonial Market, Edward Cary, F.
Medicine, The Drift of Modern, G. M. Carfrae, NewR.
Medicine Men, Indian, L. G. ates, OM.
Metaphysics : See Contents of Met M.
Millionaires, American, C.
Milton, The Blue Hills of, NEM.
Mind-Building, The Art of-II., E. Gates, MetM.
Missions :

See Contents of MisH: Mis R.
Catholic Missions in Africa, J. T. Murphy, ACQ.
Montaigne, A Holiday in, H. D. Sedgwick, Jr., AM.
Municipal Home Rule, C. S. Palmer, AMC, July.
Music : See Contents of Mus.
Napoleon Bonaparte, Life of-XXII., W. M. Sloane, CM.
Natural History: Door-Step Neighbors, W. H. Gibson,.

Navies :

Our Naval Weakness, B. Tillett, NatR.
Bloated Armaments, Justin McCarthy, Cosmop.

The New French Naval Programme, FR.
New Zealand :

Five Years' Reform, W. P. Reeves, NatR.

The Red Deer of New Zealand, Mac.
Nile, Battle of the, J. K. Laughton, C.
Noah's Ark, D. Stokes, FreeR.
Noncomformity, Power of English, A. F. Marshall, ACQ.
Norway: The Right Way to See It, EI.
Novels Without a Purpose, Grant Allen, NAR.
Quida's “Views and Opinions," F. Rockell, FreeR.
Paget Papers, ER, July.
Painting, A Century of, Will H. Low, McCl.
Parkes, Mr. Henry, A. P. Martin, C.
Parliament, The British :

The Intolerable Waste of Parliament. NewR.
The Unpopularity of the House of Commons, NatR.
Luck or Leadership? FR.
Pharaoh of the Hard Heart, Flinders Petrie, CM.
Physical Education, Past and Future of, A. Mosso, Chaut.
Physics : Atmospheric Pressure, H. Harries, Long.
Photography: See Contents of AP : PA ; PB; PT; WPM.
Pilgrimage Churches in the Tyrol, CW.
Plants : Hygroscopic Seeds, A. S. Wilson, K.
Poetry : Life in Poetry, NC.
Political Economy : Profit-Sharing and Gain-Sharing, LQ,

Political Liberty, Italy and the Ruins of, T. Hughes, ACQ.
Politics, Some Ante-Bellum, G. W. Julian, NAR.
President, The Making of a, R. R. Wilson. FrL.
Prisons : Bicêtre, Paris, Tighe Hopkins, TB.
Prophecy, History of Old Testament, W. R. Harper, BW,

Protection, English Reasoning on, G Mag.
Psychology, Animal and Human, Prince Krapotkin. NC.

Railways : Credulous Side of the Railway Mania, GM.
Rain-Baths, More About the Public, San.
Ramakrishna Paramakansa, Max Müller, NC.
Richter, Jean Paul Frederick, Chaut.
Right and Wrong, False Theories of, W. S. Killy, HomR.
Ritschl, Albrecht, Theology of, LQ, July.
Roland, Madame, J. F. Spalding, ACQ:
Rome or Naturalism ?-II., A. F. Hewit, ACQ.
Rossetti, D. G., Letters of, G. B. Hill, AM.
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel, QR, July.
Russia : Coronation of the Czar, NewR.
Saitapharnes, King, Tiara of, Cosmop.
Sand Blast Apparatus for Cleaning Castings, CasM.
Sandwich Islands, Catholic Church in the, L. W. Mulhane,

Scallop, The, Fred Mather, APS.
Scotland :

Scotland One Hundred and Sixty Years Ago, SunH.
Logiealmond, D. Davidson, SunM.
Scottish Literature : The New Scottish Novelists, ER, July.
Seals : Fur-Seals, R. Lydekker, K.
Seeley, Sir John, FR.
Shakespeare and Montaigne, J. M. Robertson, FreeR.
Sign Language, Indian, E. H. Wassell, Chaut.
Silver, Free, The Cry of,

J. A. Cooper, CanM.
Sintamaskin: A Midwinter Fairyland, C. G. La Farge, AM.
Social Settlement, A, Annie L. Muzzey, A.
Spain : In Spanish Gipsyries, J. Platt, GM.
Spirit Writing and Speaking With Tongues," W. R. New-

bold, APS.
Switzerland : The Gorge of the Aar, A. R. Wallace, FR.
Stage, Light and Sound on the, C. Wilstach, G.
Stanhope, Lady Hester : The Queen of the Desert. US.
Stone Forost of Florissant, A. Heilprin, APS.
Stowe, Harriet Beecher :

Harriet Boucher Stowe, RR; F.

Days With Mrs. Stowe, Annie Fields, AM.
Supreme Court, Justices of the, D. H. Wheeler, Chaut.
Taxation, Principles of-II., David A. Wells, APS.
Telegraph Monopoly,

The–VIII., F. Parsons, A. Tennyson's Women, Eugene Parsons, Chaut. "Tennessee Centennial, Nashville and the, C. T. Logan,


Theatres and the Drama :
The Cambridge " A. D. C.," PMM.

Ædipe Tyranne "at the Comédie Française, GM.
Time: How the First Priests Measured It, WR.
Tolstoy As He Is, Isa bel F. Hapgood, MM.
Tourguéneff, Ivan :

Biography by Maurice Todhunter, WR. Unedited Letters of Tourguéneff, Cosmop. Transit, Rapid, The World's Desire for, G. E. Walsh, CasM. Tunis and French Colonization, Cosmop. Turkey, Sultan of, J. F. Fraser, EI. Unitarianism, Present Position of, FreeR. United States: This Country of Ours–VIII., B. Harrison,

Universities :

Senior Wranglers, C. G. Nuttall, GM.
The Long Vacation in Oxford, Mac.
Dr. Johnson in Eighteenth Century Oxford, LH.
The Universities of the Middle Ages, ER, July.
German Universities, A. R. Crook, Cbaut.

The Next American University, W. Macdonald, F.
Vatican, The, F. Marion Crawford, CM.
Warwickshire and William Shenstone, Ata.
Washington, George, and His Relations With Catholics,

Washington, Stuart's Lansdowne Portrait of, C. H. Hart,

Water Supplies, Pollution of, A. M. Bell, San.
Water Supplies, Purification of Public, San.

A Glimpse of, Helen M. North, Dem.
West and East, The, C. S. Gleed, T. S. Van Dyke, F.
Whist and Its Masters-I, R. F. Foster, MI.
Winds, The Fury of the, Dem.

Woman Suffrage, Helene Lange, Cosmop.
Literary Ladies, TB.
Dangerous Women, A. Laidlaw, FreeR.
Woman Question in the Middle Ages, Emily B. Stone, Lipp.
Tennyson's Women, Nugent Parsons, Chaut.
A Generation of Women Authors, Carolyn Halsted, MM.

Woman, Emma Y. Ross, MidM.
Yellowstone National Park, The-II., G. E. Hardy, R.
Zola, Emile, FR.

Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in the Index.

AP American Amateur Photog.

rapher. AH Reg. American Historical Register. AHR. American Historical Review. AMC American Magazine of Civics. AAPS. Annals of the Am. Academy of

Political Science. AJS. American Journal of Sociol

ogy. A Mon. American Monthly. APS. Appleton's Popular Science

A Rec. Architectual Record.

AA. Art Amateur.
AI, Art Interchange.
Ata. Atalanta.
AM. Atlantic Monthly.
BA. Bachelor of Arts.
BankL. Bankers' Magazine. (London).
BankNY. Bankers' Magazine. (New

BW. Biblical World.
BSac. Bibliotheca Sacra.
Black, Blackwood's Magazine.
BRec. Bond Record.
Bkman. Bookman. (New York).
Can M. Canadian Magazine.
CFM. Cassell's Family Magazine.
Cas M. Cassier's Magazine.
CW. Catholic World.
CM. Century Magazine.
CJ. Chambers's Journal.
CRev. Charities Review.
Chaut. Chautauquan.
CR. Contemporary Review.

Cosmop. Cosmopolis.
Cos. Cosmopolitan.
Dem. Demorest's Family Magazine.

DR. Dublin Review.

Edinburgh Review.

Ed. Education.
EdRL. Educational Review. (Lon-

EDRNY. Educational Review. (New

EngM. Engineering Magazine.
EI. English nlustrated Magazine.
FR. Fortnightly Review.

FreeR. Free Review.
FrL. Frank Leslie's Monthly
GM. Gentleman's Magazine.
G. Godey's.
G Bag Green Bag.
G Mag. Gunton's Magazine.
Harp. Harper's Magazine.
HomR. Homiletic Review.
IJE. Internat'l Journal of Ethics.
IA. Irrigation Age.
JAES. Journal of the Ass'n of En-

gineering Societies.
JMSI. Journal of the Military Sery-

ice Institution
JPEcon. Journal of Political Economy.
K. Knowledge.
LHJ. Ladies' Home Journal.
LAH. Lend a Hand.
LH. Leisure Hour.
Lipp. Lippincott's Magazine.
Long. Longman's Magazine.
LQ. London Quarterly.
LuthQ. Lutheran Quarterly.
McCI. McClure's Magazine.
Mac. Macmillan's Magazine.
Men Menorah Monthly.
Met M. Metaphysical Magazine.
MR. Methodist Review.
Midm. Midland Monthly.
MisH. Missionary Herald.
MisR. Missionary Review of World.


MI. Monthly Illustrator.

MM. Munsey's Magazine.
Mus. Music.
NatM. National Magazine.
NatR. National Review.
NEM. New England Magazine.
NewR. New Review.
NW. New World.
NC. Nineteenth Century.
NAR. North American Röviuw.
OD. Our Day.

OM. Overland Monthly.
PMM. Pall Mall Magazine.
PRev. Philosophical Review,
PA. Photo-American.
PB. Photo-Beacon.
PT. Photographic Times.
PL. Poet-Lore.
PRR. Presbyterian and Reformed

Review. PQ. Presbyterian Quarterly. QJEcon. Quarterly Journal of Econom.

ics. QR.

Quarterly Review.
RR. Review of Reviews.

San. Sanitarian,
SRev. School Review.
Scots. Scots Magazine.
Scrib. Scribner's Magazine.
Sten. Stenographer
Str. Strand Magazine.
SJ. Students' Journal.
SunH. Sunday at Home.
Sun M. Sunday Magazine.
TB. Temple Bar

United Service.
USM. United Service Magazine.
WR. Westminster Review.
WPM. Wilson's Photographic Maga-

zine. YR. Yale Review,


[It has been found necessary to restrict this Index to periodicals published in the English language. All the articles in the leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.)


The Rise of the “National Democracy :” The

Movement for the Gold Standard and the
Indianapolis Convention

434 By Elbridge Gerry Dunnell. With portraits of Senator John M. Palmer, Hon. Wm. D.

Bynum, Gen. Simon B. Buckner, Senator William F.
Vilas, Hon. James H. Outhwaite, Senator Donelson
Caffery, Hon. Charles Tracey, George Foster
Peabody, Hon. Washington Hesing, Hon. Charles S.
Fairchiid, Henry S. Robbins, Ex-Governor Flower,
Dr. Wm. Everett, Hon. James 0. Broadhead, Hon.

Fred. W. Lehman, and Hon. James C. Bullitt. Princeton After One Hundred and Fifty Years.. 446

By Winthrop More Daniels.
With portraits of President McCosh and President Pat-

ton, and other illustrations. Juies Simon......

450 By Baron Pierre de Coubertin. With portraits of M. Jules Simon.


Sir Joseph Lister, Bart.......... ...Frontispiece.
The Progress of the World -
The East for Gold..

387 The Verdict of Maine

387 Maine's Influence at Washington.

388 The New York Republicans..

389 The New York Democrats.

389 Mr. Bryan's New Radical Party..

391 Are Appearances Deceitful in New York ?. 392 The Railroad Sound-Money Clubs...

392 American Railway Indebtedness.

393 A Gloomy Forecast..

393 The Campaign for Wage-Earners' Votes..

393 The Battle in the South and East..

394 The Fourth National Convention...

394 The Career of General Palmer.

395 General Buckner..

396 Mr. Cleveland and the Cabinet.

396 Methods of the Campaign..

396 The Candidates at Work..

397 Affairs Abroad-Spain's Rebels. Paper Money Troubles in Cuba..

397 The Philippine Islands Seeking Liberty.

398 Several Matters Concerning Ireland..

398 The Death of Prince Lobanoff.....

399 The Prince's Achievement.

399 His Policy in Armenia..

399 Armenian Dynamite at Constantinople.

400 The Massacres...

400 The Use of Crete...

400 The Storm Band of East Africa..

401 Police Duty at Zanzibar..

401 The Anarchy in Madagascar

401 The Bicycle in Uganda....

401 Mr. Rhodes in the Matoppos

402 Kruger and his Counselors..

402 The Royal Commission on Vaccination.

402 The Increase of Lunacy in England.

402 The Improvement of British Workhouses. 403 New Legislation..

403 Arbitration in Trade Disputes.

403 Li Hung Chang..

403 The Month's Obituary Roll

405 With portraits of Hon. Josiah Grout, Hon. Llewellyn

Powers, Hon. Thomas B. Reed, Hon. Frank S. Black,
John C. Sheehan, Hon. John Boyd Thacher, Hon.
Daniel W. Jones, Gen. John M. Palmer, Gen. S. B.
Buckner, Hon. David
R. Francis, Thomas

P.J. Tynan, the late Prince Lobanoff, and Mr. Glad-

stone and Li Hung Chang, and other illustrations. Record of Current Events.....

406 With portraits of Mr. George Giffen, the late Enoch

Pratt, Abraham Lincoln, and Stephen A. Douglas,

and other illustrations. Current Politics in Caricature,

411 With reproductions from American and foreign journals. The Three Strategic Chiefs of the Presidential CampaignI. Marcus A. Hanna....

By Murat Halstead.
With portraits of Mr. Hanna, and other illustrations.
II. James K. Jones....

By Willis J. Abbot.
III. Marion Butler....

429 By Carl Snyder. With portrait of Hon. Marion Butler.

Leading Articles of the Month-
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates.....,

455 The Dissolution of the “Solid South”.

456 The Presidential Campaign..

457 The Battle of the Standards..

458 Are the Farmers Populists ?.

459 The Truth About Lombard Street..

460 Is England Hostile to Silver ?..

461 The Recent Session of Parliament..

462 Li Hung Chang ...

463 John Bull's Interests in Samoa.

464 The Conviction of Dr. Jameson & Co..

465 England and the Eastern Question .

466 The Prayer of the Czar..

467 The Massacres at Van..

468 America's Duty to Americans in Turkey.

469 American Contributions to Civilization..

469 The Standard of Living of American Workingmen 471 How to Spend Millions...

471 A Thousand Years of the Magyars.

472 An Author's Views of Health.......

473 Our Hypnotized Ancestors

474 Antitoxin Treatment of Diphtheria a Success.. 475 Some World's Records Yet to be Broken..

476 A Proposed American Henley..

477 Democracy and Education.

477 The “ New Woman's" Educational Duties.. 478 French Boys and Girls...

478 The Boy King of Spain...

479 Children's Secret Languages.

480 Why Not a Theatre in Every Village ?.

481 The Educational Church.

482 The Religion of Robert Louis Stevenson..

483 Edmond de Goncourt

484 The Late Sir John E. Millais.

484 The 'True Duke of Wellington..

485 Sir Martin Conway on Mountaineering.

486 Periodicals Reviewed.....


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