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Gas vs. Electricity Direct from Coal. D. M. Dunning.
The Underground Topography of a City. W. B. Parsons.
The Less Known Gold Fields of Colorado. Thomas Tonge.
The Problem of Boiler Selection. C. E. Emery.
Railway Pooling and Freight Rates. H. T. Newcomb.
The Shifting Interest in Electricity. G. H. Stockbridge.
Harmony of Architecture and Landscape Work. Downing

Modern Machine Shop Economics. H. L. Arnold.
Manufacture and the Use of Brick for Paving. H. K. Landis.

English Illustrated Magazine.-London. September. A Chat with Sir William Martin Conway on Mountaineering. The King of Spain. A. Lynch. Wilmington, Sussex and the Long Man. G. Clinch. How the Lock Keeper Lives. S. L. Bensusan.

Fortnightly Review.-London, September. Dr. Jameson's Raid and the Trial at Bar. Edward Dicey. Edmond de Goncourt. Yetta Blaze de Bury. Italy :

I. The Marquis di Rudini and Italian Politics. Ouida. II. The Italians in Africa. J. Theodore Bent. A Modern View of Jesus Christ. John Beattie Crozier. Some Notes on Poetry for Childern. E. V. Lucas. The Present Evolution of Man. Prof. E. Ray Lankester. Ireland as a Field for Tourists. John A. Steuart. The Humanities of Diet. H. S. Salt. The Leader of the House of Commons; the Schoolmaster at

St. Stephen's. The Cretan Question.

The Forum.-New York. September. The Chicago Convention. Isaac L. Rice, Andrew D. White. Fire and Sword in Cuba. Clarence King. Antitoxin Treatment of Diphtheria a Pronounced Success.

W. P. Northrop. Mr. White's “ Warfare of Science with Theology." C. K.

Adams. Progress of the Women's Rights Movement in France. Jeanne

É. Schmahl. Cardinal Manning and His Biographer. T. Smith. Threatened Annihilation of the Judge and Jury System.

W. K. Townsend, Early and Recent Currency Legislation: A Contrast. J. J. Lalor.

Free Review.-London. September. Herbert Spencer and A. J. Balfour. E. H. Parker. Love's Coming of Age: a Criticism. F. Rockell. Shakespeare and Montaigne. Continued. John M. Robert

son. ** Daniel in the Critic's Den." Immortality. Henriette Couedon, Interview : the Angel Gabriel's Visit to

Perisciana. _J. P. Gilmour.
Jealousy. E. Gillard.
The Human Animal. G. Mortimer.
The Dialect Epidemic; a Protest. E. Kidson.
The Philosopher at the Music Hall. Ernest Newman.
A Mormon Record. C. Cope.

Gentleman's Magazine,-London. September.
Jemmy Spiller, Hogarth's Player Friend. W. J. Lawrence.
Angling Associations. W. T. Freeman.
The Clergy and Marriage ; Love and Divinity. Rev. E. J.

Hardy. Yosemite, California, Memories. W. H. Gleadell. Athletics ; Extremes of Human Effort. A. MacIvor. Two Ayrshire Ballads. George Eyre-Todd. English and Americans in French Fiction. Andrew de Ter

nant. A Carthaginian Log. Thomas H. B. Graham.

Green Bag.-Boston. September.
Sergeant Smith Prentice. A. Oakey Hall.
Female Gamblers. Andrew T. Sibbald.
The Country Lawyer in English Public and Social Life. E.

The English Law Courts.-VII.

Gunton's Magazine.--New York. September.
Profesor Gunton's Address.
Fallacies about Gold and Silver.
Macauley on American Institutions.
England's “ Free Trade Jubilee.'
Swiss Banks of Issue.

Harvard Graduates' Magazine.- Boston. September.
The New Epoch and the University. G. S. Morison.
Scientific Change Ringing. A. H. Nichols.
Harvard's Soldiers. C. W. Eliot.
Buildings Associated with John Harvard. W. R. Thayer.
William Stoughton. A. C. Train.
Vital Statistics of Colleges. W. H. Van Allen.

The Home Magazine. Binghamton, N. Y. September. Forty Years Behind a Camera. A Bogardus. A Canadian Landscapist : Homer Watson. G. W. Bingham. On the Track of the Guatusos. W.F. Alford. General Hospitals and Trained Nurses. James W. Long. American Millionaires.

Homiletic Review.-New York. September. Light on the Pentateuch from Egyptology. A. H. Sayce. The Unevangelized People of Our Country. T. D. Wither

spoon. Tennyson's Attitude Toward Skepticism. Eugene Parsons. Protestant Church Problem in Germany. G. H. Schodde. The Kingdom of the Ten Tribes. J. F. McCurdy. Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies. —Phil.

adelphia. July. Foundations for Tall Buildings. Randell Hunt. Locomotive Counterbalancing. G. R. Henderson. Riveted Joints. J. R. Worcester. A Low Crib Dam Across Rock River. J. W. Woermann. Journal of Geology.-Chicago. (Semi-quarterly.) July

August. Decomposition of Rocks in Brazil. Orville A. Derby. Italian Petrological Sketches. H. S. Washington. Drainage Modifications. Marius R. Campbell. Giacial Studies in Greenland. T. C. Chamberlain. Deformation of Rocks. Journal of the Military Service Institution.-New York.

(Bi-monthly.) September. Elevation of Sites for Batteries. Major J. G. D. Knight. Preparation of the Infantry Soldier. Lieut. C. H. Muir. Field Artillery Practice Grounds. Lieut. F. S. Strong. Cavalry Fire Discipline. Major E. S. Godfrey. The Heavy Artillery of the Future. Lieut. Albert Todd. The Heating of an Army Post. Lieut. J. B. McDonald. Military Instruction in Colleges. Lieut. Frank L. Winn. The Army Medical Museum. Major Charles Smart. Dragomirow's System of Army Training, Major Tonnochy. Art of War as Made in Germany." T. M. Maguire. Field Fortifications. Lt.-Col. G. S. Clarke. Future of the Army Medical Staff. Lt.-Col. W. Hill Climo. Journal of Political Economy.-Chicago. (Quarterly.)

History and Present Application of the Quantity Theory,

H. P. Willis.
Social Selection. C. C. Closson.
Hadley's Economics. W. G. L. Taylor.
The Natural Basis of Interest. F. W. Sanders.

Kindergarten Magazine.--Chicago. September.
Boston Public School Kindergartens.
Kindergartners at Buffalo,
Imagination and Expression. John Dewey.

Knowledge. -London. September.
Waves. Continued. Vaughan Cornish.
The Causes of Color. J.J. Stewart.
A Quarter of a Century's Work on Respiration. C. F. Town-

send. The Total Eclipse of August 9, 1896. E. Walter Maunder. Some Curious Facts in Plant Distribution. Continued. W.

Botting Hemsley.
The Affinities of Flowers. F. Oswald.

Ladies' Home Journal.-Philadelphia. September.
The Personal Side of Dickens. Stephen Fiske.
The Fire Etcher and His Art. J. W. Fosdick.
This Country of Ours.-IX. Benjamin Harrison.
The Young Man as a Citizen. C. H. Parkhurst.

Leisure Hour.-London. September.
Echoes from the Dungeon of Vincennes. Tighe Hopkins.
On the Safe Conduct of Ships in Fog. Lieut. W. Johnson.
Glimpses of Johnson in Eighteenth Century Oxford. E. B

A Trip with Sheep in Australia.
The Round Towers of Ireland. G. H. Orpen.

Lend a Hand.-Boston. September.
Purification of Public Water Supplies._G. H. Rohe.
County Care of the Insane. James E. Heg.
Massacre at Van. Grace M. Kimball.
Plans for International Arbitration.
International Law. Chief Justice Russell.

Longman's Magazine.-London. September.
Mary Lepel, Lady Hervey. Austin Dobson.
The English Ranchwoman.

The Looker-On.-New York. September.
Voice Production and Analysis.
Adaptation of Shakespeare to Opera. F. W. Apthorp.

Lucifer.-London. August 15.
Fragments. H. P. Blavatsky.
The Lives of the Later Platonists. Continued. G. R. S.

Letters to a Catholic Priest. Continued. Dr. A. A. Wells.
The Unity Underlying All Religions. Concluded. Mrs.

An Important Letter of H. P. Blavatsky.
Occultism in English Poetry. Mrs. Ivy Hooper.

Macmillan's Magazine.-London. September.
The Man Pepys.
An Old Page of Danish History.
Brigandage in Sicily.
Notes From a Sportsnian's Journal.
"The Rise of the Buffs.

Menorah Monthly. New York. September.
A More Promising Future for the Jews of Russia. M. Ellin-

Jesus, the Pharisee. G. A. Danziger.

Midland Monthly.-Des Moines, Iowa. September.
Senator Foraker, His Family and His Friends. Mrs. C. F.

On Foot in Egypt and Palestine.-III. N. Tjernagel.
Sketch of the Dry Tortugas. E. L. Sabin.
Midland War Sketches.-XXV. Col. A. G. Hatry.
Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts. W. S. Moore.

Missionary Herald.-Boston. September,
"The Outbreak at Van, Eastern Turkey.
The Church and Schools of Adabazar, Turkey. J. K. Greene.
Missionary Review of the World.-New York. September.
Christian Missions, the Peculiar Enterprise of God.
The Year 1996 in Japan. G. W. Knox.
Spiritual Outfit

of the Medical Missionary. W. J. Wanless. About Foreign Hospitals and Dispensaries. Monthly Illustrator and Home and Country.-New York.

Seriousness in Art. George Gibbs.
Wild Flowers of the Rocky Mountains. A. C. Carson.
Whist and Its Masters.--II. R. F. Foster.
Glimpses of Samoa. Hugh H. Lusk.

Music.--Chicago. September.
Three Croatian Composers. J. J. Kral.
Development of Musical Conception. B. C. Henry.
Songs of the Lark and the Nightingale. I. G. Tompkins.
Some Available Music for Church Use.

National Magazine.- Boston. September.
Li Hung Chang. Arthur W. Tarbell.
The Curse of the East. C. H. Gibbons.
Yachting on the Great Lakes. Edmund S. Hoch.
The Tea Supply of the United States. Edward H. Miller.
The Newfoundland Bank Trials. P. T. McGrath.
A One-Sided View of Santa Cruz. G. S. Mead.

National Review.-London. September.
W. E. Gladstone's Return. H. D. Traill.
The Christian Motive. Bernard Holland.
Family Councils in France. Miss M. Betham Edwards.
The American Crisis :

I. T. Lloyd.
II. George Peel,

III. J. H. Tritton.
Sir Henry Irving's Claim. William Wallace.
Crocodile Tears and Fur Seals. Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper.
The Origin of Oxford. A. F. Leach,
A Bird's-Eye View of the Northwest Frontier of India.
The Study of Man. Prof. W. M. Flinders Petrie.
The Coming Crisis in Consols. Hugh Chisholm.

Nineteenth Century.--London. September. Sisyphus in Ireland : Twenty-five Land Acts in Twenty-six

The Baptism of Ciovis. Dr. Jessopp.
Some Recollections of Cardinal Newman. Aubrey de Vere.
At Sea, Martin Morris.
The Jew Baiting on the Continent. Dr. Emil Reich.
On Inductive Morality. Marchese Nobili Vitelleschi.
Boiling Milk. Mrs. Percy Frankland.
A Northern Pilgrimage to Nothumberland Sir Weymuss

An Attempt at Optimism. Hon. Lady Ponsonby.

Sailing for Ladies in Highland Lochs. Mrs. Walter Cryke. John Stuart Mill. Frederic Harrison.

The New World.-Boston. (Quarterly.) September. Browning's Theism. Josiah Royce. The Christocentric Theology. Charles F. Dole. The Problem of the Divided Church. George Hodges. The Education Controversy in England. Edward Porritt. Raising of the Dead in the Synoptic Gospels. E. A. Abbott. Renan After Thirty Years. Edward H. Hall. Relations Between Science and Religion. S. H. Mallone. The Eastern Orthodox Church. E. A. Grosvenor. Jainism and its Founder. J. T. Bixby.

North American Review.-New York. September. From a Silver to a Gold Standard in British Honduras. A.

Are the Farmers Populists? John M. Stahl.
America's Duty to Americans in Turkey. Cyrus Hamlin.
Woman's Battle in Great Britain, W. G. Blaikie.
The Plague of City Noises. I. H. Girdner.
The Late Session of Parliament. Justin McCarthy.
An Industrial Opportunity for America. E. Sowers.
The Coming Struggle on the Nile. Arthur Silva White.
The Pay of College Women. Frances M. Abbott.
Neo-Malthusianism. R. F. Clarke.
The Duty of the Hour. Warner Miller, Richard P. Bland.
Stage Scenery and the Vitascope. G. P. Lathrop.
The Truth About the Opium War. J. J. Alexander.
Roman and Anglo-Saxon Criminal Jurisprudence. E. I

Outing.–New York. September.
The Thirty Foot Class. R. B. Burchard.
Tenting in the Arid Lands. John Willis Hays.
Lenz's World Tour Awheel : Khoi to Killissakend.
Military Rifle Shooting in America. Lieut. A. S. Jones.

Overland Monthly.-San Francisco. September.
The Good Roads Movement.
Municipal Pavements.
League of American Wheelmen in Politics. F. H. Kerrigan.
The Water Supply of a Great City. Rounsevelle Wildman.
The Law and the Miner. T. L. Ford.
Argentiæ, or the Silver Problem. J. C. Levy.
The Napa Soda Springs. R. Wildman.
Humboldt and its Redwoods. M. M. Vaughan.

Pall Mall Magazine.-London. September.
The Country and the Towns of the Dart. Continued.
The Lilford Vivaria. J. A. Owen.
Marat; the Friend of the People. Prof. H. Morse Stephens.
Schlangenbad. W. B. Gardiner.
The Romance of Torpedo Boats.

G. E. Armstrong.
The Cambridge " A. D. C.” Continued. A. H. Marshall.

The Peterson Magazine.-New York. September.
Gen. Robert E. Lee, the Soldier and the Man. T. J. Mackay.
The Old Missions of California. Edith S. Tupper.
The True Story of Hamlet. G. H. Westley.
Rugby, an English Public School. Margaret G. O'Brien.
A Fire Department Training School.
American Naval Heroes.–VII. J. H. Brown.
Philosophical Review.-Boston. (Bi-monthly.) September.
Is Morality Without Religion Possible? O. Pfleiderer.
The Idealism of Spinoza. J. C. Murray.
The Relations of Psychology to Other Sciences. H. Griffing.
Cause and Function of Conscience. S. E. Mezes.

Photo-Beacon.-Chicago. August.
The Leeds Photographic Convention. H. P. Robinson.
Artistic Lighting.-. James Inglis.
Developer for Bromide Prints. Lee Baekeland.
Washing Prints Without Running Water.

Photographic Times.- New York. September.
The Focal Length of a Lense. How to Find It. F. C. Lambert.
Cloudland. Alice L. Snelling-Moqué.
Photography as an Auxiliary in Color Printing. O. Volkmar.
On the Opacity of Air. Victor Schumann.

Review of Reviews.-New York. September The Three Vice-Presidential Candidates and What They Rep

resent. Theodore Roosevelt. The Populists at St. Louis. Henry D. Lloyd. Outlook upon the Agrarian Propogada in the West. N. D.

Hillis. Would American Free Coinage Double the Price of Silver in

the Markets of the World C. B. Spahr, J. L. Laughlin. John Brown in the Adirondacks. Albert Shaw. The Lord Chief Justice on Arbitration,

Rosary Magazine.- New York. September.
The Catholic University at Fribourg.
The Yellowstone National Park.-III. George E. Hardy.

The Attack Drill at Chelsea Barracks.
Departmental Bimetallism. Brigade-Surgeon Lieut.-Col. W.

The Cossacks in War. Captain R. G. Burton.
A Prisoner in Abyssinia. Lily Wolffsohn.
Prospects of Australian Federation. J. Reid.
Kabul in 1879-80. Continued. Col. G. T. Pretyman.
The Fitting Out of the Baltic Fleet in 1851.
Captain Salusbury's Congo " Revelations." Henry M. Stan-

The Sisters of Mercy in New York,
Civilization, Law, and Liberty in Spain. John A. Mooney.

The Sanitarian.-New York. September.
Hygienic Precepts and How an Epidemic was Stamped Out.
Public Baths Essential to Public Health. M. Morris.
Purification of Water by Metallic Iron. C. W. Chancellor.
Street Cleaning in Paris.
Suburban Sanitation. G. B. Thornton.
Vivisection Justifiable, H. P. Bowditch.

The Stenographer.-Philadelphia September.
Law Reporting: H. W. Thorne.
Talks on Teaching.-II. John Watson.
Typewriting in the Public Schools. Bates Torrey.

School Review.-Chicago. September.
The Tripartite Division of Education. B. A. Hinsdale.
Secondary Education. W. H. Smiley.
What Constitutes a Secondary School.

Strand Magazine.-London. August 15.
The Prince's Derby; as Told by Lightning Photography.
Through a Telescope ; the Discovery of Neptune.
Some Curious Public School Customs. T. S. Oldham.
Some Wonders of the Microscope. W. G. Fitzgerald.
Pastimes at Sea. Framley Steelcroft.

Students' Journal.-New York. September.
Speech of Hon. W. J. Bryan at Chicago.
Training for Longevity.

Sunday at Home –London. September.
Concerning Knives. Ida Lemon.
Sorne Town Problems.
Among the Burmans.
St. Spiridion ; One of the Nicene Fathers. Rev. F. Hastings.
The Handwriting of Famous Divines. Dr. A. B. Grosart.

Temple Bar.-London. September.
Satires and Satirists in Literature.
The Training of the Laborer. Francis McNab.
Selborne and Gilbert White. H. P. Palmer.

United Service Magazine.-London. September.
Li Hung Chang ; Our Chinese Guest.
Age of Entry to the Navy.
Canteen Profits.
Artillery Reform.

The United Service.-Philadelphia. September. The New French Naval Programme. C. B. R. Kent. The Campaign and Battle of Chicamauga. Col. E. T. Wells. The Human Animal in Battle. H. W. Wilson. A Summer Cruise with Farragut.

Westminster Review.-London. September. The Foreigner. C. D. Farquharson. The Present Situation of Sunday Opening. Continued.

Frederic Peake. The Ethics of Statecraft. Horace Seal. German and English Interest in Samoa. J. F. Rose-Soley. Imperative Free Trade. Robert Ewen. Latter Day Conservatism in Scotland. W. M. Ramsay. Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Janet Harper. The Economics of Rating. George Orosoer. Should Canvassing at Parliamentary Elections be Abolished ?

L. Emanuel.
Mosquitoes and Their Enemies. L. Irwell.
Wilson's Photographic Magazine.- New York. September.
Pictorial Photography and Portraiture.
How to Study Process Chromatics.-IV. C. Ashleigh Snow.
Papers for Professional Photographers.-XVIII. John A.

Outdoors With the Camera.
A Single Slant Light Studio.
Variety in the Treatment of the Subject.
Chapters on Portraiture.-VI. J. A. Tennant.

Yale Review.-New Haven. (Quarterly.) August. Standard of Living of Amercian Workingmen. Emile Levas

seur. Government Publications. W. F. Willoughby. A Social Reformer of the Fifteenth Century. Frank Good

rich. International Bimetallism. H. W. Farnam. Land Tenure Among the Negroes. Pitt Dillingham.


Daheim.- Leipzig.

August 1.
Rudolf Kögel. With Portrait. E. Frommel.
Andrée's North Polar Balloon Expedition. Dr. G. Wegener.

August 8.
Old Church Registers. A. von Rieben.
The Emperor's Visit to Italy. H. Bohrdt.

August 15.
Ernst Curtis. With Portrait. Prof. 1. Jäger.
The German Colonial Exhibition at Berlin. T. H. Pantenius.

August 22.
Hermann von Wied. Dr. C. Meyer.

August 29.
The Lungs (Open Spaces, etc.) of Berlin. 0. Preuss.
Hermann von Wied. Continued. Dr. C. Meyer.
Deutscher Hausschatz.-Regensburg.

Heft 15.
Coal Mines. K. Kollbach.
Frey Lope Felix de Vega Carpio. Prof. K. Pasch.

Heft 16.
The Horned Beetle and the German Parrot. Dr. O. Warnatsch.
Babylon Then and Now. Dr. J. Nikel.

Deutsche Revue.-Stuttgart. August. Prince Bismarck and the North German Bund. Continued. Lutzow and Kitzen, 1813. Dr. A. Pfister. Robert Hamerling. F. Lemmermayer. The Most Celebrated of the Prisoners of the Bastille. F.

Leopold von Ranke and Varnhagen von Ense. T. Wiede-

On the Care of the Skin. Dr. H. von Hebra.
Reminiscences. Continued. Dr. Henrici.
Precious Stones. M. H. Bauer.

Deutsche Rundschau.-Berlin. August.
Pictures of Iceland. A. Heusler.
Königsberg (Prussia) University Continued. L. Fried-


Experimental Pedagogy. L. Stern.
The Develpment of History Writing Among the Ancients.
The Berlin Exhibition. J. Lessing.
The Inauguration of the Goethe-Schiller Archive at Weimar.

A. Schöna.
Ernst Curtius. H. Grimm.
Vom Fels zum Meer.-Stuttgart.

Heft 23.
Eduard Grützner. B. Rauchenegger.
Sport in Wyoming. Dr. Max Graf von Zeppelin.
The Bayreuth Festival. G. Klitscher.

Heft 24,
The Wendelstein.
Budapest. L. Hevesi.
The Berlin Art Gallery.

Heft 25.
Iceland. Dr. O. Cahnheim.
The Volme and Lenne Valleys.

Konservative Monatsschrift.-Leipzig. August.
Turkish Reforms. Spanuth.
Berlin Exhibition.
The Dueling Question.
The Intellectual Awakening of Russia. J. von Reincke.
German Mottoes. Continued. A. Freybe.

Neue Revue.- Vienna.

August 5.
Co-education. Prof. L. Fleischener.
Emanuel Hansted, Danish Poet. E. Schlaikjer.

August 19.
The Congrua Question in Hungary. J. Déri.

Nord und Süd.-Breslau. gust.
The Malays and Their Literature. Gertrud Danne
Art and Play of Animals. H. Schmidkunz.
Dr. Hans Richter. With Portrait. G. Schoenaich.
Madame Vigée-Lebrun. A. Friedmann.


Bibliothèque Universelle.-Paris. August. France and Prussia in 1870. Edmond Rossier. Slatin Pasha, a Prisoner of the Mahdi. Continued. M. Muret. Home for Inebriates. Dr. Châtelan. The Impotence of the European Powers. Ed. Tallichet.

Nouvelle Revue.-Paris.

August 1.
The Poem of the Rhone. Mistral.
Isabeau of Bavaria. V. de l'Isle-Adam.
Seven Years of Republican Government in Brazil.-I. O.

Grottoes and Caverns. F. de Villenoisy.
Exploring in Annam and Laos. M. Mercier.
Letters on Foreign Politics. Madame Juliette Adam.

August 15.
The Poem of the Rhone. Mistral.
Jules Simon as Schoolmaster. J. Simon.
Seven Years Republican Government in Brazil.-II. O.

Melancholia and Its Treatment. M. de Fleury.
The East Against the West. A. Fock,
Letters on Foreign Politics. Madame Juliette Adam.

Revue Bleue.-Paris.

August 1.
The Scarcity of Water in Paris. Paul Strauss.
Eugène Spuller. Hector Depasse.

August 8.
The Problem of Modern Education and the University. M.

The Socialist Congress in London. L. de Seilhac.

August 15.
Borny and Gravelotte in 1870. Col. Patry.
Statistics of the French Salons. Victor Turquan.

August 22.
Renée de France, Duchesse de Ferrare. E. Müntz.
A Conversation with M. Fogazzaro. E. Tissot.

August 29.
The Socialist Congress in London. Continued. L. de Seilhac.
The Problem of Modern Education and the University. Con.
tinued. M. Leloup.
Revue des Deux Mondes.-Paris.

August 1. The Organization of Universal Suffrage.- VII. C. Benoist. Mary E. Wilkins, a New England Novelist. T. H. Bentzon. Drinking Water. J. Rochard. Australia and New Zealand. P. Leroy Beaulieu. A Prejudice Against Memory : Memory and the Mind. C.

C. Melinaud. Dr. Theodore Billroth and His Correspondence. G. Valbert.

August 15. Duchess of Burgundy and the Savoy Alliance Under Louis

XIV.-III. Arts and Crafts ; the Ideal in the Future of Art. G. Dubufe. Religious Germany, and the Evolution of Contemporary


The Swedish Novel.-III. O. G. de Heidenstam.
On the Eve of a Presidential Election. R. G Levy:
Cardinal Lavigerie's French Precursors in Mussulman

Revue de Paris.-Paris.

August 1. Letters. M. Desbordes Valmore. Li Hung Chang. Père Goldre. The Youth of Tourgueneff. E. Haumant. A Visit to the Acropolis. G. Larroumet. Edmond de Goncourt. _G. H. Rosny. The Exhibition of the Hungarian Millennium. E. Sayous.

August 15.
Ultima. A. Daudet.
Alfred de Musset and George Sand. M. Clouard.
The Diary of a Frenchman in Moscow. May-June, 1896.
The Presentation at Court of Madame Du Barry. P. de

In ina. Paul Cla el.

Revue Politique et Parlementaire. -Paris. August.
The Conditions of Labor and Collectivism. A. Bouge.
The Woman Movement in England. Mlle. M. G. Fawcett.
Agricultural Protection in Belgium. L. Strauss.
Conciliation and Arbitration. A. Spire.

Revue des Revues.- Paris.

August 1.
Portraits of Goethe. Charles Simond.
Edmond de Goncourt. With Portrait.
The de Goncourts. Remy de Gourmont.

August 15.
The Armenian Literary Movement. Tigrane Tergat.
Automobiles. Georges Brunel.

Revue Scientifique.-Paris.

August 1.
Theories and Applications of Chemistry. M. Berthelot.
The New Anglo-Russian Frontier in Central Asia. Ed. Blanc.

August 8.
Auguste Laurent. Ed. Grimaux.
The Decimal Division of Time. H. de Sarrauton.

August 15.
Fundamental Notions in the Mathematical Sciences. M. E.

Auguste Laurent. Ed. Grimaux,

August 22.
A Biological Study of Pain. C. Richet.
The Climate of Brazil. L. Cruls.

August 29.
Fundamental Notions of the Mathematical Sciences. M. E.

Revue Socialiste.-Paris. August. The Results of the Méline System. Paul Louis. Public Fêtes. Rioux de Maillon. The Law of Succession. Tony Tardieu. The International Socialist Congress in London. G. Renard.


Nuova Antologia.-Rome.

August 1.
The Recent Encyclical on the Unity of the Churches. A.

The Straw Plaiters in Tuscany. Prof P. Villari.

The Situation in Eastern Asia. L. Nocentini.
Religious Corporations. C. Carassai.
The Eclipse of the Sun. F. Porro.

August 15.
G. Acerbi and His Writings. A. Luzio.
The "Pardon " of Assisi. Paul Sabatier.
The Constitution of Utah. F. Racioppi.
Tripolitania. L. R. Bricchetti.
The Bankruptcy of Science in the Days of Galileo. A. Paoli.

Rassegna Nazionale.-Florence.

August 1. The School. Augusto Conti. Oral Preaching and the Rule of Faith Against Protestants.

G. B.

A Translation of Gurendl's XIIIth Satire. A. Virgili.
The Logic of Politcal Abstention. C. Rossi.
Padre A. Tagliaferri. T. Petrone,
Religious Instruction According to the Law. Regulus.

August 16.
On Decentralization. Part II. V. Ricci.
The New Rays. R. Ferrini.
Prince Eugene of Savoy. P. Fea.
Sunday Rest. A. Rossi.

España Moderna.--Madrid. August.
José de Mendez; an Historical Painter. Marquis de Valmar.
Morocco. Felipe Rizzo y Almeia.
Chief Characteristic and the Material Basis of Old Spanish
Revista Contemporanea.-Madrid,

July 30.
On Teaching. Eduardo Sanz y Escartin.
The Town of Avila. G. M. Vergara y Martin.
Quevedo as a Moralist. E. Blanchet.

August 15.
San Juan de la Peña : Its History and Traditions.
On Morality. E. Sanz y Escartin.
Revista Brazileira.-Rio de Janeiro.

No. 37.
Singers of Former Times : Rosina Stolz. E. Doria.
The Cause and Prevention of Malarial Fevers. Dr. M. Nery.
Fetish Animism. Dr. N. Rodriguez,

No. 38.
First Impressions of the United States. O. Lima.
Facts About Insect Life. Domingos Freire.

Revista Moderna.-Lisbon. No. 40.
Queen Santa Isabel.
The Animatograph.

De Gids.-Amsterdam. August.
Impressions of Canton. Henri Borel.
The Mines of Herodas. Dr. N. J. Singels.

Plantijn, a Libertine of the Sixteenth Century. Max Rooses
Arne Garbourg. Mrs. G. A. E. Oert.

Dr. Stahl on Variegated Leaves. S. H. Koorders.
The Cultivation of Fibrous Plants. H. J. Wigman.
Transplanting Coffee Plants.

Vragen des Tijds.-Haarlem, August.
The Appoinment of a University Professor. J. A. Levy.
Higher Education in Italy. J. L. A. Salverda de Grave.

Tilskueren.-Copenhagen. July.
Impressions of London. Georg Brandes.
Young Svejdal. Olaf Hansen.
Walter Crane. Karl Madsen.
Orators and Actors. C. N. Starcke.
From Rule of Noble to Reign of King.
A Bit of Danish History.


Unless otherwise specified all references are to the September numbers of periodicals.

For table of abbreviations see page 512. Abyssinia :

Blackmore, R. D., Novels of, Black. The Italians in Africa, J. T. Bent, FR.

Brown, John, in the Adirondacks, Albert Shaw, RR. A Prisoner in Abyssinia, Lily Wolfsohn, USM.

Browning's Theism, Josiah Royce, NW. Africa :

Bunner, H. C., Brander Matthews, Scrib. The Fringe of the African Desert, D. G. Hogarth, C.

Burmah : Among the Burmans, SunM.
Capt. Salisbury's Congo “Revelations," H. M. Stanley, Burr, Aaron, An Unpublished Essay on " Honor," by, Cos.

California : Yosemite Memories. W. H. Gleadell, GM.
Dr. Jameson's Raid and the Trial at Bar, E. Dicey, FR. Cambodian Primary School, APS.
Agrarian Propaganda in the West, Outlook upon, N. D. Canada's Change of Government, S. R. Tarr, BA.
Hillis, RR.

Canals: Joining the Atlantic to the Pacific, G. E. Walsh, Agriculture :

Chaut. Declining Farming, CJ.

Caricature and Caricaturists, Political, R. Shackleton. G
Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts, W. S. Moore, MidM. Carthagenian Log, A., T. H. B. Graham, GM.
Alaska, J. G. Brady, Chaut.

Castelane, Comte de, C. S. Oakley, C.
American Republic, Future of the, G. W. Thompson, AMC. Change Ringing, Scientific, A. H. Nichols, HGM.
Anæsthesia, The Discovery of, E. W. Morton, McCl.

Chicago Convention, The, I. L. Rice, A. D. White, F. Antitoxin Treatment of Diphtheria a Success, W. P. North- Chicamauga, Campaign and Battle of, Col. E. T. Wells, US. rup, F.

Children Arbitration :

Poetry for Children, E. V. Lucas, FR. Plans for International Arbitration, LAH.

Childhood and Science, CJ. The Lord Chief Justice on Arbitration, RR.

Church and Christianity : Arc, Joan of, A. H. Dick, Ata.

A Modern View of Jesus Christ, J. B. Crozier, FR. Architecture: Zoology in Wood and Stone, SunM.

The Christian Motive, B. Holland, NatR. Armenian Question, W. M. Ramsay, CR.

Church Reform. J. J. Lias, CR. Armies :

Citizen, The Young Man as a, C. H. Parkhurst, LHJ. The Rise of the Buffs, Mac,

Clergy and Marriage, E. J. Hardy, GM. See also contents of JMSI, USM.

Cliff Dwellings, T. M. Prudden, Harp. Astronomy :

Colonial Dames and Their Daughters, Sally N. Robins, FrL. The total eclipse of August 9, 1896, E. W. Maunder, K.

Color, Causes of, J. J. Stewart, K. The Discovery of Neptune, Sir Robert Ball, Str, Aug.

Conscience, Cause and Function of, S. E. Mezes, PRev. Two Centuries of Astronomy in Edinburgh, G. W. Niven, Conversation, On-II., J. P. Mahaffy, Chaut. Scots.

Conservative Party in Scotland, W. M. Ramsay, WR. Australia :

Cretar Question A Trip with Sheep in Australia, LH.

Th Situation in Crete, CR Balfour, A. J., FreeR.

The Cretan Question FR Ballot, Different Forms of the, L. J. Vance, Chaut.

Crime. The Modern Treatment of, S. T. Dutton, Ed. Banks: Swiss Banks of Issue, G Mag.

Crime, Immigration and, S. G. Fisher, APS. Banziris of the Congo Basin, M. F. J. Clozel, APS.

Cuba : Bessemer, Sir Henry, R. H. Thurston, CasM.

Fire and Sword in Cuba, Clarence King, F. Betting, CJ.

The War in Cuba, Frederick A. Ober, FrL. Bible and Bible Criticism :

Dairy-Farming : Boiling Milk, N. C. The Historical Jesus and the Christs of Faith, CR.

Dante, The Word-Painting of, Anna T. Sadlier, CW. Daniel in the Critics' Den, Free R.

Dart River, Duchess of Somerset and Mrs. Tom Kelly, PMM. Light on the Pentateuch from Egyptology, A. H. Sayce, Denmark: An Old Page of Danish History, Mac. HomR.

Dickens, The Personal Side of, Stephen Fiske, LHJ. The Kingdom of the Ten Tribes, J. F. McCurdy, HomR. Dogbane and Milkweed, Maud Going, APS. Bicycling :

Don Quixote, On the Trail of-II., A. F. Jaccaci, Serib. Lenz's World Tour Awheel: Khoi to Killissakend, O.

Driving, The Art of, H. C. Merwin, Harp. The Bicycle Outlook, Isaac B. Potter, CM.

Education : Bimetallism :

Democracy and Education, N. M. Butler, ERNY. Fallacies about Gold and Silver, G Mag.

The High School System, L. R. Harley. AAPS. The Monetary Standard, W. H. Hale, BA.

Some Curious Public School Customs, Str. Aug. The Silver Question, J. W. Longley, Can M.

Education Controversy in England, Edward Porritt, NW. International Bimetallisin, H. W. Farnam, YR.

Egypt: Some Features of the New Issue, R. J. Mahon, (W.

The Coming Struggle on the Nile. A. S. White, NAR. Argentiæ, or the Silver Problem, J. C. Levy, OM.

Egypt and Palestine, On Foot in---III., MidM. Would Free Coinage Double the Price of Silver, RR.

Egypt and the Soudan: The Soudan Adrance, Black. From a Silver to a Gold Standard in British Honduras, Electricity: See contents of Eng M. NAR.

England : Bimetallism, Bank, NY.

The Late Session of Parliament, Justin McCarthy, NAR. Birds:

England's" Free Trade Jubilee," GMag. Nightingales' Nests, C. J. Cornish, Sun M.

English, Conversational, P. F. Bicknell, D, Sept 1.

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