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Our Electoral System. S. M. Merrill.
The Best Currency. Albion W. Tourgée.
Prospects of Education in England. John E. Gorst.
A Hindrance to Our Foreign Trade. Thomas R. Jernigan.
Educational Uses of Hypnotism. R. O. Mason.
If Silver Wins :
The Shrinkage of Wages. Louis Windmüller.

Inevitable Constitutional Changes. W. Clark.
Our Neglected Shipping. Alex. Ř. Smith.
France's Task in Madagascar. Frederick Taylor.
Why American Industry Languishes. Hilary A. Herbert.
The Ship of State Adrift.-II. Andrew Carnegie.

Outing.-New York. October,
Trotting Road Teams and Their Drivers. E. B. Abercrombie.
Bear Hunting in British Columbia. W. E. Coffin.
Racing Schooners. R. B. Burchard.
Lenz's World Tour Awheel : The Chaldiran Valley.
Football : Review of the Season of 1895. Walter Camp.
National Guard of the State of Maine. Capt. C. B. Hall.

Overland Monthly.--San Francisco. October.
Humboldt Bay and Its Jetty System.
The Competition of Japan. George C. Perkins.
Progress. John J. Valentine.
Commerce Not an Accident. Charles E. Naylor.
The Good Roads Movement.-II. C. F. Johnson.
Is the West Discontented ? J. E. Bennett.

Pall Mall Magazine.-London. October.
Hatches ; the Birthplace of the United Kingdom. J. H.

Schooling: Marat; the Friend of the People. Continued. Prof. H.

M. Stephens.
The Evolution of H. M. S. Britannia. Hamilton Williams.
Old Memories of the Indian Mutiny. Continued. Gen. Sir

Hugh Gough.
Exmoor Ponies. Miss Evelyn March Phillipps.

The Peterson Magazine.-New York. October
The Second City of the World.
The Widow in History. Mae H. Anson.
Some Orators of the Campaign. Margherita A. Hamm.
The Adirondack League Club. M. A. Hamm.
Famous Juliets of Olden Times and New.
American Naval Heroes. John H. Brown,

The Photo-American.--New York. September.
Imagination and Photography. F. C. Lambert.
Diffused Light in the Camera.
Bird Life. R. B. Lodge.
Demonstration of Color Screen Making and Testing:
Influence of Hypo in the Metol Developer. J. M. Eder.
Solarization of Dry Plates. Ed. Liesegang.

Comparative Tests with Orthochromatic Plates. S. H Hor.

On Backgrounds. A. H. Wall.
Some Points Concerning Silver Prints. C. H. Bothamley.
To Save an Over Exposed Negative.
Stereoscopic Photography with One Lens. A. H. Sexten.
The Enamel Process on Copper and Zinc. G. Fritz.
Cause of Relief in Gelatine Negatives,

Photo-Beacon.-Chicago. September.
Some Lens Calculations.
Coloring Prints.
Variety of Subject.
Artistic Lighting.–VI.
Notes on the Pyro-Developed Image. Alfred Watkins.
A Cheap and Easy Printing Process.

Photographic Times.- New York. October.
The Development of Chronophotography. C. F. Jenkins.
Naturalistic Photography.-II. P. H. Emerson.
Orthochromatic Plates. S. H. Horgan.
Yellow Screens and Isochromatic Plates. W. K. Burton.
Brilliancy in Negatives. Chapman Jones.
Yacht Photography. C. 0. Dentry.
Encyclopædic Dictionary of Photography : Cork Developer.

Poet-Lore.-Boston. August-September.
Shelley and Verlaine. Alice L. Wilson.
New Ideas in Teaching Literature.

Political Science Quarterly.-Boston. September.
Trade Union Democracy.-I. Sidney and Beatrice Webb.
Agricultural Discontent.-I. C. F. Emerick.
Free Silver and Wages. R. Mayo-Smith,
Silver in Commerce. Worthington C. Ford.
After Effects of Free Coinage. J. B. Clark.
The Colonial Corporation.-II. H. L. Osgood.
The History of English Law. Heinrich Brunner.

Presbyterian Quarterly.-Richmond, Va. October.
Constitution of the Seminary Curriculum. B. B. Warfield.
The Old Testament and Social Reform. Louis Voss.
The Church of the Living God. Henry M. White.
Authority of the Catechisms and Confessions. H. C. Mintor.
Christian Giving in the Sanctuary Service. R. E. Prime.
Testing System of the Irish Church. T.C. Johnson.
Presbyterian and Reformed Review.-Philadelphia. (Quar.

terly.) October.
Talbot Wilson Chambers. J. P. Searle.
The Jerusalem Chamber. E. D, Morris.
Effect of the Fall of Man on Nature. W. A. Holliday.
Wanted: A Definition of Conscience. H. A. Johnston.
The Early

Bermuda Church. W. R. Notman.
Christian Endeavor and the General Assembly. D. R. Breed.

Review of Reviews.-New York. October. The Three Strategic Chiefs of the Presidential Campaign :

Marcus A. Hanna. Murat Halstead. James K. Jones. Willis J. Abbot. Marion Butler. Carl Snyder. The Rise of the “National Democracy." Elbridge G. Dun

nell. Princeton After One Hundred and Fifty Years. W. M.

Jules Simon. Pierre de Coubertin.

Rosary Magazine.- New York, October,
Catholic University of Fribourg.-II.
The Dominican Nuns of Blauvelt, N. Y.
In the Land of Joss. Annie G. Peck.
Letters on the Dominican Order. P. Duchaussoix.

The Sanitarian.-New York. October.
Sanitary Progress. C. H. Shepard.
History of the Public Rain Bath in America. H. B. Barusch.
Drunkenness a Vice-It Should be so Treated. A. N Bell.
Resources of Climate in Health and Disease. S. S. Wallian.
Brooklyn's Bad Water. A. N. Bell.

The Stenographer.-Philadelphia October.
Law Reporting: H. W. Thorne.
Talks on Teaching.-III. John Watson.

School Review.-Chicago. October.
Greek and Latin in the Higher Schools of Germany-I. J. E.

Russell. Matters of Scholarship and Methods of Teaching. F. W.

Kelsey. Teaching of Economics in Secondary Schools. H. W. Thurs.

ton. Dramatic Incidents in the Conquest of Gaul. J. R. Nelson.

Scot's Magazine.-Perth. October.
William Creech, Burns' Publisher and Patron. Continued.
The Columbian Monastery of Hinba. C. Aitchison.
Notes of a Tour Among the Western Islands. Continued.

A. C. Baildon.
Mythical Islands of the Western Atlantic. G. W. Niven.

Strand Magazine.-London. September 15.
Prince Ranjitsinhji : Interview.
“Animal" Furniture. W. G. FitzGerald. Old Newspapers; From Charles I. to Queen Victoria.
Launching Big Battleships and Ocean Liners. David Pol-

lock. The Modern Mercury; a Quantitative Account of Post-Office

Modern Pearl Fishing. H. P. Whitmarsh.

Students' Journal.-New York. October.
Stenography in Public Schools.

Sunday Magazine.-London. October.
Our Children's Names. W. C. Preston.
The Fall of the Water-Spirits. C. Battersby.
At Home with the Pheasants. Walter Botham.
Perplexing Providences. John Watson.

Temple Bar.-London. October.
Quinta-Life in Argentina. J. Barnard James.
The Round Table in the Middle Ages. Frederick Dixon.
Recollections of Edward Augustus Freeman,
Stéphane Mallarmé. A. Manston.
The Lake District Churches. C. Edwardes.

The United Service.-Philadelphia. October.
Some Ships the Ancients. Gen. Henry Preble.
The Yorktown Campaign of September and October, 1781.
At Sea. Martin Morris.
Li Hung Chang. A. Michie.
The Humanities of Diet. H. S. Salt.

United Service Magazine.-London. October. Armenia : the Question of the Hour. Major-Gen. Maurice. The Old Navy and the New. Volunteer Musketry. Horse and Field Artillery. J. F. Cadell. Re Self and the Congo State ; H. M. Stanley and Captain

Salusbury: Kabul in 1879-80. Continued. Col. G. T. Pretyman. The Proposed Abolition of the Army Veterinary Depart

ment. Metz and the Fields Around. C. E. de la Poer Beresford. The Case of Colonel Stoffel. Capt. J. R. Hall. The Attack Drill at Chelsea Barracks. "Three Field Officers." The Commander-in-Chief and the Indian Army. By a Reporter.

Westminster Review,-London. October.
The Present Situation of Sunday Opening. Continued. M.

H. Judge.
The Record of the Parliamentary Session. J. Herlihy.

Professional Dogmatism in Literature. Maurice Todhunter. The Modern " Wall of Partition " in the Churches. A. M.

MacKay. The Metric System of Weights and Measures. F. Maxwell

Christianity and the Ethical Spirit. C. Ford.
Revival of Jacobitism. Col. S. Dewe White.
Journalism as a Profession. F. Wilson.
Irregular Marriages and Illegitimacy in Scotland. G. Bizet.
The Condition of the Individual in a Socialistic State. Lily

H. Montagu.
G. Du Maurier's Novel “ Trilby." Mary G. Husband.
A Chapter on Local Government. M. Porritt.

Wilson's Photographic Magazine.-New York. October.
How to Study Process Chromatics.-V. C. Ashleigh Snow.
Photographing Children. E. B. Core.
Mounting and Framing

Outdoor Portraiture. °John Bartlett.
Value of Orthochromatic Plates. S. H. Horgan.



September 5.
Grand Duke Friederich of Baden. With Portrait. E. von

The Beginnings of Aërial Navigation.

September 12.
Johanna Spyri. With Portrait. R. Koenig.
Solothurn. "J. C. Heer.

September 26.
Annaberg and Its Origin. H. Ermisch.
South Polar Research. F. Mewius.

Deutscher Hausschatz.-Regensburg. Heft 17.
In the Dolomites. H. Kerner.
Ibsen's Social Dramas. J. K. Lejeune.
The Bavarian Exhibition at Nürnberg.

Deutsche Revue.-Stuttgart. September.
Prince Bismarck and the North German Bund. Concluded.
François Coppée and His Dramatic Works. Madame M. S.

van de Velde.
On the Care of the Skin. Concluded. Dr. H. von Hebra.
Personal Reminiscences of Robert Hamerling: Concluded.
Reminiscences of a Schleswig-Holsteiner. Concluded. Dr.

Lützow and Kitzen, 1813. Continued. A. Pfister.
Reminiscences of Robert Schumann. Carl Reinecke.
On Instinct. Prof. C. Lloyd Morgan.

Deutsche Rundschau.-Berlin. September.
Rural Life in Germany. F. Ratzel.
Pithecanthropus ; a Connecting Link Between Ape and Man.
Pictures of Iceland. Continued. A. Heuslar.
Benito Pérez Galdós, and the Modern Spanish Novel.
The Daily Press and the Religious Life of To-day. Dr. E.

German Commerce in the Sixteenth Century.
Eliza Wille's " Johannes Olaf.” Dr. G. Wegener.

Neue Revue.-Vienna.

September 2.
New German Politics--the Agrarians. C. Alberti.
The Psychology of the Modern Soldier. Prof. G. Ferrero.
Helmholtz's Speeches. Dr. A. Lampa.
The Emancipation of Siaves. J. K. Ingram.

September 9.
Education of Women in Russia. Prof. L. Fleischner.
The Emancipation of Slaves. Continued.

September 16.
Class Wars. J. Lippau.

September 23.
The Regulation of the Lower Danube. J. Deri.

Nord und Süd.-Breslau. September.
Roman Annals. W. Soltau.
Unfair Competition. C. Schoeps.
Caucasian Costume. B. Stern.
Gutenberg's Discoveries, 1429-1444. F. Thudichum.
Karl August Schneegans. O. Wilda.
Vom Fels zum Meer.-Stuttgart.

Heft 26.
Bee-Farming. J. M. Roth.
Goslar. W. Schulz.
Summer in Hamburg. . H. Reuter.

Heft 1.
Modern Philanthropy. T. Duimchen.
The Eifel Country. A. Dronke.

Heft 2.
The Upper Engadine. 0. Peregrinus.
The Planet Mercury. L. Brenner.
London Clubs. J. Forster.


The Occult Sciences in the Eighteenth Century. V. du Bled.
Esoteric Christianity. Abbé A. J. Petit.
Death of Louis XV. P. de Nolhac.
The Mission of the Ragged. ^P. de Coubertin.
Aix and Marseilles. A. Elbert.

Bibliothèque Universelle.-Paris. September. Alexander II. and Russian Reform. Michel Delines. The Tetralogy at Bayreuth. Mme. Mary Bigot.

* Cleg Kelly," by S. R. Crockett. Aug. Glardon. France and Prussia in 1870. Concluded. Edmond Rossier.

Nouvelle Revue.-Paris.

September 1.
The Rhone. F. Mistral.
Military Discipline and Subordination. General Dragomi.

The Coinedies of Corneille. Count de Mouy.
Some Unpublished Letters. J. Simon.
B. M. Malabari. D. Menant.
Letters on Foreign Politics. Madame Juliette Adam.

September 15.
Personal and Military Recollections.-I. General Oudinot.
The Triple Alliance and the Italian Democracy. N. Cola-


Revue Bleue.- Paris.

September 5. Some Unpublished Letters of Maxime Du Camp. E. de Fal.

lois. The Women's Congress at the University of Zurich. K. Schirmacher.

September 12.
The Work of the Municipality of Paris. Paul Strauss.
Charles Le Goffic. L. Barracand.

September 19.
The Last French Whalers. Charles Le Goffic.
Napoleon I. and Corsica. Joseph Turquan.

September 26. Electoral Reform in France. J. P. Laffitte. Claude Tillier. G. Art.

Revues des Deux Mondes.-Paris.

September 1.
Archæologic Excursions ; Apropos of Dougga and El Diem.
The Croatean-Servian Conflict. C. Loiseau.
The London International Socialist Congress. F. de Pres-

The Ivory Coast ; What It Is and What It Should Become.
The Age of Advertisement. M Talmeyr.
A New Book on Islam. G. Valbert.

September 15.
An Academician's Recollections. J. Bertrand.
The Fifteen Months Military Service. Commandant G.

de L.
Goethe IV. as Court Poet. E. Rod.
The Carthage of To-day. A. Barine.
Australia and New Zealand ; the Recent Crisis. P. Leroy-

Revue de Paris.-Paris.

September 1.
Colbert and Mazarin. E. Lavisse.
The Conquest of Free Education (1831-1850). Vicomte de

Journalistic Recollections M. Tameyr.
Bakounine and Socialism at Lyons. A. Richard.
Echoes From Alsace.

September 15.
Pilgrims From Metz. P. and V. Margueritte.
Letters to the Countess of Bentinck. Voltaire.
Toward the Pole-Nansen and André. 0. G. de Heidenstam.
Private Life During the Rencissance. E. Bonaffé.
General Gallieni. J. Hess.

Revue Politique et Parlementaire.-Paris. September 10. Democracy, Electoral Systems and Proportional Representa.

The Conditions of Labor and Collectivism. Concluded. A.

The Rights of Married Women to the Products of Their

La bor.
Sickness and Old Age in Rural Mutual Aid Societies. L. de

Revue des Revues.-Paris. September 1.
Men and Towns. Prof. G. Ferrero.
The Art of the Poster. Jean Finot.
The Centenary of Robert Burns. G. Simond.

Revue Scientifique.-Paris.

September 5.
The Röntgen Rays. J. J. Thomson.
Acetylene and Its Applications. E. Hubou.

September 12.
The Congress of Psychology. Carl Stumpf,
Colonization and Tropical Hygiene. Stokvis.

September 19.
A New Principle of the Cosmogonic Theory., A. Duponchel.
To the North Pole in Sub-Marine Boats. G. L. Pesce.

September 26.
The Storms in France and Agricultural Disasters. V. Tur.

The Harmony of the Spheres. L. Barré.

Revue Socialiste.-Paris. September.
The Population Problem. Désiré Descamps.
The Idealist Movement. Eugène Fournière.
A New. Interpretatiou of Sociologic Phenomena. Dr. L



Unless otherwise specified all references are to the October numbers of periodicals.

For table of abbreviations see page 640 Acetylene, the New Illuminant, V. J. Youmans, APS.

Bunker Hill, The Battle of, F. N. Scott, AH Reg. Acrobats : Training of Child Acrobats, EI.

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Byron's Life and Teachings, T. W. Hunt, HomR. Re Self and the Congo State, Capt. Salusbury, USM.

Cakes and Ale, Agnes Repplier, AM.
Impressions of the Transvaal, Melton Prior, EI.

California : Humboldt Bay and Its Jetty System, OM.
The Case of the Pretoria Prisoners, G. G. Ramsay, NewR. Canada :
Glave in the Heart of Africa, E. J. Glave, CM.

Through the Sub-Arctics of Canada-IV., CanM.
Agricultural Discontent-I. C. F. Emerick, PSQ.

Canada as a Field for Mining Investment, NatR. Ambulances, NC.

Cartoon, The Present Campaign in, M. Humphrey, G. Anglophobia, Admiral Maxse, NatR.

Catechisms and Confessions, Authority of the, H. C. Mintor, Animal Automatism and Consciousness, C. L. Morgan, Mon. PQ Arbitration :

Charity, The Economics of Organized, M. McG. Dana, GMag. International Law and Arbitration, Chief Justice Russell, Chicago Fire, Quarter Centennial of the, E. S. Hoch, NatM. F.

Children: About French Children, Th. Bentzon, CM. International Arbitration, John Westlake, IJE.

China : Arbitration in Theory and Practice, Black.

The Land of Joss, Annie G. Peck, R. Architecture, Arraignment of American City, E. C. Gardner, Recollections of the Tai Ping Rebellion, E. Forester, Cos. Eng M.

China, England and Russia, R. C. Gundry, FR. Argentine Republic : Quinta-Life, J. B. James, TB.

Cholera : Bhow'ani, the Cholera Goddess, E. H. Hankin, NC. Armellini, Mariano, De Rossi's Successor, CW.

Christ, Religion of, in Its Relation to Christianity, A. Armenian Question, NC; USM; CR.

Christian Endeavor and the General Assembly, ÞRR. Armies :

Christianity and the Ethical Spirit, C. Ford, WR. Our Yeomanry, Mac.

Church, The Early Bermuda, W. R. Notman, PRR. Cavalry Stabling, Black.

Churchill, Lord Randolph, NC. Arts, Home, in the Cumberland Mountains, FR.

Citizenship, W. J. Gaynor, AMC. Astronomy : Total Eclipse of the Sun, Mary Proctor, K. Civil Service Reform in Canada, A. H. U. Colquhoun, Can M. Ballot, The American, H. H. Lusk, F.

Cliff Dwellers, The. Hamlin Garland, LHJ.
Banks of Issue in the United States, W. G. Sumner, F.

Coins, English, G. F. Hill, K.
Baptism, Archæology of the Mode of, B. B. Warfield, BSac. Coliseum. The Fate of the, Rudolfo Lanciani, AM.
Bermuda Church, The Early, W. R. Notman, PRR.

Colonial Corporation, The-II. H. L. Osgood, PSQ.
Bessemer, Sir Henry, R. H. Thurston, Cas M.

Colonies, British : The Empire and Downing Street, NewR. Bible and Biblical Criticism :

Commerce Not an Accident, C. E. Naylor, OM. The Great Pentateuchal Difficulty Met, H. Hayman, BSac. Communism, Christian, in the Mississippi Valley, MidM. The Final Chapters of Deuteronomy, W. S. Watson, BSac. Compressed Air, Energy Transmitted by, C. A. Hague, CasM. See contents of BW; BSac; HomR; LuthQ; MR; MisR; Conscience, Wanted. A Definition of, H. A. Johnston, PRR. PQ.

Constantinople Against Rome, A. F. Hewit, CW. Bicycling :

Corsica, Life and Death in, J. W. Keogh, CW'. Cycling in 1896, J. K. Starley, NewR. Sept.

Cricket in 1896, C. B. Fry, NewR.
Cycling Gymkhanas, A. R. B. Munro, BadM.

Crickets, Some American, S. H. Scudder, Harp.
Lenz's World Tour Awheel : The Chaldiran Valley, 0. Crime:
Bimetallism : Shall Gold Be Replaced by Silver ? M. Ellin- Thieves' Slang, C. H. Vellacott, GM.

The Modern Treatment of Crime, S. T. Dutton, Ed.
Biography : On the Ethics of Suppression in Biography, NC. Crimean War, W. Simpson, EI.
Birds :

Currency, The Best, Albion W. Tourgée, NAR.
At Home with the Pheasants, W. Bothams, SunM.

Currency Question, Facts and Figures on the, BA. The Southern Godwit, J. Buckland, EI.

Deaf and Dumb, Education of the, H. A. Aikens, EdRNY. The Wood Wren, W. H. Hudson, Long.

Deism Up to Date, E. Kirby, FreeR. Bird Life, R. B. Lodge, PA.

Democracy, Rise of the National, E. G. Dunnell, RR. Bryant, In the Footsteps of, Clementina D. Nahmer, MidM. Democracy and Despotism, A. Moses, AMC.

ger, Men.

Democracy and Socialism, BA.
Democracy, Trade Union-I., PSQ.
Desert, Perils and Wonders of a True, D. D. Gaillard, Cos.
Devil Worship and Free Masonry, F. Legge, CR.
Dominican Order. Letters on the, R.
Don Quixote, On the Trail of-III., A. F. Jaccaci, Scrib.
Du Maurier's Novel “Trilby," Mary G. Husband, WR.
Education :

Modern Ideals of Education, W. K. Hill, CR.
Public School Products, A. W. Ready, NewR.
Prospects of Education in England, J. E. Gorst, NAR.

See also contents of Ed; EUR.
Egypt and the Soudan :
On the Dervish Frontier, J. T. Bent, NC.

The Soudan, J. Geddie, CJ.
Electric Development, Possible and Impossible in, Eng M.
Electricity, R. A. Bowker, Harp.
Electoral System, Our, S. M. Merrill, NAR.
Elizabeth, Queen, J. H. Round, NC.
England's Indian Army. D. C. McDonald, Lipp.
Erasmus, J. M. Stone. M. Sept.
Ether, Dr. Jackson's Discovery of, W. Barber, NatM.
Evolution, Human, and Artificial Process, H. G. Wells, FR.
Exaggeration as an Æsthetic Factor, M. F. Regnault, APS.

mily: Is the Family Declining ? J. H. Muirhead, IJE.
Fiction : Some Landladies of Fiction, CJ.
Financial :

The Empire and the Gold Standard, NatR.
Money and Investments, CR.

The Money Famine, J. Badcock, Jr., FreeR.
Folklore. The Study of, L. J. Vance, F.
Food: Æsthetics of the Dinner Table, NatR.
Football : The Season of 1895, Walter Camp, 0.
France :

Tunis and French Colonization, Cosmop, Sept.
Modern French Poets, etc., Mac.

The French Royalists, Mac.
Franklin, Benjamin, George C. Lay, G.
Gentleman in American Fiction, The, J. L. Allen, Bkman.
Geology: History of the Great Lakes and Niagara, K.
Girls : The Canadian Girl, Reginald Gourlay, CanM.
Gladstone as a Theologian, FreeR.
Gold Standard, The Single, W. G. Sumner. Chaut.
Gold and Gold Mining, W. D. Van Blascom, Jr., NatM.
Goncourt, Edmond de, Henri Frantz, F.
Grant's Life in the West, Col. J. W. Emerson, MidM.
Greek, Proper Pronunciation of, Achilles Rose, Ed.
Hanna, Marcus A., Murat Halstead, RR.
Harvard : " 'Tis Sixty Years Since" at Harvard, E. E. Hale,

AM. Hervieu, Paul, Hannah Lynch, FR. Homes and Shelters, Sun M. Homestead, The First, in the United States, NatM. Homicide, Enrico Ferri on-II., Helen Zimmern, APS. Horses : Exmoor Ponies, PMM. Housing the People in Great Cities, CW. Hungarian Millenium and the Budapest Exhibition, Cosmop. Hypnotism, Educational Uses of, R. O. Mason, NAR. Illusion and Reality, A. Cross, FreeR. Immigration, Economic Aspects of, J. A. Roebling. India :

Indian Agriculture and Canals, D. N. Reid, GM.

Old Memories of the Indian Mutiny, Gen. H. Gough, PMM. Individuality in Masses and Classes, Barnetta Brown, MetM. Indo-European Prehistoric Antiquities, Max Müller, Cosmop. Industrial Outlook, Our National Policy and the, EngM. Industry, American, Why it Languishes, H. A. Herbert,

International Question, Settlement of the, P. Fiore, IJE.
Ireland :

Ireland's Difficulty, England's Opportunity, FR.

In Dark Donegal, Black.
Irrigation : See contents of IA.
Israel, Fate of the People of Northern, J. F. McCurdy,

Italy : In the Asolan Country, NewR.
Jacobitism, Revival of, S. Dewe White, WR.
Japan: The Competition of Japan, G. C. Perkins, OM.
Jerusalem Chamber, The, E. D. Morris, PRR.
Jews :
The Mission of Judaism, O. J. Simon, FR.

The Burning of Meiorn, Mac.
Jones, James K., Willis J. Abbott, RR.
Journalism as a Profession, F. Wilson, WR.

The Press in the Provinces. A. F. Robbins, CFM.
Some Old Newspapers, F. G. Kitton, Str. Sept.
Karma in Modern Theosophy, C. Johnston, MetM.
Language: The Origin of Speech, C. Johnston, FR.
Law and Lawyers :
See also contents of GBag.
History of English Law, H. Brunner, PSQ.
International Law and Arbitration, F.

State of the Bar, NatR.
Leaves, The Significance of, F. S. Mathews, APS.
Lee, General : Gen. Lee's Last Campaign, H. C. King, FrL.
Li Hung Chang, Chester Holcombe, McCI.
Literature :

Professional Dogmatism in Literature, M. Todhunter, WR.

Cobbett's English Grammar, H. L. Stephen, NewR.
New Ideas in Teaching Literature, PL, Aug.
Lighthouse, Minot's Ledge, Building of, C. A. Lawrence,

Lincoln-Douglas Debates, The, Ida M. Tarbell, McCl.
Logic, The Regenerated, C. S. Pierce, Mon.
Love's Coming of Age, E. Carpenter, FreeR.
Lunacy: Is Insanity Increasing ? T. Drapes, FR.

France's Task in, F. Taylor, NAR.
Maoriland : Brighter Britain, or Maoriland, Alice Monk,

Marat, Jean Paul, H. M. Stephens, PMM.

Marriage on Lease, F. W. Underwood, FreeR.
Irregular Marriages and Illegitimacy in Scotland, WR.
Martin, Dennis, What Became of, Jacob Riis, CM.
Maumee Valley, The Contest in the, F. L. McVey, MidM.
Mauritius. H. E. A. Jerningham, Cosmop.
Mental Capacity, A Measure of, Emil Kraepelin, APS.
Mental Epidemics, A Study of, Boris Sidis, CM.
Metric System, The, T. C. Mendenhall, APS.
Middle Ages : The Round Table, F. Dixon, TB.

Association, Fifty Years of the American, NEM.
Modeling, Practical Lessons in-V., W. 0. Partridge, AI.
Monastery of Hinba, The Columbian, Scots.
Money, The Evolution of-II., J. D. Hancock, AMC.
Montaigne and Shakespeare, J. M. Robertson, FreeR.
Montenegrin Bicentenary, W. Miller, GM.
Morris, William, Poems of, Andrew Lang, Long.
Mountaineering : Ascent of the Matterhorn, EI.
Municipal Reform, W. H. Tolman, A.
Music : See contents of Mus.
Music in America-XVII., Rupert Hughes, G.
Napoleon's Glory, Eclipse of, W. M. Sloane, CM.
National Guard of the State of Maine, Capt. C. B. Hall, O.
Naval Weakness of the United States, W. L. Cathcart, CasM.
Names of Qur Children, W. C. Preston, SunM.
Napoleon I., Black.
Natural History: Shore and Moorland, CJ.
New York :
The Most Luxurious City in the World, J. G. Speed, LHJ.
Government of the Greater New York, F. V. Greene, Scrib.

Sunday in New Netherland and Old New York, AM. New England Primer, The, P. L. Ford, Bkman. New France, The Rise and Fall of, F. J. Turner, Chaut. Norway: Off the Tourist Track, T. B. Wilson, LH. Nuns, Dominican, of Blauvelt, N. Y., R. Occultism Among the Tahitans, Alice D. Le Plongeon, MetM. Old Age, Verdict of, Black. Opium Traffic in France, F. J. Masters, Chaut. Orient, Industrial Development of the Extreme, GMag. Oxford, Michaelmas Term at, F. Adye, A. Pangeometry, Subconscious, G. B. Haptstead, Mon. Panlogism, Paul Carus, Mon. Partridge Shooting, C. Patriotism, The Need of Local, W. C. Lawton, Lipp. Pavement Construction and City Growth, S. Towle. Paving Brick, Experiments on Vitrified, JAES, Aug. Pearl Fishing, Str. Sept. Petronius, NewR. Phelps, Elizabeth S., Recollections of a Literary Life, McCl. Philadelphian, Recollections of an Early, W. R. Smith,

AHReg. Photography: See contents of AP; PA; PB; PT; WPM. Phosphate Rock Deposits of Tennessee, L. P. Brown, EngM. Pitt, William, CR. Plant-Life : Transition from Stem to Root, K. Pope Pius VI. and the French Directory, cw. Population : Birth Rate of the United Kingdom, PMM. Post Office : The Modern Mercury, Str, Sept. Precious Stones, Barry Pain, CFM. Presidential Candidate of 1852, G. W. Julian, CM. Primer, The New England, P. L. Ford, Bkman. Princeton College :

Princeton College and Patriotism, J. G. Hibben, F.
Princeton After One Hundred and Fifty Years, W. M.

Daniels, RR.
Princeton University (1746-1896), BA.
Prisons :
Unavoidable Uselessness of Prison Labor, NC.
The Prisons of Paris, A. Griffiths, CFM.

Echoes from the Dungeon of Vincennes, T. Hopkins, LH. Quail : The Blue Quail of the Cactus, Frederick Remington,

Queen Victoria : The Reign of Queen Victoria, El.
Railways :

City Traction Systems, F. J. Patten, FrL.
Fast Trains as Related to Business Policy, H. G. Prout,

Reincarnation, Development Through, W. B. Tuthill, MetM.
Respectability, Blight of, FreeR.
Resurrection of Christ a Fundamental Doctrine, B. B. War.

field, HomR. Revenue Cutter Service, United States, Joanna R. Nichols,

FrL. Richelieu, Cardinal, J. B. Perkins, Chaut. Rich Men. The Expenditure of, E. L. Godkin, Scrib. Roads : The Good Roads Movement-II., C. F. Johnson, OM.

Russia :

Russia's Strength, NatR.
Why Russia Distrusts England, NC.
Russian Ascendancy in Europe, FR.
China, England and Russia, R. C. Gundry, FR.
The Khodinsky Disaster, T. G. Allen, Jr., BA.
Russian Girls and Boys at School, Isabel F. Hapgood, Lipp.
Russian Costumes,

Sanctuary, The Right of, G. H. Westley, G Bag.
Science and Law, Imperial Dignity of, J. Trowbridge, AM.
Scottish Highlands, A Summer Tour in the, T. L. James, Cos.
Seals : The Decline of Fur Sealing, GM.
Self and Its Derangements, W. R. Newbold, APS.
Shakespeare :

Guesses at Shakespeare, GM.
Shakespeare and Montaigne, FreeR.
Shelley and Verlaine, Alice L. Wilson, PL, Aug.
Shipping :

The Queen's Pilot, A. T. Story, CFM.
Our Neglected Shipping, Alex. R. Smith, NAR.
Steamship Service, Fast Atlantic, Charles Tupper, CanM.
Shorthand: See contents of Sten; SJ.
Siena, the City of the Virgin, E. H. and E.W. Blashfield, Scrib.
Simon, Jules, Pierre de Coubertin, RR.
Silver :

Nevada Silver, APS.
Silver Money, W. E. C. Wright, BSac.
Silver-a Money Metal, J. T. Morgan, A.
Silver In Commerce, W. C. Ford, PSQ.

What the Remonetization of Silver Would Do, A.
Silver Question, Free :

What Free Coinage Means, a Symposium, F.
If Silver Wins, L. Windmüller, W. Clark.
What Free Coinage Means, F.
Free Silver and Wages, R. Mayo-Smith, PSQ.
After Effects of Free Coinage, J. B. Clark, PSQ.
Free Silver vs. Free Gold, F. Parsons, A.
The Shrinkage of Wages, Louis Windmüller, NAR.
Inevitable Constitutional Changes, W. Clark, NAR.
The Free Coinage of Silver, James B. Weaver, Chaut.

The Question of Free Coinage of Silver, E. W. Bemis, G.
Slaves, Fugitive: The Oberlin-Wellington Rescue, G.
Slums, Regenerating the. J. H. Welch, Dem.
Social Reform The Old Testament and, Louis Voss, PQ.
Socialistic State, Condition of the Individual in, WR.
Soul Evolution, J. F. Clark, A.
South America ; Expedition Against Cartagena in 1740, Harp.

Spain, Philip II. of, M. A. S. Hume, FR.
Star-Worshipers of Mesopotamia, MisR.
Stundists, The Russian-1., G. Godet, MisR.
Suffrage, Dual, Mrs. E. Q. Norton, A.
Sultan, The Creed of the, Its Future, T. Davidson, F.
Sunday Opening, Present Situation of, WR.
Sweating System in New York City-II., J. M. Mayers, G Mag.
Sweden and Norway, King Oscar of, H. Hjärne, F.
Theatres and Drama :

The Romance of Drury Lane, J. Coleman, GM.
An American Endowed Theatre, C. Davidson, D, Oct. 1.
Theosophy, see contents of Luc.
Thoreau as a Prose Writer, H. M. Stanley, D, Oct. 1.
Tunis and French Colonization, Cosmop.
Turkey :

The Turkish Question in Its Religious Aspect, FR.
The Constantinople Massacre, CR.
United States :
The Cry for Fraudulent Money in America, G. F. Parker,

Battle of Ballots in America, F. H. Hardy, FR.
Political Outlook in the United States, B. Tillman, NatR.
A Visitor's Glimpse at the Contest, A. S. Eccles, NatR.
The Bimetallist side of the American Crisis, NatR.
This Country of Ours-X., Benjamin Harrison, LHJ.
Vaccination Commission, J. A. Picton, CR.
Victoria : Her Majesty's Sixty

Years' Sovereignty, CanM.
Vivisection Question, The, C. F. Hodge, APS.
Village Life :
An old Village, GM.

Tea-Time in the Village, M. E. Francis, Black.
Warships, Types of Modern, A. H. Battey, MM.
Water-Spirits, Toll of, SunM.
Water Supply of a Tropical City, R. Cabrera, Eng M.
Watson, Dr. John, “ Ian Maclaren," D. M. Ross, McCl.
Wealth, Gospel of, NatR.
Weights and Measures : The Metric System, WR.
West : Is the West Discontented ? J. E. Bennett, OM.
Whist and Its Masters-III., R. F. Foster, MI.

Of Women in Assemblies, C. S. Oakley, NC.
American Women, C. de Thierry, CR.

The New York Working Girl, Mary G. Humphreys, Scrib.
The Modern Woman Out of Doors, Anna W. Sears, Cos.
Yachting : Racing Schooners, R. B. Burchard, O.
Zoroastrian Religion, Moral and Ethical Teachings of the,





Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in the Index.
American Amateur Photog. Ed. Education.

MM. Munsey's Magazine.
EARL. Educational Review. (Lon-

Mus. Music,
AHReg. American Historical Register.


NatM National Magazine. AHR. American Historical Review. ERNY. Educational Review. (New NatR. National Review. AMC. American Magazine of Civics.


NEM. New England Magazine. AAPS. Annals of the Am. Academy of EngM. Engineering Magazine.

NewR. New Review
Political Science.

English Illustrated Magazine. NW. New World.
AJS. American Journal of Sociol FR. Fortnightly Review.

NC. Nineteenth Century.


NAR. North American Review. A Mon. American Monthly. FreeR. Free Review.

OD Our Day.
APS. Appleton's Popular Science FrL. Frank Leslie's Monthly.

GM. Gentleman's Magazine.

OM. Overland Monthly.
ARec. Architectual Record.


PMм. Pall Mall Magazine.
G Bag. Green Bag.

PRev. Philosophical Review.
AA. Art Amateur.
G Mag. Gunton's Magazine.


AI. Art Interchange.
Harp. Harper's Magazine.

PB. Photo-Beacon.
Ata. Atalanta.
HomR. Homiletic Review.

PT. Photographic Times.
AM. Atlantic Monthly.


Internat'l Journal of Ethics. PL. Poet-Lore.
BA. Bachelor of Arts.
IA. Irrigation Age.

PRR. Presbyterian and Reformed BankL. Bankers' Magazine. (London). JAES. Journal of the Ass'n of En.

Review. BankNY. Bankers' Magazine. (New

gineering Societies.

PQ. Presbyterian Quarterly. York.)

JMSI. Journal of the Military Serv QJEcon. Quarterly Journal of EconomBW. Biblical World.

ice Institution.

ics. BSac. Bibliotheca Sacra.

JPEcon. Journal of Political Economy. QR. Quarterly Review.
Black. Blackwood's Magazine.


RR. Review of Reviews.
BRec. Bond Record.
LHJ. Ladies' Home Journal.


Bkman. Bookman. (New York).
LAH. Lend a Hand.

San. Sanitarian.
Can M. Canadian Magazine.
LH. Leisure Hour.

SRev. Schoul Review.
CFM. Cassell's Family Magazine. Lipp. Lippincott's Magazine.

Scots. Scots Magazine.
Cas M. Cassier's Magazine.
Long. Longman's Magazine.

Serib. Scribner's Magazine.
CW. Catholic World.
LQ. London Quarterly,

Sten. Stenographer
СМ. Century Magazine.
LuthQ. Lutheran Quarterly.

Str. Strand Magazine.
CJ. Chambers's Journal.
McCl. McClure's Magazine.

SJ. Students' Journal.
CRev. Charities Review.
Mac. Macmillan's Magazine.

SunH. Sunday at Home.
Chaut. Chautauquan.
Men Menorah Monthly.

SunM. Sunday Magazine.
CR. Contemporary Review.
Met M. Metaphysical Magazine.


Temple Bar
MR. Methodist Review.

US. United Service.
Cosmop. Cosmopolis.
Mid M. Midland Monthly.

USM. United Service Magazine.
Cos. Cosmopolitan.
Mis H. Missionary Herald.

WR. Westminster Review. Dem. Demorest's Family Magazine. MisR. Missionary Review of World. WPM. Wilson's Photographic Maga D. Dial. Mon. Monist,

zine. DR. Dublin Review.


YR. Yale Review.
ER. Edinburgh Review

MI. Monthly Illustrator.

[ht Das been found necessary to restrict this Index to periodicals published in the English language. All the articles in the Jezding reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.)

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