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(From October 19 to November 20, 1896.)

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POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT-AMERICAN. October 20.— The Vermont legislature chooses the Hon. Justin S. Morrill for a sixth consecutive term in the United States Senate.

October 22.-Secretary Carlisle opens his Kentucky tour of speech-making in behalf of Palmer and Buckner at Covington.

October 23.-The annual financial statement of the Dominion of Canada reveals a deficit of $363, 481 for the year, and an increase in the public debt of $5,528,831.

October 28.—The Georgia legislature meets.

October 31._" Flag Day" is observed in many cities and towns throughout the country; in New York City more than 100,000 men join a “sound-money” parade.

November 2.-Candidate Bryan ends his campaign with speeches in Nebraska

November 3.-Elections for President, Representatives in Congress, state and local officers.

The following table shows the numher of electoral votes and the popular pluralities received by each candidate in the election of 1896 :

Popular pluralities. Electoral votes

(approximate). McKinley. Bryan. McKinley. Bryan. Alabama..


30,000 Arkansas.

75,000 Califurnia...

3,000 Colorado....

129,000 Connecticut.

53,000 Delaware.

4,000 Florida.

19,000 Georgia..


34,000 Idaho.


15,000 Illinois. 24

138,000 Indiana 15

18,000 Iowa.... 13

72,000 Kansas..


12,000 Kentucky


260 Louisiana..

35,000 Maine 6

47,500 Maryland... 8

32,000 Massachusetts 15

168,000 Michigan.. 14

50,000 Minnesota.. 9

48,000 Mississippi.

42,000 Missouri.


62,000 Montana.


29,000 Nebraska..

14,000 Nevada..

6,500 New Hampshire

35,000 New Jersey. 10

77,000 New York 35

273,000 North Carolina..

20,000 North Dakota...

6,000 Ohio 23

52,000 Oregon..

2,300 Pennsylvania..

301,000 Rhode Island.... 4

24,000 South Carolina..

40,000 South Dakota...

500 Tennessee.

15,000 Texas...

80,000 Utah..

50,000 Vermont.

40,000 Virginia ....

20,000 Washington.

9,500 West Virginia ..

12,000 Wisconsin. 12

105,000 Wyoming

300 Total........ 272 175

1,561,001) 737,80

Several important constitutional amendments are voted on in different states. In California a woman suffrage is defeated ; in Idaho it is carried by a majority of those voting on the proposition, but not by a majority of all voting at the election. In New York the amendment permitting sales of portions of the Adirondack forest preserve is defeated

Elections to the Fifty-fifth Congress result as follows: 207 Republicans, 137 Democrats, and 13 Populists-reckoning among the Populists Messrs. Hartman (Mont.), Newlands (Nev.), Shafroth (Col.), and Jehu Baker (Ill.). On the question of silver the division is believed to be: For free silver, 153; against, 204.

The following State Governors are chosen: Colorado, Alva Adams (Dem.-Rep. fusion); Connecticut, Lorrin A. Cooke (Rep.); Delaware, E. W. Tunnell (Dem.); Idaho, Frank Steunenberg (Dem.-Pop.); Illinois, John R. Tanner (Rep.); Indiana, James A. Mount (Rep.); Kansas, J. W. Leddy (Pop.); Massachusetts, Roger Wolcott (Rep.); Michigan, Hazen S. Pingree (Rep.); Minnesota, D. M. Clough (Rep.); Missouri, Lon V. Stevens (Dem.); Montana, Robert Smith (Dem.-Pop.); Nebraska, Silas Holcomb (Dem.. Pop.); New Hampshire, George A. Ramsdell (Rep.); New York, Frank S. Black (Rep.); North Carolina, Russell (Rep.); North Dakota, F. A. Briggs (Rep.); South Carolina, W. H. Ellerbee (Dem.); South Dakota, Andrew Lee (Dem.Pop.); Tennessee, Robert Taylor (Dem.); Texas, C. A. Culberson (Dem.); Washington, John R. Rogers (Dem.Pop.); West Virginia, G.W. Atkinson (Rep.); Wisconsin, Edward Schofield (Rep.).

November 4.-Secretary Carlisle dismisses two Treasury officials for participation in the campaign.

November 6.-President Cleveland removes the postmaster of Springfield, Ill., because of partisanship in the campaign. November 10.-

The Alabama legislature meets. November 14.- The Honest Money Democrats of Nlinois decide to continue their organization.

November 16.—The Democratic members of the Georgia legislature nominate A. S. Clay for United States Senator; E. W. Pettus is nominated for Senator by the Democrats of the Alabama legislature.

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ONE SLIP-ALL TUMBLE.- From Moonshine.

CINCINNATUS GLADSTONIUS : **Return!' Not if I know it!"

(It was suggested at a public meeting that if Mr. Gladstone would return to Parliamentary life an uncontested seat would be found for him.)–From Punch (London).

POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT-FOREIGN. October 21.—The government of Ecuador proposes to return to the gold standard.

October 26.—Li Hung Chang is appointed Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs.

October 27.-Re-opening of the French Chamber.

October 29.—The Victorian Legislative Council passes the Woman Suffrage bill.... In the election for seats in the Hungarian Chamber of Deputies great Liberal gains are made.... The Sultan's military commission on the Constantinople riots makes its report.

November 7.—The Chilian Cabinet resigns because of a vote of censure by the Chamber of Deputies.

November 10.-Captain Greville, Conservative, is elected from East Bradford, England, to a seat in the British House of Commons.

November 12 - An attempt of the Radical groups in the French Chamber of Deputies to overthrow the Méline ministry is defeated by a vote of 324 to 225.

November 14.-A motion to grant amnesty to political prisoners is defeated by a great majority in the French Chamber of Deputies.

November 16. -Interpellation in the German Reichstag concerning Bismarck's disclosures.

November 17.—The French Chamber of Deputies, by a vote of 297 to 238, adopts a Radical proposition to substitute universal suffrage for the municipal councils in the election of delegates who elect Senators.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. October 19.—The Italian Ambassador at Constantinople denounces the insolence of the Turkish Minister of Police.

October 20.-The Czar of Russia visits the German Emperor.

October 24.–Marriage of the Prince of Naples with Princess Helen of Montenegro celebrated at Rome.

October 26.-Meeting of foreign ambassadors in Constantinople.... The treaty of peace between Italy and Abyssinia is signed.

October 29.-It is learned that the Japanese are aiding the Philippine rebels.

November 7.—The French government sends to the Spanish authorities a list of claims made by French citizens for losses arising from the Cuban rebellion; the Spanish government orders an inquiry.

November 9.—Lord Salisbury, in a speech at the Guildhall banquet in London, expressos the opinion that the Venezuelan boundary dispute is about to be settled.

November 11.-The Porte ar.nounces that the reforms agreed upon in 1895 will be put in operation. INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL AND FINANCIAL

DOINGS. October 19.–The price of wheat continues to advance rapidly.

October 20.--The Pennsylvania Railroad shops at Altoona, Pa., employing 7000 men, are closed because of business depression.

October 26.-The Massachusetts Supreme Court confirms the power of a Court of Equity to enjoin striking employees from interfering with the business of an employer.

O tober 29.—The Spanish government announces the successful negotiation of a domestic loan.... Three thousand London cab drivers go on strike.

November 4.- Many manufacturing concerns throughout the United States resume work.

November 5. –The German Bundesrath assents to a bill increasing by $315,000 the subsidy to the North Ger man Lloyd Steamship Company, in consideration of a fortnightly service to China.

November 6.-An industrial and business revival is reported throughout the United States.

November 9.-The New York City bond offer of $16.000,000 is covered almost five times by bidders,

November 10.– The entire issue of New York City bonds, amounting to more than $16,000,000, is awarded to Vermilye & Co.

November 16.-Spain's popular loan is over-subscribed by $20,000,000 ... The United States Supreme Court affirms the validity of all bonds issued under the California Irrigation law.

November 17.–The new Reading Railway Company is organized in Philadelphia.

NOTABLE GATHERINGS AND CELEBRATIONS October 20 22.-Sesquicentennial celebration of Prince. ton University.

October 24. The cornerstones of two new build. ings for Barnard College, New York City, are laid at Morningside Heights.

November 10.Baptist Congress at Nashville Farmers' N tional Congress at Indianapolis.

November 13.W. C. T. l'. Na. tional Conven. tion at St. Louis.

November 16.National Council of Jewish Women,


November 17.President of the National Council of

Protestant EpisJewish Women, recently in session at New York.

copal Church Con


gress at Norfolk, Va.....Luther League of America at Chicago.... American Congress of Liberal Religious Societies at Indianapolis.

OTHER OCCURRENCES OF THE MONTH. October 20.—The steamer Arago is wrecked on the Oregon coast, with the loss of twelve lives.

October 21.—The directors of the Catholic University at Washington select three names to send to the Pope as candidates for the rectorship of the University.

October 22.–The Sheats Law of Florida forbidding the instruction of the white and colored races together is held unconstitutional.

October 25.-By a collision on the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway near St. Louis nine persons are killed and twenty injured.

October 26.- The Rt. Rev. Dr. Temple, Bishop of London, is nominated Archbishop of Canterbury.

OBITUARY. October 19.--Chief Justice William Adams Richardson of the U. S. Court of Claims, 75....Commander William M. Gamble, U. S. N., retired, 71.

October 20.-Francois Felix Tisserand, the well-known French astronomer, 51.... Rev. W. M. Campion, president of Queen's College, Cambridge, 75.

October 21.-James H. Greathead, the well-know, English engineer.

October 22.-Dr. Darby Bergin, member of the Canadian Parliament, 70. ... Amie Etienne Blavier, member of the French Senate, 69....Captain-General Pavia, Marquis de Novaliches.

October 23.-Ex-Speaker Charles Frederick Crisp of Georgia, 51 ....Columbus Delano, ex-Secretary of the Interior, 87.

October 21.-Sir Albert Sassoon, 79.

October 25. -Ex-Congressman Morton Craig Hunter of Indiana, 71..... George Phillips, British consul in China, 60.

October 26.-Armand Challemel.Lacour, formerly French Minister of Foreign Affairs, 49. Ex-Represent. ative Charles A. Eldridge of Wisconsin, 75.

October 27.-Professor H. Newell Martin, formerly of the Johns Hopkins University, 48.... Dr. George Harley of London, 67.... Lord Alexander Paget, 57.

October 28. -Hon. Elmer S. Durdy, Judge of the United States District Court of Nebraska.... Sir Josep. G. L. Innes, Judge of the Supreme Court of New Sout.. Wales, 62

October 30.—General Joseph 'T. Torrence of Chicago, 53....Cardinal Gustave von Hohenlohe-Schillingfurst, brother of Prince Von Hohenlohe, 73.

November 1.-Jan Verhaz, a well-known Belgian painter, 62.

November 2.-Hon. Hector Cameron, formerly a member of the Canadian Parliament, 64.

November 4.- Rev. Dr. Alonzo H. Quint of Boston, 68.

November 5.-John Hamilton Inman of New York City, 52.

November 6.- William Nicholas, Duke of Wurtemberg, 68.... Mrs. Maria Louisa Vanderbilt, widow of William H. Vanderbilt, 75.

November 7.-Professor Henry E. Parker of Dartmouth College, 75.... Russell Smith, the veteran scenic artist.... Mgr. d'Hulst, French Theologian and member of the Chamber of Deputies, 55.

November 8.-Professor Henry A. Mott, the wellknown chemist, 44.

November 9.-John Auguste Hugo Glyden, the Swedish astronomer, 55.... Ex Chief Justice W. E. Miller of Iowa, 73..... Napoleon Sarony, photographer and artist,

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October 31.-Joseph Chamberlain is elected Lord Rector of the University of Glasgow.

November 1.- The Rev. Dr. Creighton is appointed Bishop of London to succeed Dr. Temple.

November 4.-Edward John Poynter, R. A., is chosen president of the Royal Academy.

November 7.-Princeton wins from Harvard at football.

November 10.–The United States becomes possessed of the house in Washington, D. C., where Lincoln died.

November 13.— The battleship Iowa exceeds contract requirements for speed.

November 20.– The appointment of the Rev. Dr. Thomas J. Conaty as rector of the Catholic University at Washington is announced at the Vatican.


November 15.— William Wallace Bruce of Lexington, Ky., 76.

November 16.-Admiral Sir Frederick William Rich. ards, Lord of the British Admiralty, 63.

November 17.-Judge I. C. Parker of the Unted States District Court at Fort Smith, Ark., 58.


While the other powers are busy shearing the Sultan's sheep, Russia is diligently gathering and carrying off the wool.

From Il Papagallo (Rome).

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