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Green Bag.–Boston. November.
Count Johannes. Irving Browne.
The Vehmic Courts of Westphalia. George H. Westley.
The Conquest of Maine. George J. Varney.
The New York Bar Association.
The English Law Courts.-X.

Gunton's Magazine.--New York. November.
Popular Superstition on Money and Prices.
The Anti-Capital Crusade.
The Future of English Labor.
Wages and Currency Depreciation.
Problems of Railway Management. Henry Clews.
The New Banking Law of Mexico.
Early Slavery in New Jersey.

Home Magazine.-Binghamton, N. Y. November.
Freaks of Nature. Violet E. Mitchell.
The Romance of Pottery. W. P. Jervis.
The Marion Soldiers' Home. Harry Miller.

Homiletic Review.-New York. November.
The Apostle Paul as Preacher. W. C. Wilkinson.
Homiletics Viewed as Rhetoric. Allan Pollock.
Present-Day Apologetics. F. F. Ellinwood.
Old Testament Emphasis on Secular History. F. F. Mc.

The Irrigation Age.-Chicago. October. Irrigation of Rice in South Carolina. W. F. Hutson. The Art of Irrigation.-XVI. T. S. Van Dyke.

Jewish Quarterly Review.-London. October. " Amen;" Notes on Its Significance and Use. Rev. H. W.

Hogg. Egyptian Fragments. Dr. A. Neubauer. The Third Book of the Maccabees. I. Abrahams. Christian Demonology. Continued. F. C. Cony beare. The Lewis-Gibson Hebrew Collection. S. Schechter. Massoretic Studies. Prof. L. Blau. Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies.-Phil.


September. Water Supply and Sewerage as Affected by Vegetable Organ.

isms. The Testing of Coals. Arthur Winslow. Methods and Results of Stadia Surveying. F. B. Maltby.

October. Historical Development of Stone Bridges. G. F. Swain. Journal of Geology.-Chicago. (Semi-quarterly.) Septem

ber-October. Drainage Modifications. M. C. Campbell. Analcite Group of Igneous Rocks. L. V. Pirsson. The Queen's River Moraine. J. B. Woodworth, C. F. Mar

but. Principle of Rock Weathering. G. P. Merrill. Journal of the Military Service Institution.- New York.

(Bi-monthly.) November. The Hunting Knife and Individual Rifle Pit. Maj. J. P.

Sanger. Methods of Instruction in First Aid Capt. J. E. Pilcher. Proximity of England to United States. Capt. G. P. Cotton. Supply of Ammunition to the Firing Line. Lieut. G. B.

Duncan. The Present Congress and the National Guard. Col. J. M.

Rice. Marching Shoes for Troops. Lieut. E. H. Plummer. The New Infantry Rifle. Capt. C. J. Crane. Review of Military Technology. Departmental Bimetallism. Lieut.-Col. W. Hill-Climo. German Ideas on Field Artillery. The Fog of War. Col. L. Hale Cavalry and Horse Artillery. Maj. E. S. May. Journal of the United States Artillery.-Fort Monroe, Va.

(Bi-monthly.) On the Rifling of Cannon. Capt. J. M. Ingalls. Notes on Europan Sea-Coast Fortifications. Lieut. A. Hero,

The Bicycle for Military Purposes.-II. Lieut. W. C. Davis.
The Ancient Defenses of Portland, Maine. Capt. P. Leary,

Resistance of Air to the Motion of Projectiles. F. Siacci.
Artillery Material.

Kindergarten Magazine.--Chicago. November.
The Chicago Normal Training School.

Knowledge.-London. November. Parasitic Leaf-Fungi. Rev. Alex. S. Wilson. Day-Flying Moths. L. N. Badenoch.

Alkali-Making by Electricity. C. F. Townsend.
Bird Migration in Great Britain and Ireland. H. F. Wither.

Waves. Continued. Vaughan Cornish.

Leisure Hour.-London. November. Coventry and Its Industries-Cycles and Ribbons. The " Sense of Direction" in Animals. Charles Dixon. Dr. Nansen and the North Pole. E. Whymper. The Poetry of William Morris. With Portrait. J. Dennis. Family Life in France. E. Harrison Barker.

The Looker-On.-New York. November.
Manners and the Play House in Old Maryland. J. W. Palmer.
A Plea for the American Musician. J. D. Champlin.
Voice Production and Analysis.-III. W. Hallock, F. S.

London Quarterly Review.-London. October.
The Rossettis.
F. Locker Lampson; the Confidences of a Society Poet.
The Growth of British Policy.
Dr. Hort and the Cambridge School.
Life and Letters of Oliver Wendell Holmes.
English Chartered Companies.
Woman Under Monasticism.
Democracy and Liberty.

Longman's Magazine.-London. November.
Under the Willows. Grant Allen.
In the Black Mountains : Another Arcady.
The Peking Gazette and Chinese Posting. E. H. Parker.

Lucifer.--London. October 15.
Psychology the Science of the Soul. Mdme. H. P. Blavatsky.
The Lives of the Later Platonists. Continued. G. R. $.

The Light and Dark Sides of Nature. Mrs. Besant.
The Steps of the Path. C. W. Leadbeater.
The Power of an Endless Life. A. Fullerton.
The Sankhya Philosophy. Continued. B. Keightley.
Occultism in English Poetry. Continued. Mrs. Ivy Hooper.

Macmillan's Magazine.-London. November.
French and English.
A College Progress.
The Surprise of Bovey Tracey by Oliver Cromwell.
British Honduras.
The Story of Selborne Priory, Hampshire.
Ben Hird ; a South-Sea Trader.
With Burgoyne at Saratoga, United States.

Manchester Quarterly.- Manchester. October.
In Praise of Thomas Hood. John Mortimer.
On Eulogy. J. D. Andrew.
Syracuse and Sicilian Mythology. T. Kay.
The Poetry of Walter Savage Landor. C. E. Tryer.
On the Essays of Sir Arthur Helps. J. Wilcock.
John Addington Symonds. H. D. Bateson.

Menorah Monthly.-New York. November.
National Council of Jewish Women.
Jesus the Pharisee. G. A. Danziger.
So-Called American Jews in Jerusalem.

Metaphysical Magazine.-New York. November.
Unity of Man and Nature. C. S. Wake.
The Transmission of Qualities. W. T. James,
Karma and Salvation by Works.-VII. Charles Johnston.
Hygiene in Diet. Dorothy Gunn.
The Spiritual Principle.-II. A. C. Almy.
Metaphysics in Modern Literature. Eliza C. Hall.

Midland Monthly.-Des Moines, Iowa. November.
Gen. Grant's Life in the West.-III. Col. J. W. Emerson.
Joaquin Miller's Mountain Home. Mary Louise Pratt.
On Foot in Egypt and Palestine.-IV. N. Tjernagel.
The Western Association of Writers. Elizabeth C. Haire
The Birthplace of Blaine. H. S. Hollingsworth.
The University of Wisconsin. Amos Parker Wilder.
Lincoln and Douglas. Daniel Evans.

Missionary Herald.-Boston. November.
The Crisis in Turkey. Judson Smith
No Backward Step. Charles H. Daniels.
The Japan Mission and Its Problems. James L. Baron.
Annual Survey of the Work of the American Board.

Missionary Review.-New York. November.
Six Years in Utah. D. L. Leonard.
Foreign Community Life in China. R. L. McNabb.
The Russian Stundists.-II. G. Godet.
Place of the School in the Work of Evangelization.

Month.-London, November. The Condemnation of Anglican Orders. Rev. Sydney F.

Smith. "Ignorance and Arrogance." The Editor. Cardinal Manning and Purcell's “Life." Rev. George Tyr.

Prayer for the Dead. Rev. Herbert Thurston.
The Gunpowder Plot and Thievery at the State Paper Office.
Monthly Illustrator and Home and Country.-New York.

Recent French Sculpture. Rufus R. Wilson.
The Picturesque and Beautiful in Hawaii. J. R. Musick.
Whist and Its Masters.-IV. R. F. Foster.

Music.-Chicago. November.
The Relation of Music to Life. Mrs. J. V. Cheney.
Music in the Work of the Church. W. B. Cham berain.
The Permanent Element in Music. W. S. B. Mathews.
Music as an Educator. P. C. Hayden.
Subsidized Opera in America. Karleton Hackett.

National Magazine.-Boston. November.
Christ and His Time. Dallas L. Sharp.
The Naval Ordnance Proving Ground. Philip Andrews.
The Secret of Hindoo Jugglery. A. E. Rood.
Railway Collisions to Order. Clarence Metters.

National Review,-London. November.
The Church and the Unionist Party. "A Layman."
Lord Rosebery's Resignation. A Conservative M. P."
The Value of Constantinople. Spenser Wilkinson.
The Education Question; the Government's Opportunity.

J. R. Diggle. Homeric Warfare. Professor J. B. Bury. The Economic Aspects of the Bicycle. A. Shadwell. Trafalgar and To-day. H. W. Wilson. Principles of Local Taxation. Edwin Cannan. Untaxed Imports and Home Industries. W. Farrar Ecroyd. The Functions of a Colonial Governor-General. Sir Charles

H. Tupper. The Working of the Old Age Relief Law in Copenhagen.

Edith Sellers. The American Elections of 1896. Moreton Frewen. The Metropolitan Water Question. Hon. Lionel Holland.

New Review.-London. November. England's Duty to Cyprus. Edward G. Browne. The Case of the Pretoria Prisoners. Continued." G. G. Rain

say. The Tzar in Frauce; Pageantry and Politics. A Specta. The Human Bacillus. Walter Raleigh. Bicycling ; Anti-Cyclone. Sir Herbert Stephen. Sir Kenelm Digby and His Theagenes and Stelliana. Charles


Border Fish Poachers P. Anderson Graham.
My Critics on " Made in Germany.". E. E. Williams.
Public School Products ; A Symposium.

Nineteenth century.-London. November.
England and the Continental Alliances. Francis de Pres.

Laurquie et Son Souverain. (In French.) Diran Kélékian.
The Voluntary Schools, Sir John Gorst.
The Westralian Mining “Boom. S. F. Van Oss.
Commercial Morality in Japan. Robert Young,
Arbitration in Labor Disputes. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Webb.
Of Women in Assemblies; a Reply. Mrs. McIlquahn.
Languages; the Modern Babel. Professor Mahaffy.
English and Dutch Dairy Farming. H. H. Smith and E. C.

The Conditions of Life After Death. Mrs. Besant.
Land Purchase in Ireland. George Fottrell.
Turkish Misgovernment Wilfrid S. Blunt.
General Gordon's Advice About Turkey. Sir Edmund Du


Outing.-New York. November.
Prominent Horses of the Season. E. B. Abercrombie.
Over Decoys on the Mississippi. Frank E. Kellogg.
Lenz's World Tour Awheel: Over the Turkish Border.
A Gossip on Golf. H. G. Hutchinson.
American Amateur Athletes in 1896.
Racing Schooners. R. B. Burchard.
Football of '96: A Forecast of the Season. Walter Camp.
National Guard of the State of Maine. Capt. C. B. Hall.

Overland Monthly.-San Francisco. November.
Unexplored Regions of the High Sierras. T. S. Solomons.
England and Ireland. W. J. Corbet, M.P.
Racing and Racing Men. Charles F. Gates.
A Pioneer School: San Francisco College. A. Inkersley.
Unwise Taxation on Shipping. Charles E. Naylor.
Horse Breeding for Profit.

Pall Mall Magazine. -London. November.
The Passing of the Organari. H. A. Vachell.
Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, and Its Memories. Hon. Mary C.

The United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland.

J. Kelley:
Devil-Worship. James Mew.
Old Memories of the Indian Mutiny. Continued. Gen. Sir

Hugh Gough.
Matches; Hatches, Matches and Dispatches. J. Holt School.

Italian Prisons. Sir Edmund F. Du Cane.
Philosophical Review.-Boston. (Bi-monthly.) November.
Philosophical Faith. A. Campbell Fraser.
The Term “Naturalism" in Recent Discussion. Andrew

The Relation of Logic to Psychology:-1. D. G. Ritchie.
Hegel's Conception of God. J. A. Leighton.

The Photo-American.-New York. November.
Photography the Modern Alchemy. C. W. Canfield.
Practical Hints on Platinotype Paper. A. Parker.
Orthochromatic Plates Without Screens. W. A. Cooper.
An Elementary Paper on X-Rays. E. B. Meyrowitz.
On the Permanency of Silver Prints. J. H. Janeway.
The Use of Very Small Stops.

Photo-Beacon.-Chicago. October.
Art and Technic.
Flash-Light Portraiture.-I.
Orthocrhomatic Photography. M. B. Punnett.
How to Make a Photographic Bas-Relief.
Imagination and Photography. F. C. Lambert.
Artistic Lighting.–VII. James Inglis.
Timing Development. Alfred Watkins.
Uranium Toning. E. J. Wall.

Photographic Times.- New York. November.
Naturalistic Photography.-II. P. H. Emerson.
Maritime Photography. Lieut. Albert Gleaves.
Collodion Emulsion for Lantern Slides. J. H. Harvey.
The Hand-Camera. Robert Humphrey.
Intensification with Mercury. Chapman Jones.
The Use of Sulphite. Chapman Jones.
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Photography.

Quarterly Journal of Economics.-Boston. October.
The International Silver Situation. F. W. Taussig.
Origin of Zamindari Estates in Bengal. B. H. Baden-Powell.
Currency Discussion in Massachusetts in the 18th Century.
Ethnic Stratification and Displacement. C. C. Closson.

Quarterly Review.-London. October.
The Ideals of Anarchy-Friederich Nietzsche.
Sir Thomas More.
Mar, Scotland.
Cicero's Case Against Cæsar.
Elizabethan Fashions.
Speaker Richard Onslow.
The Papal Conclaves.
Boers and Uitlanders.
Money and the Masses in America.

Review of Reviews.-New York. November.
A Summing Up of the Vital Issues of 1896. Lyman Abbott.
Methods and Tactics of the Campaign. W. B. Shaw.
Would Free Coinage Benefit Wage Earners? C. B. Spahr,

Richmond Mayo-Smith.
George Du Maurier. Ernest Knaufft.
"The Eastern Ogre; or, St. George to the Rescue." W. T.

Rosary Magazine.- New York. November.
The Catholic University of Fribourg.-III.
The Sisters of Mercy in New York.
Letters on the Dominican Order.-VIII. P. Duchaussoix.


North American Review.-New York. November.
The Effect of the Republican Victory. T. C. Platt.
Influence of the College in American Life. C. F. Thwing.
What the Country is Doing for the Farmer, W. S. Har.

Some Later Aspects of Woman Suffrage. William C. Doane.
The Justification of Martial Law. G. N. Lieber.
Protection of Bank Depositors James H. Eckels.
Election Trials in Great Britain. C. W. Dilke.
High Buildings. A. L. A. Himmelwright.
Government by Party. George E. Waring, Jr.
English Epitaphs. I. A. Taylor.
The Animal as a Machine. R. H. Thurston.
Plain Truth About Asiatic Labor. John Barrett.

The Sanitarian.-New York. November. Change of Air-The Science of it. L. Robinson. The Land of the Lily and the Rose. Roland Belfort. Control of Public Water Supplies by Sanitary Authorities. Browani, the Cholera Goddess E. H. Hankin. Sand Filtration of Philadelphia Water Supply. A. Hazen.

School Review.-Chicago. November.
History in the School. S. S. Laurie.
Greek and Latin in the German High Schools.-II. J. E.

The Dangers of Examinations. W. B. Jacobs.
The Reaction in the Study of English. S. B. Knowlton.

Scot's Magazine.-Perth. November.
Eighteenth Century Scotland. J. Reid.
Jane, Dowager Countess of Dundonald. Continued. A.

Tortures ; Thumbikins and Pilniewinks. A. Baxter.
Hindustani Doctors. W. W. Ireland.
The Memorial to Robert Louis Stevenson. H. B. Baildon.

Strand Magazine.-London. October 15.
Big-Game Hunters. F. Steelcroft.
Leaders of the Bar. With Portraits.

The Stenographer.-Philadelphia November.
Law Reporting and Legal Miscellany. H. W. Thorne.
Talks on Teaching.-IV. John Watson.

Students' Journal.- New York. November.
The Gates of the Danube.
The Valley of Palms.
Facsimile of Reporting Notes.

Sunday at Home.-London. November.
The Story of Constantinople. Isabella F. Mayo.
A Sunday in Königsfeld, Black Forest. J. Monro Gibson.
Some Recollections of David Hill. With Portraits. T.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead. E. Maunde Thompson.
Ten Years in East London. F. W. Newland.

Sunday Magazine,-London. November.
Day Dreams in the Dales. R. F. Horton.
Lincoln Palace. A. R. Maddison.
The Fifth Gospel. James Wells.

Eton Chapel. E. M. Green.
The Old Religion of China. Alicia Bewicke Little.

Temple Bar.-London. November.
The English Occupation of Sicily.
Bideford, North Devon ; In Kingsley-Land. P. H. W. Almy.
Louis Pasteur. C. M. Aikman.
Alexander Petöfi ; Hungary's Patriot-Poet. Jessie Douglas

The Commons at Work. M. MacDonagh.

United Service Magazine.-London. November.
The Armenian Question : The Tripes of this Old World.

Politicus." The Captain's Command in a Battalion of Infantry. Gen.

Sir R. Harrison. Artillery Organizations :

I.-For the Defense. A Field Officer.

II.-For Reform. Another Officer.
Maneuvres of the XIVth German Army Corps in 1896.
The Recruiting Problem ; Some Suggestions. Col. W. T.

The British Merchant Service. · Nauta."
Suakim in 1896. * One Who is There."
A Legacy of the Purchase System Lieut.-Col. Morley.
France and War; Pensons y toujours. Captain A. Court.

Westminster Review.-London. November.
Church Endowments. Francis Minton.
Silver Politics Across Seas-in the United States. Edw. J.

Shriver. The National Federation of Surday Societies. Dr. R. Spence

Watson. The Prospects of International Bimetallism. G. Keith

Marischal. Through Parliamentary Reform, both Internal and Exter.

nal. F. A. White. The Surprise Rise in the Bank Rate. Robert Ewen. Emile Zola's "Rome." E. C. Townshend. The Present Socialist Position. R. D. Melville, A Graduated Income Tax. James Burns. Wilson's Photographic Magazine.-New York. November. How to Study Process Chromatics. C. Ashleigh Snow. Toning Bromide Prints. A. Miethe. Negative Manipulation for Amateurs. Thomas Aquinas. Getting Life in Children's Pictures. Photo-Micrography. Orthochromatic

in Photography. M. B. Punnett.



October 3.
The Government Printing Office. H. von Zobeltitz.

October 10.
Emigration From Hamburg. H. Bohrdt.

October 17.
Armenia. Hermann Dalton.
August Count von Platen. With Portrait. R. Fuchs.
Deutscher Hausschatz.-Regensburg.

Heft 18.
The Oddfellows.

Heft 1.
Autobiographical. Karl May.
Achievements in Surgery. Dr. M. Dyrenfurth.
Gebhard Fugel. Pfarrer F. Festing.
The Alpine Föhn.

Deutsche Revue.-Stuttgart. October.
The Diary of Count Fred von Frankenberg. H. von Po-

schinger. Count Tolstoy and the Russian Theatre. J. Lewinsky. Reminiscences of Stosch. Vice-Adm. Batsch. A Community of Cretins. Prof. C. Lombroso. The Typhoon. R. Werner. A Visit to Madame Patti at Craig-y-nos. Baroness M. A. von

Zedlitz. Poison and the Black Art at the Court of Louis XIV. Musicians on Tour 1843-50. W. J. von Wasielewski. Count Frederick of Schleswig-Holstein and Prince Bismarck. Individuation. Edward Count Lamezan. The Election of a Pope in the Eleventh Century. Dr. M.


Deutsche Rundschau.-Berlin. October.
The German Emperor's Northern Travels. P. Gützfeldt.
Heinrich von Treitschke. P. Bailleu.
Flowers in the Hochgebirge. E. Strasburger.
The Diary of Theodor von Bernhardi.
Dr. Nansen. M. Ottesen.
The Presidential Election in the United States.

M. FOD Brandt.

Neue Revue.-Vienna.

October 1.
Women Students in Austria.
Mr. A. J. Balfour as a Philosopher. I. Mayerhofer.
The Æsthetics of Modern Painting. Dr. J. Pap.

October 7.
The Revision of the Tariffs. S. Schilder.
The Raimund Theatre. A Müller-Guttenbrunn.

October 14.
New German Imperial Politics. C. Alberti
The Raimund Theatre. Continued.

October 17.
New Parties in Hungary. J. Déri.
The Raimund Theatre. Continued.
Vom Fels zum Meer.-Stuttgart.

Heft 3.
Wagner, Rubinstein, Brahms. A. Moszkowski.
The Eifel Country. Continued. A. Dronke.
How I Found Wissmann. G. Klitscher.

Heft 4.
Freiherr Albert von Rothschild, Amateur Photographer.
Germany and the Paris Exhibition of 1900. A. O. Klaussmann
London Clubs. Continued. J. Forster.

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