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The “ Text-book of Histology" by Böhm and v. Davidoff, as stated by the authors in the preface to the first edition, presents as fully as possible, from both the theoretic and technical standpoints, the subjectmatter of the lectures and courses in histology given to students in the University of Munich. The authors further state that in the completion of their work they had the constant aid and advice of Professor von Kupffer, and had at their disposal the sections in the collection of the histologic laboratory in Munich, which were freely used in the selection and preparation of the illustrations accompanying the text.

The excellence of the text and illustrations of the German edition, attested by all familiar with the work, and the cordial reception which it has received from both students and investigators, justify the belief that an English translation will meet with approval from American and English teachers and students.

In the preparation of this American edition the editor has retained substantially all the subject matter and illustrations of the second German edition, although certain minor changes in the arrangement of the text seemed desirable. Additions to the German text have been freely made. The sections on the Motor and Sensory Nerve-endings and on the Spinal and Sympathetic Ganglia have been greatly expanded, and the Innervation of Glands and Organs has been considered much more fully than in the original. Our knowledge of the normal function of tissues and organs is so dependent on a correct understanding of their innervation that this subject seemed deserving of fuller consideration than is generally given it in text-books of this scope. The glands with internal secretion have also been considered more fully than in the original text, their importance necessitating such treatment. More than one hundred illustrations, the majority of them from original drawings, have also been added. In making these and other minor additions the editor has striven to stamp his own work with the excellent features of the German text, and trusts that his endeavors may have added to the usefulness of the book.

The editor acknowledges with pleasure his indebtedness to Dr. Herbert H. Cushing for his excellent and accurate translation, and for suggestions received from him. The publishers, Messrs. Saunders & Company, have shown throughout the greatest interest in the work, and deserve the gratitude of the editor for their ready acquiescence in all suggestions made by him, for the excellent reproduction of his drawings, and for the sugge ions made to him. The editor is particularly indebted to his able assistant, Dr. Lydia M. De Witt, for valuable assistance rendered, more especially in the tedious work of proof-correction, for which he expresses his sincere appreciation and gratitude.


October, 1900.

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