Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Public Museum of the City of Milwaukee, Volume 26, Parts 1907-1911

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Page 32 - ... Fulgur and Sycotypus, and its bearing on our knowledge of the succession of species in time is a summary of studies carried on for some years in various museums, especially the National Museum at Washington, the museums of the Academy of Natural Sciences and of the Wagner Free Institute, at Philadelphia the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Cambridge, and the museum of the Boston Society of Natural History. To the officers of all these Institutions I am...
Page 33 - T. Is Mutation a factor in the Production of Vestigial Wings Among Insects?
Page 44 - In the last days of May and the first days of June, the effects produced were slight and momentary.
Page 99 - Hall. JS. The Book of the Feet; A History of Boots and Shoes.
Page 55 - A preliminary list of the flies of Wisconsin, belonging to the families Bombyliidae.
Page 33 - The Experimental Production of Germinal Variations, Methods, Precautions and Theory of Their Causation. (Lantern.) WL TOWER. Some Stages in the Embryology of Certain Degenerate Phoridae and the Supposedly Hermaphroditic Genus Termitoxenia. (Lantern.) CT BRUES. Report on Some Experiments in Transplanting Species of Leptinotarsa into New Habitats, with Remarks upon the Significance of the Mode. (Lantern.) WL TOWER. Suggestions for a Natural Classification of the Family Lymnaeidae. (Lantern.) FRANK...
Page 114 - Catalogue of a Collection of Rocks and Minerals, from Natal and Zululand, arranged stratigraphically.
Page 36 - It is hoped that within a reasonable time it will be possible to supply the prison dining room with this variety of meat frequently.
Page 66 - International Catalogue of Scientific Literature " published by the Royal Society of London, for the International Council.

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