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Matt. xxi. 21.

Mark xi. 23.

unto you,

Jerusalem. That whosoever shall say unto this mountain ", Mark xi. 23.

Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea ;
and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe
that those things which he saith shall come to
it shall be done,
he shall have whatsoever he saith.

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer Matt. xxi. 22.

believing, ye shall receive. p Matt. vii. 7. Therefore I


p What things soever Mark xi. 24. ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive

them, and ye shall have them. q Matt. vi. 14. And when ye stand praying, " forgive, if ye Mark xi. 25.

have ought against any: that your Father also
which is in heaven may forgive you your tres-

But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Mark xi. 26.
Father which is in heaven

forgive your trespasses.

MATT. xxi. part of ver. 21. 21 Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you—if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea


Christ answers the Chief Priests, who enquire concerning the

Authority by which he acted-Parables of the Vineyard and

Marriage Feast.
MATT. xxi. 23, to the end, and xxii. 1-15. MARK xi. 27,

to the end, and xii. 1-13. LUKE xx. 1-20.
And it came to pass, that on one of those days, Luke xx. I.
they come again to Jerusalem :

Mark xi. 27.

was the epithet attached by the Jews to any of their learned הוא עוקר הרים 10

or eminent men, who excelled in explaining the difficulties of Scripture (a).

Peter was told, if he had faith he should be able to remove mountains, &c. &c. It is difficult to perceive the immediate connexion between the surprise of Peter, and the exhortation of our Lord. It may possibly refer to the power which was afterwards given to the Apostles to interpret the Scriptures in their spiritual sense, and to change the religion of the world. Such is the supposition of Witsius, that St. Peter understood that Christ, by the withering away of the fig tree, intended to signify the destruction of the Jewish Church ; and that Christ al

(a) See Lightfoot, 8vo. edit. vol. iii. p. 135.

Luke xx. 2.

Matt. xxi. 25.


Matt. xxi. 23. And when he was come into the temple, Jerusalem. Luke xx. I. as he taught the people in the temple, and

preached the Gospel, the Chief Priests and the

Matt. xxi. 23. and the elders of the people came unto him, as he

was teaching,
Mark xi. 27. and as he was walking in the temple,

And spake unto him, saying, Tell us by what
authority doest thou these things? or who is he

that gave thee this authority,
Mark xi. 28. to do these things ?
Mark xi. 29. And Jesus answered, and said unto them,
Matt. xxi. 24. I also will ask you one thing, which if ye tell me,

I in likewise will tell you by what authority I do
these things.

The baptism of John, whence was it?
Mark xi. 30. was it from heaven, or of men ? answer me.
Mark xi. 31. And they reasoned with themselves, saying, If


From heaven; he will say,
Matt. xi. 25. unto us, Why did ye not then believe him?

But if we shall say, Of men; we fear the

people; Luke XX. 6. all the people will stone us : for they be persuaded

that John was a prophet. Mark xi. 32. they feared the people: for all men counted John,

that he was a prophet indeed.

And they answered, and said unto Jesus, We

cannot tell, Lukexx.7. whence it was. Mark xi. 33. And Jesus answering, saith unto them, Neither

do I tell you by what authority I do these things.

But what think you ? A certain man had two sons; and he came to the first, and said, Son, go work to-day in my vineyard.

He answered, and said, I will not: but afterward he repented, and went.

And he came to the second, and said likewise. And he answered, and said, I go, Sir; and went not.

Whether of them twain did the will of his father? They say unto him, The first. Jesus saith

Matt. xxi. 26.

Mark xi. 33

Matt, xxi. 28.

Matt. xxi. 29.

Matt. xxi. 30.

Matt. xxi. 31.

luded, in Mark xi. 23. to that apostle becoming the means of throwing the mountain (the temple,) into the sea (the world :) that is, that St. Peter should be chosen to open the doors of the Church to the Gentile world (6).

(6) Witsii Melet. Leidens. de ficu Maled. sect. xv.


unto them, Verily I say unto you, that the Publi-
cans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God

before you.
r Ch. iii. 1, &C
For i John came unto you

in the

way of righte- Matt. xxi. 32. ousness, and ye believed him not; but the Publicans and the harlots believed him: and


when ye had seen it, repented not afterward, that ye might believe him.

Then began he to speak to the people this pa- Luke xx. I.

rable ;

Jer. ii. 21.

Matt. xxi. 24

Luke xx. 9.
Luke xx. 10.

Matt. xxi. 34.

Luke xx. 10.

Luke xx. 10.

Mark xii. 4.

Hear another parable: There was a certain Matt. xxi. 33. $ Isaiah v. 1. housholder S which planted a vineyard, and hedged

it round about,
and set an hedge about it, and digged a place for Mark xii. I.
the wine-fat,
and digged a wine-press in it, and built a tower, Matt. xxi. 23.
and let it out to husbandmen, and went into a far

for a long time.

And at the season
when the time of the fruit drew near,
he sent a servant to the husbandmen,
that he might receive from the husbandmen of the Mark xii. 2.
fruit of the vineyard.
but the husbandmen
caught him, and beat him, and sent him away Mark xii. 3.

And again he sent unto them another servant; and at him they cast stones, and they beat him also, and wounded him in the head, and entreated him shamefully, and sent him away Luke xx. 11. empty. shamefully handled.

And again he sent a third : and they wounded Luke xx. 12. him also, and cast him out.

And again he sent another; and him they Mark xii, 6. killed, and many others; beating some, and killing some.

Then said the lord of the vineyard, What shall Luke xx. 13. I do? I will send my beloved son : it may be they will reverence him when they see him.

Having yet therefore one son, his well-beloved, Mark xii. 6. he sent him also last, last of all, unto them, saying, They will reverence my son.

Luke xx. II.

Mark xii. 4.

Mark xii, 4.

Matt. xxi. 37.

Mark xii. 6.

John xi. 53.

Matt, xxi. 39.

Matt. xxi. 40.

Matt. xxi. 38. But when the husbandmen saw the son, Jerusalem.
Like xx. 14. they reasoned among themselves,
Mátt. xxi. 38. they said among themselves, This is the heir;

come, let us kill him, and let us seize on his in- 4 Ch. xxvi. 3.

And they caught him, and cast him out of the vineyard, and slew him.

When therefore the lord of the vineyard cometh,

what will he do unto those husbandmen?
Matt. xxi. 41. They say unto him,
Mark xii. 9. he will come,
Matt. xxi. 41. He will miserably destroy those wicked men, and

will let out his vineyard unto other husbandmen,

which shall render him the fruits in their seasons. Matt. xxi. 42. Jesus saith unto them,

Sustaid EST Matt. xxi. 43. Therefore I say unto you, The kingdom of God

shall be taken from you, and given to a nation

bringing forth the fruits thereof. Luke xx. 16. And when they heard it, they said, God forbid. Luke xx. 17. And he beheld them, and said, What is this then that is written?

hod Matt. xxi. 42. ^ Did ye never read in the Scriptures, The stone u Ps.cxviii.22.

which the builders rejected, the same is become
the head of the corner" : this is the Lord's doing,
and it is marvellous in our eyes?

19TIBA Matt. xxi. 44. And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be x Is.viii. 14,15.

broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will 1 Pet. ii. 8.

grind him to powder.
Matt. xxi, 15. And when the Chief Priests d Die TT
Luke xx. 19. and the Scribes
Matt. xxi. 45. and Pharisees had heard his parables, they per- i

ceived that he spake of them ;
Luke xx. 19. had spoken this parable against them.
Matt. xxi. 46. But when they sought to lay hands on him,

they feared the multitude, because they took him

for a prophet: Mark xii. 12. and they left him, and went their way. Matt. xxii. 1. And Jesus answered and spake unto them y Lukexiv. 16.

again by parables, and said, Matt. xxii. 2. The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain

king, which made a marriage for his son.

And sent forth his servants to call them that


"1 To prove that the Jews refer this passage to the Messiah, Schoetgen quotes Rasche ad Micah v. 1, and Abarbanel ad Zachar. iv. 13.-Schoetgen, Hor. Heb. vol. i. p. 174. VOL. I.



were bidden to the wedding: and they would not

Again, he sent forth other servants, saying, Tell Matt. xxii. 4.
them which are bidden, Behold, I have prepared
my dinner : my oxen and my fatlings are killed,
and all things are ready; come unto the marriage.
But they made light of it, and went their ways, Matt. xxii. 5.
one to his farm, and another to his merchandise :

And the remnant took his servants, and entreat- Matt. xxii. 6. ed them spitefully, and slew them.

But when the king heard thereof, he was wroth : Matt. xxii. 9. and he sent forth his armies, and destroyed those murderers, and burned up their city.

Then saith he to his servants, The wedding is Matt. xxiL 8. ready, but they which were bidden were not worthy.

Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many Matt. xxii. 9. as ye shall find, bid to the marriage.

Šo those servants went out into the highways, Matt. xxii. 10. and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good : and the wedding was furnished with guests.

And when the king came in to see the guests, Matt. xxii. 11. he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment :

And he saith unto him, Friend, how camest Matt. xxii. 12. thou in hither not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless.

Then said the king to the servants, Bind him Matt. xxii. 13. hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

2 For many are called, but few are chosen. MATT. xxi. part of ver. 23, 24, 25, 26. ver. 27. part of ver. 34. ver. 35, 36. and

part of ver. 37. 23 —the Chief Priests—and said, By what authority doest thou these things ? and who gave thee this authority ?

24 And Jesus answered and said unto them,

25 —from heaven, or of men ? And they reasoned with themselves, saying, If we shall say, From heaven; he will say

26 _for all hold John as a prophet.

27 And they answered Jesus, and said, We cannot tell. And he said unto them, Neither tell I you by what authority I do these things.

34 —he sent his servants to the husbandmen, that they might receive the fruits of it.

35 And the husbandmen took his servants, and beat one, and killed another, and stoned another.

z Ch. xx. 16.

Matt. xxii. 14.

a Ch. xiv. 5.

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