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which are fed daily from the country with stock, release from the gaol to which he was consigned for was suspended, and Chicago was threatened with trampling on the grass of the Capitol without leave. the miseries of a siege. It is difficult for any one Notwithstanding these optimist expectations I do who has not been in America to imagine the extent not think that America has seen the last of Coxeyism to which every one is at the mercy of the railroads. --not by a long way. A correspondent in Chicago Chicago and any other large American city can no sends me a curious sidelight on the question. Invesmore feed itself than can London, and a railway tigation has shown that most of the soldiers of blockade would place

Coxey and the other the whole community

"generals," who have on short commons,

been concentrating and if continued long

on Washington, are enough would have

Americans. They the same results as

maintain that the a protracted siege

trades unions have by a hostile power.

practically fallen into The railway men

the hands of foreignhave of

ers, who refuse to perfect right to strike

allow the American if they keep within

youth to learn their the limits of the law,

trades. This limitabut the consequences

tion of the apprenare appalling The

ticeship mail trains cannot

temporary monopoly run, and an attempt

of work for the old to force the block

hands, but it leaves ade by employing

the young Americans superior officials has

without the technical been met with open

training to which violence. For men

they had looked foron strike in the

ward. One result of United States have

this is likely to be the same savage in

the establishment of difference to blood

technical schools on shed that characte

a much larger scale rised the trades

than has yet been unions of Sheffield]

contemplated. Be in the middle of this

this as it may, the century. The Fede

industrial problem ral Gevernment has

in the United States interfered, and the

is singularly intereststrike is to be

ing and instructive, crushed if need be (From a design by Herr Otto Marcus, reproduced from " Der Wahrer Jacob.")

but with a stupidity by military force.

almost beyond belief This strike is the more annoying, for, newspapers continue to ignore the whole Coxeyism. according to the reports published in the of the American movement as if it were of no more

American Review of Reviews, there was significance than the campaigning of insurgents in visible throughout the States a slight but perceptible some South American Republic. revival of trade which was absorbing the Coxeyites,

If our newspapers neglect to report the

The Murder who are still marching on Washington and are con of President obscure but sensational occurrences which templating the holding of a great demonstration on


accompany the evolution of a new state the fourth of July. Coxey is to be run for Congress, of things in America, they have exhausted the reand was received with great enthusiasm on his sources of their space in describing the events which








a s

have followed the assassination of President Carnot. port of the assassination of M. Carnot, also published President Carnot was paying a visit to Lyons, and the report of a frightful colliery explosion in South while driving through the streets on Sunday, June Wales, which cost the lives of some 250 miners. 24th, he was stabbed in the abdomen by an Italian was horrible, but as mankind has come to regard Anarchist, who was allowed to approach the carriage explosions of gas as amongst the inevitable incidents in the belief that he was about to present a peti of coal winning, the catastrophe excited no feeling tion. The wound

beyond one was fatal, and

regret for the the President ex

slain and of sympired within a

pathy for their few hours. His

families. In death produced

time, we shall a profound sensa

probably take tion, not merely

the same philoin France, but

sophic view of throughout the

Anarchist outwhole of Europe.

rages. In society, It is, indeed, the

as in coal mines, first considerable

there exist success which the

certain number Anarchist party

of explosive elehas achieved

ments. Against since the Nihi

these we

must lists blew up the

take such preTzar. Since

cautions then, the party

science and exof dynamite has

perience suggest, succeeded in

but it seems to achieving

be only too certhing beyond the

tain that whatwholesale murder

ever we do there of persons of no

to political import

be flaws ance. It is

and then, and notable to re

assassinations, mark that in

like colliery exachieving their

plosions, will first considerable

occasionally take success they have

place. Anarchy abandoned their

will have to favourite weapon

multiply many and fallen back

times before upon the primi

the Anarchist tive dagger. It is


be one more illustration of the fact that if an assassin counted as

more than a small percentage of the is willing to give his life for that of his victim he risk .which every miner faces without a thought, can almost always make the exchange.

and without even feeling himself a brave man Assassina- The sensation which such an event as the for doing so. Men will begin to look at the tions and murder of a President produced in the risk of assassination with the same vigilant non

Colliery Explosions, newspapers is ail the more remarkable chalance with which our miners regard the risk of as, politically, the assassination is not of much signi explosion, and when assassination comes they will act ficance. Monday's papers, which published the re with the same cool-headedness.











So far as

can be seen at present the who was run as a second Republican candidate in Sympathye results which have followed the assassina case M. Casimir-Périer did not secure an absolute

tion of M. Carnot have been exactly the majority on the first ballot, only received 95 votes. opposite to those which were intended by his assassin. It is difficult to over-estimate the gain to France The murder created a perfect explosion of sympathy in this sudden election of her President. In place throughout the world, and France, for the first time of months of agitation and intrigue, the decisive in this generation, found herself overwhelmed with choice was precipitated in a day, and the result could demonstrations of sincere sympathy, not merely from hardly have been improved upon if the electoral the uttermost parts of the earth, but more especially period had been extended for six months. M. Carnot, from those Powers

according to the which she chooses

usual opinion, was to regard as her

a somewhat stolid hereditary foes.

and wooden alThe funeral of M.

though honest and Carnot on Sunday,

pacific President. July 1st, was the

Lord Salisbury bore occasion of an in

emphatic testimony ternational demon

to the influence stration of good

of the late Presifeeling, the like of

dent in the cause of which has not been

There was seen in our time.

nothing in his All Paris turned

life to excite the out to the

enthusiasm which remains of the

has been provoked murdered President

by the cruelty and conveyed from the

suddenness of his Elysée to the Pan


The new théon; every go

President is vernment and

statesman by every ruler in

heredity, his father Europe contributed

and grandfather to rear the moun

before him having tain of floral

been Ministers of wreaths, which

France. During are the accepted

the short period form of convey

when he was ing assurances of

cently Prime Minisympathy and

ster, he showed himregret. So far,

self to be an honest therefore, from THE NEW PRESIDENT, M. CASIMIR-PÉRIER.

and capable man, shaking the estab

who would have lished order in France, the assassin's knife has helped been glad to have kept the prancing Jingoes of the to solidify the Republic more firmly than before. colonial class within bounds. His instincts are: Election of According to the French constitution, pacific, and although he is regarded by the Socialists the New when a President dies his successor must with a detestation which mine-owners seem to excite President.

be elected within three days. The in France more than in any other country, there Chamber and Senate met together at Versailles, is no reason to believe that he will not be as good and on the first ballot elected M. Casimir-Périer as a President as France could have found. President by 451 votes out of a total of 853 votes. The Jilting It is interesting to note that M. CasimirM. Brisson, who was supported by the Radicals Perier and Périer would never have been President and Socialists, received 194 votes, while M. Dupuy,

its results. had he not been early disappointed in



and the

love. In his youth M. Casimir-Périer was a Con

The German Emperor, who has been servative, and as the representative of a family which The Kaiser. phenomenally quiet of late, did a good had twice held the first place in France, and was

stroke of business for the

peace of Europe, very wealthy to boot, the aristocrats of the fau which depends upon the temper of France, by remitbourgs were willing to overlook his lack of blue blood ting the sentences passed at Leipsic on two French and welcome him to their exclusive lons. By officers convicted of acting as spies in Germany. He way of cementing this alliance a marriage was did this as a graceful means of showing how much he proposed between him and a young lady of a noble sympathised with France on the death of her Presifamily. But at the last moment the young lady, or, dent. He also did a wise thing when he lugged rather, her parents, threw M. Casimir-Périer over headlong into a speech which he delivered at a naval and married her to the son of a duke. The blow banquet a reference to the fighting alliance which was a severe one, and M. Casimir-Périer took it so existed in old times between England and Germany. much to heart that he there and then severed his It was a significant hint to the assurance of the two connection with the Conservatives, forsook the countries that, although the Kaiser might have been Faubourg St. Germain, and threw in his lot with overborne by his colonials in the matter of the Anglothe Republicans. He was in those days thought to Congolese agreement, the relations between the Courts be an advanced Republican, but his radicalism was of Berlin and London are as good as ever. Despite probably assumed in order to emphasise the disgust the ingenious and elaborate parallel drawn between which he felt at the way in which he had been William II. and Caligula, people are beginning to treated by his quondam friends. As the years recognise that the quondam Shouting Emperor counts passed and the bitterness of the disappointment was second to the Russian Tzar among the securities for forgotten, he became more and more moderate, and at European peace. present he is what we should regard as a Republican Francis

In Hungary the dispute between the somewhat after the Hartington stamp—which is by


Liberal majority in the Lower House no means the worst kind for France to-day.

Magnates. and the clerical majority in the House The Attack

The Anarchists succeeded in their attack of Magnates over the Civil Marriage Bill has been

on M. Carnot. They failed in their settled in favour of the Commons. Francis Joseph Signor Crispi.

attempt to kill Signor Crispi. Gunpowder, although tolerably effective, much more so than dynamite (witness the murders of Lincoln, Garfield, and Carter Harrison in America), is not so sure as the dagger. The disadvantage of the latter, from the assassin's point of view, is that it is much easier to escape after shooting than after stabbing. Signor Crispi's assailant missed his mark, and was arrested by Signor Crispi himself and handed

to the police. There is no such specific for exciting sympathy as an abortive attempt at assassination. Signor Crispi was overwhelmed with telegrams of congratulation, and his seat in the saddle has been unmistakably strengthened by the attempt to take his life. The risk that rulers run from the microbe of assassination is increasing, but it is still comparatively infinitesimal compared with the risk they face uncon

(From a photograph by Ellinger Ede, Budape. 1.) cernedly from the microbe bred in the sewers. If any one doubt it, let him ask any insurance office the tried at first, and tried in vain, to replace Dr. Wekerle difference between the premium which they would by a Prime Minister who would not be upset the charge for insuring M. Casimir-Périer against assas first day he faced the Liberal majority. Finding sination and against zymotic disease. Assassination that there no other course, he reinstated impresses the imagination more than typhoid er, Dr. Wekerle with a slightly modified Cabinet, and but it is not half so deadly.

intimated to the Magnates that it was his will the






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