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LONDON, July 2nd, 1894. amelioration-see in passing Mr. Dearmer's remarkThe Pope's Once more the aged Muezzin from the able paper on this subject in “ The New Party.” If

Appeal to "Princes and topmost minaret in Christendom has

the Pope could give us this unity, we would gladly Peoples.” proclaimed aloud in the hearing of all receive it from his hands. In great things as in small the nations, “ There is no God but God, and the Pope it is not well to look a gift horse in the mouth. If is the vicegerent of God.” This time his sonorous the Pope would but help us to do the work that lies cry is addressed no longer to the bishops and clergy ready to our hands, he might keep his dogmas as and laity of the Catholic Church. The Pope, in his Kaiser Wilhelm no doubt keeps the weapons and new encyclical on Christian unity, appeals directly to armour of his ancestors. They are quite authentic, no the princes and peoples without distinction of religious doubt. They were in their time the best that could be faith. And the good old man, standing in the forged; and they are interesting relics with romantic shadow of another world, lifts up his voice and pleads associations. But to safeguard the Fatherland and with passionate eloquence for the restoration of the to maintain the unity of the German Empire, the unity of Christendom. He adjures the Oriental Hohenzollerns had to have recourse to more up-to-date Churches to return to the Roman fold, and promises weapons. And to reconstitute the Unity of Christenthem that, if they do, the privileges of their patriarch- dom, it is as necessary to forget the things which are ates and the rites of their liturgies shall never be behind and press forward to overcome modern foes abrogated. Turning to the Protestant world, he with modern weapons as it was to ignore archæological exhorts it to seek for safety in the shelter of the differences about crossbows and drawbridges when authority of the Roman See. Protestantism, he reconstituting the unity of Germany. thinks, is drifting through rationalism to a denial

Christian reunion is only possible on the of the inspiration of the Bible and the Divinity of

of the Eng- basis of practical altruistic work to realise Christ, and from that to the abyss of naturalism and

lish-speaking to-day the ideals recognised by all, leavmaterialism there is but a short step. Return, oh


ing things of yesterday and speculaye backsliding children, return to the one fold whereof

tions as to to-morrow entirely on one side. But even the successor of St. Peter is the one shepherd, so

the Tablet, which is both English and Catholic, cannot that we may all have one faith, one hope, and one

escape from the hide-bound narrowness of its seccharity, based on · the same Gospel ! And all the

tarian shibboleth. It says :people do not say Amen.

To the Anglo-Saxon race, as the great colonising stock, The True “ The old, old story," growls the man in which, after peopling the Western and Australasian worlds, is Road to

the street. Christian

The lion will lie down with now, with unexhausted vitality, entering on the settlement of Unity. the lamb, but the lamb must be inside the the Dark Continent, belongs the primacy in the task of renderlion. But even the man in the street is beginning English language alone, as the inheritance of a multitude to

ing the universe a homogeneous whole. The extension of the to recognise that the restoration of the union of all

which every generation gives vast increase, provides in itself Inoral forces is the indispensable condition of social the machinery for a further levelling down of international

The Mission


distinctions. The commanding influence of a common speech and even of an organic reunion with the Roman See. in harmonising all fomns of thought and feeling can hardly

But there must be a good deal of give and take on be over-estimated, and vast regions of the earth are now

both sides before that comes to pass. welded into an intellectual unit by this engine alone. But particularism in religion is inconsistent with England's great

While the Pope is exhorting to unity, the

The Ottawa mission to the world at large, and its fulfilment would be

Conference. English-speaking man is setting to work to enormously hastened and facilitated by her re-conversion to

achieve it. The Inter-colonial Conference, the Catholic faith.

which is this month assembled at Ottawa, is in many By which of course the Tablet means the Roman

ways one of the most remarkable manifestations of dogma and ecclesiastical system, which, whether true

the aspiration after unity that this generation has or false, unfortunately at this moment divides men

What more startling illustration of the extent most.

of the British Empire could we have than the fact that No one can cast a glance over England An Object

Ottawa, in the Dominion of Canada, is regarded as the Lesson in or America without seeing how terribly Dis-Union.

most convenient centre for the discussion of the joint the Roman Church itself bars the way to

concerns of Australia, South Africa, and North Ameunion, and hinders all manner of good works by the

rica? And what more cheering spectacle could the old jealousy and alarm which its absolute and arrogant assumption excites among the nations. In the

country desire than this assemblage of her stalwart United States the anti-papal spirit is attaining dimensions which seem to some


not unlikely to result in bloodshed, and in the United Kingdom the dread of Rome Rule is at the bottom of most of the opposition to Home Rule. Why, to refer to a very small instance of this evil spirit, just look at the bitterness and waste of power that this sectarian feud between papists and anti-papists causes at our very doors. Dr. Barnardo twenty-eight years ago with a couple of hundred pounds began to try to save the neglected waifs and strays of our streets. No work more distinctively Christian could be conceived, and no work has been more magnificently successful. Last year he received £134,000 for the maintenance of his orphanages, and no fewer than 5,000 helpless little ones have found in Dr. Barnardo a father in their need. But because of a miserable wrangle over the souls

BIR JOHN THOMPSON, of some half-dozen gutter-snipes, the Roman Church

Prime Minister of Canada. and Dr. Barnardo have been and still are at cross purposes, and instead of the Pope co-operating as sons from the uttermost ends of the earth in the capital he ought to do with Dr. Barnardo and rejoicing over of the Canadian Dominion, to consult as to their the success with which he has done Christ's work

common interests and the promotion of a closer for 28,000 destitute orphans, there are probably union and a quicker communication between each few Catholics in England who would not rejoice other? The proceedings at the opening of the Conif Dr. Bırnardo came to grief. And all for the ference seem to have been harmonious and enthusisake of half-a-dozen street arabs who, but for Dr. astic.

Nothing was

more significant than the Barnardo, would in all probability have gone to reception accorded to the South Africans and the the devil without let or hindrance. The A.P.A.

enthusiasm with which every reference to Mr. Cecil fanaticism is detestable, and Dr. Barnardo's Ulster Rhodes was received by the delegates. The merits Orangeism is pitifully absurd. But if the good Pope of Mr. Rhodes as an Empire builder are evidently could but make all his clergy practise the charity not unappreciated in the other colonies. The Con which he preaches, and allow no ecclesiastical and ference has just settled down to business, but it dogmatic differences to impair the cordiality of their seems indubitable that it will contribute materially recognition of all works done for the service of man, to the common sentiment of a common race, and we should be appreciably nearer Christian reunion that the exchange of experiences between repre:


War in

sentatives of the different colonies cannot fail to have risen to the occasion, and have utilised contribute to the more intelligent and more har- the scenic properties of the monarchy for a great monious administration of all Imperial affairs.

river fête. All London would have turned out to On Saturday, June 23, at five minutes to see the royal barge leading an aquatic procession The Great Grandson of ten o'clock at night, a baby boy was born from the Tower to Westminster amid the thundering

the Queen. in Richmond Park, whose advent must salutes of cannon, the joyous pealing of bells, and be counted among the many other collateral securities the clash of military music. But, instead of such for the maintenance of the union of the British Em an imposing pageant, royalties came up the river on pire. The birth of a son to the Duchess of York has board a penny steamboat which, but for the fact placed the succession of the Crown as far beyond the that it carried the royal standard and was somewhat risk of casualty as is possible in these mortal things. profusely adorned with flowers, differed little from After the Queen, we have in the direct line of any picnic party on the river. One of the duties of succession the Prince of Wales, the Duke of York, monarchy is to relieve the dull drab of democratic and the new royal baby, whose horoscope has monotony by the radiant colour and glittering already been calculated by the astrologers, and brilliance of royal pageantry. But, so far from declared to promise excellent things, for the realising this, royalty is year after year beaten by stars, as long experience shows, can play the the Lord Mayor of London. courtier when they please. If the York marriage

When one section of the English-speaking

Industrial had been childless the daughter of the Duke of Fife

race is drawing closer together and rewould have been next in succession, and for some the United joicing in the additional security that is

States. reason or other it is the fashion to pretend that this

afforded against any interruption in the wouid have been unpopular, although it is difficult line of succession, the other section of the race is to say why, seeing that England has prospered always exhibiting a very different spectacle. Hardly has more under her queens than her kings. It is curious the prolonged and embittered dispute in the bituto note in these democratic days that the monarchy is minous coal trade been settled by a patch-work one of those few institutions which seems to increase agreement than another dispute has arisen which in popularity with its age. Like some great oak it

has assumed in a moment far more gigantic proportrikes its roots deeper and deeper each succeeding tions. The Pullman Company, the owners of the century, and even the most advanced Republicans town of Pullman in the neighbourhood of Chicago, admit that the golden circlet of the Imperial crown and the manufacturers of the well-known Pullman is one of the most potent of the influences which keeps Palace cars, have for some months past been in our empire together. Romance and antiquity count dispute with their workmen. They differed about for much even in the Old World, whereas in the New, wages. The Company declared that they could prove where distance lends enchantment to the view, it is that they had been working without profit merely to difficult to over-estimate their potency.

keep their establishment going. When, however, a At the same time it is difficult to conceal demand was made that they should submit their books The Opening of the Tower one's irritation at the persistence with for inspection they refused. Their employés declined Bridge.

which royalty muffs its chances. Here, to accept the wages offered them, and a strike for instance, was the opening of the Tower Bridge, a took place. For several weeks it was fought quietly magnificent work which has given an adequate gate and without incident. Finding that they were way to the port of London. It was opened on making no headway, the men applied to the railway Saturday, June 30th, by the Prince of Wales and a employés, and appealed to them to make common bevy of royalties. Traffic was stopped for a couple cause against the Pullman Company. After some of hours on Saturday morning in order to allow the negotiations the railway men agreed, and the end princes and princesses with their archbishop in of June witnessed a general strike on two-thirds of waiting to drive through the City, and when the the railways of the United States against the ceremony was complete they returned by the river.

Pullman cars. It was a glorious day in June; the sun was bright,

The strike took the form of a refusal

A Railway the tide was high, and if ever there was

Blockade of to drive any train to which a Pullman sion which lent itself to an imposing pageant on

was attached.

The result was to the Thames, this was the day. Even the most paralyse traffic on all the thirty-two lines of rail which unimaginative of chamberlains might for once lead to Chicago. Business at the Union Stock Yards.

an occa


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