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Q. R.

Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in this Index. A. C. Q. American Catholic Quarterly Review, F.


Naut. M. Vautical Magazine.
A. J. P. Americau Journal of Politics.
Fr. L. Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly.

X. E. J. New England Magazine.
A. A. P. S. Annals of the American Aca lemy of Free R. Free Review

N. I. R. New Ireland Review.
Political and Social Science.
G. M. Gentleman's Magazine.

New R. New Review,
Ant. Antiquary.

J. Geographical Journal.

New W. New World.
Arch. R. Architectural Record,
G. 0. P. Girl's Own Paper.

NH. Newbery House Magazine.
G. W. Good Words.

X. C. Nineteenth Century.
G. T. Great Thoughts.

X. A. R. North American Review.
As. Asclepiad.
Harp. Harper's Magazine.

O. D.

Our Day.
A.Q. Asiatic Quarterly.
Hom. R. Homiletic Review.


Ata. Atalanta.


P. E. F. Palestine Exploration Fund.
A. M.
Atlantic Monthly.


P. M. M. Pall Mall Magazine.
Bank. Bankers' Magazine.

I. JL.
Index Library.

Phil. R. Philosophical Review.
Black. Blackwool's Magazine.
1. J. E. International Journal of Ethics.

P. L. Poet-Lore.
B. T. J. Boari of Trade Journal.
I. R. Investors' Review.

P. R. R. Presbyterian and Reformer Review.
Bkman. Bookman.
Ir. E. R. Irish Ecclesiastical Record.

P. M.Q. Primitive Methodist Quarterly Review. B. Borderland. Ir. M. Irish Monthly.

Psy. R.

Proceedings of the Society for Psychical
C. P. G. Cabivet l'ortrait Gallery.
Jew. Q: Jewish Quarterly.

Cal. R. Calcutta Review.
J. Ei. Journal of Education.

Q.J.Econ. Quarterly Journal of Economics.
Can. M. Canadian Magazine.
J. Micro. Journal of Microscopy.

Quarterly Review,
C. F. M. Cassell's Family Magazine.
J.P. Econ. Journal of Political Economy.

C. S. J. Cassell's Saturday Journal.

J. R. A. S. Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society. R. R. R. Religious Review of Reviews.
Cas. M. Cassier's Magazine.

J.R. C. I. Journal of the Royal Colonial Institute. Rel. Reliquary.
C. W. Catholic World.
Jur. R. Juridical Review.

R. C. Review of the Churches.
C. M. Century Magazine.
k. 0. King's (wn.

R. R. A. Review of Reviews (America).
C. J. Chambers's Journal.


R.R. Aus. Review of Review's (Australasia).
Char. R. Charities Review.
L. H. Leisure Hour.

St. X. St. Nicholas.
Chaut. Chautauquan.
Libr. Library.

Sc. A. Science and Art.
Ch. Mis.I. Church Missionary Intelligencer.
Lipp. Lippincott's Monthly.

Sc. P. Science Progress.
Cb. Q.
Church Quarterly.
1. Q. London Quarterly.

Scots. Scote dlagazine.
C. R. Contemporary Review.
Long. Longman's Magazine.

Scot.G.M. Scottish Geographical Magazine.
Luc. Lucifer.

Scot. R. Scottish Review
Cos. Cosmopolitan.
Lud. M. Luigate Illustrated Magazine.

Serib. Scribner's Magazine.
Crit. R. Critical Review,
M (. McClure's Magazine.

Shake. Shakespeariana.
D. R. Dublin Review.
Mar. Macmillan's Magazine.


Econ. J. Economic Journal.
Mei. M. Medical Magazine.

Suu. II.

Sunday at Home.
Econ. R. Economic Review.
M. 1. D. Men and Women of the Day.

Sup. M.

Sunday Magazine.
E. R. Edinburgh Review.
M. E. Merry England.

T. B. Temple Bar,
Ed. R. A. Educational Review, America.
Mind. Mind.

Th. Theatre.
Ed. R. L. Educational Review, Lourdou.
Mis, R. Missionary Review of the World.

Think. Thinker.
Eng. M. Engineering Magazine.
Mou. Monist.

U. S. M. United Service Magazine.
E. H. English Historical Review.


W. R. Westmiuster Review.
E. L. M. English Illustrate 1 Magazine.
M. P. Monthly Packet.

W. H. Womau at Home.
Nat. R. National Review.

Y. R. Yale Review.
Ex. T. Expository Times.
X. Sc. Natural Science.

Y. M. Young Mau.
F. L. Folk-Lore.
N N. Nature Notes,

Y. W. Young Woman.
F.R. Fortnightly Review.

Acadia :

In Acadia, by Rev. R. Howley, M, Sept.

Acadia and Bayou Teche, Stoughton Cooley on, Fr L, Sept.
Addison, the Humorist, by M. O. W. Oliphant, CM, Sept.
Advertising: Jo advance of the Circus; Bill-Posting, Charles T. Murray on,

McCi, Aug.
Aerial Navigation, see under Ballooning.
Africa :

Sir Gerald Portal's Mission to l'ganda, Travers Buxton on, Sun H, Sept.
Poudoland, U SM, Sept.
A Recent Visit to Harrar, hy Walter B. Harris, Black, Sept.

Letters from South Africa, by Chas, W. Wood, Arg, Sept.
Agriculture : Co-operation and the Agricultural Depression, Edmund Mit-bell

ou, W R, Sept.
Alaska : A Summer Tour in Alaska, by Lucy M. Washburn, Cos, Aug.
American Literature, Hamliu Garland on, F, Aug.
American People :

Summer Visitors, by Catherine B. Selden, N A R, Aug.

The People of the Cities, by “Octave Thanet," Scrib, Sept.
Amusements in the Olden Times, H. A. Page on, Ata, Sept.
Andaman Islands: The Dwarf Negroes, Wm. C. Prestou on, Sun M, Sept.
Andreae, Percy, Bkman, Sept.

lo Defence of Anarchy, by Wordsworth Dopisthorpe, New R, Sept.
Punishment of Anarchists and Others, Henry Holt on, F, Aug.

Some Anarchist Portraits, Charles Malato on, F R. Sept.
Arabia : The Hadramut; a Journey in Southern Arabia, by J. T. Bent, N C,

Archäology, see Contents of Antionary.
Archite:ture: Antecedents of Gothic, C. H Moore on, ME, Aug.
Arctic Regions: The Buried Elephants in the Arctic Regions, Rev. D. Gath

Whitley ou, G M, Sept.
Armenia : The Armenian Question in Turkey, H. F. B. Lynch on, CR,

Armies (see also Contents of United Service Magazine):

The Origin of Some British Regiments. CJ, Sept.
Astronomy (see also Contents of anowledoe):

Sun-Spots, Sir Robert S. Ball on, CFM, Sept.
The Observatory on the Summit of Ben Nevis, Edward Whymper on, LH,


Atonement, see under Bible and Biblical Criticism
Autumu Thoughts, by T. E. Kebbel, Nat R, Sept.
Ballooning, Aërial Navigation :

Notes on Aērial Navigation, hy V. E. Johnson, WR, Sept.
Keeley's Discoveries and Aërial Navigation, Clara B. Moore od, A, Aug.

The Prospects of Flying. by Hiram S. Maxim, Nat R, Sept.
Bar Harbour, F. Marion Crawford on, Serib, Sept.
Basqueland, Sara E. Duun on, ME, Aug.
Bible and Biblical Criticism, (see also Contents of Biblical world, Espositor,

Expository Times, Homiletic Reriew, King's Own, etc.):
The Original Documents of the New Testament, A. F. Hort on, M P. Sept.
True and False Conceptions of the Atonement, by W. E. Gladstone, NC,


A Haunt of Birds, Rev. J. H. Crawford on, G M, Sept.

Philornithus in the Park, Mac, Sept.
Plackie, Professor, Arthur Warıen on, WH, Sept.
Bohernia : Paddles and Politics in Bohemia, Poultney Bigelow on, P MM.


A Third Shelf of Old Tooks, by Mrs. James T. Fields, Scrib, Sept.

Favourite Books of Childhood, Frances H. Low ou, Str, Aug.
Bostou : the City of God, by Rev. Chas. G. Ames, N E M, Ang.
Bowles, Poet, Parson, and Pamphleteer, by Mrs. Andrew Cro-se, TB, Sept.
Brontë, Emily,_" Filial Love: " An Unpublished Essay by Emily Broute,

WH, Sept.
Brooke, Stopford, W. J. Dawson on Y M, Sept.
Bryant's William Cullen) Poem “ Thanatopsis,” John W. Chadwick 00,

Harp, Sept.
Buddha, Gotama, Religion of, William Davies on, A M, Sept.
Buffalo-Hunting: A Buffalo Run at One Tree Creek, by L. R. Ord, G M, Sept.
Burns, Robert, D. F. Hannigan, on, W R, Sept.
Canada, (see also under Ontario):

Canada's Political Conditions, Hon. J. W. Lodgley on, RRA, Aug.

Canadian Democracy and Socialisni, John A. Cooper on, Can M, Aug.
Catholic Church (see also Contents of american Catholic Quarterly Beriex,

Merry England, Month):
The Parish Priest in England before the Reformation, by Dr. A. Jessopp,

NC, Sept.

Catholic Loyalty, George P. Lathrop op, N A R, Aug.

Theological Book-keeping by Double Entry, C R, Sept. Cawdor Castle, Edwin Oliver ou, Ata, Sept. Charles, Mrs. Rundle, Francis E. Ashwell on, G T, Sept. Chateaubriand, Mac, Sept. Chevedale : C'p Chevedale aud Down Again, by Charles S. Davison, A M,

Sept. Chicago: W. T. Stead's Book, “ If Christ Came to Chicago," Prof. Goldwin

Smith on, CR, Sept. China : A Journey to the Sacred Mountaio, by A. H. Savage-Landor, F R,

China and Korea, see under Korea.
Church and Christianity (see also under Bible):
Can there be Heresy and Schism in the Church? by Rev. S. F. Smith, M,

Herrsy and Schism, by Dr. V. Smith, N C, Sept.
Churches :

Four Famous Cathedrals, Thomas E. Champion on, Can M, Aug.
The New Englaud Congregational Churches, Edward E. Hale on, N EM,

York Minster, Dean Purey-Cust on, GW, Sept.
Claretie, Jules, on His Contemporaries : Souvenirs of Some Celebrated People

of the Times, NAR, Aug. Clenardus, Harriet W. Prestou on, A M, Sept. Clergy :

The Pay of Preachers, H. K. Carroll on, F, Aug.

The Causes and Cure of Ministers' “Blue Monday," Hom R, Aug.
Clifforu, Dr. John, on His First Sermon, Y M, Sept.
Coaching Trips Out of London, William H. Rideing on, Cos, Aug.
Coal: In the Depths of a Coal Mine, by Stephe: Crave, McC1, Aug.
Colonies and the Empire, by Lieut.-Col. C. Howard Vincent, Nat R, Sept.
Colporteurs at Work, G. Holden Pike on, Q, Sept.
Commons and Forests, Hugh H. L. Bellot on, W R, Sept.
Cornwall and the Silent Sentinel of the Cornish Coast, by Julius M. Price,

EIM, Sept.
Corsica : A Jaunt into Corsica, by C. H. Adams, C M, Sept.
Cradles, Histori?, by Sheila F. Braive, Str, Aug.
Crime and Criminals:

Criminals and Prisons, Thomas E. Will on, A, Aug.
Sentimental Dealing with Crime, and its World-Wide Increase, D. McG.

Means and Others op, F, Aug.
Identifying Criminals, C FM, Sept.

“Known to the Police," by E. R. Spearmau, N C, Sept. Crockett, S. R,GT, Sept. Cups: The Travels of a Gold Cup, now in the British Museum, by L. de

Lautreppe, Cos, Aug. Currie, Sir Donald, Harry How on, Str, Aug. Cycling : Across Asia on a Bicycle, by T. G. Allen and W. L. Sachtleben,

CM, Sept. Devonshire, Duke of-Dalmeny and Devonshire, by T. H. S. Escott, New R,

Diocletian's Palace at Spalato, Percy Fitzgerald on, G M, Sept.
Doyle, Dr. A. Conan, on His First Book, Mc Cl, Sept.
Dress : Male and Female Attire in Various Nations and Ages, Ellen B.

Dietrick on, A, Aug.
Drummond's (Professor) “ Ascent of Man:”

Washington Gladden on, Mc CI, Aug.

Professor Drummond's Discovery, by Mrs. Lyon Linton, F R, Sept. Elucation (see also Contents of Educational Review, Journal of Education,

Educational Times, Unirersity Extension Magazine):
University Extension, E. Sadler and Mrs. James Stuart on, N C, Sept.
Shrewsbury School, W. Chas. Sargent on, Lud M, Sept.

Stouyhurst Centenary, Bishop Cuthbert D, ME, Aug.
Egypt and the Pentateuch, by Rev. J. Urquhart, K 0, Sept.
Electricity Direct from Coal, William Ostwall on, Eng M, Aug.
Eliot, George, W. J. Dawson on, Y W, Sept.
Elliot, Charlotte, P. H. W. Almy on, Sun M, Sept.
Engineering, see Contents of Cassier's Magazine and Engineering Magazine.
Ethics: The New Hedouism, by Grant Allen, H, Sept.
Evolution :
The Missing Link in the Hypothesis of Evolution, or Derivative Creation,

by Hon. David Mills, Can M, Aug. W bat Evolution Teacbes Us, by Lawrence Irwell, WR, Sept.

The Presidency of the French Republic, Frederick S. Daniel on, Fr L, Sept.

The History of the Elrsée Palace, Fr L, Sept. Franco-berman War: Outflankiug Two Emperors, by Murat Halstead, Cos.

Ang Fruit-Culture in Scotland: Apple Trees, C J, Sept. Galápagos Islands: A Needed Foothold in the Pacific, by A. Silva White,

USM, Sept.
Galileo, Astronomer, Sir Robert Ball on, GW, Sept.
Geography, see Contents of Geographical Journal and Scottish Geographical

Geology, see Contents of Geological Magazine and Journal of Geology
Germany :

The New Storm and Stress in Germany, Kuno Francke on, A M, Sept.
Glimpses of Religious Life iu Germany, by Rev. R. S. Ashton, Sun H,

School Excursions in Germany, J. M. Rice on, C M, Sept.

Impressions of Greece, by Mrs. W. M. A. Hawkesley, W R, Sept.

To the Brink of Pirene, by Morton Fullerton, Nat R, Sept.
Gwyn, Neil, Edward Manson on, P M M, Sept.
Henry, Prince, Navigator, Elwird G. Bourne on, Y R, Aug.
Heredity: l'renatal Influence, Dr. Sydney B. Elliot on, A, Aug.
Hobbes, Thomas, Sir Frederick Pollock on, Nat R, Sept.
Hypnotism : The Value of Hypnotism in Surgery, Dr. James R. Cocke op, A,

Imagination : Its Nature, Uses, and Abuses, Miss Drane on, M, Sept.
India :

How to Save the Rupee, by Harold Cox, Nat R, Sept,
How'We Locked the Back Door of India, by Rev. D. Kath Whitley, KO,

The Missing Link in the Chain of the Mutiny, Surgeon-General Paske on,

E IM, Sept.
The Oppressed Ryots of Behar, Donald N. Reid on, H, Sept.
Chillianwala: A Reminiscence of Campaigning in India, by E. J. Goodridge,

USM Sept.
Three Years of Shikar, by Sir Edward Braddon, Black, Sept.

The Taj Mahal, George F. Pentecost on, Sun M, Sept.
India-Rubber: The Cinderella of Civilisation, by Grant Allen, Long. Sept.
Insurance and the Nation, Rabbi S. Schiudler on, A, Aug.
Ireland (see also Contents of New Ireland Review, Irish Monthly):

Au Irish Landlord's Budget, and Its Critics, Nat R, Sept.

“ That Damnable Country," by Alfred Austio, Black, Sept. Jaran :

Early Summer in Japan, by Alfred Parsous, Harp, Sept.

Japan and Korea, see under Korea. Journalism :

Head-Lines, W. T. Larned on, Lipp, Sept.

The Complete Leader-Writer, Mac, Sept. Keats, John,-A Reading in the Letters of John Keats, by Leon H. Vincent,

A M, Sept.
Korea :

The Korean War, Colonel F. Maurice on, U SM, Sept.
The Question of Korea, by Henry Norman, CR, Sept.
Cbina and Japan, by Sir Edwin Arnold, New R, Sept.

China and Japan at Sea, by Nauticus, New R, Sept.

The Lesson of the Recent American Strikes, Symposium on, N A R, Aug. Principles Involved in the Recent Strike in America, D. McG. Means on,

F, Aug.
Mrs. Sidney Webb's Attack on the Labour Commission, by G. Drage, N C,

Land Question and the Single Tax, S. B. Riggen

on, A, Aug. Laurier, Hon. Wilfrid, William B. Wallace on, RR A, Aug. Law and the Lawyers :

The Bar, Nat R, Sept.

Coutempt of Court, by John C. Jeaffreson, L H, Sept. Leeds: The Moated Castle of Leeds, Major Ricketts on, E IM, Sept. Libraries, (see also Contents of Library): The Public Library Movement in the Unite] States, Joseph L. Harrison on,

NEM, Aug. Life-Saving Service in the United States, S. H. Ferris on, Fr L, Sept. Londou : Westmiuster, Walter Besant on, P MM, Sept. Longevity in London, Hugh P. Duun on, H, Sept. Lotus-Eating and Opium-Eating, Joseph C. Alexander on, CR, Sept. Marie Antoinette in Petit Trianon, Germain Bapst on, Cos, Aug, Marriage : The Chaos of Marriage and Divorce Laws, J. Henniker Heaton on,

New R, Sept. Meade, Mrs. L. 1., Sun M, Sept. Meredith, George, Novels of, Emily F. Wheeler on, Chaut, Aug. Missions (see also contents of Church Mi: sionary Intelligencer and Missionary

Review of the World): Foreign Missions iu the Light of the Conference, M. E. Palgrave on, N H,

Sept. Monasteries : The Franciscan Monastery of the Grey Friars, Newgate, G. H.

Birch on, N H, Sept. Monumental Brasses, Henry Stone on, N H, Sept. Morton, Dr. Henry, Prof. Colemau Sellers on, Cas M, Aug. Municipal Government : Criminal Degradation of New York Citizenship. John B. Leavitt on, F,


Fenillet's (Madame Octave) Reminiscences, Black, Sept.
Fiction :

The Historical Novel, George Saintsbury on, Mac, Sept.

The Evolution of the Heroine, H. H. Boyesen on, Lipp, Sept.
Fife, Duchess of, Marie A. Bellos on, WH, Sept.
Finance, (see also Contents of Bankers' Magazine, Board of Trade Journal,

Investors' Review):
The Financial Outlook, Hartley Withers ou, New R, Sept.
The Gold Questiou, by J. P. Heseltine, N R, Sept.
Imaginative Currency Statistics, J. Barr Robertson on, F R, Sept.

English Money in American Mines, W R, Sept.
Fire: The Enormous Annual Loss by Fire in America, Edward Atkinson on,

Eng M, Aug.
Fishermen, F. M. Holmes on, G M, Sept.
Fishing : Sea Fishing; A New Sport, Black, Sept.
Fontevrault, E. C. Price on, M P, Sept.
Foreign Affairs : The New Drift in Foreign Affairs, Frederick Greenwood on,

ČR, Sept.
Foundling Hospital, F. M. Holmes on, G T, Sept.
France (see also under Fontevrault, Paris):

Toronto as a Municipal Object Lesson, by Dr. Albert Shaw, RRA, Aug.
Mutual Aid in the Meliæval City, Prince Krapotkin on, N C, Sept.
Napoleon, G M, Sept.
Some Unpublished Reminiscences of Napoleon, by Col. Hon. Neville

Lyttelton, New R, Sept.
The English Caricatures of Napoleon, J. Howe Adams on, Cos, Aug.
Natural Science (see also Contents of Natural Science, Science Gossip):

Iu a Rock Pool, by Rev. Theo lore Wool, Sun M, Sept.
Navies (see also Contents of United Service Magazine):
Naval Mapauvres :

Wm. Laird Clowes ou, N R, Sept.
Nauticus on, FR, Sept.

Sea Power of the United States, C. II, Cramp on, N AR, August.
New England, see Contents of sew England Magazine.
New Guinea : How I found Baron Prodskoi, by Edward Wakefield, Lipp,

Núñez de Arce, Gaspar, Sir George Douglas on, Bkman, Sept.
Opium-Eating and Lotus-Eating, Joseph G. Alexander oa, CR, Sept.
Ostrich-Farming in South Africa, Charles W. Carey on, Str, Aug.
Palestine Research : Past and Future, Major C. R. Conder on, CR, Sept.
Paris: The Municipal Museums, Frederic Harrison on, F R, Sept.
Parkes, Sir Harry, Dr. James Macaulay on, L H, Sept.
Parliamentary :

Sessiou of 1894, Black, Sept.
Some Features of the Sessiou, Nat R, Sept.
English Workmen and Their Political Friends, Sir John E. Gorst ou,

NAR, Aug.
Is Parliamentary Representation Compatible with Democracy ? by Matthew

Macfie, W R, Sept. The American House of Representatives and the House of Commous, Hannis

Taylor on, N AR, Aug.
Parr, Thomas, Charles Edwardes on, Mac, Sept.
Patchwork: the Tapestry of the New World, Fanny D. Bergen op, Scrib,

Pater, Walter, Bkman, Sept.

The Work of Walter Pater, Lionel Johnson on, FR, Sept.
Pauperism and the Poor Law: At the Board of Guardians, Mac, Sept.
Pawnbroking, George W. Moon on, H, Sept.
Payn, James, Autobiographical, C, Sept.
Peace and Disarmament:
Fostering the Savage in the Young; Military Drill, by B. 0. Flower,

A, Aug. Pearls, Curiosities of, Herbert J. Gibbins on, G M, Sept. Personal Property, William C. Maude ou, M, Sept. Physical Basis of Knowledge, John Ferguson on, Can M, Aug. Pitsligo, Alexander Lord, T B, Sept. Playgrounds for City Schools, Jacob A. Riis on, CM, Sept. Poe, Edgar Allan, in Philadelphia, by George E. Woodberry, CM, Sept. Poetry of Ancient Egypt, Rev. F. C. H. Wendel on, Chaut, Aug. Political Economy (see also Contents of Yale Reriew): Britain and the United States : Cost of Living, etc., Andrew Carnegie on,

CR, Sept. Englishmen: How They Spend Their Money, Price Collier on, F, Aug. Politics (see also under l'arliamentary):

Money in Politics, Hou Jobu Davies on, A, Aug.

Politics and Science, Karl Pearson on, F R, Sept.
Prato, Memories of, by Mary F. Robinson, E IM, Sept.
Prince Edward Island, NEM, Aug.
l'sychology :

The New Psychology as a Basis of Education, G. Stanley Hall on, F, Aug.

Methods of Laboratory Mind-Study, Prof. E. W. Scripture on, F, Aug. Race Problems of America: Theories of Mixture of Races and Nationalities,

Richard Mayo-Smith on, Y R, Aug. Railways: Legalised Plunder of Railroad Properties in America : the Remedy, Isaac L.

Rice on, F, Aug.
The Railway Situation in the United States, Henry C. Adams on, RRA.

The Canadian Pacific Railway, Rev. E. J. Devive on, M, Sept.
The Hudson Bay Route, Hugh Sutherland ou, Can M, Aug.

Engine-Drivers and Their Work, Alfred T. Story on, Str, Aug.
Ravenna and Her Ghosts, by “Vernon Lee," Mac, Sept.
Reade, Charles, Reminiscences of, by Compton Reade, Y M, Sept.
Reybaud, Madame Charles, T B, Sept.

Ritschl, Albrecht, Prof. James Orr ou, Ex T, Sept.
Rosebery, Lord, --Dalmeny and Devonshire, T. H. S. Es ott 01, New R,

Rossetti, D. G., Recollections of, by Miss Hall ('aine, New R, Sept.
Royalty: English Monarchs as Authors, C FM, Sept.
Rus in Urbe, by Edith M. Thomas, A M, Sept.
Russell, Clark, Frederick Dolman on, Y M, Sept.
Russia in Asia : Through Samarkand to Ferghana, by Michael Arnot,

GW, Sept. Russian People, L H, Sept. Salmon-Canning in British Columbia, Catharine A. Peacock on, G W, Sept. Sarawak, Rajahs of, Hugues Le Roux on, FR, Sept. Science, see Contents of Science Progress, knowledge, fc. Scotland: The Royal Highlands, C FM, Sept. Secret Societies and Secret Tribunals, CJ, Sept. Shakespeare and Racine, Paul Verlaine on, FR, Sept. Shelley, Harriet, Mark Twain on, NAR, Aug. Sherman, General, S. H. M. Byers on, McCl, Aug. Shipping (see also Contents of Nautical Magazine) :

Windsor Castle ; A Famous Packet-Ship, C J, Sept.
Simpkin's, W'. G. Gordon on, LH, Sept.
Smith, Bishop, Interviewed, R RR, Aug.
Socialism :
The Present Conflict for a Larger Life in the Social World in America, Rer.

M. J. Savage on, A, Aug.
How the Bills of Socialism will be Paid, by Sylvester Baxter, F, Ang.

Canadian Democracy and Socialism, John A. Cooper on, Can M, Aug.
South America: Civil Wars in South America, Estanislao S. Zeballos on, NAR,

Spain : Secrets from the Court of Spain, New R, Sept.
Spirit and Matter, Emma M. Caillard on, CR, Sept.
Sport and Sportsmen, Major Gambier-l'arry on, New R, Sept.
Sports of the Season, Edmond Picton on, Fr L. Sept.
Stanley, H. M., Joseph Hatton on, Lud M, Sept.
Sunday Observance, W. Holman Hunt on, H, Sept.
Swaus and Swan-Songs, Rev. J. E. Field on, G M, Sept.
Tarahumari Life and Customs, Carl Lumholtz on, Scrib, Sept.
Theatres and the Drama, see Coutents of Theatre.
Theosophy (see also Contents of Lucifer):

Phases and Phrases of Theosophy, by Rev. G. Eusor, Ch Mis I, Sept.
Tibet :

Occult Science in Tibet, by Heinrich Hensoldt, A, Aug.

A Ride to Little Tibet, by Rev. J. P. Hobson, Sun H, Sept. Turgénief, Ivan-An Episode in Turgenief's Life, by Nathan H. Dole, A,

Aug. Ullswater, Hubert Grayle on, Lud M, Sept. L'nited States (see also under Municipal Government, Labour, Railways,

Vavies, Bar Harbour, Boston, Washington, New England, Yellowstone

Park, etc.): How to Purify National Legislation, by Senator Allen, N A R, Aug. The American House of Representatives and the House of Commoas,

Hanuis Taylor on, NAR, Aug. " The Price of Peace," by Joseph B. Bishop, CM, Sept. The Resources and Development of the South, Hoke Smith on, N A R, Aug. Universities :

Oxford versus Yale, W. H. Grenfell on, F Sept.

McMaster University, Ontario, E. P. Wells on, Can M, Aug. Vere, Aubrey de, Rezolletions of, C M, Sept. Wales: The Question of Welsh Disestablishment, Sir G. Osborne Morgan on,

RRR, Aug. Wallinger, Amelia, Dora L. Woolmar ou, Sun H, Sept. Walrus: A Wonderful Mouster, W. T. Horifaday on, St. N, Sept. Washington: In a "l'ashington llop Field, by Louise H. Wall, A M, Sept. Waterford, Louisa Marchioness of, W. M. Hardiuge on, T B, Sept. Wealth : The Prevailing Jealousy of Wealth, William N. Black on, Eng M.

Aug. Wellington, Duke of, Lord Roberts on, PMM, Sept. White, Henry Kirke, A Forerunner of Keats, by Alice Law, W R, Sept. Wig-Wearing, C. E. Gildersome-Dickinson on, GW, Sept. Woolman, John, an Old-Time Rumanitarian, by Eliz. Martyn, H, Sept. Yellowstone Park: Wonderland in America, Mos. Fenwick Miller on, Str,


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ART. Cynicus : his Humour and Satire. (Simpkin.) Crown 8vo.

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Neglected Elements. (George Allen.) Fcap. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. 167. 28. 6d. net.

FICTION. BLACKMORE, R. D. Perlycross : a Tale of the Western Hills.

(Low.) Crown 8vo. Cloth. Pp. 465. 68. BOOTHBY, GUY. In Stranga Company: A Story of Chili and the

Southern Seas. (Ward and Lock). Crown 8vo. Cloth.

Pp. 300. 58. Illustrated. D'HÉRISTAL, ADAM. Our Discordant Life. (Digby.) Crown

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