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Homiletic Review.--Fuk and Wagualls. November. What the Preacher may Gain from the Study of Coleridge. Professor J. O.

Murray. The Four Gospels and the Faith of Christendom. D. S. Schaff. A Hindu Missionary in America. F. F. Ellinwood. Homiletic Helps from the Five Arts Exbibition of the Columbian Fair. Rev. J. Westley Earnshaw.

Humanitarian.-Hutchinson and Co. December. 1s. The Sex Bias of the Commentators: an Interview with Mrs. Josephine Butler.

With Portrait. Mrs. S. A. Tooley.
Heredity. St. George Mivart.
The Theatre and the Music Hall. Canon Lester.
A Reply to Sir William Moore on the C. D. Acts. James Stuart.
The Chinese as Fellow-Colonists. RW. Egerton Eastwick.
Community Life and the Social Problem. Rev. the Hon. James Adderley.
The Depopulation of the Highlands. D. N. Reid.

Idler.-Chatto and Windns. December. 68.
A Comic Naturalist; Mr. Potter. Illustrate i. G. B. Burgin.
The Idlers' Club: Should Christmas be Abolished ? Symposium.

Illustrated Carpenter and Builder.-Joba Dicks. December. 6.1.
Youth of Great Inventors. Illustrated.
Hammerbeam Roofs.

India.--84, Palace Chambers, Westminster. December. 61.
The Tenth Indian National Cougress. A. O. Hume.
A Protest Against Railway Extension in India. D. N. Reid.
Indian Church Quarterly Review.-78, New Bond Street. October.

2 rupees. The Missionary Episcopate. Bishop of Calcutta. Tennysou's Palace of Art. Rev. G. Congreve. A Step toward Christian Re-union. Rer. R. Papillon. The Civil Disabilities of Christian Converts in India, R. N. Cust. Some Words on Prof. Caird's “ Evolution of Religion." Rev. Eyre Chatterton. The Supposed Influence of the Life and Doctrives of Buddha on the Life and

Doctrines of Christ. Rev. K. S. Macdonald.

Investors' Review.-29, Paternoster Row. December. 1s.
Mr. Foster; A Canadian Finance Minister's Reticences.
The Trade of India and the Indian Debt.
The Murrieta Debt to the Bank of England.
Mildara: Reply from an Agent of Chiffey Bros., LI.
The Methods of Messrs. Jarris and Conklin.

Irish Monthly.-M. H. Gill and Son, Dublin. De ember. 6.1.
Literary Work of Dr. Russell of Maynooth,

Journal of Education.--86, Fleet Street. De ember. 61. Lessons Before School. R. Somervell. Women Iuspectors in Elementary Schools. E. P. Hughes. Journal of the Royal United Service Institution.-59, Pall Mall.

November 15. 2. 61. Military Lessons from the Past for the Present. Lieut.-Colonel Henderson. The Differentiation of Naval Force. H. L. Swinburne. The Campaigos of Saxe. With Maps. Colouel E. M. Lloyd. Kindergarten Magazine.-Woman's Temple, Chicago. Norenber. ls. Albert Thorwaldsen. Mustrate 1. Nico Bech-Meyer. Nature Studies in the Primary School. Mabel A. Wilson. A Feeling for the Beautiful an Instinct of Childhool. Bertha Payne.

Knowledge.--326, High Holborn. De ember. 61. The Mysterious Birds of Patagonia. Illustrated. R. Lydekker. The Rise of Organic Chemistry. Vaughan Corbish. The Glow-worm. Illustrate), E. A. Butler. The Central Equatorial Region to the Moon. Illustrate :1. T. Gwyn Elger. The Industry of Iusects in Relation to Flowers, Illustrate i, Rev. A. S.

Wilson. Ladies' Home Journal.-Curtis, Philadelphia. December, 10 cents. The Man Who Most Influence 1 Me. Mrs. Frances Hoigson Burn tt. Madame Daudet. With Portrait.. Tb. Bentzou.

Ladies' Treasury.-Benrose. December. 70. Wonderful Clocks. Illustratel. J. C. Ha idea.

Leisure Hour.-56, Paternoster Row. December. 60. Oliver Wendell Holmes. Illustrate 1. J. A. Noble. A Bird's Eye View of Argentina. Contionel. Illustrated. May Crommelin. The Serres of the World ; Telegraphis. Continuei. Illustrate i. John

Munro. Cats. Illustrated. Tighe Hopkins. The London County Council and the Re reations of the People. W.J. Gorion. The Upper Country and Its Folk ; Staffordsbire. J. A. Oweu. Light on the Way.-Essex Hall, Essex Street, Strand. December. 24. Hyde Chapel, Gee Cross, Cheshire. J. Thornely.

Lippincott's Monthly Magazine.- Ward, Lok. December, 18." Shall I Study Medicine? A. L. Benedi t. Living Pictures in the Louvre. A. J. Sapborn. Don Jaime, of Mission San José, Alta California. C. H. Shing. Some Notable Women of the Past. Esmé Stuart

Little Folks.-Cassell. De ezber. 61. Tortoiseshell and Ivory Colle tora.

Longman's Magazine.-39, Paternoster Row. December, 64.
English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century. J. A. Froude.
The Idle Earth. R. Jefferies.
New Serial Story : “ The Lady of the Pool,” by Anthony Hope.

Lucifer.-7, Duke Street, Adelphi. November 15. Is. 61,
The Web of Destiny. G. R. S. Meal.
A Master of Occult Arts: Petr Mogila. N. S. Leskoff.
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Vera P. Jelibovsky.
The Mystery of Existence. F. Hartmann.
Some First-Hand Notes on Tibet.
The Heaven-Worll. H. Coryn.

Ludgate Illustrated Magızine.-53, Fleet Street. December. 62
A Chat with the Circus King. Iliustratel. E. F. Sherie.
Young England at School: Girtou College. Illustrate i. W. Chas. Sargent.

McClure's Magazine.-33, Belford Street. November. 15 cents. Intro luction to the Napoleon Series. Garliner G. Hubbard. Napoleou Bonaparte. With Portraits. Ida M. Tarbell. Real Conversations. V. Dialogue between A. Conan Doyle and Robert Bart.

Illustrated. R. Barr.
How Allan Pinkerton Thwarted the First Plot to Assassinate Lincoln. Witb

Portraits. Cleveland Moffett.
Unknown Parts of the World. Illustrate i. H. P. Mills.
The Search for the Absolute Zero. Illustrated. H. J, W. Dam.
My First Book. Rudyard Kipling.

Macmillan's Magazine.-29, Be ifor] Street. December 13.
A Conversation with Napoleon at Elba.
Poetae Melio res. Canon Ainger.
Madras Seen from Marseilles, J. W. Sherer.
The Encouragement of Home Industries ; An Economical Mistake.
Cromwell and the House of Loris. C. H. Firth.

Medical Magazine.—4, King Street, Cheapside. November. 25. 61.
Medical Mensuration in Antiquity. A. R. Dryhurst.
The Title of " Doctor." E. H. Cartwright.
Mr. Bryant and the Profession.
Why the Ariny Vedical Service is not Contente l.
Sir Morell Mackenzie, Medical Hero. H. Nelsou Hardy.
Prevention of Blindness. Charlotte Smith.

Merry England. -42, Essex Street, Strani. November. 1s.
The Laity and the State. A. C. Opie.
More Rugen Notes. Blanche Willis Howard.
The Talk of Children. Alice Meyuell.
Methodist Monthly.-119, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street. De ember. 34.
Oliver Wendell Holmes. With l'ortrait. J. Sarveat.

Month.-Burns and Oates. De ember. 2s.
Catbolis Writers and Elizabethan Readers. Rev. H. Thurston.
Across the Tatra. E. Laszowska Gerard.
The Gunpowder Plot.
Giordano Bruno iu England. C. Kegan Paul.
Rus iu Urbe ; Concerning Birds and their Nests.
J. Dalbus on Anglican Orders. III. Rev. S. F. Smith.

Monthly Packet.-A. D. Iores. De ember.
Among the "Pennsylvania Dut:h." 0. Fay Alams.
Venie and Her Women.
The Struggles of the Untrainel Lały. Miss M. H. Jam».

National Review.-Edwari Arnoll. De ember. 29. 61.
lor) Rosebery's Plan. Marquis of Salisbury.
Why should we Learu History: Prof. G. W. Prothero.
J. A. Froude. A. Patchett Martin.
The Next Siege of Paris. W. Laird Clowes.
Loudon Government : Sir John Lubbock, London Municipal Society, and C.

A. Whitmore.
Fox-Huuters and Farmers, Earl of Suffolk.
Political Prophecy and Sociology. Prof. H. Silgwick.

Natural Science.- Macmillan. December. ls.
The Homes and Migrations of the Earliest known Forms of Auimal Life, is

Indicate l by Recent Researches Dr. Henry Hicks.
Cephalopod Beginnings. Illustrate 1. F. A. Bather.
The Wing of Archaeopteryx. Illustrated. II. W. P. Pycraft.
Pseudo-Biology. F. A. Bather.

Nautical Magazine.- Simpkin, Marshall. November.
The Atlantic-Pacific Route to Australia.
Twilight in Summer and Winter from the Equator to the Pule.
The Coolwin Sands..
The Great April Storms. W. B. Whall.
The Scottish Shipmasters' Association (Limitel). Richard Beynou.
The Future of Malagascar.
New Christian Quarterly.-Christian Pablishing Company, St. Louis,

Mo. October. 50 cents,
The Religion of China and its Witness to Revelation. E. T. Williams.
Jesus in the World's Parliameut of Religions, T. Munuell.
The Future of Protestantism Francis M. Brunner.
The Problem of Charitable Work. M. I. Fergusson.
Semitic Religions. P. 0. Powell,
The Convictive Work of the Holy Spirit. A. C. Smither,
The Church and Organisel Labour. J. D. Forrest,


New England Magazine.-5, Park Square, Bostw. November. 25 cents.
American Relations with the Far East. Illustrated. W. E. Griffis.
The People should Elet. R. I.. Bridgman.
The Privateer America. Illustrated. J. G, Morse.
The Mississippi Roustabout. Ilustrated. S. Cooley.
The Early Massachusetts Court Records. Illustrated. G. H. Brennan,
Old St. John's Parish, Portsmouth. Illustrate 1. F. W. Davis.
Monuments and Statues iu Boston, Illustrate l. W. Howe Downes.

New Ireland Review.-Barns and Oater. November.' GI.
The Policy of Drift.
Gaelic Personal Names. Laurence Gingell.
Thomas Dermedy. Stephen Joseph Mckenna.
All Souls' Day at Monte Video. J. Butler.

New Review.--Wm. Heinemann. December. 1s.
The Three German Chancellors. Theo lor Barth.
The Craft of Words. Vernon Lee.
llow to Municipalise the Pawnshops. Robert Donald.
Secrets from the Court of Spain. Continued.
The Great Underclothing Qu-stion. Lewis R. S. Tomalin.
Shetland Folk-Lore and the Oli Faith of the Teut ns. Karl Blind.
Suicide amung Women, William Ferrero.
** Elder Conklin" and other Stories by Frank Harris. Edward Dowden and

Corentry Patmore.

Newbery House Magazine.-A. D. Innes. December. 63
Medieval Christmas Carols. Illustrated. Charlotte S. Burne.
London Street Toilers: Cress-Sellers. Illustrated. T. Sparrow,
Is the Church's Influence Growing ? Montague Fowler.

Nineteenth Century -Sampsoa Low. December. 23. 6.1.
Lord Rosebery's Enterprise agaiost the House of Lords. A. A. Atherley

If the flouse of Commons tere Ablishel. Sidney Low.
About that Skeleton: The Drama of To-lay. H. D. Traill.

'riminal and Prison Reform. Michael Davitt.
Why I am not an Aguostis. Prof. Max Müller.
The Estate Duty and the Real Round It. A. H. Hastie.
New Sources of Ele tri: Power: (1) Electric Energy, direct from the Coal-

fiel is. B. H. Thwaite. (2) Ele tri ity from Peat. J. Munro.
The Deay of Boukselling. D. Stott.
Wante1-an Imperial conference. Sir John Colomb.
How to Multiply Small Holdings. Lort Carrington and H. E. Moore.
Lord Bacon versus Professor Huxley. Duke of Argyll.
The cry against Home Work. Alla Heather-Bigs.
Keept Science. (Diphtheria ---Eartuquakes -Flying Machines.) Prince


North American Review.-Win Heia main. November. 2s. 61.
Toe Fight off the Yalu River. Hilary A. Herbert.
The War in the Orient. The Japinese Minister.
How a Law is Macle. Senator Jom L. Mitchell.
French and Anglo-Saxon Immorality. Max O'Rell.
Possibilities of an Anglo-Amori an Re-union. Alfred T. Mahan and Lord

Charles Beresforil
Evolution of Political Parties. Bishop S. M. Merrill.
The Molern Wovel. Anglia E. Barr.
Public Dinners in London. Charles Dickens.
Tie Brusiness Revival ; Symposium.
Buating a Daughter. Elizabeth Bisland.
For the suppression of City Voices. Philip G. Hubert, jun.
Prolinging Life. William Kimear,

Our Celebrities.- Simpson Low. November. 29. 60.
Portraits and Biographies of Sir Henry Loch, Countess of Warwick, and
Almiral Sir Elmund Conimerell.

Overland Monthly.-San Francisco. November. 25 cents.
Trake's Bay Fishing. Mostratel. J. II. Griffes,
The Republic of Shaughii. Illustrati M. B Dunnell.
The l'igilance Committee of 1856. ll ustratei. A. B. Paul.
Oxford University Extension Gazette.--Oxford Warehouse,

Ameu Corner. De ember. ld.
The Opportnuity of the Universities. Miss J. D. Montgomery.
What the Workman Vee is ia Eluation.

Pall Mall Magazine.-18, Charing Cross Road. December. ls.
Street Scenes in Cairo. Illustratel. R. S. Hichens.
ilestminster. Illustrated. Walter Besant.
Wellingtou. Illustrated. General Lori Roberts.

Philosophical Review.-(Quarterly.) Edward Arnoli. October. 3s.
The roos jousness of Moral Obiigation. J. G. Schurman.
Hegel's con eption of Frea lom. S. W. Dyle.
Relation of llue's Treatise and Inquiry. W. B. Elkiu.
Gennan Kantian Bibliographr. Erich Adikes.
L'iscussion: The Ey), Causality and Free lom. J. H. Hyslop.

Photogram.-Farring lon Avenue. Desember. 31. Astronomical Photography at the Lick Observatory. Illustrated. Prof. E. S.

Gelatine. With Diagram. C. W. Gamble.
Phrenological Magazine.-7, Imperial Arca le, Ludgate Circus.

De ember. 6.1.
Alxanler III. Illustratel.
Janues Anthony Frvu le.

Physical Review.-Marmil'an. Nov.-Dec. 3 dols. per andum. Stndies of the Lim. Light. With Diagráns. E. L. Nichols and Mary L.

Crehore. A Study of the Residual Charges of Condensers, and their Dependence upon

Temperature. With Diagrams. F. Bediell and Carl Kinsley. A General Theory of the Glow-Lamp.' Ir. H. S. Weber.

Poet Lore. --Gay and Bird. November. 25 cents.
Beowulf and Arthur as Eoglish Ideals. Sarah Jan: MeNary.
How may Literature Best be Taught ? Prof. H. Corsou and Estelle M. Hurll.
Dramatic Passiou iu Shakespeare's “ Much Ado About Nothiug." C.A.

Forster's “Life of Strafford.” W.G. Kingsland.

Positivist Review.-185, Fleet Street. December. 31.
Fatherland. E. S. Beesly.
Pierre Lafitte. J. H. Bridges.
Provincial Medical Journal.--11, Adam Street, Adelphi. Nov. 61.
Leaving it to Nature. Dr. Thomas M. Dolan.
A Criticism of the “Germ Theory of Disease," base on the Baconian Metbol.

Lawson Tait,
The Scientific Temper. Sir James Paget.

Psychological Review.-Macmillan. November. 75 cepts.
The Theory of Emotion : I.---Emotional Attitudes. J. Dewey.
The Study of a Case of Amnesia, or Double Cousciousness. C. L. Dapa.
Experiments in Space Perception. II. J. H. llyslop.
An Experimental Study of Memory. E. A. Kirkpatrick.

Public Health.--4, Ave Maria Lave. Norember. Is.
The Hygiene of Merchant Ships. Dr. H. E. Armstrong.
The Importation of Smallpox over Sea into South Africa. Dr. A. J. Gregory.
Quarterly Journal of Economics.- Macmillan and Co. October.

2 dols. per ann. The Wages-Fund Doctrine at the Hands of the German Economists. F. W.

The New Income Tax in the United States. C. E. Duubar.
Mortgage Banking in Germany. D. M. Fre leriksen.
Re ent Discussions on Railway Management in Prussia. F. W. Tausig.
Early Experiments with the Unemployel. Alie Rollins Brewster.

Quest.-Cornish Bros., Birmingham. November. 28. 60.
The Grange at Broadway, Pershore. Illustrate i. J. R. Halliday..

Quiver.--Cassell. De ember. 61 Great Ceutres of Religious Activity: Elinburgh. Illustrate:1. J. Cuthbert

Hadden. Hospital Nursing as a Vocation. Illustrated Mabel E. Wotton. The Children of Hunger. Illustrated. F. M. Holmes. Religious Review of Reviews.-34, Victoria Street, Westminster,

November 15. 61. Bible Instruction in the Londou Beard Schools. J. R. Diggle. The Question of Welsh Di-establishment: Interviews with Canon Williams

and the Bishop of Swansea. Anarchy and Atheism. F. Winnington Ingram. Review of Reviews.-(America.) 13. Astor Place, New York.

November. 25 ceuta. Oliver Wendell Holmes. Illustrated. Edward Everett Hale. Legal Education in the Unite 1 States. With l'ortraits Lynn R, Meekins. A Tragic Sequel to Mrs. Helen Hunt Jackson's “Ramvua." Illustrate i. E. B. Howell.

St. Nicholas.-Fisher Unwin. Decemljer. Fighting a Fire. Illustrated. C. T. Hill.

Science Gossip.--Simpkin, Marshall. De ember. The Leaf Nature of Bud-Scales. Illustrate.l. Rudolf Beer, The Bite of the Gila Monster, C. A. Mitchell. Rust iu Wheat and Barberry Bushes. Illustrated, George H. Pethybridge. Some Canadian Museums. J. T. Carrington.

Science Progress.-428, Strand. December 28. 61.
On the Artifi:ial Hat hing of Mariue Food-Fishes. W. E. V Intosh,
The Molecular Weight of Liquids. Dr. John Shields.
The Origin of the Vascular Plants. Prof. D. H. Campbell.
Recent Researches in Thermal Metamorphism.Alfrei Harker.
Continuous-Current Dynamos. C. C. Ilawkins.
On the Morphological Value of the Attraktion-Sphere. J. E. S. Moore.
kew Thermometers--A Correction. E. H. Griffiths,
Scottish Geographical Magazine.--Idw. Stavford. November. Is. 6.
Two Months in Korea. With Map. Capt. A. E. J. Cavendish.
On the Determination of Sea-water Densities by Hygrometers and Sprengel

Tubes. V. S. Anderson.
The Campaigns of Alexander the Great in Turkestan. J. W. M'Criadle.

Scribner's Magazine.--Sampson Low. December. 13.
The History of the Scribner Publishing House, 1846-1894. Illustrate 1.

Strand Magazine.- Southamptou Street. November. 61.
Pilots. II. Illustratel. A. T. Story.
The Biggest Tobacco-Box in the World, in Westmiuster Town Hall. Illus-

tratel. H. How.
Muzzles for Ladies. Illustrate l.
Thieves v. Loks and Safes, Illustratel.
Girton and Xewnham Colleges. Illustrated. E. A. Brayley. Ho getts.
Lord and Lady Brassey. mlnstratel. W. Griffith.
Chi ken Manufacture. Illustrate i C. C. Cliffori,


Sunday at Home.-56, Paternoster Row. December. 6d.
An Outdoor Service in the Highlands. Illustratel. 1. F. Mayo.
Sunday in East London ; Spitalfields. Illustrate...
The Last Earthquake in London. Illustrate 1. J. Telford.

Sunday Magazine.-Ishister. De embar. *6 t."
Miracles of Nature and Providence amongst Canvibals; J. G. l'aton ir: the

South Sea Islands. Illustratel. S. F. Riistale.
An Old Flemish City ; Antwerp. Illustratel. Mrs. Meade.
Folk-Prayers. Rev. S. Baring-Goul I.
A Naturalist in the Jungle.

Sylvia's Journal.--War), Lock. December. 6d.
My Christmas Experiences in an East-End Hospital. Illustrated,
A Talk with Miss Ethel Turner. With Portrait.

Temple Bar.--Bentley. Decembar. ls.
Theodore Hook, Satirist and Novelist.
A Latter-Day Prophet ; Rev. John Hamiltou Thom. Mary Cholmondeley.
Guy de Maupassant. W. E. Garrett Fisher.
Tbe Anarchists' ('topia.
A Little Girl's Revollections of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, William Makepea e

Thackeray, and the late Emperor Louis Napoleon. Henriette Corkrau.
United Service.-(America.) 1510, Chestuut Strect, Philale phia.

November. 25 ceuts,
The Magazine Rifle : Its Development and Use. W. A. Campbell.
A Study of Military Desertion. J. P. Finley.
Origin and Developments of Steam Navigation. G. H. Prehle.

United Service Magazine.--13, Chariag Cross. December.
The Case of Japan. T. Okamura.
The Functions of Armies and Xavies: A Demurrer to Colonel Muzie's

Pleadings. P. H. Colomb. The Fleet of the Unite 1 States in the American Civil War. Captain Strzel. Tbe Coming War in Madagascar; A Reconnaissance by Princelleari d'Orleads.

Captain Pasfield Oliver.
The Orduance Survey. Spencer Wilkinson.
The Affair d'Enghien. W. H. Craig.
Army Medical Organisation. Brigade Surgeon Colonel Chino.
The Fire-Ships of Antwerp. Commander A. A. C. Galloway.
Infantry Supports ; A French Precelent. A. H. Atteridge.
The War between Chica and Japan : The ('oming Winter. Colonel Maurice.
University Extension.-Philadelphia. November.

15 ceats.
The Extension of University Tea 'hing. E. E. Sparks.
The Extension of Economi: Teaching. E. A. Ross.
The Beginnings of University Extension in lowa. J. A. James.
University Exteusion in Belgium. A. Hirsch.

University Extension Bulletin.-Philadelphia. November. 5 cents.
The Technical and University Extension College in England.

University Extension Journal.-- John Murray. November. 21. Impressions of the Summer Meetings: Edinburgh. Cecil Re''ie.

'Westminster Review.-Frederick Warne. December. 28. 6d.
Financial Facilities. Robert Ewen.
Religion and Popular Literature. Thomas Hannan.
The Art of Governing. Lewis H. Bereus.
The Enthusiast. E. H. Lacon Watson.
The London School Board. Chas. W. A. Brooke.
An Eirenikon to Socialists and Individualists.
Ethical Teudency of Matthew Aruold's Poetry. Thos, Bradfiell.
The Truth about Female Suffrage in New Zealand. Norwood Young
Cultured Colonisation. M Mactie.
The Sexual Problem: A Reply to Beswicke Ancram. B. Claydon.
Ought l’rivate Lunatic Asylums to be Abolishe 1 ? J. F. G. Pietersen.
Wilson's Photographic Magazine. ---853, Broadway. New York,

November 30 cents.
Some Thoughts about Toniug. F. Schmidt,
Espression in Outdoor Work. Illustrated. E. L. Wilson.

Woman at Home.--Holder and Stoughton. December. 13.
The Queen of Italy. Illustrated. Arthur Warren.
A Woman's Life in the Bush. Illustrated.
Interview with Sarah Grand. Illustrated. Jaye T, Stoldart.

Work.-Cassell. December. 61.
Why Circulating Boilers Explode During the Frost Illustratedi.
Gleanings from Patent Laws of all Countries. W. Lloyd Wise.

Writer.-Boston, Mass. November. 10 cents.
Personal Tributes to Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Yale Review.--(Quarterly.) Edward Aruold. November. 15 cents. The Railroad Strike in California. T. R. Bacon. Recent Tendencies in Economic Literature. A. T. Ha lley. The Connecticut Intestacy Law CM. Andrews. The Manchester Ship Canal. E Porritt Currency and State Banks.

A. L. Ripley. Young England. --57, Ludgate Hill. December. 31. Masterpieces of Labour: The Corinth Canal. Illustrate 1. J. Baker. The Making of the Empire: The Story of Newfoundland. Illustratel. A. Temple.

Young Man.-9, Paternoster Row. December. 30. Professor Shuttleworth at Home. Illustrated. A Quaker Saint ; John Woolman. Illustrate i. W, Garrett Horder. Carlyle: The Man and His Message. W.J. Dawson. The Novelist of the Far North: A Chat with Mr. Gilbert Parker, Il'ith Portrait.

Young Woman.-9, Paternoster Rom. December. 31. The Empress Fre lerick : Character Sketch. Illustrate 1. Hulda Friederichs.. Woman's Work in the Home: As Mother. Archdeacon Farrar. A Talk with Miss Betham-Edwards With Portrait. Fre lerick Dolman. Life at New ham. Illustratel. Katharine St. John Conway.

A Wayside Calvary. . A. Lamont.
Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New. Helen M. Burrsile.

Atalanta.--De eniber.
Pot-Pourri. Alfred Cochrane.
Egeria's Daughter. Illustratel. Jessie Mackay.

Atlantic Monthly.-Desember.
The Lark-Songs. M. A. de Wolfe Howe.
Venice. S. V. Cole.

Blackwood's Magazine.-De ember. "
The Tomb of King John in Worcester Cathe Iral. Christian Barke.

The Begging Mother. E. J. Ellis.

Century Magazine.- December.
The First Word. Illustrate). G. P. Lathrop.
Mary : Mother and Prophetess. Illustrate l Julia Scharer.
How to the Singer comes the Song? R. W. Giller,

Contemporary Review.-December.
The Shepherd Beautiful. Wm. Cantou.

Cosmopolitan.-November. Timon to the Athenians. Edith M. Thomas.

Gentleman's Magazine.--De ember.
Rest. Arthur L. Salmon.

Girl's Own Paper.-December.
Never Again : Ever Again Isabella F. Mayo."
The True Light. Illustratel. Helen M. Burusi le.

Good Words.- December.
Small Things. E: H. Kerr.
Back Water. Vida Briss.


Harper's Magazine.-Decenber.
Madonna and Child. Illustratel. Alice A. Sewall.
Stops of Various Quills. Illustrated. W. D, Howells.
The Coronal. Annie Fields,
Love aud Death. L. Alma-Tadema.

The Story of Ung. Illustrated. Rudyard Kipling.

Ladies' Home Journal.--December.
Jes' 'Fore Christmas, Illustrated. Eugene Fiell.

Leisure Hour.-December.
The Chambere Nautilus, Oliver Wendell Holmes.
In the W'ye Valley. H. G. Groser.

Lippincott's Monthly Magazine.-De ember.
Thanksgiving. Susie V. Best.
A Voice from the Night. H. Presscott Beach,

Longman's Magazine.--December.
A Love Story. D. J. Robertson.
A Royal River. Nimmo Christie.

McClure's Magazine.- November.
Song of a Serenade. Illustrated. Çy, Warman., ,

Magazine of Art.--Deceniber.
Forget Not Yet. Illustrated. Sir Thomas Wrat.

Merry England.- Xovember.
An Anthem of Earth. Francis Thompson.

Monthly Packet.-December.
The Fairy Lough. Moira O'Neill.

New England Magazine.--November.
A Soldier of the King Minna Irving.
0. W. H. W. Everett
Temocrary. Richard Burton.
Logic. Katbarine Lee Bates.

New Ireland Review.-November, Autumn, W. J. Paul.

Nineteenth Century.-December. To a Baby Kinswoman. Algernon C. Swinburne.

Overland Monthly.-November,
The Song of the Balboa Sea. Joaquin Miller.

Pall Mall Magazine.-December.
Venus and Mars. Illustrated. Hamilton Aidé.
The Fox of Priory'Whin. Illustrated. Lionel Booth.
The Book of Hours, Illustrated. M. B. Gooimaa.
Ou Landing in England. Johu Hay.

The Quest of the Soul's Desire. Illustrated.

St. Nicholas,--December.
De ember. Illustrated. Harriet F. Biolgett.
Snow Song, F. D. Sherman.
Bluck Douglas. Illustrated. Anna Robeson Brown.

Scribner's Magazine.- December.
McAudrews' Hymo. Illustrated. Rudyard Kipling.
A Modern Sir Galahad. Hannah Parker Kimball.
The Woodcutter's Hut. Illustrated. A. Lampman.
An Old Sorrow. Dorothea Lummis.

Sunday at Home.--December.
The Gentleness of Christ R. St. John Blythe.
Pizarro's Line. Illustrated. F. Laugbridge.

Sunday Magazine.-December.
May and November. Illustrate i. W. V. Taylo

Sylvia's Journal.-December.
In Winter. Louise Chandler Moultou.

Temple Bar.-December.
Abraham Cowley. Tom Russell,
Horace: Carmen Serularae. S. E. de Vere.
Heiurich Hoffmann's History.

Westminster Review.-December.
Sepulcrum Dulcissimi Cantoris, (In Memory of John Keats). Rowland



Musical Messenger.--141, West Sixth Street, Cincinnati. Sovember.

15 cents. ** O Hush Thee, My Babie." W. Augustus Barratt.

Musical America. British Musician.-Simpkin, Marshall. December. 30.

Solo : " An Evening Thought," for Organ and Piano. G. H. Ryder. instrumental Music in England. Continued.

Authem : “Give Thanks unto the Lord," by C. H. Gabriel.
Beethoven's “ Egmont" Overture.
Tlaas Richter, With Portrait.

Musical News.-130, Fleet Street. November. ld.

Anton Rubinstein.
Cassell's Family Magazine.-December.

November 10.
Song: “The Miller's Daughter," by G. H. Ely.

National Anthems. M. L. Davidsou. Church Musician.-4, Newman Street. November 15. 2d.

November 17.

Music Teaching in Preparatory Schools. Closed Churches.

Musical Opinion.-150, Holborn. December. 2.1. Dominant.-228, N. Ninth Street, Phila lelphia. November. 10 cents.

The Music of the Ancient Greek. E. Bergholt. G. E. Conterno. With Portrait.

Among the Church Choirs : St. Anne's, Soho. " Music" at Eastbourne. Exposition of 1894 March, for Orchestra and for Military Band, by G. E. Musical Record.-C. H. Ditsou and Co., New York, November. Conterno.

10 cents. Etude.-1708, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. November. 10 cents. Current Tendencies in Piano Teaching. W. S. B. Matthews, How to Make Practice Easy. Mme. A. Pupin.

Song: “ Kindly, Gently Speak to Mother," H. P. Danks. Rheumatism of the land and Arm. H. G. Hanchett.

Musical Standard.-135, Fleet Street. ld. November 3 Vazurka, for Piano. Gustave Schumann.

The Decorative in Music,
Keyboard.—22, Paternoster Row. December.

November 10. common-Sense Counterpoint. Continuel. H. Ernest Sichul.

The late Eugene Oudin. With Portrait. The Organ. Continued. H. J. B. Dart.

November 17. Miss Agnes Zimmermann. With Portrait.

The Retirement of Sir George Grore. ** Processional Jarch for Christmastide,” for Piano, by Farley Sewman.

The Celebrated Organ in the Grootekerk, St. Ba vou, Haarlem. Illustrated

November 24,
Ladies' Home Journal.-December.

The late Anton Rubinstein. With Portrait.
tiirls and Operatic Careers. With Portrait. Lilian Xoriti a.
Olise M. Eager.

Musical Times. --Novello. Madame Pietro Mascagni. With Portrait.

Desember. 4d.

Anton Rubinstein. sung: “Bid Me at Least Good-bye," by Sir A. Sullivan.

Illustrated. Joseph Beuvett.

A Record of the Vienna Exhibition. Leader.--226, Washingtoa Street, Boston, Mass. November, 1 dol.

Musis: “There was Silence in Bethlehem's Fieliis," Carol for Four To per annun.

J. Staiver ; and “Jesu, Who from Thy Father's Throne,” Anthem, bis Military Music. Continued.

Cunningham Woods, Sussek. With Portrait.

F. J. St. Clair. * Sousa's Triumphal" March, for Orchestra.

Musical Visitor.--Joha Church Cincinnati. November, 15 cents. Little Folks.-December.

Johannes Brahms.

Authem : " Grateful Sotes Proloug." J. R. Murray.'
England's Little Choristers. Aunie Glen.

Musical World.-145, Wabash Avenue, Chicago. Sovember. 15 cents

Famous Oll Songs,
Veliæval Choristers. David Bearne.

Song: "I Dream of Thee, Love.” Anita Owen.
Monthly Musical Record. ---Augener. Dezember. 21.
The New Professor of Music in Dublin University. C. W. Pearce.

National Review.-December.

Over-Pro luction in the Musical World. J. A. Fuller-Maitland. indies in Modern Opera. Franklin Peterson. Vuet for two Pianos : Abmarsch--The Start," by Cornelius Gurlitt.

Newbery House Magazine.--December. 61.
Music.-1402, The Auditorium, Chicago. November. 23 cents.

Sketches of the Great Church Composers. H.C. Shuttleworth.
Harmonic Nature of Musical Scales. Jean Mods.
Singing and Elocution. H. Gainey Hawu.

New Quarterly Musical Review.-6, New Burlingtos Street.

November. ls.
The Practice Clavier. C. Sternberg.
The Elocutionary Element in Vocal Music.

W. H. Neillinger.

The Difficulties of Musical Criticism. E. Yewman. Personal Rights in Piano Performance. J. S. Vane Cleve.

Two Views of Brahms. F. S. Corvie. Bayreuth. W. Morton Payne.

Chabrier's Opera: “Gwendoline."

Coucerning the Madrigal. S. Adair Fitz-Gerald. • Music Review.-Clayton F. Summy, Chicago. November. 10 cents. The Historical Basis of Tannhäuser. A. Oldham. Jusic Study. Gertrude Hogan Murdough.

The Musical Notation of Ancieut Greece. Cecil Torr.
Music Teacher.-Dalton, Georgia. November. 50 cents per annum.

New Review.-December.
hoirs, What I Know About Them. Continued. Huldab Jane Hornblower. Reminiscences of Bülow. Stanley V. Mackower.
Authem: “0, Give Thanks," by J. H. Tenpey.

Nineteenth Century.- December.

The Music of Japan. Laura A. Smith.
Musical Herald.-8, Warwick Lane. December, 21.
Mr. Walter J. Kidner. With Portrait.

Nonconformist Musical Journal.-44, Fleet Street. December. 31. Okl Christmas Carols. T. G. Crippen.

Some Points of Interest in the Harmonisation of Modern Hyma Tunes Carol : (Both Notations.) "'Tis Merry at Good Old Christmas-Tide." Eruest 0. A. Mansfield. II. Smith.

Estemporisation, A. Bayliss.

Organist and Choirmaster-139, Oxford Street. Yosember. 21.
Hand-Bell Classes ; How to Organise and Conduct Them.
Karol : “ 'Tis the Birth day of our saviour." Charles l'incent.
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis. G. Douglas Harris.

School Music Review.-Novello. December, 10.
Voice Training in Schools. James Gallie.
Tests for the Queen's Scholarship Examination.
Tko Part Choruses : In Both Notatious: " Christmas Day," by F, H. Cowen ;

and “ Christmas Comes but Once a Year. R. L. de Pearsal.

Scottish Musical Monthly.--Weekes and Co. December. 2.1. v to Pe come a Musical Critic, Bernard Shaw. Tue Registration of Bach's Organ Works.

Strad.---186, Fleet Struer. December. 2.1. Jseph Hollnian. With Portrait.

Sunday Magazine. -December. Iyan: “Of Old Oace Came," by: Walter Spinney.

Sylvia's Journal.-December.
An Interview with Mr. William Smallwood. Mrs. E. S. Lewis.
Two Famous Singers, Mr, and Mrs. W. H. Brereton. Illus. Flora Klickpinn.

Violin Times.-11, Ludgate Hill. November,
René Ortmans. With Portrait.

Vocalist. -35, Cniversity Place, New York. November. 20 seats.
The Influence of Musical Organisations. N. H. Allen.
Voice Placing and Resonance. 6. Lennon and others.
Vocal Economy and Expressiveness. P. Dunn Aldrich.
Elucation and Music. F. H. Tubbs.
Werner's Magazine.--108, East Sixteenth Street, New York.

November. 25 cents
English As a Unirersal Toogue. D. G. Porter.
Prescribed Instructior in Elocution in Colleges and Universities. E. P. Perry.
Stories of the Operus : Orpheus ani Eurydice.” Mabel Wugualls.

Woman at Home.-December.
A Chat with Dr. Jcachim. Illustrate 1. Baroness von Zellitz.


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Art Journal.--Virtue and Co. Dezember. 1s. 61.
« Little Miss Muffit." From the Painting by Sir J. E. Millais.
* Les Bébés Du Luxembourg." Original Lithograph by J. McNeill Whistler.
Eugene Delacroix. Illustrate l. Claude Phillips.
Art and Mr. Whistler. Illustrated.
Incient and Moderu Dancing: the Minuet. Illustrate 1.
ucient Cambodian Art. Illustrated. J. Thomson.
The Hobart (Tasmania) Art Gallery, Illustrate 1. Frewen Lori.
The Henry Tate Gallery. Illustrate i. Walter Armstrong.
The British Art Gallery ; the Fiual Plaas.

Artist.--156, Charing Cross Roal. Dezember. 61.
Tilustrators. Illustrate 1.
fue l'rince of Crayon Portrait Painters; John “Russell," by Dr. G. C.
Williamson. Illustrate i.

Century Magazine.--December.
Anthony Van Dyck. Illustrated. T. Cole.

z'ortraits of Women. Illustrate 1, I. A. Coffin.
The Art Schools of America. Illustratel. W. S. Harwoo.l.

Deurge Inness ; the Man and Ilis Work. Montgomery Schuyler.

Magazine of Art.-Cassell. December. 1. 41.
** Autumn Leaves. Etching after Sir J. E. Millais, by H. Macbeth-Raeburn.
Private Picture Collectious in Glasgow and Wesi of Scotland. Illustrated.

Robert Walker.

Art in the Theatre: Art in the Ballet. Illustrate i. C. Wilhelm.
Thomas Hope McLachlan. Illustrated. Selwyn Image.
English " Arts and Crafts" from a Freuchmau's Point of View. Illustrated.

Victor Champiez.
Sculpture of the Year. Illustrated Claude Phillips.
Mucich as an Art Centre Illustrated. M. H. Spielmanu.

National Review.--December.
The National Gallery Clau le Phillips.
House De oration. Miss Jekyll.

New Review.- December.
The Experieaces of a War-Artist. Illustrate i. Irving Montague.

Pall Mall Magazine.-De ember.
Notable Portraits of the Queen. Illustrate 1. A. H. Bearan.

The Platonic Theory of Art. Prof. E. A, Sonnenscheiu.

Scribner's Magazine.-- December.
Cast Sha lows," by Emile Friant. Illustrate I. P. G. Hamerton,
G. F. Watts. Illustrated. Cosmo Moukaouse.

Eugene Grasset and De orative Art in France. Illustrate I, Octare Czanne,
Provincial Arts and Crafts, Ilustratel. Grace Johnsteue.
Letter from an Artist's Wife on Dinan. Illustrate l. Vancy Bell.
Some Views on Photography. Hlustrate 1. Alfred Hartley.

THE GERMAN MAGAZINES. Alte und Neue Welt. --Beuziger, Eiusie lelu. 50 PR. December

Art Exhibitions. A. von Heyden. hristmas Pictures, T. Bertholl.

Hans Viktor von Unruh. Continue l. H. von Poschinger. viapan. Illastratel. S.O. Wipp:ill.

Exposition of the Sacrel Writings of India. G. Bünler. Giovanni Battista de Rossi. With Portrait. P. V. Baumgarten.

Goethe and Professor Hoepfner. A. Bock.

Tzar Alexander III. Count Greppi.
Chorgesang.-- Haas Liit, Leipzig. 2 Jks. per quarter. Yor. 11.
Fritz Steinbach.

Deutsche Rundschau.-Lützowstr., 7, Berlin, W.

6 Mka. per qr.

Nov. Songs for Male Choir : “Am Ambros," hy F. H. Hofmanu and others.

Agrarian Reform in Prussia and the Berlin Conference, A. von Miaskowski. November 25.

Auguste Mariette. Brugsch Pasha. The Spread of German Male ('hoirs. 0. Mokrater-Mainé.

Hans Sachs. E. Shunilt. bildren's Songs, by Rihand krell and others.

Problems of Eastern Asia. M. von Branit. song for Male Choir: “Meeresstille und Gllokliche Fahrt," by Otto Doru. "Schiller's Death-Day ;” Drama by Goethe. B. Sapban.

Diary of Theodor von Bernbarli. Daheim.-), Poststrasse, Leipzig. 2. Mks. per qr. November 3.

Iudustrial Art at the Perlin Exhibition. J. Lessing. The Mysteries of the Migration of Birts. Dr. H. Haa ke. 10. German laval Mauwuvres. Illustratel. R. Teruer.

Deutsche Worte.--VIII. Langegasse, 15, Vicuna. 50 Kr. Xur. November 10.

The Reformation and the Free lom of the Peasants in Bohemia aad Silesia. Brugsb Pasha. With Portrait. G. Stein toril.

Continued. Dr. R. Ulbing.
The First Performance of " The Robbers.” Illustratel. B. Wernitz.

The New Austrian Patent Laws.
Vovernber 17.

Comparative Criminal Law. Dr. A. Löffler. 1. Cecilia. Illustratel. Dr. F. Lofs.

Austria in the Year 2020. D. J. Ritter von Neupauer.
November 21.
Valakas ar. Dr. G. Wegener.

Ethische Kultur.--Zimmerstr. 94, Berlin. 1 Mk. 60 Pl. per qi. Si te ilia. Contiuuel. Illustratel. Dr. F. Loofs.

Nov. 10, 17, an 1 24. * Deutscher Hausschatz.-Fr. Pustet, Regensburg. 40 Pf.

Helt 2.

Ethical Questions in the Social Movemeut. Dr. F. W. Foerster. Tue 900th Anniversary of St. Wolfgang. Illustrated. Dr. W. Schenz.

Die Frau.-W. Moeser, Berlin. 2 Mks. per qr. November. Veister Andreas Hamın, Bell Founder. Illustrated. J. Zelter. Newspapers.

Colleges for Women and Women's Training

Colleges. Prof. T. Ziezler. Domestic Animals and Infectious Diseases. Dr. H. Euribger.

Dr. Henrietta Tiburtius-Hirschfeld. With Portrait. Mary Musuall. Influence of Mythology and Legend on the German Language.

Poverty and the Care of the Poor. Jeannette Schwerin.

Advice to Germau Governesses in England. Helene Adelmaon.
Deutsche Revue.-- Deutsche Verlags- Anstalt, Stuttgart. _6 Mks. per qr. Constantinople Types of Women. E. Schaar.

What Must Happen in Eastern Asia. M. von Brandt.

Freie Bühne.- Köthenerstr., 44, Berlin. 1 Mk. 50 Pf. Sov.
Correspondence of Georg Friedrich Parrot with Tzar Alexander 1. F. Hand Industry. H. Lux.

Ivan IV. Terrachoff. The Solution of the Irou Mask; Cypher Correspondence of Louis XIV. F. From Titus Larcius Flavus to the Emperor William II. E. Harmealog. Funck-Brentano.

On the Slave Trade. Dr. C. R. Honnicke. Pismarck and the Parliamentarians. Continued. H. ron Poschinger.

The Norwegian Theatre Dr. A. Dres luer. schiler and the Literature of Today. B. Litzmann.

The New Tzar. Tervsbott..

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