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Die Gartenlaube.---Ernst Keil's Nachf, Leipzig. 50 Pf. Heft 12. The Last Lieutenant of tbe Grande Armée. With Portrait. P. Holzhausen. African Coiffures. Hlustrate 1. C. Falkenhorst. Hans Sachs. Illustrated. H. Boesch. Political Assasspations of the 19th Century. R. von Gottschall, The Frankish Basket-Industry. Illustrated. A. Berger. The New Houses of Parliament at Berlin. Illustratel. E. Peschkau.

Die Gesellschaft.-Wm. Frie Irich, Leipzig 1 Mk. 50 Pf. Otto Schelper. With Portrait. Hans Merian. T Modern German State'; a State for Right, for Class, or for Jurists? Poems by Marie Jerschke and Others. Naturalism and the German Public. c. Heinri.h. "Don Quixote" in the Light of Historie Development. Dr. S. S. Epstein.

Die Gleichheit.--12, Furthbachstrasse, Stuttgart. 10 Pf. Nov. 14. The Conference of Social Democrats at Frankfort, Internationale Revue über die Gesammten Armcen und Flotten

--Friese und von Puttkamer, Dresden. 28. 6.1. November. Historical Account of the Art of Equitation. The Imperial Manquvres of the 17th and 1st Army Corps. The Strategical Sigpifi ance of the Roads over the Alps. The Austro-Hungarian War Budget for 1895. The Role of the Submarine Boat. The British Army and Navy. Infantry as Supports for Cavalry. The Prepare iness for War of the Russian Army. War Notes from the East. Jahrbücher für die Deutsche Armee und Marine.-A. Bath,

Berlin, 32 M ks. per annum. November The Prussian "Leouidas": A Reminissence of the l'ight of Selmitz, November

19th, 1744. Lieut.-Colonel Schnackenburg. The Task of the German Nasy. Vice-Admiral von Henk. Austrian Views and Proposals on the Present Condition of Permanent Fortifiia

tions. Lient.-Colonel H. Frobenius.
The Condition of the Italian Army and Navy during the first half of 1891.
The Russian Law on Officers' Duels.

Konservative Monatsschrift.-E. Ungleich, Leipzig. 3 Mks, per qr.
Heinrich von Leo. Continued. 0. Kraus.
Trier and Lourdes.
Two School Unions. C. Fehr von Ungern-Sternberg.
Experiences of a Hussar in the Campaign of 1814." ;
China. Spanoth-Pöhlde.
Literarisches Jahrbuch.-Bahnhofstrasse, 25, Eger, Bobemia. Nov. 5.
Prof. R. Thoma's Opera: "The Monk of Kreuzenstein." Alois John.
The Prague Society of Science and Art, and the National Literature of German

Bohemia. K. Eggermann.
Heinrich Wolff's Meisterlied on Wallenstein's Death. Dr. J. Bolte.
Goethe's Diaries.
The Home of Walther von der Vogelweide. A. A. Naaff.
Ideas for an Egerland People's Pay. Alois John.
The Kammerbühl; a Volcanic Study. Prof. S. Gunther.
Magazin für Litteratur.-Frie Irishstrasse, 207, Berlin: 40 Pf.

November 10.
Pictures of Baden-Baden ; The Viardot Family. L. Pietsch.
Woman Literature. J. Petro.

November 17.
Woman Literature. Continue 1.

November 24. Mauthner as a Novelist. L. Ewers. Viktor Hehn. R. M. Meyer. Franz von Lenbach and Modern Art. M. Schmid. Mittheilungen aus dem Gebiete.des Seewesens.--Verlag von Carl.

Gerold's Sohn, Pola and Vienna. lis. per annun. Part XI. The Tactics beșt artapted for Developing the Power of existiug Ships and

Weapons (Gun, Ram, an. Torpedo) which should regulate Fleets,

Groups, and Single Ships in Action. Commander F.C. ). Sturidee, R.N. The Engines of the English Torpedo Boat Destroyers, Daring and Decoy.

2 figs.
The Speed Trials of the French Torpedo Gun Vessel, D'Iberoille. 1 fig.
The Netherlands Ram Ship, l'iet Hein.
Armour Plate Trials in Russia.
The Russian Naval Budget,
An Electrically Lighted Life-buoy. i fig.
Musikalische Rundschau. --- 1. Fleischmarkt, 14, Vienna. 25 kr.

November 1.,
A Palestrina Celebration at Vienna. Hans Sachs.
Neue Militärische Blätter.-25, Winterfeldstrasse, Berlin.

Quarterly. 85. November.
The Native Cavalry in British East India,
The Historical Military Significance of the Defiles. of the Upper Rhone.
The Cavalry Divisions of the III. German and Meuse Armies in the operations

against the Army of Chalons. The War in East Asia. Notes about Field Artillery. Principles which should Govern the Training of Horses in the Remount


Neue Revue.-I. Wallnerstr., 9, Vienna. 7 fl. per ann. October 31
Dalmatia, Herzegovina and Bosnia. F. H. Geffcken.
The Bodyguard of Napoleon III. Dr. J. R. vou Newali.

November 7.
Dalmatia and the Bosoian Provinces. Continue i.
Hans Sachs the Politician. R. Ler issohu.

November 14.
Rome after 1870, G. Ferrero.
The Théâtre Libre in Germany. C. Alberti.
The National School as an Educational Institution. A. Täubler.

November 21.
Voltaire. K. Bleih reu.
The Opera Problem. M. Graf.

Neue Zeit.-J. H. W. Dietz, Stuttgart. 20 P'f. No. 5.
Socialism's Criti 'ism of So jalism.
Germau Postal Statisti.'s. 0. Vieth.

No. 6.
The Retirement «f Count Caprivi.
Art Exhibitions at Mumi bin I$94.
The Dutch East Iudies. 11. Polak.

No. 7.
An Austrian Criminal Law and. Its Treatment of Political Criminals.

Dr. J. Ingwer.
Capitalist Tendeucies and Saxon Revenue.

No. 8.
Russia and the New Régime. 6. l'le hallow,
The Austrian Electoral Movement since the Fall of Taalfe K. Leuthur.
Two Letters by Dr. Roabertus. Dr. R. Meyer.

Nord und Süd.-Siebsahuifenerstr., 2, Breslau. 6 Jks. per qr. Sov.
Hermann Leri, Musician. With Portrait. A. llahu.
Wilhelm Müller. A. Kohut.
A Vight Journey through Norway. Paul Lindan.
Twenty-Five Years of Industrial Freedom in Germany. N. X. Böttger,
Two Letters from Switzerland in 1776 ; Count Friedrich Leopold Stolberg, and

Count Christian Stolberg to Gerstenberg. Preussische Jahrbücher.-Kleiststr., 14, Berlin. 2 Mks. 50 Pf. Dec. Gustav Portig on Schelling. E. von Hartmann. Life in Egypt in the Time of the Emperors. Prof. H. BICmmer, Ultramontane Achievements. Alius. l'russia and Polaud. M. Lehmann. The Neutralization of Denmark. Dalhoff - Willsen. Ferlinand of Brunswick. Continue i. Dr. E. Dauiels. Gustavus Adolphus. Dr. Max Lenz.

Schweizerische Rundschau.-A. Müller, Zürich. 2 Mks. Nos, The Money Standaril of the Future. Concludei. J. F. Peyer. Hermann von Helmholtz. Prof. H. Kronecker.** The Poetry of the Great Freuch Prose Writers. C. Fuster.

Sphinx.--C. A. Schwetke, Brunswijk. 28. 31. November.
Periods in the World's llistory. K. A. Hager.
Madame Blavatsky's "secret Do.trine." 1. Deinhard.
Bruder Ernsthaft or Father Damian. Thesi Bobra.
Count Gobineau's " Inequality of the Humau Races.” L. Schemaon.
Dr. Franz Hartmann. With Portrait.
Ueber Land und Meer.--Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, Stuttgart. 1k.

Heft. 5.
Marmolada di Penia, Illustrated. E. Terschak.
Creative Talent. E. Ekstein.
Hans Sachs, Illustratel.
The New Elbe-Trave Canal and Mölln. Illustrated.
The Post Office in China. F. Meister.
Luther's Deathplace at Eisleben. Illustrated. M. Schüssle
Friedrich Ludwig Schröder. With l'ortrait

Universum.-A. Hauschild, Dreslen. 50 PR. Heft 1.
Pekin. D. P. G. Heins.
Serum-Therapy and Serum-Therapy. Dr. H. Lalimann.
Bertha Hausner. With Portrait. B. Buchbinder.

Hleft 5.
Art in the Nursery. F. Avenarius.
Prince Chlodwig of Hohenlohe.

With Portuit. O. von Brunek,
Velhagen und Klasing's Monatshefte.--53, Steglitzerstr.

1 lk. 25 Pf. November, Paul Wallot and the New Houses of Parliament at Berlin. Illustrated.

C. Gurlitt.
From Miramar to Queretaro, Mexico. Illustratel. F. Meister.
Real Pearls. Illustrate 1. k. Möbius.
Brugs h Pasha. With Tortrait. C. von Vincenti.
Alligator-Hunting. Illustrated. F. Meister...
Vom Fels zum Meer.-Union Deutsche-Verlags-Gesellschaft 75 PL

Heft 4.
A New Swiss National Hymn. A. Beetschen.
Making False Coins. Illustratei. A. 0. Klaussmann.

Heft 5.
Ladies as Billiard Players. Illustrate 1. Jemy Ris-Neumann.
Nürnberg's Golden Days. Illustrate... G. Klits ber.
The Cure of Diphtheria. Dr. F. Ranzow,

icguste Prasch-Grenenberg. Illustrated. A. Ronai.
Mr. and Mrs. Shaw, African Missionaries, Illustrate i. 0. Baumann.

Heft 6.
Ibe Great Wall of China. Llustrated. G. Wegener.

Heft 7.
Ibe New Houses of Parliament at Berliu. Illustrated. G. Klitscher.
National Costumes in the Black Forest. Illustrated. H. Sohnrey.
Thomas Edison. Illustrated. C. Frank Dewey.
Tince Chlodwig of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst. With Portrait. M. Llindoer.

Die Wahrheit.---F. Frommuun, Jena. 1 Mk. 69 Pf per qr. November.
Secrecy in Public Life. G. Pfizer.
The Moral Ideal of the Reformation. A. Heubaum.
Zuschauer.-II. Durchschnitt, 16. Hamburg. 1 Mk. 50 Pf. per half-year.

November 1.
Colour-Hearing. G. Zacher.

November 15.
Authority, not Majority! Concludei. 0. Ernst.

THE FRENCH MAGAZINES. Annales de l'École Libre des Sciences Politiques.—103, boulevard Nouvelle Revue Internationale. -23, boulevard Poissonnière, Paris. Saint-Germain, Paris. 3 fr. 50 c. November 15.

5 frs. per annum. November 15. Local Government Reform in England. 0. Festy.

The Antwerp Exposition. Illustrated. Denise. Society in England. Max Leclerc.

The Lyons Exposition, Pacific Manifestation ; the Polish Exposition at Lembarg.


The Literary and Historie Movement in France. Eug Asse. Tue Fifteenth Session of the Institute of International Law. Ch. Dupuis. Ballistic Archæology. Désiré Poucin,

24 frs. per ann. Association


Quinzaine. 62, Rue de Miromesnil, Paris.
Catholique: Revue des Questions Sociales et
Ouvrières.—262, boulevard St. Germain, Paris. 2 frs. Nov. 15.

Père Alphonse Gratry. Abbé de Broglie.
Democracy and Contemporary Thought. G. de Pascal.

John Bull and His Coantry. Baron E. de Mandat-Grancey.

Profiles of M. Thiers. J. Buisson.
A Rural Commune in France. Baron d'Avril.
The Budget and Fiscal Reform in France. Continued. Henry Savatier.

Electricity in Agriculture. Cyrille de Lamarche.
Letter to M. Léon Harmel. L'Abbé Villeneuve.

New Treatment of Diphtheria. Dr. J. Arnaud. Bibliothèque Universelle.-18, King William Street, Strand. 2 fr. 50 c.

Revue d'Art Dramatique. -44, rue de Rennes, Paris. 1 fr. 25 c.

November 1.

Pantomime and the Conservatoire. Carpentier d'Agueau.
The Swiss Democracy and the Popular Initiative. Numa Droz.

Madame Emma Calvé. Emmanuel Bouguet. Women and the Woman Question in the United States. Continuel. Louis

November 15, W narin.

Russian and Spanish Music. Albert Soubies. The Infancy of Greek Sculpture. Concluded. François Dumur.

"L'Ami des Lois : " A Piece Interdicted under the French Revolution. Paul Josephine and Marie Louise in Switzerland. Conclude i. Eugène de Bude.

Peltier. Ère Nouvelle.-9, rue Daubenton, Paris. 1 fr. 25 c. November,

Revue Blanche.-1, Rue Laffitte, Paris. 1 fr. November. Toe Philosophical Ideas of P. Lavroff Roubanovitch.

The Mysticism of Mickiewicz. Casimir Stryienski. l'he British Trade-Union Congress at Norwich, 1894. El. Aveling.

Dahomey. Continued. Hugues Lapaire. Hegel's Philosophy. Continued. E. Plekhanow.

Revue Bleue.--Fisher Unwin, Paternoster Square. 60 c. Ermitage.-28, rue de Varenne, Paris. 80 e. November.

November 3. The Social Danger. Henri Mazel.

France and Madagascar. M. de Mahy. thens, Sparta and Rome Saint-Antoine.

Robert Hauteuil : A Sculptor of the Seventeenth Century. G. Duplessis. "vicissitudes of the Artistic Spirit in France during the Last Century, Saint

November 10. Antoine.

Tzar Alexander III. Alfred Rambaud.

Contemporary French Philosophy : M. Théodule Ribot. F. Picavet.
Journal des Economistes.-14, rue Richelieu, Paris. 3 fr. 50 c.

November 17.
November 15.

Education in France in the Middle of the Century. Jules Levallots.
State Socialism. Léon Say.

The Works of Voltaire. Emile Faguet. The Benefits of State Intervention. Ladislas Domanski.

The Situation in Madagascar. The Agricultural Movement in France. G. Fouquet.

November 24. The Economic Ideas of M. de Caprivi. Arthur Kaffalovich.

Théodore de Banville. Raoul Rosières. The Commerce of Korea. Daviel Bellet.

Literature in France in the Middle of the Century. Jules Levallois.
Journal des Seiences Militaires.-30, rue et passage Dauphine, Paris. Revue des Deux Mondes.--18, King William St., Strand. 62 frs. per and.

40 fr. per annum.

November 1.
The Elements of Strategy. Continued.

Studies in Diplomacy. Duc de Broglie.
** Dernier Effort "-Infantry Fire and Lines of Operations. Continued. General Studies in Sociology ; Luxury. P. Leroy-Beaulieu.

Contemporary English Art. R. de la Sizéranne.
The Role of the Mease Fortifications in Belgium and of the Fortresses in the Henrik Ibsen's Brand. Count Prozor.
North of France in the Event of a Franco-German War. Commandant

Aromatic Liquids. J. Rochard.

The Rbone. Vicomte Melchior de Vogüé.
Ibe Fight at Nuits, 18 December, 1870. Sketch map. Commandant Palat.

November 15.
The Cavalry of the Allied Armies during the Campaign of 1814. Continued. Roman Africa. Gaston Boissier.
Commandant Weil.

The State of France and Europe after 1815. E. Ollivier.
General Principles of Plans of Campaign.

Contemporary English Art. R. de la Sizéranne. Marine Française. --5 rue de Mézières, Paris. 30 fr. per annum.

No. 1.

The Theatrical World during the French Revolution and First Empire. V. du


Morbid Heredity. Ch. Ferre.
Coast Defence. Rear-Admiral Réveillère.
The Canal des Deux Mers; Atlantic-Mediterraneau ; the Military Objections Revue Encyclopédique.-17, rue Montparnasse, Paris. 1 fr. Nor, I.

The Larousse (elebration. Illustrated. The Roller-Ship on the Bazin Principle. I fig.

Roumanian Literature. Illustrated. Ernest Tissot, TVbat the Composition and Strength of the French Sary Ought to be.

Estheticism. lllustrated. Roger Marx. Ménestrel. .-2 bis, rue Vivienne, Paris. 10 frs. per annum.

The Origin of the Fleur de Lis. Illustrated. Gustave Lejeal.

November 15.
November 4, 11, 18, 25.

Korea and the Koreans. Map and Illustrations. R. d'Aunis.
lbe First Salle Favart and the Opéra Comique, 1801-1838. Continue l. Education in England. Eugène Pellissier.
Arthur Pougiu.

Revue Générale.-Burns and Oates. 12 frs. per annum. November. Monde Économique.—76, rue de Rennes, Paris. 80 C. Nov. 3, 10, 17.

L'ope Leo XIII. Mgr. Lamy. Agriculture in Tonkin. Continued. Joseph Chailley-Bert.

l'romeda les in Vienna. William Ritter.

Commander J. B. de Rossi. Adolphe Delvigne. Nouvelle Revue.-18, King William Street, Strand. 62 frs. per annum. Hungary and Roumania. Albert Bordeaux. November 1.

The Legislative Elections in France. Charles Woeste. A Letter to a Young Diplomate. Count C. de Mouy. l'revost-Paradol. M. H. Mornand.

On the Coast of Norway and Lapland. Continue l. J. G. Freson. The Egyptian Soudan. Col. Challié-Long.

Revue Maritime et Coloniale. -30, rue et passage Dauphine, Paris, A Visit to Yellowstone Park. Paul Ronget.

56 francs per annum.

November Cetters on Foreign Politics. Mme. Juliette Adam.

Explanation of a Phenomenon observed in Firing Projecties with High Novenber 15.

Veloxities. 7 tigs. Lieutenant Réveille. Villemain's Judgment of Talleyrand. H. Wollschinger.

Considerations of Torpedo Boat Attacks, et . Tunis at the Time of the Expedition. E. Deschamps.

Critical Study on the Meteorological Theories Advanced by M. Duponcel. Venes of New York Chinese Life. Matilda Shax.

E. Tournier. Tbe Contemporary Literature of Europe. L. Quesnel.

The Port of Majunga, W. Coast of Madagasar. G. Landrieu. Letters on Foreigo Politics. Mme. Juliette Adam,

The Present Coudition of Electricity in Ameri, a.

The Organizatiou of the Italian Aimiralty.
Chronicles of the Port of Lorient, 1893-9. Continuel. Lieute:aut Lallemaal,
Ostriculture in the Me literranean.
Professional Schools for Fisherma..
Revue Militarra de l'Etringer.-30, rue et passage Dauphine, Paris.
15 fral's per annuil.

Korea ani the Origia of the Confliit between China and Japan.
Tho Military Orgauisatiou of the Ottom in Empire.
Cyclists during the Austrj-Hungarian Maneuvres.
The Strength of the Spanish Array in the Bulget for 1894-5.
Revue du Monde Catholiq:19.-76, rue des Saint-Pères, Paris.
23 frs, per annum.

Julie Billiarl; an Episo le in the Religious Histry of the XVIII. ad XIX.

Centuries. Ch. Clair.
The Situation of Italy on the Day after Solferino. Cuntiauel. F. Garrilh2.
The Kreins, Japanese, an Chinese.
The Blesse Pupe Urban V. Coulu lei. Don Th. Bérengier.
Mussulman Schism; iu Turkey, Asia, and England. Auguste Lepage.
Revue de Paris.-18, King Williain Street, Straud. 60 francs per annum,

November 1.
Emperor Alexiider III. A. Leroy-Beaulieu.
Frédéri: Mistral. Gaston Paris.
The Income Tax. E. H. Funck-Brentano,
The Armament of the Naval Reserves. M. Loir.
Gueral Grant and France. T. Stanton.
The lusome of Our National Museum 3. L, E. Serre.

November 15.
The New American Tariff. E. Brewaert.
Letters fiom the Congo. Da d'Uzès.
Origins of English Language an i Literature. E. Boutmy.
The Convicts of Guiana. P. Mimavle.
Revue Philosophiqu3.-119, boulevard St. Germalu, Paris. 3 frs. Nov.
Brute Memory au i Organise 1 Vem ry. L. Dagas.
The Import wce of the Savuge Languages from i Psychological Point of View.

R. de la Grasserie.
Revue Politique et Parlementaire.--5, rue de Mézières, Paris. 20 frs.

per annum November
The Colification of Europe in the Nineteenth Century. E. Glasson.
Parliamentary Reform. .Auiré Lebon.
The Sugar Question. Charles Roux.
The Libur Congress at Milan and the Question of Accidents to Workmen.

Y es Guyot.
The Labour Bureaus an l Their Future. II. Depasse.

Revue des Revues.--32, rue de Verneuil, l'aris. Sorexuber 2.
Death Masks of Great Men. Illustrati.
Sui ile for Love. Prof. César Lomb. 05).
Political Corruption. Louis Proal.

November 15.
The Hazard of Artistic Prolaction. Auguete Striudberg.
Anar hy and Pea e. Baroness de Suttner.
Shakespearian Relics.' Illustratel.
Revue Soientifique.-Fisher Uowi’ı, Pateruoster Square 60 c-

November 3.
The Institute of France in 1894.

M. Loiwy.
Cheinial Machinery. H. Le Chatelier.
Disiufection of Local Areas.

November 10.
Melicine in the Provinces. Prof. Potain.
Protoplasms. A. Dauilewsky.

November 17.
The Amplitude of the Solar System. William Harkuess.
Protoplasms. Continued. A. Dauilewsky.

November 24.
What is a Verve Centre ? JP Morat.
'Theory of the Formation of Hail. Couclu le 1. E. Durand-Grérille.
S;me Industries of Cochin-China. A. Calmette.
Revue Sociale et Politique.-11, rue Ravenstein, Brussels. 20.5

per ann.

No. 5.
The Charity Organisation Society. L. Varley.
Adolphe Le Hardy de Beaulieu.

Revue Socialiste.-10, rue Chabanais, Paris. 1 fr. 50 c. Novexts.
The Belgian Elections. Émile Vandervelde.
Agrarian Socialism. Adrien Veber.
The Interparliamentary Union. Elie Docommun.
Graduate Taxation. Henri Mayor.
Université Catholique.-25, rue 1111 Plat, Lysas. 20 frs. per un

November 15.
The Study of the New Testament. E. Jacquier.
The Preaching of St. Bernarlin de Sienue. F. Veraet.
M. de Vog'lé. Abbi Delfour.
Historical Essay on the University of Lyons. Continue l. A. Bosvel.
Vie Contemporains.--, rue de la Chaussée d'Antin, Paris. 1 1: 50

November 1.
An Auar hist Epi lemi in France iu 1831. H. Moniu.
Whimsi al Essay on Women's Sports. Illustrate 1. L. Roger-Miiès.

November 13.
Tzar Alexander III. and His Policy in Asia.
The Canal des Deux-Mers. Continuel. Ch. Girard.
M. Alexandre Dumis. Gustave Larroumet

Civiltà Cattolica.-V'ia di Ripetta, 246, Rome. 25 frs. per ann. Rural Co-operative Associations. P. Manassei,
November 3.

Gregorian Musi: L. Parazzi.
The Second Centenary of P. Segueri.

The French Revolution an/ the First Empire. G. Grabioski, The So- lel Srientifi: Errors in the Bible,

Sotes on Finance. A. Rossi.
On the Actious and lastin ty of Animals, Cotiaue l.

Rivista Internazionale. --Via Torre Argeatina 76, Rome.
November 17.

per am. November Social Defense against Anarhism.

Suggestions on the Present Rural Crisis, T. Petrone, The Migrations of the Hittites. Coatinue!.

Roman Feudalism. Continue 1. G. Tonnassetti. Religioa ani Freem sonry.

The Chino-Japanese War and its So rial Importance. F. Ermini. Rassegna Nazionale.--Via della la "e 2, Floreu e. 30 frs. per ann. The Third Sientific Catholic Congress at Brussels. S. Nicotra. November 1.

Rivista Marittima. - T'ip grafia del Senato, Rome. 25 lire pe: ano. From the listula to the O ler. G. Mareotti.

Catherine de Meli is, Duchess of Martia. L, Grottauelli.

Historical Raum of the Korean Question. Dr. V. Grussi.
Lante's Heaven, Continuei. A. Galassiai.
The Ca a omby. B. Prina.

Ele tri al Navigation and its Appli.ation iu Conue tivo with Wa-- 1!.

G. Martinez.
Ricorma Sociale.- Via Tritone 197, Rome. 25 frs. per ann.

A Retrospect of Nautical Science among the Ancients. F. Biazzi.
October 23.

'Tunny-fishing at Favignana. 9 figs. G. A. Raggi. Home Colonisation in Germany, Prof. W. Sombarl.

Shipping Statistics for the Italian Ports in 1893. Fool and the Labour Power of a Nation. Prof. F. S. Vitti.

The Organisatioa of the Admiralties among the Priucipal Saral PoweThe Anarchism of the Berlinese. Prof. L. Gumplowicz.

Rivista Musicale Italiana. —Quarterly.) Fratelli Bocca, Trio. Why the Writings of Rosher have had no Influence in England. Dr. W.

L. 4, 50, No. 4. Cunninghanı.

Italian Airs for Solo Voice in the Seventeenth Century. L. Toribi,
The Agricultural Conditions of Russia. Conclusion. Masé-Dari.

The Hero-Motives in the Works of Richard Wagner. Alfrei Ernst.
November 10.

Orlando di Lasso. Dr. A. Saudberger.
The Scientifie Spirit in Social Stulies. Prof S. Cognetti de Martiis.

The Sense and Expression of Pure Music. V. Griveau. The General Structure of Suviety. Prof. G. de Greef.

The International Lyric Theatre at Milan. Illustrated.

Ciudad de Dios. -Real Monasterio del Es orial, Madrid.

20 pesetas per España Moderna.-Cncsta de Santo Domingo 16, Mairid. 10
November 5.

per annum. October. Astronomy. Fr. Angel Rodriguez.

France and Some Frenchmen. Professor Adolfo Posada. The Pentateuch and Prehistoric Archeology. Hogorato del Val.

Fray Jerónimo Savouarola. Juan O'Neill.
All Souls' Day. Julian Rolrigo.

The Reforın of Secondary Education. L. de Hoyos Sainz.
On the Right of Pre e lence of the King of Castile over the King of England. The Teaching of Latiu in Spain. Professor M. de Unamuno.
Au Ancient Spee.h.

Castillian and Portuguese Literature. F. Wolf.
November 20.

La Quincena.--Buenos Ayres. 20 dollars per gunum. No. 2 Posthumous Fragments. Marcelino Gutierrez.

A Japanese Popular Song. Hispano-American Literature. F. B. Garcia.

Modern Literary Genius. Emilio Vasserang. Ao Uvpublishel Amount of the Atta k on Manilla by the Corsair Lima-Hong. A Soldier's Story. D. Cerri.

Revista Contemporanea.--Calle de Pizarro 17, Madrid. 2 pesetas.

Otober 30.
In Praise of St. Augustin. Marcelo Macias.
Tra litions and Chara ters of the North and South of Spain. C. Soler Arqués.
Doa Eduardo Vincenti and a Ministry of Education. Leopoldo Pelreira.

November 15.
Spanish and Portuguese Poets of the 16th and 17th Centuries. Angel Lasso le

la Vega.
Papal Dispatches in Spain. R. de Hinojosa.

The Isuuza Family of Vitoria. Juliano Apraiz.
Soap-shots at Celebrities : J. Fernandez Montana. Alao Waroto.
Revista General de Marina.-Deposito 11 rugat-o, Walril.
20 pesetas per ann.

The Definition of Magnitudes as applie.i to Eletro-lagueti 20. Lieut

E. Meleu ddreras.
Voyage to Chiua of the Cruiser. Don Juan de Austria.
Naval Elucation. Lieutenant I. F. Florez.
The Preparation and Employment of Steel for ins. (tiguel. Don J. ile


THE DUTCH MAGAZINES. De Gids.--Luzac and Co., 46, Great Russell Street. 3s. November.

Tijdschrift voor het Binnenlandsh Bestour.- 1. Botan1 Co., Prof.

Batavia. The Atjehers. A Contribution to the Ethnography of North Sumatra.

Nos. 3 and 4.

Land Tax Calculations Delien Laerne. L. W. C. van den Berg.

The Chestnut Tree. K. F. Holle. State ani Society. Prof. P. W. A. Cort van der Lindeu.

The Punishment for Clearing State Lani without reus lon. Plato's Phaedrus." Dr. Ch, M, van Deventer.

Hea viside. ** The Legends of Jesshua-ben-Jossef." Pol de Mont.

Vragen des Tijds.-Luzac and Co. IS. 67, November
Teysmannia.-6, Kolff and Co., Batavia. No. 8.

A Glance Backwaris: Political Events in Holland. H. J. it.
Notes on the Spontaneous Re-planting of Land in Java. S. H. Kooriers.

The Unemploye i Question. II. J. Bruiuwold Rie el. Orchids. J. J. Smith, jun.

Professor Alberdingk Thijm on “ Tristan und Isolie." J. Leason ticot.


THE SCANDINAVIAN MAGAZINES. Hemåt.-Y.W.C.A., Sto kholm. 2 kr. per annum. November.

Ord och Bild.-Wahlström and Widstrand, Sto Khoi. 0 ir. per alom. The Swe lish Mission in China.

No. 10. The Mcall Mission in France.

Spanish Grandezza.

Elof Tegnér.
Kringsjaa.-Fortnightly.) Olaf Norli, Christiania. 2 kr. per quarter.

Sergel's Portraits. Georg Göthe.
October 31.

Professor von Helmholtz. With Portrait. Robert Tipatsit.
Ralph Waldo Emerson. III. H. Jambs Lyche.

Gustaf Fröding. With Portrait. Hjalmar Süerharg. The Capital of Japan. Astrid Næss.

Carl Jonas Ludvig Almqvist, Poet. Elleu Rey. Nordisk Revy.--Wahlström and Wilstrand, Sto.kbolm.

10 kr. per anunum. No. 1.

Samtiden.--'jerhari Grau, Bergen. 5 kr. per al... a. 9, 10. Shakespeare and the Dark Stage of his Life and Work. Georg Bran les.

Lombroso's Criminal Creed. Ernst Estlan ier. tiothenburg an i the Gothenburgers. Nordisk Tidskrift.--The Letterstelt Society, Stockholm.

Vor Tid.-Olaf Norli, Christiania. 1 kr. 60 Ere per calí- year. los. 14-15. angun.

No. 6. Griffenfeld. J. A. Fridericia.

Arne Garborg Sven Moren. Herbert Spencer and his Philosophy:

The Teaching of Natural Science in the Publi: !Iisu s bol. C'af lansen. The " Pictaresque School” in French Poetry.

Political Indifference. Hans K. Aas,

10 kr. per


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Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in this Index.
A. C. Q. American Catholic Quarterly Review. F.


N. N. Nature Notes.
A. J. P. American Journal of Politics.
Fr. L. Frank Leslie's Popular Mouthly.

Naut. M. Nautical Magazine.
A. A. P. S. Annals of the American Academy of Free R. Free Review

N. E. M. New England Magazine.
Politial and Social Science. -
G. M. Geutleman's Magazine.

N. I. R. New Ireland Review,
Ant. Antiquary.
G. J. Geographical Jourual.

New R. New Review.
Arch. R. Architectural Record.

G. 0. P.
Girl's Own Paper.

New W. New World.
G, W. Good Words.

N. H. Newbery House Magazine,
Arg. Argosy.
G. T. Great Thoughts.

N. C. Nineteeuth Century.
Harp. Harper's Magazine.

N. A. R. North American Review.
A. Q. Asiatis Quarterly.
Hom. R. Homiletic Review.


Our Day.
Ata. Atalanta.



A. M.
Atlantic Monthly.


P. E. F. Palestine Exploration Fund.
Bank. Bankers' Magazine.
I. L. Index Library.

P. M. M. Pall Mall Magazine,
Black, Blackwool's Magazine.
I. J. E. Internatioual Journal of Ethics.

Phil. R. Philosophical Review,
B. T. J. Board of Trade Journal.
I. R. Investors' Review.

P. L. Poet-Lore.
Bkman. Bookman.
Ir. E. R. Irish Ecclesiastical Record.

P. R. R. Presbyteriav and Reforme i Review,

Ir, M.
Irish Monthly.

P. M. Q. Primitive Methodist Quarterly Rerier,
Cal. R. Calcutta Review,
Jew. l. Jewish Quarterly.

Psy. R.

Proceedings of the Society for Isrbiai
Can. M. Canadian Magazine.
J. E 1. Journal of Education.

C. F. M. Cassell's Family Magazine.
J. Micro. Journal of Micros opy.

Q.J.Econ. Quarterly Journal of Economics.
C. S. J. Cassell's Saturday Jourual.
J.P. Econ. Journal of Political Economy.

Q. R. Quarterly Review.
Cas. M. Cassier's Magazine.

J. R. A. S. Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society. Q. Quirer.
C. W. Catholie Worli.

J.R. C. I. Journal of the Royal Colonial Institute. R. R. R. Religious Review of Reviews.
C. M. Century Magazine.
Jur. R. Juridical Review,

Rel. Reliquary.
C. J. Chambera's Journal.

K. 0.
King's Own.

R.C. Review of the Churches.
Char. R. Charities Review.
K. Knowledge.

R. R. A. Review of Reviews (America).
Chaut. Chautauquan.
L. H. Leisure Hour.

P. R. Aus. Review of Reviews (Australasia).
Cu. Mis. I. Church Missionary lutelligencer.
Libr. Library.

St. N. St. Nicholas.
Ch. Q.
Churcb Quarterly.
Lipp. Lippincott's Monthly.

Sc, A. Science and Art,
C. R. Conteniporary Review,
L. Q. Loudon Quarterly.

Sc. P. Science Progress.
Long Longmau's Magazine.

Scots. Scots Magazine.
Cos. Cosmopolitan.
Luc. Lucifer,

Scot.G.M. Scottish Geographical Magazine.
Crit. R. Critical Review.
Lud. M. Ludgate Illustrate 1 Magazine.

Scot. R. Scottish Review.
D. R. Dublin Review.
MOCI. McClure's Magazine.

Scrib. Scribner's Magazine.
Econ. J. Economic Journal.
Mac. Macmillan's Magazine.

Str. Strand,
Econ, R. Economic Review.
Man. Q. Manchester Quarterly.

Sun, H. Sunday at Home.
E. R. Edinburgh Review'.

Med. M.
Medical Magazine.

Sun. M. Sunday Magazine,
E1. R. A. Educational Review, Ameri a.
M. W. D. Men and Women of the Day.

T. B. Temple Bar.
EI. R. L. Educational Review, London.
M. E. Merry England.

Th. Theatre.
Engineering Magazi..e.
Mind. aud.

Think, Thinker.
E. H. English Historical Review,
Mis. R. Missionary Review of the World.

U.S. M. United Service Magazine.
E.I. English Illustrated Magaziue.
Mon. Monist.

W. R. Westminster Review,
Ex. Expositor.


W. H. Woman at Home.
Ex. T. Expository Times.
M.P. Monthly Packet.

Y. R. Yale Review,
F. L. Folk-kore.
Nat. R. National Review,

Y. M. Young Man.
F. R.
Fortnighti, Review,
N. Sc. Natural Science,

Y. W. Young Woman.

Eng. M.

Africa : Uganda and the East Africau Protetoratas, by George S. Ma keuzie,

FR, Dec.
Agnosti ism : Why I am not an Agposti, by Prof. Max Müller, N C, Dec.
Agriculture : The Idle Earth, by R. Jefferies, Long, De:.
Alexander the Great in Turkestan, J. W. M'Crindie on, Scot GM, Nov.
Alpine Guides, A. E. Bonser on, C F M De:
American People: Living Pictures on Broadway, by V. Griba ye doft, Fr L,


The Anarchists' l'topia. T B, Dec.

Anar hy ani Atheism, F. Winnington Iogram on, RRR, Nov.
Anderson, Miss Mary, Interviewed, ČSJ, De'.
inglo-American Re-ninjon, see English-Speaking Race.
Autwerp, au O Flemish City, by Mrs. Meade, Sun M, Dec.
Arab Life: An Arabian Day and Night, P. Bigel,w ou, Harp, Dec.
Archæology, see ('onteuts of antiquary, Essex Revier'.
Archite ture, (see also Contents of Engineering Magazine):

A Sermon on Houses, Laly Jephson on. Ara, De.
Suggestions on the Architecture of Schoul-bouses, by C. Howard Walker,

A M, De:
The Round Towers and Irish Art, F. T. Holgson on, Can M, Nov.
Artic Exploration :

The Search for the Absolute Zero, by H. J. W. Dim, McCl, Nov.
Armies, see Contents of inite iervice Jagazines, Journal of the Royal United

Service Institution,
Aruolil, Sir Eiwiu,

A Happy Hour with Sir Elwin Arbol.l, by Clement Scott, E I, De'.
Arnold, Matthew,
Ethical Teasency of Matthew Arnoll's Poetry, by Thos. Bradfield, W R,

Arthur and Beowulf as English Ideals, hy Sarah J. MONary, PL, Nov.
Australia : A Woman's Life in the Bush, WH, Dec.
Babelors : The Other Half on Sunday, by II V. Barvett. E I, De:
Baron. Lord, versus Professor Huxley, by Duke of Argyll, N C, De:
Bariug-brouil, Rev. S., by F. Dolman, C FM, Dez., and CSJ, Dec.
Barr, Robert, ani Dr. A. Conan Doyle, a Dialogue, McCl, Nov.
Beowulf and Arthur as English Ideals, by Sarah J. M. McNary, ? L, Nov.
Besley, E. T. (., Interview with, CSJ, Des.
Betham-Elwaris, Miss, luterviewed by F. Dolman, Y W, Dec.
Bible and Biblical Criticism, see Contents of American Catholic Quarterly

Review Espository Timex, Frpositor, Homiletic Review.
Birls: Coerning Bir is an 1 Their Vests, M, Dec.

Books: The Decay of Bookselling, D. Stott on, NC, Dec.
Bower, Capt., Interviewed by R. Blathwayt, G T, Dec.
Bransey, Lord and Lady, M. Griffith on, Str, Nor.
Bryant, William Cullen, Alex, Small on, G T, Dec.
Butler, Mrs. Josephine, on the Sex Bias of the Commentators; Interview,

H, Dec.
Canada, (see also Contents of Canadian Magazine):

The Great British North-west Territory, Lee Meriwether on, Cos, Sor,
Carols: Mediæval Christmas Carols, Charlotte S. Burve on, NH, De
Carrying Trade of the World, hy Michael G. Mulhall, CR, Dec.
Catholic Church, see Contents of American Catholic Quarterly Fierier, verty

England, Month.
Cats, Tighe Hopkins on, L H, Dec.
Celebrities of the Day, Max Pemberton on, CSJ, Dec.
Celibacy and the Struggle to get on, by H. E. M. Stutfield. Black, Des.
Charles VII, and Agues Sorrel, by H. Bouchot, Cos, Nov.
Chicken Manufacture, E. C. Clifford oo, Str, Nov.
Children :

The Talk of Children, Alice Meynell on, ME, Xov.

The Children of Huuger, F. M. Holmes on, Q, Dec.
China and the Chinese, (see also under Pekin):

The Chinese as Fellow-Colouists, R. W. Egerton Eastwick on, H. De.
The Meaning of the Chinese Button, A. J. Bamford op, C FM, De,
Chinese Mandarins and People, Prof. Douglas on, E I, De..

China and Japan, see under korea.
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at an English Country House, Sir Elsar!

Strachey on, A M, Dec.
Church and Christianity, (see also under Bible, etc., and Cout2ots of ti-

Expository Times):
Christianity as It Is preachel, R. A. Brooks on, A, Nor.
Is the Church's Influence tirowing, by Montague Fowler, NH, Tere
Impotence of Churches in Fall River, Massachusetts, Rer. W. B. Hale ,

F, Nor
Church of England :
The Position of the Establishel Church, J. Castell Hopkins oc, Can M,

Circus Life: A Chat with the Circus King, by E. F. Sherie, Lud M. Der
City Transit: Public Control of Urban Transit, S. Baxtsr op, Cos, Nor.
Clubs : Evolution of the Country Club, by C. W. Wbituey, Harp, Les
Coleriilge, Samuel Taylor,
What the Preacher May Gain from the Study of Culerilge, by Prof J.

Murray, Hom R, Nor.

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