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Culonies: Wanted, an Imperial Conference, hy Sir John Colomb, N C, Dec.
Colonisation : Cultured Colonisation, M. Macfie on, W R, Dec.
Corkran, Henriette, Reminiscences by, T B, Dec.
Cornwall, (see also under Newlyn):

The Land of a Lost Language, W. C. Borlase op, EI, Dec.
County Council of London:
The Loudon County Council and the Recreation of the People, W. J.

Gordon on, LH, De:.
Cress-Sellers, T. Sparrow on, N H, Dec.
Crime and the Criminal Law :

Criminal and Prisou Reform, Michael Davitt 01), N C, Dec.
Modern Penology, G. Rayleigh Vicars on, G M, Dec.
A Detective on Detective Stories, W. E. Grey on, CFM, Dec.

Thieves versus Locks and Safes, Str, Nov.
Crimea in 1854 and 1994, by General Sir Evelyn Wood, F R, Des.
Crispi, Francesco, W. J. Stillman on, C M, Dec.
Cromwell and the House of Lords, C. H. Firth on, Mac, Dec.
Dinners: Public Dinners in London, Charles Dickens on, N A R, Nov.
Diphtheria, Spread of, Dr. Robson Roose on, FR, De..
Doyle, Dr. A. Conan, and Robert Barr; Dialogue, Mcci, Nov.
Dress: The Underclothing Question, Lewis R. S. Tomalin op, New R, De.
Earthquakes :

The Last Earthquake in London, J. Telford on, Sun H, De::: East-End of London :

Sanday in East London ; Spitalfields, Sun H, Dec. Edinburgh : Great Centres of Religious Activity, J. Cuthbert Halden ou, Q,

Education (see also Educational reviews, University Extension Magazines) :

Psychology, Physiology and Pe lagogics, Rev. T. Hughes on, AC Q, Oct.
Girton College, W'. Chas, Sargent ou, Lud M, Dec.
Life at Newpham, by Katharine St. John Conway, Y W, Dec.

Girton and Newnham Colleges, E. A. Hodgetts on, Str, Nov.
Egypt :
Street Scenes in Cairo, R. S. Hicbens on, PM M, Dec.

My Tomb in Thebes, by Dr. Georg Ebers, Fr L, Dec.
Electric Light:

Domestic Elecric-Lighting Plants, N. W. Perry on, Eng M, Nov. Electricity :

New Sources of Electric Power, B. H. Thwaite and J. Munro on, NC, Dec. Eliot, George, and Warwickshire, by G. Morley, Ata, Dec. Emerson, Ralph Waldo, Religiou of, by Rev. W. H. savage, A, Nov. Engineering, see Contents of Engineering Magazine, Cassier's Magazine. English History (see also under Cromwell, etc.):

Social Life in England in the Eighteenth Century, by J. Ashton, Chaut, Nov. English-Speaking Race: Possibilities of Anglo-American Reunion, by Alfred T. Maban and Lord

Charles Beresford, NAR, Nov. Enthusiasm, E. H. Lacon Watson on, W R, Dec. Ethics: The Knowledge of Good and Evil, Emma M. Caillard on, CR, Dec. Europe : The Balance of Power, John Hutton ou, G M, De:. Exploration (see also under Arctic Regions):

Unknown Parts of the World, R. H. Mills op, McCI, Nov. Fiction :

The Modern Nuvel, Amelia E. Barr on, NAR, Nov.

Some Books of the Year, L. F. Austin on, E I, Dec. Finance (see also Germany, United States, etc., and Contents of Board of Trade

Journal, Bankers' Magazine, Investors' Review): Currency and State Banks, A. L. Ripley on, Y R, Nov. Financial Facilities, by Robert Ewen, W R, Dec. The Carrying Trade of the World, Michael G. Mulball on, CR, Dec. Fire: Causes and Effects of Forest Fires, J. Gifford on, Eng, M, Nov. Folk-Lore. Shetland Folk-Lore and the Old Faith of the Teutons, karl Blind on, New

R, Dec. Folk-Prayers, Rer. S. Baring-Gould on, Sun M, Dec. Froude, James Anthony, Keminiscences of, by Dr. J. Skelton, Black, De. Genius : The New Criticism of Genius, Aline Gorreu on, A M. Dec. Geology (see also Contents of Geological Mugazine):

The Value of Geological Science to Mau, Prof. V. S. Shaler on, Chaut, Nov. Germany (see also under Railways):

The Late German Crisis, CR, Dec.
The Three German Chancellors, Theodor Barth ou, New R, Dec.
Mortgage-Banking in Germany, D. M. Frederiksen on, Q J Econ, Oct.

The Germany of To-day, Sidney Whitman on, Chaut, Nos:
Germany, Empress Frederick of, Hulda Friederichs on, Y W, Dec.
Ghosts, Agnes Repplier on, A M, Dec.
Goethe's "Faust," G T, Dec.
Gold: The World's Production, T. A. Rickard op, Eng M, Nov.
Gunpowder Plot, M, Dec.
Graud, Madame Sarah, Interviewed by Jane T. Stoddart, 'W H, Dec.
Hamerton, Philip Gilbert, Autobiographical, Bkman. Dec.
Hampton Court : Five O'Clock Tea at Hampton Court, Mrs." Barkley on,

Ata, Dec.
Harris's (Frank) “Elder Conklin and Other Stories,” Edward Dowden and

('oventry Patmore on, New R, De. Hatfield House: In the Halls of the Cecils, by William C. Sydney, 'G M, Dec. Heredity :

St. George Mivart on, H, Dec. The Newest Darwinism: Weismannism, St. George Mivart on, A CQ, 0.t. Concerning Weismann, hy Ernest Newman, Free R, Dec. Herschel, John, Sir Robert Ball on, GW, Dec. Hill, David B., Political Career and Character of, F, Nov. History : Modern Historians and Their Methods, Herbert A. L. Fisher on,

FR, Dec.

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, A M, Dec.

Chadwick, J. W. on, F, Nov.
Ilale, Edward Everett, on, RRA, Nov.

Sobie, J, A. on, LH, De..
Hook, 1 heodore, Satirist and Voveli-t, T B, Dec.
Hor..é: An Epistle from Horace; Mr. Gladstone's New Translations, Black,

Hudson River : The Historic Hudson, by F. Seger, Fr L, Dec.
India :

Madras seen from Marseilles, by T. W. Sherer, Mac, De”.
Sanitary Struggles at Pankobil, Bengal, James Beames on, G M, Dec.
'The Blockade of Agra in 1857, C J, Le..

Ostrich Inn, Colubrook, J A. Osten on, Black, Dea

The Rawan Tree Iun, Galloway, Sir Herbert Maxwell on, GW, De..
Insurance : Life Assurance Practice, G. M. McCrie on, Free Re:.
Ireland, see Contents of New Ireland Review.
Italy (see also Ravenna, Riviera):

The Pities of Italy, by George Widdrington, G M, Dez.
Italy, Queen of, Arthur Warren on, WH, Dec.
Jaime, Don, of Mission San José, Alta California, C. H. Shinn on, Lipp, Dec.
Japan :

ī be Land of the Mikado, J. Castell Hopkins on, Eng M, Nov.
The Old and the New in Japan, E. W. Clement on, Fr L, Dec.
The Time of the Lotus, by A. Parsons, Harp, Des.

Japan and China, see under Korea :
Journalism : Chiefs of the American Press, J. Creelmau on, Cos, Nov..
Kipling, Rudyard, on His First Book, Mc Ci, Nov,
Korea (see also Contents of United Service Magazine) :

The Causes which led to the War in the East, Kuma Oisbi on, A, Vov,
The Eastern War, and After, Col. T. A. Dodge on, F, Nov.
The War in the Orient, NAR, Nov.
The Position of Japan, Black, Dec.
The Fight off the Yalu River, Hilary A Herbert ou, NAR, Vov,

American Relations with the Far East, W. E. Griffis on, NÉM, Nov.
Labour, (see also Contents of Quarterly Journal of Economics).
The Wage-Earners' Loss during the Depression in the United States, Samuel

W. Dike on, F, Nor.
The Cry against Home Work, Ada Heather Bigg on, NC, Dec.
Land Question:

The Estate Duty and the Koal. Round It, A. M. Hastie on, NC, Ter.
How to Mutiply Small Holjings, by Loru Carrington and H. E. Moore, N C,

Law and the Lawyers :

Legal Education in the United States, Lynn R. Meekins on, RRA, Nov,

The Connecticut Intestacy Law, C. M. Andrews on, Y R, Nov.
Lefroy, Rev. G. A., Interviewed, G T, Dec,
Libraries :

The Public Library Movement in America, W. J. Fletcher on, Cos, Nov.
Lincolo, Abrabam,
How Allan Pinkerton thwarted the First Plot to Assassinate Lincoln, by

Cleveland Moffett, McC), Sov.
Lisle, Leconte de, F. Brunetière on, CR, Dec.
Literature :

Religion and Popular Literature, Thomas Hannen on, WR, Dec.
How May Literature Best be Taught? by Prof. H. Corsed, and Estello

M. Hurll, P I., Nov.
Literary Love Letters: a Modern Account, Robert W. llerrick on,

A M, Dec.
London : Westminster, Walter Besant op, PMM, De:.
Ought Private Lunatic Asylums to be Abolishel? by J. F. G. T'ie:erreo, W R.

The Relation of Imbe ility to Pauperism and Crime, Martha L. Clark on,

A, Nov.

The Fictitious Fren b Claim to Madagascar, Kari Blind on, CR, Nov.
Manchester Ship Caual, E. Porrítt on, YR, los
Maryland: On Maryland Ilomes and Ways, J. ". Palmer on, CM, Dec.
Maupassant, Guy de, W. E. Garreli Fisher on, TB, De..
Medicine, (see also Contents of the Jadical Vagazine):

Shall I Stuly Medicine? by A. L. Benedict, Lipp, Des.
Mexican Life, H. S. Grant Macionald on, Can M, Sov.
Missjon, see Contents of Church Blissionary Intelligencer.
More, Sir Thomas,

The Century of Sir Thomas More, hy B. 0. Flower, A, Nov.
Mosaics, CJ, Dec.
Mountain Falls, W. M. Conway on, CR, Dec.
Music Halls, Canon Lester on, H, Dec.
Muzzles for Ladies, Str, Nov.
Napoleon I. :

Guipon, Leon, on, C M, Dec.
Turbell, Ida M.,on, Mcci, Nov.

A Conversation with Napoleon at Elba, Mac, Dec.
Natural History (see also Contents of Yatural science, Science Gossip):

A laturalist in the Jungle, Sun M, Dec.
Navios, see Contents of Inited Service Magazine, Journal of the Royal

Inited Service Institution,
New England, see Contents of Vero Englanl Magazine.
Newlyn, Cornwall : In King Arthur's Land, by Eve H. Brodlique, Cos, Nor.
Nickel Industry : Present Status of the Nickel ludustry, by W. L. Austin,

Eng M, Nov.
Norwich, Characteristics of, by J. B. Carlile, G T, Dec.
Nursing :

Hospital Nursing as a Vocation, Mabel E. Wotton on, Q, Dec.


Re:. T. JA Freeniat , A CQ, Oct.
Palm Oil at the l'orte, C. Des

The renow-Pia: ex of Paris: Night, R. H. Davis on, Harp, Dec. 'Indoor Life in Paris, Black, Dec.

Louvre and Its Visitor, A. F. Sauborn on, Lipp, Dec.
Parker, tilbert, Inte, iawel, Y M, De..
l'arliamentary, nee al, thoder Politis);

Why Have a deoni Chamber? Free R. De,
The Coming Struggl.; The Campaign against the Ilouse of Lords, Black,

The Position of the HG of Lorck, Lord Hobhouse on, CR, Dec.
Cromwell and the House of Lords, C. H. Firth op, Mac, De..
If tue House of Commun.. were abolished, by Sidney Low, N C, De?.

The Cabinet and Itse rets, Sir Wemyss Reil on, C F M, Dec. ,
Pater, Valter,
Gouwe Edmund, O., CR, De,'.
Horder, P.M,on, GT. Der.

Some Personal Reminiscenes of Walter Pater, by William Sharp, A M, Dec. Paton, .7. G., in the South Sa Islands, S. F. Ridsdale op, Sun M, Dec. Pawnbroking: How to Municipalise the Pawnshops, by Robert Donali,

New R, The Peace and the Qual.uple Alliance, CR, Dec. Pekin; a Thregtepe City, M. Rees Davies on, FR, De. Peunsylvania Ag the ** Penusylvania Dutih," by 0. Fay Adams,

MP, De Philanthropy : Pelier Work in the Wells Memorial Institute, Boston, H. S.

Dudley or, A APS, Now, l'uilosophy. (nee atiso Contents of Philosophical Reciev):

A New Theory of ta. Absolute, Prof. Seth on, CR, De:. Plıy-i al Geography, see contents of the Scottish (reographical Magazine. Physiology, Psychology, a l'edagogics, Rev. T. Hughes on, A CQ, Oct, Poetry : Poetae Meller?s, by (anon Ainger, Mac, Dec. Pole, Reginald, Hari 11. Prestou and Louise Dorige ou, A M, Dec. Politica Esms als, Contents of Quarterly Journal of Economics,

Annals of the americ.1 Academy, Yale Review, Economic Reviet',

et :): The Encougar*! of Home Iudustries; an Economic Mistake, Mac, De.

Ke eat Tenten te ti: Economic Literature, A. T. Hadley on, Y R, Nor.
Political Siene:
Au Intro iu tiun ta English Politics, by J. M. Robertson, Free R, Dec.
TA Art of Governing, Lewlo H. Bereus on, WR, Dec.
The state a a Patient, Sir Edward Fry on, C R, De.
Potter, Mr., A Corui Naturalist, by G. B. Burgiu, I, Dec.
Psycbical Research :

The Mystic Brokerial of India, A, Nor.
Two View of Modern spiritualism, by Dr. H. A. Hartt and Dr. J. V.

Peebles, A, No.
Prilogy. (

saku Contents of the Psychological Revicu): By avlogy, Physiology and Pedagogics, Res. T. IIugheson, A CQ, Oct. Rire Problems of Amerka: A Tragic Sequel to Mrs. Helen Hunt Jackson's

Romoita," by Lland B, Ilowell, RRA, Nov.

The Clown in "Twelfth-Vight," W. Townsend on, Can M, Nov.

Shelley in Italy, Dr. Richard Garnett ou, EI, Dec. Shipping (see also Contents of autical Magazine): Development of Steamships iu the Nineteenth Century, Lieut. Com. Criel

Sebree on, Chaut, Nov. English and Ameri' an Shipbuilding, J. S. Jeans on, Cas M, Nov. The Manchester Ship (anal, E. l'orritt on, Y R, Nov. Giant steamers of the Suez Canal, C. J. C'utcliffe Hype on, CF M, Dec. Loudou to New York bs Steerage, by F. A. McKenzie, EI, Dec.

English Seanen in the Sixteenth Century, by J. A. Froude, Long, Dec. Shuttleworth, Professor, at Home, Y M, Oct. Social Purity : A Reply to Sir William Moore on the C, D. Acts, by James Stuart,

H, Det'.
French and Anglo-Saxon Immorality, Max O’Rell on, N AR. Nov.
So ialism (ree also under labour, etc.)
Community Life and the Social Problem, Res. the Hon. J. Adderley, H,

An Eirenikou to Socialists and Individualists, W R, Dec.
Sorosis in Chelsea, New Englaud, 1790, Henry Baldwiu on, A M, Dec.
Sport :
Ontario's Big Game, J. Dickson on, Can M, Nov.
Duck-Shooting in Maryland, D. B. Fitzgerald ou, Cos, Nov.

Winter's Sport in the Ro kies, W. A. Baillie-Grobman on, E I, Dec.
Staffordshire :

The l'pper Country and Its Folk, J. A. Owen ou, L H, Dec.
State as a Patient, by Sir Edward Fry, CR, Dec.
Stevenson, Robert Luis, Stephen Gwynn on, FR, Dec.
Strafford, Forster's life of, W.6. Kingsland on, P L, Nov.
Subiaco: A Sabine Sanctuary, E. V. Vausittart on, Fr L, Dec.
Suicide among Women, William Ferrero on, New R, Dec.
Sumatran Tobacco Plantatiou, Juan ke hil on, GW, Dec:
Tatra Mountains, E. Laszowska Gerard on, M, Dec.
Temperance and the Liquor Traffi":

The Temperance Problem ; Past and Future, E R. L. Gould ou, F, Nor.
Tennyson, Frederic, W. B. Macleod on, Bkman, Dec.
Thackeray's Place in Literature, by Frederic Harrison, F, Nov.
Theatres and the Drana :

The Theatre and the Music Hall, Canon Lester on, H, Dee. About that Skeletou ; the Drama of To-lay, by H. D. Traill, N C, Des. Theosophy, see Contents of lucifer. Thirlmere Scheme, CJ. De Thom, Rer. John Hamilton, A Latter-Day Prophet, by Mary Cholmoadeley,

TB, Dec. Thompson, Sir Henry, Interviewed, CSJ, Dec. Tobacco-Box in Westmiuster Town Hall, H. How on, Str, Nor. United States (see also under Labour, Law, Railways, Penosylvania, Mary

landi, Sport, &c.): The Vew lucome Tax, C. F. Dunbar ou, QJ Econ, Oct. The New Slavery: Bouds and Monopolies, J. Davies on, A, Nov. The Wage-Earnier's Loss during the Depression in the Uuitel States,

Samuel W. Dike on, F, Nov.
Facts touching a Revival of Business, F, Nov,
The Business Revival, Symposium on, N A R, Nov.
Leaders of the House of Representatives, E. Jay Edwards on, Chaut, Nov.
How a Law is Ma te, by Senator J.L.Mitchell, NAR, Nov.
Should senators be Ele ted by the People? by G. F. Eumunds, F, Nor.
The People should Elect, by R. I.. Bridgman, NEM, Nov.
The Meaning of the Amerirau Ele tions, Francis H. Harly on, FR, Dec.
Effective Voting the Only Effective Moraliser of Politics, Catherine II.

Spence on, A, Nor.
Political Corruption; How Best Oppose? by Thomas E. Will, A, Nov.
Evolutiou of Politi al Parties by Bislip S. M. Merrill, NAR, Nov.

Immigration and the Land Question, C. J. Buell on, A, Nov.
Universities :

A True University for London, Montague Crackanthorpe on, F R, Dec.

Freeland University, W.L. Garver on, A, Nor. Vineland: Where Was It? by D. Boyle, Can M, Nov. Warwickshire and George Eliot, G. Morley on, Ata, Dec. Weather Wisdom, P. H. W. Almy on, G M, Dec. Wellington, Duke of, Lord Roberts ou, PMM, Dec. Westminster, Walter Besant on, PM M, Dec. Whaling: Past and Present of the Whaliug Industry, H. L. Aldrich on,

Eng M, Nov.
Wilsoa, William L., as a Tariff-Reformer, Lea ler, Henry L Nelson on, F, Nov.
Women and Women's Work:

Economic Function of Woman, E. T. Devine on, A APS, Nov.
Women and Girls as Inventors and Discoverers, Sophia F. A. Canlfeild on,

GOP, Dec.
Woman's Work in the Home, by Archdeacon Farrar, Y W, Dec.
The Struggles of the Untrajuel Lady, by Miss M. H. James, M P, Dec.
Som? Notable Women of the Past, Esmé Stuart on, Lipp, Des.
The American Woman in Politics, Eleonora Kinnicutt on, C M, Dec.
The Truth about Female Suffrage in New Zealavd, by Norwood Young,

W R, De
The Sexual Problem : A Reply by B. Claydon, W R, Dec.
Woolman, John, W. Garrett Horder on, Y M, Dec.
Words : The Craft of Words, by " Vernon Lee," New R, Dec.

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Pocot Di.URDUR O. Pailuay Management in Prussia, F. W. Taussig ou,

QJ Econ
Renovable Pailmas Rates in the United States, H. T. Newcomb on,

The Railrovistice in California, T. R. Bacon on, YR, Nov.

Alautages of the Teluantepec Route, by E. L Corthell, Eng M, Nor
Rain na, Veron Lee, Fr L, Der.
Rivia a di Poneote, 1.1. Inow on, GW, Dec.
Ros ber: Why ugd He Little Influence in England ? by W. Cunningham,

Rox Ca tie and the Bishop of Carlisle, Precentor Venables, on G W, De..
Rnery, Lond

Augustin Cilon and Prof. Telbrück on, FR, Dec.
lori Rosebery's Eaterprise agaiust the House of Lords, L. A. Atberley

Jones on, NC. De
Puzsia and the Balkan Peuiasula, Edward Dicey on, F R, De:.
Salona: The King's Palaes, C, Dec.
Sanitary Stiugglen at Pankobil, Bengal, James Beames on, GM, De:.

llow the New York Deatu-kate was Reduced, by Nathan Straus, F, Nov, Y Board of London: Clas, WA BONO, W R. De..

Bibale lostru tiva ia the Loadou Board Schools, J. R. Diggle oo, RRR, Nor. Since:

What bas Siege to do with Religion? by A. Jay Du Bois, C M, De.

Re ent Sierre, Prime hrapotkin on, NC, De.

The Depopulation of the Iligalands, D). S. Reid op, H, Dec.
Coruntativu Stone Soul; the Sioue of Destiny, F. Barr on, GW, Dec.

An Outdoor Set ice in the lligolands, Mrs. 1. F. Havo on, Sun H, Dec.
Sail ser Publishing Hure, History of, 1846-1894, Scrib, De:'.
Drunatic Pasion ia shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing," by C. A.

Wurtzburg. PL, Nor. "The Taming of the Surew,” Andrew Lang on, Harp, Dec.

Tae Poetical Works of Robert Browning. Volume XVII. :

A solando : Biographical and Historical Notes to the Poems.

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WINGATE, MAJOR F. R., R.A. Ten Years' Captivity in the

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Etudes de Psychologie


Heat? A Peup into Nature's Most Hilden Secrets. (W.
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Meurs. (Perrin, Paris.) Crown 8vo. Paper covers
Pp. 242.



NEW AND CHEAPER EDITION, CROWN 8vo., RED CLOTH GILT, PRICE 5/-. Mr. GLADSTONE, after reading “Catharine of Siena," wrote :-"It is evident that Mrs. Butler is on the level of her subject, and it is a very high level. To say this is virtually saying all."

The brview of Renews pays :-“ Few books help you to realize better the eternal miracle of the Divive life amid this hell of a world, for Catharine lived at a time and in a land where the devil and all his angels seemed lords of misrule both in Church and in State.

THE LADY OF SHUNEM : A Series of Biblical Studies written for Parents.

HORACE MARSHALL & SON, Temple IIouse, Temple Avenue, London, E.C.

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II.-THE EDUCATIONAL JACKDAW : MR. ARTHUR ACLAND. We leave it to the political ingenuity of our readers to discover the names

"... Never was heard such a terrible curse ! of the animals whose feathers prove Brer Fox's prowess.

But what gave rise

To no little surprise
Was that nobody seeme one penny the worse."

- The Jackdaw of Rheims.

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