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Occupation as a factor in the

etiology of tuberculosis,

Occurrence and statistical

data, history of pneu-

monia-Lewis, 165
Ocular diseases, the therapeu-

tic value of diaphoresis in
the treatment of-Brav,


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Old age pensions, 237
age pensions, the medical

side of, 237
Opaque clothing is becoming

popularized, 289
Operations and heart failure,

later notes on physical
exploration and treatment
of heart disease with a
final word about-Robin-

son, 299
abdominal, the diet after,

Operators, Roentgen ray, spe-

cial licenses for, 345
Ophthalmic surgery, remark

on the need of sedative

treatment in-Ohly, 40
Opposition, but now comes,

to a national department

of health, 339
Optic nerve affections due to

etnmoiditis Schirmer,

Optometry, the commercial-

ism of, 344
Organization, better, of the

profession, 157
Organs, genito-urinary, tuber-

culosis—Isaacs, 250
Orvietan, 618
Osteomyelitis, acute infective

-Hilton, 134
Overcome, sleepiness should

not be, 238
Overcrowding of the medical

profession, 163
Overweights, excessive mor-

tality of, 5
Overwork, dangers of, 551
Oxidation, and ionization

Dickson, 45
Oxygen baths, 49
Paralysis, infantile, 494
Partisan expert, the proposed

laws exclude, 399
Passing of the insanity ex-

cuse for crime, 236
Pastry, the various forms of,

of confectionery and fruit,

the vending of, 560
Pathology of mummies, 337

of suicide, 446
Pawlow dogs-Rose, 330
Pellagra in America, long

failure to recognize, 444
Pensions, old age, 237
old age, the medical side of,


People will soon realize the

truth, 341
Perforation, the diagnosis of

typhoid, 286
Performance of vaginal fixa-

tion, points of importance
in the (illustrated)

-Bandler, 121
Pericarditis, tubercular-

Manning, 647
Peril, the venereal, in lay

literature, the discussion

of, 101
Peritoneum, uterus and ad-

tuberculosis of
Shoop, 70
Personal or business side of a

doctor's life-MacDonald,

Jr., 509
Pessary, the stem, 148
Pharmaceutical Association,

American, 448
Pharmacist, clean, honest,

capable, 449
Pharmacopeia, the, 1
governmental assumption

of, 2
next revision of, 1
United States-Remington,

Pharmacy and medicine, a loss

to American, 559
Phlyctenular disease-Brown,

Phthisiophobia and normal

fear, 244
Physical exploration

treatment of heart dis-
ease with a final word
about operations and
heart failure Robinson,

Physician, a cart tail, 618
Physician as historian, 562

in charge, loyalty to, 58
Physicians, many, 557
Physiological action and the

standardization of digi-

talis-Hensel, 594
Physostigmine--Abbott, 423
Piffard, Dr. Henry G., 504
Pinworms, 150
Pipe, cigarette and cigar, 547
Plague infection of the ground

squirrels of the Pacific

coast, 106
cholera, bacillary dysentery,

preventive vaccinations

for, 443
Pneumonia in the aged-Wil-

cox, 223
in children-Kerr, 182
in children, symptomatol-

ogy, complications and

prognosis of-Heiman, 174
camphor in, 230
diet in-Porter, 210
differential diagnosis of-

Stern, 169

meningitis complicating-

Hymanson, 226
the mouse theory of-

Palier, 281
its occurrence and statis-

tical data, history of-

Lewis, 165
as a post-operative compli-

cation-Morris, 218
as a sanitary problem-

Woodruff, 191
some remarks on the treat-

ment of–Kahrs, 309
the treatment of-Ayls-

worth, 431
treatment of, 158
treatment of-Robinson, 191
treatment of-Butler, 200
treatment of, 229
use of vaccines in the treat-

ment of-Stewart, 208
Points of importance in the

performance of vaginal
fixation (illustrated)

Bandler, 121
Point, an interesting, in com-

parative racial psycholo-

gy, 561
Poisoning, ether in cocaine,

Poliomyelitis, the mode of in-

fection in, 103
Politics must be kept out of

a national department of

health, 156
Politician, medical, 157
Pollution, Federal control of

stream, 64
Poor school children, free

meals for, 499
Post-partum hemorrhage, 97
Post office fight against

quacks, 161
Postage stamps, infection

from laundries, and

money, 552
Post-dysenteric conditions, 102
Potts' disease, 661
Poverty, large family the

cause of, 615
Practice, the cystoscope in-

Pinkham, 565
Practice, medical, licenses for,

of medicine, need of a defi-

nition of, 497
Practitioner, general, the der-

matologist as seen by-

Rostenberg, 87
general, toward the ven-

ereal diseases, the proper

attitude of-Wolbarst, 257
Pregnancy, twin, the diag.

nosis of, 600
and heart disease, 389
and labor of one of the

Siamese twins, 438
President, address of-Ditt-

rich, 597
President's address—Rongy,

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President Taft's attitude on

public health questions,

Press, the profession and the

public, 612
Pressure, blood, some observa-

tions on-Cowie, 632
Prevention of all forms of

heat and light stroke, 290
Preventive vaccinations, 443
vaccinations for cholera,

bacillary dysentery and

plague, 443
Prize for a “cure" for tuber-

culosis, 9
Pride, professional, 555
Problem of the chronic ty.

phoid carrier, 444
Professional pride, 555
Proper function of the medi-

cal society, the, why we
are what we are-Wilcox,

Prostatic massage, effects of

on blood pressure-Cowie,

Protective power of re-vacci-

nation, 152
Problem, white slave, 500
Profession, better organiza-

tion of, 157
third, 495

public and medical, 508
Professor Irving Fisher's dan-

gerous advice, 56
Professorships of dietetics, the

demand for, 55
Prognosis of pneumonia in

children, symptomatology,
complications and-Hei-

man, 174
Proposed laws exclude the

partisan expert,
national department of

health, 240
Prudery, false, 501
Psychology of the consump-

tive, 549
of getting old, 400
racial, an interesting point

in, 561
Public health-a forecast-ad-

ministration of-Hoag,

health questions, President

Taft's attitude on, 156
and medical profession, 508
Public, the press, the profes-

sion and, 612
education, purpose of, 611
Puerperal eclampsia, success-

ful cases of-Coughlin,

Pulmonary tuberculosis, cam-

paign of the German Hos-
pital of N. Y. City against

-Breitenfeld, 34
Pulmonary tuberculosis, treat-

ment of, 333

Pulse rate in appendicitis, the

diagnostic importance of,

Pure drugs absolutely

essential, 2
food catsup, new, 338
Purpose of the beard, 447
Pyelitis in pregnancy, etiology

and diagnosis-McDonald,

Quacks, a well known homeo-

pathic, 619
Quacks, postoffice fight

against, 161
the, 553
Quarantine, commercial side

of marine, 4
Question, but there is another

side to the, 555
of drug dispensing, 448

the fee, 99
Races, expansion of, 53
Racial psychology, an interest-

ing point in, 561
Rapid method of detecting

bile pigment in urine, 545
Rays, ultra-violet, sterilization

of milk by, 450
Reasonably high standard, let

the state licensing boards

ordain, 507
Reciprocity, 497
Recognition, early, of uterine

cancer, 490
Recognize pellagra in Ameri-

ca, long failure to, 444
Re-displacement in adjusted

Colles' deformity-West,

Red light, the damage done

by, 238
Reform expert testimony, 399
Relation of nasal disease to

hay fever and asthma-

Crane, 461
Relation of the nose to diges-

tion, 50
Relaxation, arterial, of hot

weather, 445
Remarks about goitre and its

treatment-Solow, 583
Remarks on the treatment of

pneumonia-Kahrs, 309
Removal of the middle tur-

binate, indications for,

Removing medicine stains,

| Report on the status of Ameri-

can medical schools, the

Carnegie Foundation, 441
Researches, Ehrlich's thera-

peutic, 399
Research laboratories, new

methods applied in-

Klein, 326
Responsibility of criminals,

Restrictions on marriage, 500

of contempt for sanitation,

the appalling, 106
of the abuse, 396

of to infection, 488
Return to nature, 347
Revision of the Pharmacopeia,

Re-vaccination, the protective

power of, 152
Rheumatism-its symptoms

and differential diagnosis

-Haas, 483
Ricketts, Dr. Howard T., the

death of, 235
Right to dispense, 447
Ringworm, treatment of, 436
Roentgen ray operators, spe-

cial licenses for, 345
Room at the top, there is

always, 163
Sanitarium and sanatorium,

difference between-Rose,

Sanatorium, tuberculosis, cost

of maintaining, 494
and, difference between a

sanitarium, 547
school for consumptives-

Sohn, 591
San Francisco's conduct, the

main lesson from, 107
Sanitarium and a sanatorium,

difference between, 547
Sanitariums, danger of nurs-

ing tuberculous in, 161
Sanitary conditions of New

York harbor, 52
problem, pneumonia as-

Woodruff, 191
Sanitation, the appalling re-

sults of contempt for, 106
Sarcoma, round-celled,

cessful use of trypsin and

amylopsin in, 162
Saving the least desirable may

be misdirecting our ener-

gies, 291
Scholarships must be awarded

for ability, 392
shouid also be honors, 393

the degrading abuse of, 392
School children, defective de-

velopment or, 499
children, free meals for

poor, 499
for consumptives, a sana-

torium-Sohn, 591
proper age to begin, 610
children who quit, 610

children, lunches for, 608
Schools, the Carnegie Founda-

tion report on the status

of American medical, 441
Science, Christian, 554
Scientific study of the drunk-

ard, 10

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Squirrels of the Pacific coast,

the plague infection of,

Stains, medicine, removing,

Standard, a reasonably high,

let the state licensing

boards ordain, 507
Statistical data, history of

pneumonia, its occur-

rence-Lewis, 165
Statistics, the significance of

mortality—the valley of
the shadow of death-

Gould, 362
Status of American medical


Foundation report on, 441
Stem pessary, 148
Sterilization, catgut, 96
for the criminal unfit-

Robertson, 349
of milk by ultra-violet rays,

of the skin, iodine in-

Stone, 33
St. Louis meeting of the

American Medical Asso-

ciation, 292
Stop all immigration, move-

ment, 160
Stream pollution, Federal

control of, 64
Street cleaning, 105
Strong and healthy, society

must protect these, 346
Students in United States,

medical, 338
female, superiority of, 297
medical, unsatisfactory, 298
who fail to get diplomas,

fate of, 297
Study, governmental, of fish

cancer, 498
of hay fever, a contribution

to-Leitner, 266
medicine, how to, 506
Successful use of trypsin and

amylopsin in round-celled

sarcoma, 162
Sucking insects, or, dangers

of biting, 550
Suffrage, woman, 63
Sugar, increasing consump-

tion of, 162
diet, low, for infants, 397
Suggestibility of consump-

tives, 549
Sucide, pathology of, 446
Suffrage, woman, 617
Suicides, increase of, 446

irresponsibility of, 445
Summer, use of colored under-

clothing, 289
Sunstroke, three forms of,

Superiority of female stu-

dents, 297
Superstitions of childbirth,



Sclerosis in non-alcoholics,

the frequency of hepatic,

Scurvy, and beri-beri, 59
Secretion of urine, action of

glandular extracts upon-

Ott & Scott, 79
Sectarianism, decay of medi-

cal, 496
in medicine is passing

Sedative treatment in oph-

thalmic surgery, remarks

on need of-Ohly, 40
Segregation of all infections,

Senile dyspepsia, 48
Septum, deflected bony, a new

operation for—Glogau,

Serum treatment of gonor-

rheal arthritis-Herbst,

Sewer system, a double, 64
Shave or not to shave, 447
Ships of war, the recent out-

break of smallpox on our,

Siamese twins, pregnancy and

labor of one of the, 438
Significance of mortality

statistics, the—the valley
of the shadow of death-

Gould, 362
Simple continued fever, 298
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 562
Slave investigation, white,

problem, white, 500
Sleepiness should not be over-

come, 238
Smaller cities the establish-

ment of milk laboratories

in, 396
Smallpox on our ships of war,

the recent outbreak of,

Snap diagnoses-Fool's para-

dise-Kerr, 512
Soap, liquid, 151
Social and clinical aspects of

trachoma-Brav, 406
Society, Eastern Medical, 53
must protect its strong and

healthy, 346
Soldiers, alcohol for, 556
Socialism in America, 614
demand for free medical

care, 613

large birth rate and, 614
Soluble iodine, Burnham's,

Something to be said, there

is, 557
Source of typhoid infection,

Sports, athletic, for health, 6
Spread of tuberculosis in the

best climates, 160

Surgery, iodine in, 604
of glycosuria, a notable con-

tribution to, 242
ophthalmic, remarks on the

need of sedative treat-

ment in-Ohly, 40
abdominal, ten years' ex-

perience in, 489
tetanus the Damoclean

sword of, 94
vaccine therapy in its rela-

tion to, 492
Surgical notes, 98
treatment of diabetes mel-

litus, 242
treatment of epilepsy-

Carr, 65
Survival of the lower classes,

Sweats, night, camphoric acid

in, 437
Symptomatology, complica-
tions and

prognosis of
pneumonia in children-.

Heiman, 174
Symptoms and differential,

diagnosis, rheumatism-

its-Haas, 483
of exophthalmic goiter, 599

early, of tetanus. 599
Syphilis and the iodides, 335

innocently acquired, 488
System, a double sewer, 64
Take medicine, when to, 335
Temperature? Is it possible

to keep a ward at any, 102
Testimony, to reform expert,

Tetanus, early symptoms of,

the Damoclean sword of

surgery, 94
Theory, mouse, of pneumonia

-Palier, 281
Therapeutic application, of

gastric juice from the liv-

ing pig-Hepp, 522
researches, Ehrlich's, 399
Therapeutics, hyoscine in, 603
Therapeutic value of diapho-

resis in the treatment of

ocular diseases-Brav, 83
There is another side to the

question, 555
is something to be said, 557
Third profession, 495
Three forms of sunstroke, 290
points of importance in in-

testinal obstruction, 433
Thyroid medication, untoward

effects of, and how to

forego them-Stern, 11
Tonsil infection, results of,

Trachoma, the social and

clinical aspects of-Brav,

Trained nurse without judg.

ment, 58

Transmission of typhus by

body lice, 550
Travellers, indigestion of, 164
Treatment of abortion, 49

of burns, 435
of cancer, the x-ray, 602
of certain intestinal dis-

eases, the place of the

enema in, 388
of chronic disease, success

in-Harrower, 75
of chronic gonorrhea, 333
of constipation, 148
of convulsions, 491
surgical, of diabetes melli-

tus, 242
surgical, of epilepsy-Carr,

Unreliability of consumptives,

Unsatisfactory medical stu-

dents, 298
Untoward effects of thyroid

medication and how to

forego them-Stern, 11
Unvaccinated, danger from

the, 292
Unwashed fruit, 348
Urethra and bladder in the

female, gonorrheal infec-

tion of—Goelet, 316
Urine, action of glandular ex-

tracts upon the secretion

of-Ott & Scott, 79
rapid method of detecting

bile pigment in, 545
Urticaria of infancy-Wile,



of facial neuralgia, 335
of flat foot, observations on

-Soule, 451
of gastric ulcer, 231
of heart disease with a final

word about operations and
heart failure, later notes
on physical exploration

and-Robinson, 299
of hemoptysis, 332
of hemoptysis, 149
injection, of hemorrhoids,

non-operative, of hemor-

rhoids, 436
of herpes, 387
after, of injuries to the foot

and ankle, importance of

-Cilley, 323
of insomnia, 288
of migraine, 491
of menorrhagia in young

women-Mallett, 516
of multiple abscesses, 437
of ocular diseases, the

therapeutic value of dia-

phoresis in-Brav, 83
of pneumonia, 158

of pneumonia-Butler, 200
of pneumonia, 229
of pneumonia-Aylsworth,

of pneumonia, some

of wounds with alcohol, 545
sedative, in ophthalmic

surgery-Ohly, 40
and some remarks about

goitre-Solow, 583
Trials, Koch had his, 295
Trichinosis, 437

the diagnosis of, 433
Triumvirate, a Chinese, 439
Tropics, alcohol in, 556
Truth, the people will soon

realize, 341
Trypsin and amylopsin in

'round-celled sarcoma, suc-

cessful use of, 162
Tuberculosis, fear as the cause

of, 243
in the best climates, spread

of, 160
occupation as a factor in the

etiology of, 332
of the elbow, 434
of the genito-urinary or-

gans—Isaacs, 250
of the peritoneum, uterus

and adnexa-Shoop, 70
sanatorium, cost of main-

taining, 494
pulmonary treatment of,

Tuberculous fistulae, the suc-

cessful treatment of, 433
hip, treatment of, 97
in sanitariums, danger of

nursing, 161
Turbinate, middle, indications

for the removal of, 489
Twins, Blazek, 492
Twin pregnancy, the diagnosis

of, 600
Typhoid, an award of dam-

ages for, 239
carrier, problem of the

chronic, 444
experimental, 442
fever, diet in-Hall, 245
fever in children, diet in,

fever, treatment of-Strong,

infection, source of, 443
Typhoid perforation, the diag-

nosis of, 286
Typhus, transmission of, by

body lice, 550
Tyranny, French metric, 8

of authority, 7

of the metric advocates, 7
Ulcer, duodenal, diagnosis of,

varicose, treatment of, 546
Underclothing, colored, in

summer, use of, 289
United States and Canada,

medical education in, 495
medical students in, 33


marks on-Kahrs, 309
of pneumonia, use of vac-

cines in-Stewart, 208
of pulmonary tuberculosis,

of ring worm, 436
of the hook worm disease,

successful, of tuberculous

fistulae, 433
of the tuberculous hip. 97
of typhoid fever-Strong,

of varicose ulcer, 546
of wounds, balsam Peru in,

Uterine cancer, early diag.

nosis of, 542
cancer, early recognition of,

Uterus and adnexa, and tuber-

culosis of the peritoneum

-Shoop, 70
Vacation season, increased

work of, 291
Vaccination of public school

pupils is declared uncon-
stitutional in California,

Vaccinations, preventive, for

cholera, bacillary dysen-

tery and plague, 443
preventive, 442
Vaccines in the treatment of

pneumonia, use of-

Stewart, 208
Vaccine therapy in its rela-

tion to surgery, 492
Vademecum in German and

English, 659
Vaginal fixation, some points

of importance in the per-
formance of, (illustrated)

-Bandler, 121
Valley of the shadow of death,

the-the significance of
mortality statistics

Gould, 362
Varicose ulcer, treatment of,

Vending of fruit, confection-

ery and the various forms

of pastry, 560
Venereal diseases, the proper

attitude of the general
practitioner towards -

Wolbarst, 257
peril in lay literature, the

discussion of, 101
Voters, qualifications for, 609
Ward at any temperature?

is it pos ble to keep, 102
Wards in hot weather, the

cooling of hospital, 101



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