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Bladder in the female, gonor-

rheal infection of the

urethra and-Goelet, 316
Bladder, neoplasms of-Berg,

Blazek twins, 492
united twins, lactation in,

Board should keep tab on col-

leges, 498
Boards, medical examining,

let the State Licensing, or-

dain a reasonably high

standard, 507
Body lice, transmission of ty.

phus by, 550
Blood pressure, some clinical

observations on-Cowie,

Book notices, 154
Books of the year, 654
Breathing, rapid and pro-

longed deep, the effects

of, 237
Business, or personal, side of

doctor's lifeMac-
Donald, 509
Burns, treatment of, 435
Burnham's soluble iodine, 153
But now comes opposition,

Caisson disease, 108
disease, newly discovered

factors in, 108
California, compulsory vacci-

nation of public school
pupils is declared uncon-

stitutional, 292
Campaign of the German Hos-

pital of New York City
against pulmonary tuber-

culosis-Breitenfeld, 34
Camphor in pneumonia, 230
Camphoric acid in night

sweats, 437
Canada and the United States,

medical education in. 495
Cancer, denials of any modern

increase of, 498
Cancer of the prostate, 660
uterine, early diagnosis of,

uterine, early recognition

of, 490
fish, governmental study of,

the x-ray treatment of, 602
Carnegie Foundation report

on the status of American

medical schools, 441
Case of acromegaly-Packard,

Complications and prognosis

of pneumonia in children

-Heiman, 174
Conditions, post-dysenteric,

simulating appendicitis, 98
Conduct, the main lesson from

San Francisco's, 107
Confectionery and the various

forms of pastry, the vend-

ing of fruit, 560
Consanguineous marriages are

not harmful, 394
Constant increase of crime,

Constipation in childhood, 434

the treatment of, 148
Consumption of sugar, in-

creasing, 162
Consumptive, psychology of,

Consumptives, a sanatorium

school for-Sohn, 591
suggestibility of, 549

unreliability of, 550
Contagion, attacks upon the

fomites theory, 3
Continuance of high infant

mortality, 291
Contingent fee, the, 100
Contribution to the study of

hay fever-Leitner, 266
a notable, to the surgery of

glycosuria, 242
Control, Federal, of stream

pollution, 64
Convulsions, treatment of, 491
Cooling of hospital wards in

hot weather, 101
Cord, extensive degeneration

in, myxo-sarcoma of the
right frontal lobe-Price,

Cost of maintaining a tuber-

culosis sanatorium, 494
of meat, increasing, 159
Cough, whooping, etiology of,

Cramps, heat, 607
Crime, the constant increase

of, 345
the passing of the insanity

excuse for, 236
Criminal unfit, sterilization

for-Robertson, 349
Criminals, responsibility of,

sterilization of, 6
Criminality has been called a

medical problem, 345
Culture and remuneration,

medical library and its in-

Holmes, 480
Cure for obesity, a novel, 439
Current interest, items of, 154
Cystoscope in practice-Pink-

ham, 565
Damage done by red light, 238
Damages for typhoid,

“Change of life," the, 60
Changes, few needed, 293
Child actors, 564
Childbirth, superstitions of,

Childhood, constipation in,

Children, appendicitis in, 490
school, defective develop-

ment of, 499
poor school, free meals for,

pneumonia in-Kerr, 182
Children, school, lunches for,

symptomatology, complica-

tions and prognosis of
pneumonia in-Heiman,

who quit school, 610
China, medical missionaries

in, 97
Chinese triumvirate, a, 439
Cholera, bacillary dysentery

and plague, preventive

vaccinations for, 443
Christian Science, 554
Christianity, a patent medi-

cine that antedates, 617
Chronic disease, success in the

treatment of-Harrower,

gonorrhea, treatment of, 333
typhoid carrier, problem of,

Cigar, pipe and cigarette, 547
Cigarette and cigar, pipe, 547
City water, the waste of, 343
Classes, survival of the lower,

Clean, honest, capable phar-

macist, 449
Climacteric, the male, 59
Clinical and social, aspects of

trachoma-Brav, 406
and dispensary treatment,

abuse of, 395
Clothing, opaque, is becoming

popularized, 289
Cocaine poisoning, ether in,

Colleague, our extinguished,

Collectanea Jacobi, 233
Colleges, board should keep

tab on, 498
Colles' deformity, the re-place-

ment in adjusted-West,

Colored underclothing in sum-

mer, use of, 289
Commercial sale of marine

quarantine, 4
Commercialism of optometry,

Common sense at the bedside

-Maxwell, 422
Complication, pneumonia as a

post-operative Morris,

award of, 239



of Friedreich's ataxia in a

child five and a half years

of age-Neustaedter, 477
Casoid foods, 234
Catgut sterilization, 96
Catsup, new pure food, 338
Cause of tuberculosis, fear as,



Damoclean sword of surgery,

tetanus, 94
Danger of nursing the tuber-

culous in sanitariums,

of overwork, 551

from the unvaccinated, 292
Dangers of biting or sucking

insects, 550
Dangerous dogmas, 56
Data concerning Ehrlich's

new arsenic preparation,

Death of Florence Nightin-

gale, 440
of Dr. Goelet, 282
of Henri Dumont, the, 563
of Dr. Howard T. Ricketts,

of Robert Koch, 294

of William James, 506
Decay of medical sectarian-

ism, 496
Deciduoma malignum-Judd,

Deep breathing, the effects of

rapid and prolonged, 237
Defence, the American Medi-

cal Association needs no,

Defective development of

school children, 499
Definition of the practice of

medicine, need of, 497
Deformity, Colles', the re-

displacement in adjusted

-West, 415
Degrading abuse of scholar-

ships, 392
Degeneration in cord, exten-

sive; myxo sarcoma of
the right frontal lobe-

Price, 586
Denials of any modern in-

crease of cancer, 498
Department of health, opposi-

tion to a national, 339
of health, proposed national,

Dermatologist as seen by the

general practitioner-

Rostenberg, 87
Dermoids-Long, 530
Detecting bile pigment in

urine, rapid method of,

Development of school chil-

dren, defective, 499
Diabetes mellitus, effect of

febrile diseases in, 229
mellitus, the surgical treat-

ment of, 242
Diagnosis of acute intestinal

obstruction, 598
of duodenal ulcer, 47
fool's paradise, snap-Kerr,

differential, of pneumonia-

Stern, 169

rheumatism-its symptoms

and differential-Haas,

of trichinosis, 433
of twin pregnancy, 600
of typhoid perforation, 286

early, of uterine cancer, 542
Diagnostic importance of the

pulse rate in appendicitis,

Diaphoresis in the treatment

of ocular diseases, the
therapeutic value of-

Brav, 83
Diarrheas, infantile, the in-

fectious nature of, 96
Diet after abdominal opera-

tions, 150
low sugar, for infants, 397
non-meat, results of, 160
in pneumonia-Porter, 210
in typhoid fever-Hall, 245
in typhoid fever in chil-

dren, 49
Dietetic fallacies, 57
knowledge, more, is impera-

tive, 55
Dietetics, the demand for pro-

fessorships of, 55
Difference between a sani-

tarium and a sanatorium,

Differential diagnosis of pneu-

monia-Stern, 169
Difficulties, obstetrics under,

letter from Philippines,

Digestion, relation of the nose

to, 50
Digitalis, the physiological ac-

tion and the standardiza-

tion of-Hensel, 594
Diphtheria, the death rate

from, 605
Disease, caisson, 108
nasal, relation of, to hay

fever and asthma-Crane,

newly discovered factors in

caisson, 108
phlyctenular-Brown, 313
success in the treatment of

-Harrower, 75
the treatment of the hook
worm, 602

nourishment in
acute, 336
ocular, the therapeutic value

of diaphoresis in the

treatment of-Brav, 83
Dishonesty innate or

quired? is, 61
Discussion of the venereal

peril in lay literature, 101
Disinfection, accuracy of, 4
the ineffectiveness of much,

Dispensary treatment, abuse

of clinical and, 395
Dispense, right to, 447

Dispensing, question of drug,

.Doctor's bills, the dilatory

payment of, 557
life, personal or business

side of-MacDonald, Jr.,

Dogmas, dangerous, 56
Dogs, Pawlow-Rose, 330
Double sewer system, a, 64
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan, 562
Drinking cup, the public, 615
Dr. Goelet, the death of, 282
Howard T. Ricketts, the

death of, 235
Drug dispensing, question of,

Drugs, adulterated, 619
Drugs are absolutely essen-

tial, pure, 2
Dunant, Henri, the death

of, 563
Duodenal ulcer, diagnosis of,

Outbreak of smallpox, the re-

cent, on our ships of war,

Dysentery and plague, pre-

ventive vaccinations for

cholera, bacillary, 443
Dyspepsia, senile, 48
Ear, the musical external, (il-

lustrated)-O'Malley, 262
Early case, 8

symptoms of tetanus, 599
Eastern Medical Society, 53,

94, 152, 234, 283, 604, 662
Eclampsia, puerperal, success-

ful cases of-Coughlin,

Eczema, 660
Education, medical, 442
honesty is largely a matter

of, 62
in the United States and

Canada, medical, 495
industrial, the demand for,

the purpose of public, 611
the new, will be of slow de-

velopment, 616
Effect of febrile diseases in

diabetes mellitus, 229
Effects of rapid and prolonged

deep breathing, 237
Ehrlich-Hata's "606," 601
Ehrlich's "606" interests in,

new arsenic preparation,

some further data con-

cerning, 548
therapeutic researches, 399
Elbow, tuberculosis of, 434
Elimination of nursing

women, 397
Eloquence of infancy-Kerr,

Emigrants the exclusion of

degenerate, 609


Enema in the treatment of

certain intestinal dis-

eases, the place of, 388
Epilepsy, surgical treatment

of-Carr, 65
Essential factor, fear is an,

Establishment of milk labora-

tories in the smaller

cities, 396
Ether in cocaine poisoning,

Ethmoiditis, optic nerve affec-

tions due to-Schirmer,

Etiology of tuberculosis, OC-

diet in typhoid-Hall, 245 1 Goiter, the symptoms of ex-
simple continued, 298

ophthalmic, 599
treatment of typhoid-

and its treatment, some re-
Strong, 533

marks about-Solow, 583
Fevers, he fed, 56

Gonorrhea, treatment of
Few needed changes, 293

chronic, 333
Fight against quacks,


| Gonorrheal arthritis, the
office, 161

serum treatment of-
Fish cancer, governmental

Herbst, 427
study of, 498

conjunctivitis in an adult
Fistulae, tuberculous, the suc-

aborted by two per cent.
cessful treatment of, 433

nitrate of silver-Clai-
Flat foot, observations on the

borne, 401
treatment of-Soule, 451 infection of the urethra and
Florence Nightingale, the

bladder in the female
death of, 440

Goelet, 316
Food, the cost of for one per. ; Governmental study of fish
son, 608

cupation as a factor in,

of whooping cough, 287
Eugenics, 394
Examining boards, medical,

Expansion of races, 53
Excessive light, the dangers

of, 57
Exophthalmic goitre. the

symptoms of, 599
Expectorants, 151
Experience, ten years, in ab-

dominal surgery, 489
Experimental typhoid, 442
Expert, the proposed laws

exclude the partisan, 399
testimony, to reform, 399
Eyestrain, a life of intense

suffering and unrealized

aims due toGould, 569
Facial neuralgia, treatment

of, 335
Factors in caisson disease,

newly discovered, 108
Failure to recognize pellagra

in America-Long, 444
Fallacies, dietetic, 57
False Prudery, 501
reasoning of the anti-vivi-

sectionists, 162
Family, large, the basic cause

of poverty, 615
Fate of the students who fail

to get diplomas, 297
Fear as the cause of tubercu-

losis, 243
is an essential factor, 243
phthisiophobia and normal,

Febrile diseases in diabetes

mellitus, the effect of,

Federal control of stream pol.

lution, 64
Feeding of infants, artificial,

Fee question, the, 99

the contingent, 100
Female, gonorrheal infection

of the urethra and blad-

der in the-Goelet, 316
students, superiority of, 297
Fever, hay, a contribution to

the study of-Leitner, 266

cancer, 498
Foods, casoid, 234

Grass, keep off the, 295
Fool's paradise-snap diagno- Ground squirrels of the Pacific
sis—Kerr, 512

coast, the plague infection
Foot and ankle, importance of

of, 106
the after treatment of in- Harrower, H. R., 75
juries toCilley, 323

Harmful, consanguineous
flat, observations on the

marriages are not, 394
treatment of-Soule, 451 Hays, Harold, 650
Football, dangers of modern, 5 Hay fever, a contribution to
Forceps, obstetrics, 231

the study of-Leitner,
Forms of heat and light

stroke, prevention of all, fever and asthma, relation

of nasal disease to-
three, of sunstroke, 290

Crane, 461
Fomites theory of contagion, Health, public a forecast,
attacks upon, 3

administration of-Hoag,
Free meals for poor school

children, 499

athletic sports for, 6
Freight, who pays the, 619

commissioner of New York,
French metric tyranny, 8

Friedreich's ataxia in a child conservation, 155

five and a half years of opposition to a national de-
age-Neustaedter, 477

partment of, 339
Fruit, confectionery and the politics, must be kept out of
various forms of pastry,

a national epartment of,
the vending of, 560

unwashed, 348

questions, public, President
Future American-Woodruff,

Taft's attitude on, 156

the proposed national de-
Gastric juice from the living

partment of, 240
pig and its therapeutic

Heart disease and pregnancy,
application-Hepp, 522

ulcer, treatment of, 231

disease with a final word
Gastroptosis and its causa-

about operations and
tion, 147

heart failure, later notes
General practitioner, the der-

on physical exploration
matologistas seen by-

and treatment of-Robin-
Rostenberg, 87
practitioner toward the failure, later notes on phy-
venereal diseases, the

sical exploration and
proper attitude of-Wal-

treatment of heart disease
barst, 257

with a final word about
Genito-urinary organs, tuber-

operations-Robinson, 299
culosis of—Isaacs, 250 Heat and light stroke, preven-
Getting old, the psychology of,

tion of all forms of, 290

Heat cramps, 607
Glandular extracts upon the He fed fevers, 56

secretion of urine, action Hemoptysis, treatment of, 149
of-Ott & Scott, 79

treatment of, 332
Glycosuria, a notable contri- Hemorrhage, post partum, 97

bution to the surgery of, Hemorrhoids, injection treat-

ment, 334
Goelet, the death of Dr., 282 the non-operative treatment

of, 436

son, 299


on, 104

Hepatic sclerosis in non-alco- Infancy, the eloquence of-
holics, the frequency of.

Kerr, 113

urticaria of-Wile, 42
Hereditary hypoplasia, 398 Infant mortality, high, con-
Heredity, 394

tinuance of, 291
Herpes, the treatment of, 387 ! Infants, artificial feeding of,
Hip, treatment of the tuber-

culous, 97

low sugar diet for, 397
Hirsutis or hypertrichosis Infantile diarrheas, the infec-
Geyser, 384

tious nature of, 96
Historian, the physician as, paralysis, 494

Infection from laundries,
History, making, and learning

money and postage
it, 297

stamps, 552
of pneumonia, its occur-

in leprosy, the mode of, 347
rence and statistical data in poliomyelitis, the mode
-Lewis, 165

of, 103
Hoag, D. E. 471

of the ground squirrel of
Honest, capable and clean

the Pacific coast, the
pharmacist, 449

plague, 106
Honesty is largely a matter of of tonsil, results of, 488
education, 62

gonorrheal, of the urethra
Honors, scholarships should and bladder in the female,
also be, 393

-Goelet, 316
Hookworm disease, the treat- Infections, segregation of all,
ment of, 602

Hospital wards in hot weather, Infectious nature of infantile
the cooling of, 101

diarrheas, 96
Hot weather, arterial relaxa- Infective osteomyelitis, acute
tion of, 445

-Hilton, 134
weather, the cooling of hos- Influence on medical culture
pital wards in, 101

and remuneration, medi-
House disinfection, attacks

cal library and its-

Holmes, 480
Human ills, to stamp out | Ingrowing nails, alum in, 437
leprosy from-Ashmead, Injection treatment of hemor-

Investigation, white slave, 450
Iodides, syphilis and the, 335
Iodine, Burnham's soluble, 153

in surgery, 604
in the sterilization of the

skin-Stone, 33
Ionization and oxidation

Dickson, 45
Irresponsibility of suicides,

Is it the man or his alma

mater? 503
Issuance of statements of ac-

count, a legal obligation

to the prompt, 558
Items of current interest, 154
It is possible to keep a ward

at any temperature, 102
Jacobia, collectanea, 233
James, death of William, 506
Judicial asininity, 99
"Keep off the grass,” 295
Koch had his trials, 295

Robert, death of, 294
Laboratories, new methods ap-

plied in research-Klein,

Lactation in the Blazek united

twins, 438
Laundries, money and postage

stamps, infection from,

Laws, new marriage, 395
Lay literature, the discussion

of the venereal peril in,

Legal obligation to the prompt

rhoids, 334
Hyoscine in therapeutics, 603 Injuries to the foot and ankle,
Hypertrichosis or hirsutis- importance of the after
Geyser, 384

treatment of-Cilley, 323
Hypoplasia, hereditary, 398 Innocently acquired syphilis,
Hysterical amaurosis-Fleck-

enstein, 410

Inquiry-Vinnedge, 487
mutism-Neustaedter, 426 Insane, amebiasis in, 444
Ignoring the alienist, 164

Insanity excuse for crime, the
Illustration, an atrocious, 606 passing of, 236
Immigration, movement to Insomnia, the treatment of,
stop all, 160

restriction of, 609

Inspections are highly effi-
Imperforate anus-Drueck,

cient, 607

Instruction of the public along
Importance of the after treat-

medical lines, method for
ment of injuries to the

-Baketel, 14
foot and ankle-Cilley, Intense suffering, a life of, and

unrealized aims due to
Increased work of the vaca-

eyestrain-Gould, 569
tion season, 291

Interest in Ehrlich's "606,"
Increase of cancer, denials of

any modern, 498

Interesting point in racial
of crime, the constant, 345 psychology, 561
of suicides, 446

Interest, items of current, 154
Increasing consumption of Intestinal diseases, certain,
sugar, 162

the place of the enema in
Indications for removal of the

the treatment of, 388
middle turbinate, 489

obstruction, acute, the diag.
Indigestion of travellers, 164

nosis of, 598
Industrial education, the de- obstruction, three points of
mand for, 615

importance in, 433
Ineffectiveness of much disin- Intra-venous medication, some
fection, 104

results of—Somes, 656

issuance of statements of

account, a, 558
Leprosy from human ills, to

stamp out-Ashmead, 89
problem, 9
the mode of infection in,

the non-contagiousness of,

Lesson, the main, from San

Francisco's conduct, 107
Letter from the Philippines,

"obstetrics under difficul-

ties," 147
Library, medical, and its in-

fluence on medical cul-
ture and remuneration-

Holmes, 480
Licenses for medical practice,

special for Roentgen ray

operators, 345
Lice, body, transmission of ty-

phus by, 550
Life of intense suffering and

of unrealized aims, due to

eyestrain-Gould, 569
doctors' personal or busi-

ness side of--MacDonald,

Jr., 509
the change of, 60
Light stroke, and heat, pre-

vention of all forms of,




red, the damage done by,

the dangers of excessive, 57
Liquid soap, 151
Living pig and its therapeutic

application, gastric juice

from the--Hepp, 522
Long failure to recognize pel-

lagra in America, 444
Loss to American pharmacy

and medicine, 559
Lower classes, survival of, 291
Low sugar diet for infants,

Loyalty to the physician in

charge, 58
Lunches for school children,

Maintaining tuberculosis

schools, the Carnegie Foun-
dation report

status of American, 441
sectarianism, decay of, 496
side of old age pensions, 237
society, the proper function

of the, why we are what

we are-Wilcox, 109
students in the United

States, 338
students, unsatisfactory, 298
Medication, intra-venous some

results of—Somes, 656
Medicine, and a loss to Ameri-

can pharmacy, 559
bow to study, 506
need of a definition of the

practice of, 497
stains, removing, 336
Medicines, when to take, 335
Meningitis and its anticipa-

tion, 491
complicating pneumonia-

Hymanson, 226
Menorrhagia in young women,

treatment of-Mallett, 516
Method of detecting bile pig.

ment in urine, rapid, 545
Metric advocates, tyranny of,

Method for the instruction of

the public along medical

lines-Baketel, 14
Methods applied in research

laboratories-Klein, 326
Middle turbinate, indications

for the removal of, 489
Migraine, treatment of, 491
Milk, sterilization of, by ultra-

violet rays, 450
laboratories in the smaller

cities, the establishment

of, 396
Misnomer, allopathy is, 342
Mode of infection in leprosy,

of infection in poliomyelitis,

Modern increase of cancer,

denials of any, 498
Money, and postage stamps,

and infections from laun-

dries, 552
Mortality statistics, the signi-

ficance of, the valley of
the shadow of death-

Gould, 362
Mouse theory of pneumonia-

sanatorium, cost of, 494
Making history and learning

it, 297
Male climacteric, 59
Malignum, deciduoma-Judd,

Manoeuvres in Massachusetts

from a medical officer's
point of view, the recent

war-Colles, 373
Man or his alma mater? is it,

Many physicians, 557
Marine quarantine, commer-

cial side of, 4
Marriage laws, new, 395

restrictions on, 500
Marriages, consanguineous,

are not harmful, 394
Matter of education, honesty

is largely, 62
MacDonald, J., 509

proper age to begin, 610
Meals, free, for poor school

children, 499
Meat, increasing cost of, 159
Medical culture and remunera-

tion, medical library and
its influence on-Holmes,

education, 442
education in the United

States and Canada, 495
examining boards, 496
freedom, the fallacious ar-

gument promulgated by
the National League for,

library and its influence on

medical culture and re-

muneration-Holmes, 480
missionaries in China, 97
officer's point of view, the

recent war manoeuvres in
Massachusetts Colles,

politician, 157
practice, licenses for, 496
problem, criminality

been called a, 345
profession, overcrowding of,

profession, and public, 508

Palier, 281
Movement to stop all immigra-

tion, 160
Mummies, pathology of, 337
Musical external ear, (illus-

trated)-O'Malley, 262
Mutism, hysterical-Neustaed-

ter, 426
Myocarditis, tubercular peri-

carditis and-Manning,

Myxo-sarcoma of the right

frontal lobe, extensive de-

generation in cord-Price,

Nails, ingrowing, alum in, 437
Nasal disease, relation of, to

hay fever and asthma-

Crane, 461
National department of

health, opposition to, 339
department of health, poli-

tics must be kept out, 156
department of health, the

proposed, 240
"National League for medical

freedom," the fallacious
argument promulgated

by, 339
Nature, return to, 347
Need of a definition of the

practice of medicine, 497
Needed changes, a few, 293
Neoplasms of the bladder-

Berg, 306
Neuralgia, facial, treatment

of, 335
New methods applied in re-

search laboratories

Klein, 326
New pure food catsup, 338
Night sweats, camphoric acid

in, 437
Nitrate of silver, gonorrheal

conjunctivitis in an adult
aborted by two per cent.

-Claiborne, 401
Non-alcoholics, the frequency

of hepatic sclerosis in, 239
contagiousness of leprosy,

meat diet, results of, 160
Normal fear, and phthisiopho-

bia, 244
Notes on physical exploration

and treatment of heat
disease with a final word
about operations and
heart failure--Robinson,

Nourishment in acute dis-

eases, 336
Novel cure for obesity, 439
Nurse, trained, without judg.

ment, 58
Nursing the tuberculous in

sanitariums, danger of,

women, the elimination of,

Obesity, a novel cure for, 439
Obligation, a legal, to the

prompt issuance of state-

ments of account, 558
Observations on the treat-

ment of flat foot-Soule,

Obstetric forceps, 231
"Obstetrics under difficulties,"

letter from the Philip-

pines, 147
Obstruction, the diagnosis of

acute intestinal, 598

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