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stantiated by the fact that he has derived One talk with Mrs. B. and although her conspicuous benefit from the careful ad- age she does not disclose, she promptly ministration of thyroid extract. All this is concludes that to the “change of life" her most interesting, not only from the stand- aches and pains are entirely due. Then, point of the clinician and therapist, but also there is Mrs. White. This lady visits the from that of the psychologist. The all im- leading stores and is so impressed with portant detail is the actual determination of what she sees that she fills her shopping a male climacteric. Its definite recognition bag with souvenirs. The store people and the apparent discovery of its true when they learn of it, fail to appreciate her physiologic basis will aid most substantially taking ways and characterize her skill in in the management of many a case that too collecting beautiful things, in the most vuloften in the past has been lightly dismissed gar terms! She is taken into custody, and as "nothing but neurasthenia."

then Mr. White appears on the scene, satis

fies the aggrieved store people and explains The “change of life” has long filled an

that Mrs. White is not responsible owing to important place in the diagnostics of medi- the mental unbalance occasioned by her cine. Likewise it has long been the ex

"change of life.” And so it goes. Up to tenuating factor in every caprice or tem- now fair woman has enjoyed the “change peramental outbreak of women of the fifth of life" as exclusively a prerogative of her decade. Is there a physician who has not sex. Alas, it is so no longer. Man, who has been ready, when no other reason presented so long been obliged to carry the full burto attribute every malady from hallux val- den of his temperamental and other pegus to alopecia areata to "change of life?" culiarities without the slightest excuse or exAnd when Miss Clementina Jones, spinster, tenuation can now take refuge behind a cligoes to church and faints most unseemly macteric of his own. Did he come home last during the services, although her age is un- night and place his boots on the piano and known, there are always plenty of good sis- persist in singing the Marsellaise? It was ters ready to whisper their suspicion that nothing but the medicine prescribed to as"Clementina's climacteric" is responsible. If sist him in passing through his "change of Mrs. Brown gets into a family jar with her life.” Did Mr. B. lose his collar button lord and master, and has a good old and his temper at the same time? Simply fashioned hysterical fit, the young physician the mental irresponsibility coincidental to who is hurriedly called, asks a few ques- the change of life. Is Mr. C. a staid tions, learns Mrs. B. is forty-one or two, middle aged man of a family-seen dining and straightway sapiently advances the with a member of the chorus ? Nothing opinion, " 'tis the change of life." Mrs. B. to it, simply a case of dual personality. Mr. learns the formula and henceforth claims C., poor man, is suffering from an insufthe privileges of a confirmed invalid, a ficiency of the thyroid which from time to chronic “change-of-lifer.” Mrs. Smith, her time invests him with a personality that next door neighbor is a gourmand and carries him irresistibly to Broadway—and like the majority of those who live to eat, its joys. These apparent lapses are never has vague pains everywhere, but especially remembered by Mr, C. when he reverts to in her much abused stomach and bowels. the authorized version of his life. Mrs.



C. knows all about it, of course, and right- and his belongings ? Let those answer who fully attributes it to his defective thyroid.

The whole matter is relative, for the It will be extremely gratifying to the values are as variable as people. Standards profession that we can now understand and are constantly changing and the honest explain so much that has hitherto been deeds of yesterday may be the dishonest shrouded in mystery. If the male climac- acts of to-morrow. No better illustration teric proves as useful and convenient as could be brought forward than the sober the analogous state in the gentler sex, there statement of an honorable gentlemen conwill be no reason to complain. Excuses cerning the recent grave scandals at Aland extenuation are rare enough, Heaven bany. He never denied the giving and knows, for the deflections of mankind, and taking of bribes to kill legislative bills, but if the medical profession has another new simply said "it was the custom at that time, one that will hold water, our suffering and nobody looked at it as we do nowabrothers will "rise up and call us blessed.” days!

Within the last few years there has been Is dishonesty innate or acquired? Here a notable moral unrest among all classes of is a question that is bound to bother both people and the resulting investigations in the sociologists and psychologists.

Is politics, railroad and insurance managemoral depravity the natural state of the

ment and countless other fields of activity human mind, and are honesty and the other

have shown that our most honorable and manifestations of moral uprightness simply

honest citizens have been guilty of acts that products of education and training? It is

in their ultimate analysis seem questionable pretty hard to say. One thing is certain,

if not actually criminal. To a goodly prothe more one studies this proposition, not portion of these men, an accusation of disonly as a problem of psychology, but as a

honesty would have been an insult. If problem of practical every day life, the they as insurance presidents maintained exmore vexatious does the whole question be

pensive lobbies and paid for legislative procome. The old saying "honesty is the best tection or immunity, they were but servpolicy” is a cold blooded statement and ing

ing their policy-holders, the widows gives little comfort to those who would and orphans. If as directors of raillike to believe that honesty is instinctive, roads, they gave rebates and protected and dishonesty nothing but the perversion

themselves in diverse ways against legisof the natural moral state.

lative brigandage, they also were but safeIt is not pessimism, nor an evidence of guarding the interests of their stockholders. dishonest tendencies to raise this question, And so it went all down the line. The peoand more than one thinking man who is ple kept certain men in office because they brought in close contact with many other

"made good" in serving their constituency, men and their affairs will occasionally individually and collectively. The office search his mentality and ask himself, "what

holders traded their votes on railroad, inis honesty?"

surance or other matters, for patronage, a Is it education and training, or is it a liberal portion out of the "pork barrel," or a product of civilization, something that man few more pensions. The main considerahas evolved for the protection of himself tion in looking at the proposition is that

New Series, Vol. V., No. 2.

no one questioned these transactions. It Thus custom, usage and the law, give was the custom; no one expected anything honesty a prominent place in the social else. As a man who is respected and ad- scheme, and the average individual acquires mired by every one who knows him, recent- a modicum of honesty if he never has a ly said, “Nobody thought these things dis- day of teaching. This, however, is the exhonest, until somebody said they were and ception and few there are to-day who do then everybody knew it.” It was the man- not receive more or less schooling. There ner of looking at these various matters, in are three great schools, where man is given other words purely a question of education. his education in the principles and practice No reasonable, fairminded man can believe of honesty—the school proper, the home for a minute that many of those who were and the church. These have collateral the most flagrant offenders realized that branches of more or less value. All vary their acts were wrong and dishonest. Most in efficiency, so it is not surprising that of them were men who prized their honor, many well meaning individuals vary in their reputation and record of success high above knowledge and practice of honesty. everything They were good husbands, But here is the bright side of the picture: good fathers and worshipped their families. every day sees extension of the principles They would have died cheerfully to save of honesty. Education is doing it. Disone of their loved ones from harm or dis- honesty is decreasing and the day is not grace. Is it likely that they would have far distant when there will be but one knowingly and intentionally exposed those standard of honesty, a standard which every whom they loved to dishonor? The man will know, and knowing, practice. game wasn't worth the candle.

Again the anti-vivisectionists are makHonesty is largely a matter of educa- ing the welkin ring with their false claims tion and training. This does not mean,

and accusations. So loudly and viciously however, that we are naturally dishonest any have they made their attack on certain more than that we are by nature immoral. scientific institutions, notably the RockeChildren are just unmoral and by the same

feller Institute of Medical Research, that token just unhonest if we may be pardoned Dr. Simon Flexner has actually been this etymologic atrocity. In a state of un- driven to make a public reply. It is a educated mentality, human beings are, shameful state of affairs when men of Dr. therefore, neither honest nor dishonest. A Flexner's attainments and standing have study of primitive people as well as of the to defend their work for humanity against developing child proves this fact conclusive- the faddistic outcry of comparative nonly. Honesty in its primary or preliminary entities of achievement—or anything else. stages is simply social reciprocity. As the It makes one's blood fairly boil to read the social organism becomes more complex, ravings of the mental myopes who conhonesty likewise extends. While in the sider the discomfort and suffering of a beginning it is of the nature of a comity ridiculously few animals, of far greater imbetween individuals, in its more complicated portance than the welfare of countless huphases it takes on obligatory features. man beings. When one thinks of the

, 1910.

New Series, Vol. V., No. 2. great discoveries of medicine that would Woman Suffrage.-"Once, and that not have been impossible but for animal ex

so long ago," said a cynic, “women-God perimentation, and of the wonderful prog- bless them were our superiors: now, they ress of surgery made possible through the are our equals.” Alas, “ 'tis true, 'tis a pity, same agency, the hysterical objections of and pity 'tis, 'tis true," and fair woman once the anti-vivisectionists seem as nothing the guiding star of man's loftiest aspiraelse than the products of unbalanced, if not tions and dreams, is doing her best-or perverted minds.

worst—to win the empty privilege of the The writer yields to no one the possession franchise. Wifehood, motherhood and all of a greater love than his for dogs and

the lovable attributes of her sex count as other animals. He has known the genuine nothing in the hectic struggle to force man affection of more than one noble beast and —the erstwhile brute—to give her the right treasures, as not the least of the things to vote. And the loud and vulgar mouththat make life worth while, frequent com- ings, the protestations, accusations and panionship with several intelligent dogs threats, the shrieks of derision and the and horses. A person who from circum- bursts of anger, in truth cause many a man stance or non-inclination has never enjoyed to pause and wonder. Can this thing be? such associations has been denied much. Can womankind have journeyed so far? But in spite of this inborn love for animals And in the hidden chambers of the mind, and the anguish that has ever been felt at

memory mayhap conjures a lullaby, the their slightest suffering, the writer would crooning of a mother, with its burden of willingly sacrifice every dog or other ani- love and devotion. Pictures come and go, mal that could become the slightest pos- leaving naught but the dearest memories sible factor in aiding to solve any problem of the woman our boyhood knew. She of medicine or surgery; the needs of the sought no vote, for her the ballot box held human family transcend those of every

no charm. The home was her field of acanimal ever created. As a matter of fact tivity and the fulfillment of her sacred those whose work legitimately calls for place as wife and mother met her every deanimal experimentation, never abuse their sire. Her keen realization of the physical opportunities, and those who practice vivi- limitations imposed by her sex, her apprecisection illegitimately, can be adequately re- ation of the part God gave her in the Plan, strained and punished by existing laws. and her delight in giving to her offspring

The anti-vivisectionists may be only ter- the best that was in her, left no desire nor rible examples of how far astray good in

time for fads and foolish ambitions. She tentions wrongfully directed will carry the was a woman, sensible of her opportunities simple and thoughtless. But if the people and proud to fill them according to her conwho are carrying on this ridiculous move

science and her ability. ment do accomplish their avowed purpose, Who shall say that her influence in her it will be a sorry day for scientific research. home and on the lives of those who looked It would seem about time for medical men to her for love, guidance and sympathy was generally to make themselves heard on this not greater than it ever could have been vital matter.

in the ruck of the political arena ?



Somewhere we

across these crude thus compel us to resort to a system of little verses. The poetry may

The poetry may be ques- drains to carry off the rain water, for tionable, but the sentiment, ah, the senti- though such drainage carries with it the ment is the thing;

washing of streets, they are not so danger

ous as sewage and would be almost harm"A wholesome smell of bread, new baked: The spinning-wheel's low hum;

less if the streets were properly cleaned. These with an hundred homely tasks,

The house wastes could then be disposed Make of her day, the sum.

of at reasonable expense, and our rivers Yet search the whole world thro' and thro',

would become so clean that the filtration Her happiness to match,

would be much cheaper and perhaps effecHer drowsy babe upon her breast,

tive in securing perfectly safe drinking His hand upon the latch!"

water, though the time when filtration can A lovely face, flushed with exertion but be omitted will probably never come. happy in the sheer delight of motherhood and the toil of the home, somehow or Federal control of stream pollution other fits into the picture. Would the

seems to be a future necessity, for no privilege of the ballot add one jot or tittle community will go to the expense now deto the happiness of the mother or lighten manded unless compelled by a higher ever so little the tired steps of him who power. Such an evolution of national lifts the latch?

sanitation is freely predicted, for it is said

that no city should be permitted to pour its But woman, lovely woman wants to

sewage vote-at least a strenuous few of her sex

into the ocean, to be a

nuisance to the coast dwellers. Much less do—and seeks to become a unit-or is it

should a bay be so-used. New York City has a numeral--in the political sum.

so befouled the harbor as to have seriously it is not our mother or our wife, or your injured the property and lives of its neighmother or your wife who are making the bors. Indeed the condition of those waters fight. They do not care to vote, for they

is a disgrace to civilization. Not only are have something better to do. So what's

the fish and other sea foods being exterthe use of worrying. If there

minated in this and other harbors, but it is a few “new” women who insist on voting

now unsafe to eat raw oysters because so because,—well just because—why not let

many of them are “fattened” in typhoid them do it? The price they pay for the

sewage direct from the water-closets. empty bauble of being counted in the re

Surely the time is ripe for a house-cleaning. turns from “de fif' ward”-if they are “in

And yet there must be new laws, for the right"-is a price that may leave them poor

Supreme Court practically decided that by indeed.

present laws the City of Chicago had a per

fect right to dump its filth on other comA double sewer system is the inevi- munities, although the case merely raised table result, if present day discussion con- the question as to whether St. Louis got tinues in its present trend. Every city must some of the sewage. As this point was not be compelled to adopt one of the modern proved, St. Louis had no redress. Cities systems of sewage disposal, but the en- higher up stream no doubt have a real trance of rain water into the sewers makes grievance but not enough money to force the volume of fluid too great and the cost the issue. Chicago can ignore the rights prohibitive. The matter of expense may

of weaker neighbors.

Oh no,


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