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The foregoing has reference to but a that the Merrell Company are experts in single step in the process of serum produc- selecting and testing the natural oil and tion, and affords but a hint of the safe- that their perfected processes of manufacguards with which Antidiphtheric Serum ture insure a quality beyond all doubt and (P. D. & Co.) is hedged about at every question. The physician who prescribesstage of its manufacture-conditions which

watches his patient and notes the effect of enable the company to guarantee the purity a remedy—is the "one who knows." To and potency of its antitoxin.

specify “Merrell” is to get the best.

PREPARATION FOR THE SCHOOL Days. "From the Still to the Patient” might be adopted as the title of a work covering The old adage that "an ounce of preventhe origin, the rise and development of tion is worth a pound of cure” should be salicylic acid and sodium salicylate from especially borne in mind, and, as far as natural oil as distinguished from the same possible, acted upon in the preparation of articles of synthetic origin. The Wm. S. children for the beginning of the school Merreil Chemical Company claim that the days in the Fall. If, in spite of the Summer demands for the natural salicylates, are the vacation and the open air life during the direct and immediate results of their hot months, the young girl is seen to be originality, their faith in their superiority, more or less "run down” and anaemic, a their persistence in their introduction and few weeks treatment with Pepto-Mangan the fidelity with which they have preserved (Gude) will almost certainly instil force the high quality of these special products. and vigor by improving the vitality of the The concurrent testimony of the best blood, increasing the appetite and enequipped physicians supports the assertion hancing nutrition generally. The student NEURALGIA

points unerringly to a loss of nerve vitality-a decreased resistance to irritating impulses.


gives prompt and positive relief, (1) by restoring nerve tone and (2) by making hypersensitive

tissues less susceptible to painful stimuli. CELERINA, as a consequence, not infrequently affords a pronounced and permanent surcease from neuralgic pain when other measures fail completely.

CELERINA is not a narcotic and its benefits are the result of its action as a reconstructive, not as an analgesic per se.

RIO CHEMICAL COMPANY 79 Barrow Street, New York

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is thus fortified against the physical strain which is almost inseparable from the close air and confinement of the class-room and the lack of exercise, due to such confinement. The frail, delicate boy, who seems to wilt and fade soon after his school duties are resumed, will also “stand up” better under the strain, if Pepto-Mangan is administered regularly for a couple of weeks in anticipation of the school days to come.

"PEPTO-FER,” first prepared by Dr. Jaillet, has for basis an organic compound of iron; Chloropeptonate of Iron, a combination of peptone and perchloride of iron, a neutral salt, entirely dializable.

It increases the respiratory capacity of the blood; it should be prescribed whenever it is desired to stimulate organic combustion either in the blood vessels themselves, (diabetes-glycosuria) or in the tissues (fatty degeneration) etc. Dr. Dujardin Beaumetz in one of his lessons in therapeutics expressed himself in the following terms: "If the best iron preparation is the one which is the most easily digested, I have no hesitation in stating that the protochlorides, the albuminates, and especially the Chloropeptonate of Iron are the most effective and beneficial.”

THE PASTOMETER, which is an instrument for the home pasteurization of milk, is about to be introduced to the American medical profession.

This device comes from Denmark and is being successfully used by medical men in several continental countries.

The necessity of pasteurization is very readily seen in the infant death rate in New York City. In the year 1907, 17,438 babies under one year of age died, as the Journal of the American Medical Association says, "from causes which were largely preventable." After the introduction of pasteurized milk through the efforts of Nathan Straus and the Health Department of the City of New York, the death rate

dropped, and in 1909 there were 1,461 less deaths among infants than in 1907. Had these two excellent agencies been able to cover every section of the city as thoroughly as they had a comparatively small part, the number of deaths would have been decidedly less.

For Thirty Years esolene Vaporized Cresolene



has held its position as a valuable remedy

for the bronchial diseases of childhood. It is particularly useful in the treatment of the very young.

Cresolene is indicated in Whooping Cough, Croup, Bronchitis, Asthma, Coughs and the bronchial complications incident to Scarlet Fever and Measles.

Vaporized Cresolene is destructive to Diphtheria bacilli and may be advantageously used in connection with the treatment of this disease. Let us send you our descriptive and test booklet which

gives liberal sample offer. THE VAPO-CRESOLENE CO. 62 Cartlandt Street NEW YORK

While You S.

Leming-Mile Buildi. . Montreal, Canada




A Trustworthy Preventative and
Effective Remedial Agent for
Weakness of Arch and Ankle

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Either in the incipient or advanced stages,
physicians may rely on the NATURAL and
prompt relief afforded by the

which corrects these troubles by its scien-
tific, anatomical support.

The resilient steel span from heel
to waist, in this shoe, relieves
strain on the tibial muscles, hold-
ing the arch in normal position and

Copyright, 1907, J. S. Coward allowing the muscles to regain tone

The same feet in a pair of [Copyright, 1907, J. S. Coward and elasticity.

COWARD ARCH PROP SHOES. This is an actual photogra

The shape and construction of the Notice ştrain on ankle muscles Coward Arch Prop last properly

is entirely relieved, the result of showing a fallen arch in an distributes the weight of the body,

properly distributing the weight vanced stage, caused by wearing easing the tension on the weakened of the body on the ball of the foot shoes which give no support to muscles from which so many suf

and of giving adequate support the metatarsus and which throw

fer. (See illustrations). the weight of the body on the

to the iustep muscles. The re

medial features, being constructheels. Note torsional strain on Made in all sizes and widths, In

ed inside of the shoe, do not make ankle muscles, indicated by doted line. suring a perfect fit for every foot

he foot conspicuous. JAMES S. COWARD

Treatise on “Flat-Foot" Mail Order Filled 284-274 Greenwich St.(near Warren) malled


Physicians Free Write for Catalogue


Upon Request




That is Why They Give Satisfaction
Special Elastic

Physician's Prices:

$3.00 net Thread

2.25 net

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Delivered by mail prepaid upon receipt of price

and abdominal measurement.

The above is a popular low-priced Supporter




34 Bast 23rd Street


The value of pasteurized milk is apparent very efficient device for freeing milk from to the great bulk of practicing physicians, harmful bacteria. and the medical profession, with the assist- Dr. Henry L. Coit of Newark, N. J., preance of milk committees and health boards sented the Pastometer under the name it is all over the country, is now making a known abroad, the "Thermo-needle,” before strenuous effort to introduce home pasteur- the Section of Diseases of Children of the ization in every section of the United States. American Medical Association in St. Louis

Concerning the recent conference of the last June. In this connection Dr. Coit said: milk committees of the United States and "Its entire simplicity of construction, its Canada, held in New York, Dr. Charles E. scientific accuracy in results obtained, the North of the New York Milk Committee ease with which it is operated and cleaned, says in the public press:

and its inexpensiveness, recommend it for “The gathering included some of the universal use. It is now being used extenmost distinguished sanitarians and health sively throughout Denmark and Germany, officers of this country and men of national not only for the home pasteurization and authority on dairy science. Man after man sterilization of milk, but also for the cooktook the platform and gave his testimony in ing of pork and other food stuffs. It is favor of two kinds of milk and two only as vouched for in its scientific construction and being safe for human consumption:

utility by several European laboratories and (1) Milk in a raw state produced under individuai foreign experts, and by the

sanitary conditions from tubercu- Lederle Laboratories of New York City. lin-tested cattle.

The certificate of the latter institution, a (2) All other milk to be thoroughly pas- certified copy of which I have here with me, teurized."

shows that twenty-four needles were tested It is obvious that the first kind is quite and were all released at the given temperaout of the reach of the ordinary consumier, ture, viz., 162° F.” on account of the increased cost. Conse- The Pastometer consists of a needle set in quently for 95% of the consumers there a metal tube, in the bottom of which is a can be but one classification, viz., properly delicate alloy so mixed that its melting point pasteurized milk.

automatically indicates a given temperature. The Pastometer offers to the physicians The needle is connected with a button at the and to mothers a scientific, inexpensive and upper end, and a spiral spring, immersed in


The quite remarkable results obtained by the use of

IRIDINOL in the treatment of chronic posterior urethritis have led many New York physicians to use this rem

edy in preference to all others. DIRECTIONS–Simply inject one and a half to three drams with a posterior urethral syringe and retain thirty minutes or longer. A few injections are sufficient to accomplish marked relief for every symptom.

For valuable literature, etc., address: P. H. POTTER & SONS, 30 Church St., New York.

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