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How many wasted moments and delayed calls is the ultimate story of the injudicious choice of a motor car! Stranded or injured! Plans gone askew ! Good nature outraged and the tumult of brain and nerve frustrating your attempts to pull yourself together on important consultations. The Abbott-Detroit is essentially the car that gets there. It outlives difficulty, oils up your business and social machinery and makes your days efficient with things done, plans consummated and the spirit-to-do-more reinforced. In the Abbot-Detroit you get stick-to-itiveness motorized.

We include complete standard equipment, features not found in other cars at $1500. Abbott-Detroit painting and trimming specifications are parallel to those of any $4,000 car on the market. The AbbottDetroit has Chrome Nickel Steel Construction in the transmission and rear axle, with imported F. & S. Angular Bearings and Timken Roller Bearings. The Abbott-Detroit has a complete electric light equipment of two electric head lights and combination electric and oil side and rear lamps, and Bosch High Tension or Splitdorf dual ignition system. Our catalog tells you the whole story.



Models and


5-Passenger Touring

Car.. $1,500 Fore-Door 5-Passenger

Touring Car, $1,550 Roadster. . $1,500 Fore - Door Demi

Tonneau (Tonneau

Detachable) $1,650 Coupe ... $2,350 All include standard

equipment, f. o. b. Detroit, Michigan.

5 - Roadster Touring Car

ABBOTT MOTOR CO., 144 Waterloo St., Detroit, Mich.

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THE HYGIENIC CARE OF THE SKIN aims first. last and always at the proper maintenance of the excra tory and secretory functions. Greasy applications always obstruct the glandular orifices and thus invariably interfere with the essential aetivity of the skin. This objection is entirely avoided by the use of

CREME SIMON a perfect skin unguent of established value for maintaining proper action of the skin, and for allaying all ordinary irritations and congestions.

CREME SIMON is widely employed by the medical profession in the successful treatment of Acne, Pruritus, Herpes. Erythema, Sunburn, Ivy-poisoning. Hyperidrosis and wherever an emollient antiseptic action is required.

A splendid example of modern pharmaceutical art. Samples on request.

J. SIMON & CIE. 2 & 4 Cliff Street.

New York City

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MASSOLIN (Culture]

MASSOLIN is a pure culture of the Bacillus Bulgaricus (a lactic acid producing bacterium, described by Massol,) in a medium adapted for introduction into the nose and throat, as well as other body cavities


Lederle Antitoxin Laboratories, New York


of the Bacillus Bulgaricus (Massol) in infective conditions of various body cavities. This research was suggested by Metchnikoff's demonstration of the efficacy of this Bacillus in putrefactive processes in the intestinal tract. The results of extensive clinical investigations fully justify the introduction of this remedy, and the observa. tions thus far made indicate its use in the following conditions: ATROPHIC RHINITIS, CHRONIC NASAL CATARRH, INFLAMMATIONS OF THE FRONTAL SINUS AND ANTRUM, ETHMOIDITIS, OTITIS MEDIA.


Schieffelin & Co.,

New York


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PAINrelieved at once.
CONGESTION-reduced in short order.
DISCHARGE-decreased to a marked


promptly controlled,
In other words, SABALOL SPRAY
may be relied upon to destroy invading
germs, arrest the inflammatory
process and restore the tissues
attacked toa normal condition.

Experience has proven beyond all controversy that SABALOL SPRAY has merits SABALOL distinctively its own that make

SPRAY it one of the most effective lo. cal remedies for the successful treatment of nose and throat affections. Samples on request.

T. C. MORGAN & CO. 102 John Street

New York



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House for Sale

DYSMENORRHEA of functional origin is rapidly overcome by

DR. CÉLINEAU'S DRACÉES The utero-ovarian circulation is promptly regulated with such gratifying relief of congestion that pain and discomfort are controlled at once. Improved circulatory conditions mean better nutrition and every physician recognizes the permanent benefits thus made possible in all functional menstrual disorders. Valuable data on request.

GEO. J. WALLAU, Inc. 2-4-6 Cliff Street

New York City

Specially suited for physicians in respectable block where almost every house is occupied by a physician. East side, near 14th St., bet. 2nd and 3d Aves. Upper Floors (Apartments) pay all interest and expenses on a small investment. Write for particulars to M. Robinson, 240 E. 86th St., N. Y. City.




A Neutralizing Digestive
Sample and formula
mailed to physicians
upon request

277-281 Greene Ave. Brooklyn New York, U. S. A.


Hints for the prevention of Jelly-Spine Curva

ture and Mental Squinta A straight-up antidote for the Blues and a straight-ahead Sure Cure for Grouch. This Booklet is one of Inspiration and Cheerfulness. It's & bouncer for the blues. It contains 80 pages of gloom-dispelling philosophy, poetry, mottoes and aphorisms of eminent men. Price is Fifty Cents a Copy, postpaid. Three copies for $1.00. Agents wanted everywhere.

S. DeWitt Clough, Ravenswood Sta., Chicago

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84 William Street, New York City

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