American Medicine, Volume 16

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American-Medicine Publishing Company, 1910

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Page 4 - CHIONIA is a gentle but certain stimulant to the hepatic functions and overcomes suppressed biliary secretions. It is particularly indicated in the treatment of Biliousness, Jaundice, Constipation and all conditions caused by hepatic torpor.
Page 4 - PEACOCK'S BROMIDES THE BEST FORM OF BROMIDES Each fluid drachm contains 15 grains •if tha neutral and pure bromides ol Potassium, Sodium, Ammonium, Calcium and Lithium. In Epilepsy and all cases demanding continued bromide treatment, its purity, uniformity and definite therapeutic action, insures the maximum bromide results with the minimum danger of bromism or nausea. DOSE One to three leaapoontuls .iccordlng to the amount of Bromides desired. Put up In 1-2 pound bottles only. Free samples to...
Page 23 - Metal finger-rest with rubber guard at top of syringe prevents any possibility of syringe breaking or injuring operator's hand. Needle attached with flexible rubber joint permits motion of patient without danger of tearing the skin — a great advantage in administering to children. Our new adjustable rubber packing possesses great advantages; it is readily sterilized, does not harden, shred, absorb serum or become pulpy. Simplicity and accuracy— no parts to get out of order. Mulford's Antitoxin...
Page 111 - The statistician will register a growing progress, and the moralist a gradual decline: on the one hand, a progress of things; on the other, a decline of souls. The useful will take the place of the beautiful, industry of art, political economy of religion, and arithmetic of poetry.
Page 497 - A person practices medicine within the meaning of this article, except as hereinafter stated, who holds himself out as being able to diagnose, treat, operate or prescribe for any human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition...
Page 603 - It is available in cases in which ordinary methods are impossible because of the amount of destruction of tissue which complete removal would require ; in other words, it is applicable to many inoperable cases.
Page 437 - The applications were never painful in the least, and the destruction of the pathologic tissue resulted in the formation of a hard, resistant, and non-sensitive bed for the nail, a perfect cure for the ingrowing tendency. The non-toxicity of the alum, its easy application, and the fine results render it the chosen treatment for cases in which surgical intervention is not contemplated.
Page 20 - There are many alkaline preparations on the market that are used daily with varied results in conditions where such a preparation is indicated. I have tried most of them in all conditions and after an impartial trial. I am compelled to say that the preparation known as "Glyco-Thymoline,
Page 14 - GLYCO-HEROIN- (SMITH) is one teaspoonful, repeated every two hours or at longer intervals as the case may require. Children of ten or more years, from a quarter to a half teaspoonful. Children of three years or more, five to ten drops. MARTIN H. SMITH CO., NEW YORK, NY Sample and literature free upon application.
Page 2 - PRUNOIDS AN IDEAL PURGATIVE MINUS CATHARTIC INIQUITIES A real advance in the therapy of intestinal constipation. SENG A STIMULATOR OF DIGESTIVE PROCESSES Used alone or as a vehicle to augment and aid the natural function* of digestion.

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