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Automobile Rambles. Mr. J. F. MILLER, director of the American School of Correspondence, recently made a second long run in his two-cylinder Rambler, leaving Chicago on June 21st for his home near Rochester, N. Y. He arrived there June 26th where he made his headquarters for a large number of side trips, including visits to Portage, N. Y., the Geneseo River High Banks, Coneses and Candagua Lakes, Niagara Falls, etc. He returned to Chicago, arriving July 25th, having made over 1500 miles in his Rambler Motor Car and visited a large number of principal cities en route. The entire distance of 1500 miles was made without a delay of any kind due to the car, and no roads were found too hilly nor sand too deep to interfere with the run.

Concerning the requirements and expenses on the trip, Mr. Miller states that common sense, and gasoline at 15 cents per gallon, were all that he had found necessary for his Rambler car, and he could rely on going ten miles for every gallon of gasoline without a stop.

The machine, which has just completed this journey without an accident of any kind or one cent of expense aside from gasoline, ran over 5,000 miles last year with an equally successful record.

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A Mammoth Sign AN ADVERTISING SIGN ranking among the largest in the world adorns the side of an office building in the city of Baltimore, Md. As the photograph shows, it is the sign of a telephone company, and is really very artistic considering its huge proportions. An idea of the size can be

gained when it is stated that the pencil | in the man's hand is no less than 15 feet in length, while his head measures 25 feet from chin to top of hair. His hand alone measures nearly 20 feet; while

from the lower portion of the body shown 96-102 Church Street, N. y. in the picture to the top of the head, the

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A Remarkable Pump

MADE ATE BATTLE CREEK, MICH. By The Union Steam Pump Co.

PERSONAL AND MISCELLANEOUS-(Continued) distance is over 60 feet. To paint this mammoth sign, the services of nine men were required for a period of three weeks; and several hundred gallons of paint were required for the background, lettering, and figures. A further idea

THE time was when the village of Battle

Creek, Mich., boasted of 600 or 800

inhabitants. Among them was one "Pump" Arnold, a man who made and sold pump logs and heads. He was successful, made money fast, engaged in the hotel and saloon business, went wrong, was convicted of murder, passing along as such people do, leaving the impression that the only pumps made were those used for watering cattle or for household purposes.

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A characteristic example of some present-day tendencies

in the art of publicity.

g Later on there emanated from a small machine shop the possibility of making steam pumps for feeding boilers used on traction engines, the outcome of which was the building up of a great industry for the manufacture of the Moore steam pumps, ranging in size from 50 gallons to 500 gallons per hour. This was called a type of steam actuated cylindrical valve pump, of which many thousands have been sold and are being used in almost every country on the globe. g The knowledge obtained by working out the Moore pump led up to one Frank A. Burnham, who brought out a flat slide valve engine for pumps embracing a great many of the sensitive points and eliminating the objectionable points by introducing an outside controlling device which made it impossible to short stroke the pump; afterwards I. N. Moore, inventor of the Moore pump, introduced features to prevent the piston striking the heads on a minimum clearance of one-eighth inch when the load was for any cause suddenly removed. The consummation of all this makes it possible for a Burnham pump to be worked under 5000 pounds more or less and neither short stroke nor injure should the load be instantly removed. g The intelligence of these engineers, Burnham and Moore, has been transferred and embodied in these pumps. g The Union Steam Pump Co., by their efforts to give to the public the very best in the pump line have become known as honorable and square dealers. Where any one desires this kind of service, they will always find it by the asking


of the great dimensions of the sign can be obtained by comparing the man as to height with the building which forms the background; also with the signs in the foreground. The man is literally over three stories high, for the office building as will be noted, has seven stories. The other signs are of large proportions, but are dwarfed by contrast with the one described.

Unique Shop Window IN THE SOUTH WESTERN CITIES, many of the shop windows present interesting studies. This photograph was taken in a New Mexico store where a specialty is made of selling Indian weapons and charms such as are used by the Medicine Men of the Southwest. The figure itself is of a large Indian idol attired in the

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PERSONAL AND MISCELLANEOUS - (Concluded) costume of the Red Men, while at its foot are a group of images believed to be endowed with supernatural powers. They are carved from both wood and stone. Surrounding the effigy are shoes which

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it is believed will protect the wearer from
the bite of snakes; also charms compris-
ing rattles and pieces of bone which have
been blessed or touched by the Medicine

Men to insure good luck to those who
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