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For Drawings, Show Cards, Photos, Window Dressing, etc. Sample doz., postpaid, colors, 20c.; brass, 10c. HAWKES-JACKSON COMPANY, Makers, 82 Duane Street, NEW YORK.

Send for Booklet. Valuable and Saiable Patents Promptly Secured. Advice as to Patentability and Commercial Value

Free d add and Write for Inventor's Hand Book SHEPHERD & PARKER, Patent Lawyers “During the past ten years Mr. Shepherd, of Shepberd & Mr. Parker on November 1, 1903, resigned his position as an Parker, has obtained for us a great many important patents. We have no hesitation in heartily recommending him to any examiner in the U.S. Patent Once to enter this firm. ODE baving need of the services of a patent attorney." HALLWOOD CASH REGISTER CO.

Address, 844 G. St., Washington, D. C.


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Xmas Toy Electric Railways $3 to . . . . $ 60.00

Passenger and Freight Trains, $5 to 50.00
Electrica. Books, 10c to..

5.00 Lights

Necktie and Cap Lights, 750 to ... 5.00 with Battery Table Lamps, $3 to . . . . 10.00

Carriage and Bicycle Lights, $3 to . . 6.00

Lanterns and Pocket Lights, 750 to . 3.00
Battery Motors and Fans, $1 to ... 12.00
Electric Door Bells complete, 750 to

1.50 Telephones complete, $2.50 and

5.95 Telegraph Outfits complete, $1.75 to 2.50 $8.00 Medical Batteries . . . . .

3 95 $12 Electric Belt with Suspensory . .

2.50 Dynamos and Motors, $1 to . . . 1000.00 WORKS Gas and Gasoline Engines, $3 to .. 1400.00 CLEVELAND We Undersell All

Catalɔgue Free WANT AGENTS


Bottom Elastic-preventing breaking.


(The Can will outlast five of any other.

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This can meets all requirements of the Board of Fire Underwriters

No. 9. 17 x 25 inches. Each . . . . $5.50
No. 7. 15 x 25 " " . . . . 5.00
Special Disc. to the trade. Special Cans Made to Order


It consists of Colored Charts bound up with
explanatory letter-press in strong cardboard
binding, size 94 by 13/4 inches. :: :: ::
Price, $1.50 :: By Mail, $1.57

THE E. P. MORRIS COMPANY 49 Dey Street :: :: : NEW YORK

2 and 3 Bible House T. W. WHITTANER, ""NEW YORK



No. 228

Crane Quiek Opening Self-Packing Radiator Valves are the highest type of Radiator Valves on the market, combining as they do both the Quick Opening and Self-Packing features. The SELF-PACKING feature precludes any possibility of the valve leaking at the stuffing box. They open and close with a half turn of the lever, which can be operated by the foot as well as the hand. The construction of these valves is much, that when closed, the dises bear on the seats very tightly, and the valve is locked in place until released.

Write for Complete Pocket Catalogue
New York


Salt Lake City Baltimore

Los Angeles Cincinnati

San Francisco St. Louis

Portland, Ore.
Kansas City

Sioux City

St. Paul

Spokane Duluth

Memphis Omaha




Mention Technical Il'orld Magazine


A Scientific Method of Growing Hair

The Field of Electricity Question 1: Do you think that the electrical field is crowded ?

Question 2: If any, what other professions offer more opportunities than the electrical ?

Question 3: What do you think of a college education for an electrical student?

Question 4: What good electrical schools, that teach electricity exclusively could you recommend ?-E. G. S.

Answer 1: The electrical field is probably no more crowded than any other field in engineering lines. In fact, while the number of students going into this

work each year is large, new developThe Evans Vacuum Cap provides the scientific

ments are so rapid that there is room for means of applying to the scalp the common sense | practically every good man that goes into principles of physical culture.

it. Baldness and falling hair are caused by the lack of proper nourishment of the hair roots. This lack Answer 2: We do not know of any of nourishment is due to the absence of blood in other professions that offer greater opthe scalp-an abnormal condition. It is the blood which feeds the hair roots, as well as every other

portunities than the electrical, although part of the body. If you want the hair to grow this is entirely a matter of opinion. on the scalp the blood must be made to circulate

Answer 3: We should most heartily there. It is exercise which makes the blood circulate. Lack of exercise makes it stagnant. The recommend a college education for every Vacuum method provides the exercise which makes electrical student who can possibly obtain the blood circulate in the scalp. It gently draws the rich blood to the scalp and feeds the shrunken hair roots. This causes the hair to grow.

Answer 4: We know of none of the Test it Without Expense

engineering colleges which teach electricYou can tell whether it is possible to cultivate a growth of hair ity exclusively. The best electrical on your head by ten minutes' use of the Evans Vacuum Cap. We

courses can be found in conjunction with will send you the Cap with which to make the experiment without any expense to you.

other courses at the standard universities If the Evans Vacuum Cap gives the scalp a healthy glow this denotes that the normal condition of the scalp can be restored. A

and technical schools. three or four minutes' use of the Cap each morning and evening thereafter will produce a natural growth of hair. If, however, the scalp remains white and lifeless after applying the vacuum, there is no use in trying further the hair will not grow.


The Bank Guarantee

We will send you, by prepaid express, an Evans Vacuum Cap and will allow you ample time to prove its virtue. All we ask of you is to depositthe price of the Cap in the Jefferson Bank of St. Louis, where it will remain during the trial period, subject to your own order. If you do not cultivate a sufficient growth of hair to convince you that the method is cffective, simply notify the bank and they will

return your deposit in full. A sixteen-page illustrated book will be

sent you free, on request.

Telephone Generator Question 1: Is there any special way to place the permanent bar magnets of a telephone generator? May either side of the magnets be placed on the same side of the armature or is there a positive or negative side?

Question 2: How many ohms resistance is the generator of a telephone wound to, in general?

EVANS VACUUM CAP CO., 1063 Fullerton Bldg., St. Louis

Mention Technical World Magazine

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No ink dropper. No smeared fingers.
No twisted rubber. No complication.
C179.90 earned in 82 days by re-
110 tired business man in Ala.

O earned in first four weeks by Rey. 40 Gehring, of N. Y.,spare time only. 25.80 for a month's odd hours

3 by G. Jos. Lovett, of Mass. 5.40 made in first two hours by

Mrs. Mary M. Lennon, of Mich. Our free lessons in successful salesmanship make experience unnecessary. We send all particulars and figures to prove above and many other records; write today Energetle Agents and District

Managers Wanted. STANDARD PEN CO.. 1079Baker Bld., TOLEDO, o.


THIS NEW INVENTION, THE Question 3: Would you please tell me how

to construct a good protection for a telephone SELF-CLEANING PUUNTAIN PEN from lightning, one which will not allow

lightning to enter the house?

Question 4: Could you please tell me a good method for locating small troubles which frequently occur in telephones ? 0. J. W.

Answer 1: All of the magnets should be placed with like poles side and side for if they were not the electromotive force induced in the armature by cutting the field of one would oppose that induced by cutting the field of the other.

laswer 2: The resistance of a generWhat Is Daus' Tip-Top ? | ator will vary with its size. The follow

ing data represent good practice.
TO PROVE that Daus'
"Tip Top”

3 bar 300 ohms No. 35 wire. is the best and simplest device

4 bal 260 ohms No. 33 wire. for making 100 copies from pen written and 50 copies from

5 bar 250 ohms No. 32 wire. typewritten original, we will ship complete duplicator, cap

Answey 3: It would probably be betsize, without deposit on ten (10) days' trial.

ter for you to purchase some good form Price $7.50 less trade discount of $5.00 net

of protector as it would be safer and 3333 per cent or. · · · ·

cheaper in the end. The Felix G. L. Daus Duplicator Co. Answer 4: Your question is altogether Daus Building, 111 John Street, New York City too broad to be treated in limited space

and it will be necessary for you to state the particular conditions you have in

prind, in order that we may give you a BUTCHER'S

specific answer. BOSTON POLISH


Is the best finish made for FLOORS,

Interior Woodwork and Furniture Not brittle; will neither scratch nor deface, like shellac or varnish. It is not soft and

sticky, like beeswax. Perfectly transparent, preserving the natural color and beauty of the wood. Without doubt the most economical and satisfactory POLISH known for HARDWOOD FLOORS. For sale by Dealers in Paints, Hardware and House Furnishings.

Send for our Free Booklet, telling of the many

356 Atlantic Avenue, :: :: :: BOSTON, MASS.
OUR No. 3 REVIVER is a superior finish for kitchen and piazza floors

Mosaic Glass
Question. How is Mosaic Glass made ?
H. D. W.

Answer. Mosaic glass is produced by arranging vertically side by side threads or small canes of variously-colored opaque or transparent glass, of uniform lengths, so that the ends shall form a ground representing flowers, arabesques, or any mosaic design. This mass is now submitted to a heat sufficient to fuse the whole, all the sides at the same time being pressed together so as to exclude the air from the interstices of the threads. The result is a homogeneous solid cane or cylinder, which being cut at right angles or laterally, yields a number of layers or copies of the same uniform design. This process was practised with great skill by the ancients, who are supposed to have produced pictures in this way; but in existing specimens, the


Patents, Foreign and Domestic. Copyrights.
Trade Marks; State, Federal, and Foreign.

84 State Street, BOSTON

Mention Technical World Magazine

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