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Prevents London Auto-Boats for Sports-

men POWERFUL and palatial pumping HUNTING and fishing bid fair to at

stations have just been construct tain a prominence never before ened by the London (Eng.) County joyed, as a result of the invention of Council to prevent the disastrous an automobile boat especially adapted to flooding of lands in the low-lying dis- these sports. Unlike any other autotricts of the city. There are nine of the boats yet built, these little craft are ex

ceedingly hardy and seaworthy; they can plow their way through nearly any sea, bump into obstructions, and be beached almost anywhere. They have been called the “ Seabright sea-skiffs ” in honor of the New Jersey town in which they are made; but "huntsman's la unch" or “rough-weather auto - boat” would be names


priate. The boat built by Mr.

Fleming of stations, which are able to pump 632,424 New York, shown in the illustration, is gallons of storm water per minute. of cedar and oak, copper-fastened

None of the various kinds of London sewers is capable of carrying off a very excessive rainfall. On this account, storm overflows have been provided, so that, when the sewers become surcharged, the storm water overflows into these channels and is carried by them into the river. The storm overflows are in many cases on the lines of the old sewers, which, before the construction of the intersecting sewers, led the sewage directly into the Thames. Should there be a heavy rainfall at the same time as high tide in the river, the outlets of these

SPORTSMAN'S AUTO-Boat. storm overflows would naturally be throughout, and put together so as to closed by the water in the river. This stand hard pounding. It is 23 feet 6 has caused the flooding which has often inches long, and is fitted with a 5-horseplayed havoc in the low-lying districts. power Buffalo motor.

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When you are offered a 300 per cent. investment look out!

Beware of big profits !

The normal return from safe investments is 4 per cent.

Some few pay a little more — many pay less —

A safe rule to go by is this :

The higher the promised profit, beyond 4 per cent, the greater the reason for suspicion —

The small investor can much better afford to be content with a 4 per cent. compound interest return which he can get at the Peoples Savings Bank than to risk the loss of his savings through some reckless speculative venture

Four per cent. and safety is a good investment — the best investment in the world for small savings.

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Mention Technical Il'orld llugazine

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Mention Technical Il'orld Magazine

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Estimates and plans submitted free with catalogues on ELEVATING, CONVEYING, POWER-TRANSMITTING


Columbus, Ohio, U. S. A.

A good deal depends on the accuracy of the draughtman's work. It would be a pity to have to spend hundreds, may be thousands of dollars, to correct an error that need not have occurred. It pays to have Devoe drawing instruments to work with; they're made to do correct work.

We have all sorts of art and draught

men's supplies. Send for prices. Devoe & Raynolds Company


IMPROVED INDICATOR is the standard by which all others are judged. Don't put it off, write now.


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176 Randolph Street, Chicago Fulton and William Sts., New York 1 214 Grand Avenue, Kansas City

Mention Technical World Magazine

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