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Auto and Airship

AN automobile and airship engine re-

markably powerful in proportion to its weight, has resulted from a reconstruction of the old compression engine, introduced by Dr. Otto more than a score of years ago. It is known as the "Tygard.” Heretofore all attempts to get more power strokes from the four-cycle motor have only resulted in multiplying the number of motor cylinders and further complicating the already too complex device. In the Tygard, the inventor has produced a new and unique arrangement of the old and well-tried parts of the engine structure—the piston,cylinder, valve, and power wheel and shaftwhereby this formidable handicap has been entirely removed and the gas engine rendered double-acting. This unique engine reverses all previous methods of construction and action, for the piston is stationary, being firmly bolted to the frame by means of lugs or trunnions extending out from its sides. In a report on a test of this engine, S. J. Beach,

The Man Behind

that door is the one you want to see. Your personality is going to count only after you have gained admittance, but until then your card must speak for you. g Why not use an engraved card that will appeal to the most disinterested, -a card, the neatness and correctness of which will attract the most fastidious tastes? g You save 50% of your cards by using our Peerless Patented Book Form. Being bound together with a tissue over each card, they can not become soiled or marred in any way, and when card is detached, it is clean and perfect in every respect -all edges smooth.

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The John B. Wiggins Company

Sole Manufacturers
Peerless Patent Book Form Cards

Engravers, Embossers, Stationers 159-161 Wabash Avenue



a contributor to the Scientific American, says:

Mention Technical World Magazine


-are as good as high-priced coal if you use theMARTIN ANTI-FRICTION ROCKING GRATE

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Crane Co.,

Chicago, Ill.
McCormick Harvesting Mach. Co., Chicago, Ill.
American Can Co.,

Chicago, Ill. Armour & Co., Eleva

Chicago, IL. Atlas Brewing Co., ..

Chicago, Ill. Am. Steel & Wire Co., (22 bollers). Joliet, mi. Rockford City Water Works, Rockford, Ill. Danville Water Works, .... Danville, Ill. American Radiator Co., .

Litchfield, 11. Oshkosh Elec. Lt. & P. Co., Oshkosh, Wis. Kenosha Gas & Elec. Co., .. Kenosha, Wis. Dodge Mfg. Co., ..

Misha waka, Ind. Kokomo Steel & Wire Co.,.. Kokomo, Ind. Hagar Straw Bd. & Paper Co., . Cedarville, 0. H. B. Camp Co., . . . . . . Greentown, O. Athens Brick Co., . . . . . . . Athens, O. Iowa State College,. . . . . . . Ames, la. P.M.R.R. Shops, ... Grand Rapids, Mích. Alabama Steel & Wire Co., . Birmingham, Ala. City Power Plant, .... Falls City, Neb.

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Take Your Pants Off

We Will Make You a $5.00 Pair Free.

Have your new suit made by the best tallors in the United States. "WE ARE."

We make to order from strictly all wool cloths for only 10 the latest style suits, tailored and finished equal TO THE BEST.

Our $10 suits lead the fashions-they are upto-date-andguaranteed six months solid wear, or YOUR MONEY BACK.

Write for our samples at once we will accept your first order without ONE OENT DEPOSIT, you pay for sult only after thorough examination and without obligation to accept unless a perfect fit and just as claimed and equal TO ANY $25.00 SUIT. A pair of fine all-wool stylish $5.00 pants, also a fancy dress vest, also B beautiful leather hand. led patent sult case all

FREE with every suit. On request will send free samples of cloth for suit, extra pants and free vest, also illustration of patent suit case, fashion plate, measurement blanks, tape and full instructions. We dress you in style for everyday, Sunday and party day, all for only $10, Address TIE FIFTIL AVENUE TAILORS

F 312 Kesner Bldg., Chicago, Ill. Reference: Royal Trust Bank, Capital & Surplus, 8900,000

SCIENCE AND INVENTION-(Continued) "The single valve which is connected to the gasoline vapor supply and the exhaust outlet, controls the entrance of the ignitable mixture to the engine during its suction stroke; brings the spark plug cavity into communication with the charge at the end of the compression stroke; and, at the completion of the expansion or work stroke, opens a communication with the atmosphere, while the exhaust products are being expelled by the movement of the cylinder. While this action is occurring in one combustion space, a precisely similar cycle of operations is being produced in the other combustion space. Thus, by means of a single cylinder, a single piston, a single power shaft and wheel, a single valve, and a single spark plug, a four-cycle action is produced in both ends of the cylinder alternately, producing the work of two engines from a single engine structure. As this valve-actuating mechanism is from its nature noiseless, it apparently justifies its inventor in claiming it to be the lightest and simplest and most noiseless four-cycle gasoline engine yet pro



London Tests Pneu

matic Tubes IN an effort to introduce pneu

matic tubes in London, a promoting company has set up a model plant in that city to show Englishmen how the system is worked in America. At a public exhibition given a few days ago, the operators dispatched through 800 feet of 8-inch pneumatic tubes, such varied matter as a complete suit of clothes, an egg, a live bird, and a bottle of wine. The promoters claim for this tube system, that it can carry in one day the whole quantity of mail matter dispatched by London, Paris, Berlin, and Vienna tubes in a year. It is the opinion of experts that London needs a twelveinch tube system, the carriers of which will take three times as much as those used in America.

When this is established it is estimated that the tubes will be able to carry 82 per cent of London's internal parcel and letter traffic in one-sixth of the time now required. The initial outlay is reckoned at $15,000,000, which is a small item in London postal estimates.

The system would promise a great reduction in the working expenses of the Parcel Post bill, which is to be promoted in parliament next session.

Mention Technical IVorld Magazine

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No. 228

Crane Qulek Opening Self-Packing Radiator Valves are the highest type of Radiator Valves on the market, combining as they do both the Quick Opening and Self-Packing features. The SELF-PACKING feature precludes any possibility of the valve leaking at the stuffing box. They open and close with a half turn of the lever, whieh can be operated by the foot as well as the band. The construction of these valves is such, that when closed, the disos bear on the seats very tightly, and the valve is locked in place until released.

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