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in Jamaica. A short and comfortable salt water journey on the finest of steamers, takes you to a tropical realm that offers health, scenery, recreation, and, what is hardly less to be desired by travelers, hostelries of the highest order. The UNITED Fruit COMPANY's steel twin-screw U. S. Mail steamships, Admiral Dewey, Admiral Watson, Admiral Schley, Admiral Farragut, sail weekly from Boston and Philadelphia.

"A Happy Month in Jamaica," a beautiful booklet we have issued, will furnish you a delightful hour's entertainment. This, with a copy of our monthly paper, "The Golden Caribbean," will be forwarded to any inquirer addressing Passenger Department,

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SCIENCE AND INVENTION-(Concluded) Antiquity of the Asiatic

Bank IT has been customary to consider that

the bank originated in the twelfth century, among the Italian money changers or Jews, thanks to the creation of the letter of exchange, and to the growing custom of depositing silver in their hands. Some writers, it is true, have assigned it to Asiatic sources, claiming that it was founded by the Phænicians and taken into the West by the Jews, though they were unable to give any valid reason for the hypothesis. But recent researches give color to the idea.

Prof. Hilprecht has recently published an article on Babylon that dates the establishment of the bank back at least two thousand five hundred years. He found, in directing the excavations of the temple of Bel at Nippur, the archives of two large banking houses, Egibi and Son, of the seventh century B. C. and Muraschu and Son, of the fifth century B. C. These banks, which did a large business, changed silver or loaned it upon the security of titles to property or upon merchandise, for the very respectable interest of 20 per cent. In a city like Babylon, where business was very active, silver and gold were, nevertheless, very rare, and the taxes necessitated by the importance of the bureaucracy and the size of the army, were payable in the precious metals. The results were that the same causes which have placed the Egyptian fellaheen in the hands of the Greek usurers, laid the foundations for the wealth of these bankers. They were a necessity to the mass of the people; and in the brick writings that have been deciphered we find the names of Persians, Jews, and Chaldeans intermingled. The accounts were most minute. Every deposit of silver or merchandise, every loan, every commercial agreement was registered on a brick, with the seal of the contracting parties, and the signature, that is the imprint of the finger-nail of the witnesses whose number varied, with the importance and length of time covered by the contract, from two to thirty. All of these bricks were numbered and classified. The bricks of the Egibi bank bear inscriptions of Semitic writing mixed with Babylonian, which is indicative of the evolution of language in Mesopotamia.


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Mention Technical World Magazine

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Expansion of Metals by Heat Question: What would be the increase in area in a copper sheet if heated from 60° F. to 300° F., the original area being 54 square feet?-A. F. W. COEFFICIENTS OF LINEAR EX


Coefficient. Aluminum .........

.0000123 Brass, cast ..................

.0000096 Brass, drawn ........

.0000105 Brick ....

.0000031 Bronze .......

.0000099 Bismuth ........

.0000098 Concrete .......

.0000080 Copper ........

.0000089 Glass .........

.0000045 Iron, cast ........

.0000056 Iron, wrought ............... .0000065 | Lead ..........


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Mention Technical World Magazine

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