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$1 Monthly

Each volume is complete in itself and may

be obtained separately.

LIST 1. Rogers' “Drawing and Design," • $3.00 2. Rogers' “Progressive Machinist," . $2.00 3. Rogers' "Advanced Machinist," • $2.00

READ CAREFULLY The books composing the library are intended to be: educational, and progressing from the simple to the more complex subjects; plain books for those already engaged, or soon to be, in the practical application of the theory of mechanics; each volume is complete in itself, while progressive in the series. The books are each supplied with a ready reference index, which enables the quick use of their contents.

The volumes are strongly and handsomely bound in black cloth, with titles and edges in gold; they contain 1,204 pages, 1,244 illustrations, many of which are full pages, with 3,000 ready references; they are printed on fine surface paper with large, clear type. Each book stands 8%2 inches in height, and the three, packed for shipment, weigh over 742 lbs. No works of equal value have ever been offered to the machinists' and allied trades, and no one, from the superintendent and owner to the apprentice, can afford considering the price and terms, to be without them.

Do Your Best Work

If that's your motto, you can profitably add three words to it-"with Devoe materials.”

The three volumes will be forwarded postpaid to any reader of The

TECHNICAL WORLD who sends to us one dollar and a written promise (see coupon below) to pay the balance of the purchase price in six monthly installments of one dollar each, making $7.00 in all.


We are specialists in draughtsmen's supplies—drawing instruments, boards, papers, pencils, all the things you use in that line.

Date...... I enclose $1.00 (one dollar) to apply as first payment on one set of

ROGERS' MACHINIST'S LIBRARY which ship at once to the following address, all charges prepaid. I hereby agree to remit by mail at the rate of one dollar each month, the remaining six (6) dollars.


Occupation ......

“Devoe” means best quality

Send for our catalogue

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Devoe & Raynolds Company

176 Randolph Street, Chicago
Fulton and William Sts., New York
12 14 Grand Ave., Kansas City, Mo.

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Mention Technical World Magazine


ART EDUCATION The offer already accepted by 20,000 delighted people. Just take a minute to read what we offer

at this unheard of price and then These are the proper proportions send for it. of a face. Did you realize it? Seu

Splendidly illustrated. Thorough, practical, complete. By Chas. Hope Provost, contributor to leading publications and originator of correspondence art instruction.

CONTENTS. TECHNIC-Working with pen, brush (oil and water color), pastel, grease and conte crayon, lead pencil, carbon pencil, scratch paper, chalk plate, Ben Day machine, silver print work. Also the various effects used by pen artists, including quick and slow lines, English and American styles of treating zig-zag lines, hooked lines, quick lines, double cross hatching, stippling, spatter work, etc. Wash drawings. Distemper Drawings. Tracing and copying photographs. What materials to use, including papers, canvases, and bristol boards. Tools and how to handle them. Drawing from nature, including landscape, flowers, animals, figures, portraits, etc. Drawing from memory, with table showing comparative measurements of different parts of the human body-head, hands, feet, legs, arms, etc. COLOR-primary and secondary colors, etc., explained. How to mix different shades, etc. ARTISTIC ANATOMY -The bones and muscles as applied to pictorial work. LETTERING-Copying and originating. Roman, block, old English, and script styles shown, Elementary, historic, and geometric ornament. Conventionalization of flowers, ornamental composition, pictorial composition (including form and color arrangement and balance), fashion work, caricaturing, cartooning. FACIAL EXPRESSIONSorrow, joy, anger, fear, contempt, laughter. Aerial and linear perspective. BUSINESS DETAILS-How to sell pictures, how to get a position as an artist, prices and salaries paid, lists of names of publishers and others who buy work, how to pack pictures to send by mail or express, etc. Explanations of various engraving and reproductive processes.

"How to Illustrate" sent prepaid to any address in the world for $1.00. (Limp Covers.)

A more handsomely bound edition in cloth covers, $1.50 prepaid. Remit to-day, as this offer may be withdrawn at any time, or send ac, stamp for booklet.

BROWN PUBLISHING CO. 1622 Flatiron Building, Now York

LITERATURE-(Concluded) as a guide to the better understanding of the polariscope as a practical laboratory tool. The work takes up, at first, the fundamental principles of optical analysis, and next describes the polariscope and the saccharimeter and their laboratory uses, and also includes notes in regard to special instruments. Considerable space is devoted to sugar-house and refining methods, and the chemical methods of determining sugars and also starch and starch products. An important chapter is on the application of the polariscope in scientific research, and the book concludes with a large number of useful tables in connection with sugar analyses. The book will be found very useful to students in this line of work, as it contains a great deal of information which was previously available only by searching through a large amount of literature on analytical chemistry.

WEBSTER Dictionary for 18 Cents

Transmission of Heat Through Cold-Storage In

sulation. By Chas. P. Paulding, M. E. Cloth. 42 Pages, 5 by 7 1-2 inches. Illustrated. Published by D.

Van Nostrand Co., New York. Price $1.00 net. This work comprises formulæ, principles, and data relating to insulation, and is written as a manual for refrigerating engineers. The text takes up the subjects of radiation, air contact, conduction, and contains formulæ for homogeneous walls, compound walls, walls with air spaces, and insulation of brine pipes. The mathematical treatment is simple, and is based on the laws and experiments of Péclet. The book contains considerable useful data applicable to the modern practice of refrigeration.


Besides being a complete and accurate Dictionary this volume contains weights and measures, spelling, punctuation, use of capitals, value of coins, holidays, parliamentary law, postal information, population, etc. Send for this wonderful bargain today. 18 cents in stamps will bring this Dictionary to you. :: :: :: :: ::

A Course in Tinning. By W. D. Browning, M. E.

Pages 14, 6 by 9 inches. Published by the Browning
Press, Cleveland, Ohio. Price, Cloth 50 cents; Paper

30 cents. This work is supplementary to the course in Mechanical Drawing and gives 5 plates for a course in tinning, together with suggestions for finishing in color. The book is illustrated by a number of colored plates. It has been prepared for schools and colleges where only a few plates are introduced into the regular drawing course, and contains brief instructions for rendering drawings in wash.


Mention Technical World Magazine

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Catalogue and descriptive literature on request.

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Western Auto. Co., 4701 Washington Blvd.
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C. P. Joy Auto. Co., 368 Minnesota St.
Portland, Me. J. A. Dowling.


Auto, & Supply Co., Ltd., 24 Temperance St.
The Shepard Company.

Troy, N. Y.

Troy Auto. Exchange, 22 Fourth Street. Rochester, J. 8. Automobile Co., 21 Plymouth Ave.

Utica, N. Y. Utica Motor Car Co.

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