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HE field of “The Tech

nical World Magazine" is the wide world — wherever men or women are

doing good work in new and interesting ways. The wellknown and interesting writer, Mr. Robert Shackleton, will spend the next few months in Europe in the interest of “The Technical World Magazine", collecting material for articles on the latest developments in engineering and science. Able correspondents are also being appointed in all the various European capitals to supplement and enlarge upon the

work now done for us by Dr. Alfred Gradenwitz, of Berlin, and other regular contributors. Readers may rest assured that they will have early and authoritative information of everything new and important in all parts of the world.



Simple and Concise, but Authoritative Technical does not mean dry or stupid or uninteresting. You will not have to study or work your way through the pages of “The Technical World Magazine.” Next year the greatest attention will be paid to making everything which appears in the magazine, clear and simple and easily understood. Nothing could be more interesting to everybody than the way in which the great work of the world is being done. Nothing could be more truly romantic, more genuinely sensational, than the actual accomplishments of engineers and scientists. It is the business of this magazine to tell the stories of these men in such a way that the reader will be thrilled.


Monthly Record of

Progress During the coming year the magazine will print each month a

- GEORGE ETHELBERT WALSHnumber of pages devoted to short descriptions of new and interesting and unique inventions, new engineering feats, and new methods of accomplishing old results. This department will serve the purpose of a digest of the engineering press of the world. A reading of these

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A New Year's Toast

To the True Pioneers of Progress to the men with chain and sextant, drill and shield, hoist and riveter_burrowing through mountains, spinning, spider-like, across dizzy chasmsmaking the world smaller and Man larger

A Happy New Year and Many of 'Em!

To the Gentlemen Adventurers of Democracyto the men who tempt the vengeance of the upper air, dare the sunless dangers of deep seas, track to their secret lairs the wild beasts of disease and pestilencerisking their own lives that the life of Man may be made safe

A Happy New Year and Many of 'Em!

To the Poets and Dreamers of the Presentto the men who harness the tides, bridle the west wind, put a goke about the neck of the glaciers, drive the sun and moon tandemmaking the forces of nature toil that Man may enjoy

A Happy New Year and Many of 'Em!

To the Masters of the Futureto the men who know, to the men in earnest rejoicing in their knowledge and their strength, looking with clear eyes, unafraid, into the face of fate-crowned with the high happiness of work well doneA Happy New Year and Many of 'Em!


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World Magazine

Volume IV


No. 5

From Alaska to Cape Horn Pan-American Railroad System Already Largely Completed—Will Link Together Ex

tremities of Two Continents


Washington Correspondent, THE TECHNICAL WORLD MAGAZINE

HE gray plover nests in the of time, though this thought alone is imsedges of Alaska; and when the pressive. It means the passing through short summer wanes, it leads alternate cold and heat, moisture and

its young in perilous flight dryness, bare fields and green fields, treesouthward across plains and moun less plains and tropical forests, fertile tain ranges, and then, guided by valleys and sterile mountains; it means the coast-line, wings its way steadily acquaintance with men of every hue of onward until it reaches its winter home skin and of every habit of life. It means in Patagonia.

the wedding of the ends of earth. For more than one-half of the im- The steel road which will lead through mense distance of its migration, the flight the countries of Greater America, the course of the gray plover is almost co- engineers state, will be one of the longest incident with the surveyed line for the continuous railway lines of which the projected Pan-American Railway, a com geography of the world admits, for the mercial connection between the northern distance from Alaska to Patagonia aland southern continents that a few years ways should be considered. ago was regarded as the dream of enthusiasts, but which to-day has passed

Already Largely Built far beyond the realm of visions. Men The great cities of New York and whose lives are well behind them will Buenos Ayres to-day are spoken of as the probably live to see the day when they terminal points; but, as Mr. Charles M. can make an unbroken railway journey Pepper, the Pan-American Railway Comfrom the River Yukon in Alaska to the missioner, says, the northern and southRiver Limay in Patagonia.

ern habitable limits of the continents in

reality are kept in mind. Wedding of Ends of Earth

The railroad known as the Grand This journey from the north to the Trunk Pacific is expected in a short time south means more than the traveling of to extend its lines to the Yukon. When an immense distance within a short space this is done, the traveler may take train Copyright, 1905, by The Technical World Company



SURVEYING PARTY IN BRAZILIAN FOREST. On projected route of Pan-American Railway. The immense tree-trunk here shown indicates a forest growth

almost equaling that of the far-famed Sequoia characteristic of the Pacific Slope of North America.

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