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PERSONAL AND MISCELLANEOUS - (Continued) leaking with the consequent destruction of carpets, rugs, and hardwood floors.

The opening and closing of the valves is effected by giving the handle a halfturn. This feature will doubtless be appreciated by users of old-style valves. The lever handle can be operated by the foot as well as by the hand. The bonnets of these valves are interchangeable with the bonnets of the old-style Crane radiator valves, so that users may equip their old valves with the new device at any time.

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Graphoil Lubricators The use of flake graphite for lubrication has been favorably known for many years; but heretofore its general use has been restricted, because there has been no convenient method of applying it. To overcome this difficulty, the Dixon Crucible Company has produced a new type of lubricator, which it is believed, will solve the problem of the proper application of graphite to bearings.

In this new lubricator, oil is used, which passes over a mass of graphite; and during its passage the oil takes up a portion of the graphite, carrying it to the part to be lubricated. The amount of graphite carried by the oil varies according to the amount of oil which flows.

As the lubricators have no moving parts, they are extremely simple in construction; and their use will be found economical, as they not only effect a considerable saving in oil, but also prevent excessive wear of the moving parts by the use of graphite.

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W ANTED--A man who can act as subscription agent

for The Technical World Magazine in this town. Address Circulation Manager, 3325 Armour Ave., Chicago,

Mention Technical World Magazine

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This is the Pierce Great Arrow, 28-32 H. P. with straight tonneau body, cape top and folding glass front. · Price without top or glass front, $4,000. Cape top, $200 extra. Folding glass front, $50 extra.

One convincing proof of the excellence of Pierce cars is the fact that they appeal most to the most mechanical minds. An automobile is a machine. The more a man understands about the principles of mechanics, the better he appreciates the way in which the Pierce Arrow is made. • The initial cost of a Pierce Arrow is greater than that of any automobile made in this country, but the price seems low when compared, not only with the small cost of maintaining, but with the long time of service given.

Pierce Arrows are never out of date as far as effective service is concerned.

Catalogue and description mailed on request.


The George N. Pierce Company


Members Association Licensed Automobile Manufacturers


Boston, Chicago, New York, Pittsburg, Baltimore, Buffalo, Detroit, Denver, Geneva, N. Y., Hartford, Conn., Houston, Tex., Kansas City, M Los Angeles, Louisville, Milwaukee, Ottawa and Montre Oakland, Cal., . Philadelphia, Portland, Me... Portland, Oregon, Providence, . Rochester, San Francisco,. . Saratoga Springs, Scranton, Pa... Seattle, Wash.. Springfield, Mass., . Syracuse, St. Louis, . St. Paul, Toronto, Troy, N. Y. Utica, N. Y. . .

. J. W. Maguire Co., 745 Boylston Street

H. Paulman & Co.. 1321 Michigan Avenue Harrolds Motor Co., Broadway, 58 59th Street . Banker Bros. Co., Baum and Beatty Streets

· Southern Auto. Co., 2021 Maryland Avenue he George N. Pierce Co., 752 Main Street (Retail)

J. P. Schneider, 189 Jefferson Avenue rge N. Pierce Co., 1643 Callfornia Street

. J. A. Place i i : The Miner Garage Co., 120 Allyn Street

Hawkins Auto. & Gas Engine Co. E. P. Moriarty & Co., 1612 Grand Avenue Bush & Burge, Cor. 7th and Main Streets

The Zorn-Strauss Co., Inc. . Hibbard Automobile Co.

Wilson & Co., 112 Bank Street eorge N. Pierce Co., 1013 Clay St. (Wholesale) Foss-Hughes Motor Car Co., 201 N Broad St.

. . J. A. Dowling

. H. M. Covey

• The Shepard Company : U. s. Automobile Co., 21 Plymouth Avenue Mobile Carriage Co., Golden Gate Ave. and Gough St.

W. L. Hodges, 16 Woodlawn Avenue

. Standard Motor Car Co.

. Broadway Auto. Co. . . . . E. R. Clark Auto. Co., 117 Lyman Street

Amos-Pierce Auto. Co., 109 8. State Street
Western Auto. Co., 4701 Washington Blvd.

C. P. Joy Auto. Co., 368 Minnesota Street
& Supply Co., Ltd., 24 Temperance Street

Troy Auto. Exchange, 22 Fourth Street . . . . . . . . Utica Motor Car Co.

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