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Guarantee Backed by the Bank

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THE EVANS VACUUM CAP is simply a mechanical means of obtaining a free and normal circulation of blood in the scalp, and the blood contains the only properties that can maintain life in the hair and induce it to grow.

If the Evans Vacuum Cap gives the scalp a bealthy glow and

produces a pleasant, tingling sensation, then the normal condition of the scalp can be restored, and a three or four minutes use of the Cap each day thereafter will, within a reasonable time, develop a natural and permanent growth of hair. If, however, the scalp remains white and lifeless after the Cap is removed, then the case would be a hopeless one regardless of all the infallible hair restorers advertised. The Vacuum method is what might be described as a vigorous massage without the rubbing, and there are no drugs or irritants employed.


"When I buy a thing and get my "I have just received the chair clamp "I have been using your Vacuum Cap money's worth I don't hesitate to say so. and letter of advice, for which accept for eight weeks, and am pleased with I purchased from you, five months ago, my thanks.

Will state that I have now the results. I hereby authorize the Jefan Evans Vacuum Cap, and it has given been using the Cap for a little more erson Bank, of St. Louis, to pay you me the very best of satisfaction and has than a month and am convinced that it the amount deposited with them for accomplisued all you claimed and more. is indeed a blessing to a man who really the Cap sent me. Although there was My case was obstinate at first, but by values his bair. I paid $50.00 to a New no bald spot, the hair on the top of persistent effort in the use of the Cap York Specialist whose treatment failed my head was quite thin and has been I am fully satisfied with results. To my to stop my hair from falling out, and steadily growing thinner for several mind it is the only rational manner of which your apparatus has accomplished years. This condition was evidently due treating the scalp to put it into a thor- in a reasonably short time. The price to fitling pourishment of the scalp, oughly healthy condition and I have you charge for the Cap 18 out of propor- as the scalp was otherwise perfectly made quite a study of the matter. You tion to the benefits received and in fact

healthy. I now have a new growth are quite at liberty to refer any pros- I look pon it more as a gift than a of hai averaging bout one inc in pective customers in this section to me, purchase."

length over the thin area, and if the éither personally or by letter, but I do

improvement continues as I expect it not wish this letter used as a published

to,, you will doubtless receive other testimonial,"

I believe that any mau whose blood orders from my acquaintances here in is in good condition can cultivate &

Oakland." "I would like to report my progress

healthy and complete growth of hair. I with your Cap and will say that it has

had been losing my hair for about ten loosened up my scalp very much, but I

years and there was a bare space about find that my hair still falls some and

three inches wide extending from front "The new Cap that you sent me arrived wish to ask for further advice. The Cap

to the back part of my head. I saw the rafely, and wbile I have only had about has started a new growth of hair, but I

advertisement of the Evans Vacuum Cap ten days' use of it, yet my friends already find that the new hair comes out after

in Munsey & Magazine some time ago have noticed an improvement in the apgrowing from one to two inches in

and the logic of the argument appealed pearance of my hair and I am glad you length I enclose a few hairs and you

to me. I cut the advertisement out and exchanged the Cap as I believe it is going will please notice that they are a new

carried it in my pocket knowing that I to give excellent satisfaction. There is growth, Is it that the follicles will prowould be in Saint Louis at the World's

one question I would like to ask-is there duce two or three growihs before they Fair in charge of my Automobile Spring

any part of the pump which requires oilbecome healthy? Now I suppose that Exhibit, which was recently awarded

ing? Your explanation of delay is entirely your treatment will take some time to

a gold medal, I have now used the Cap satisfactory. It may be that my haste in get the hair in a healthy condition, as

for a little over three months and my the matter was somewhat undignified, my scalp has been so tight for some

photograph herewith will show you the but you doubtless know that a man who years. Would like to hear from you on results I have obtained. I mailed this

is losing his hair and losing it fast, somethe subject." photograph home to my wife in Boston,

times gets nervous over the fact.' and her surprise at noting the growih

of hair on my head will perhaps be apAfter thirty days' use of your Vacuum preciated by quoting from her letter:Cap the fuzz on my head has started to Your picture came in this morning, but grow. I had been losing my hair for bow strange it seems. Are you wearing "I purchased one of your Caps a few over twelve years and my scalp was very a wig or has the Cap really made your months ago and am pleased with results tight, but now it is quite loo. and I hair grow again ?' Although I appre- I am getting. I perspire freely and this can move it back and forth. Is there any ciate the honor of getting the gold seems to bave the effect of rotting the way to keep the Cap from coming down medal on my own invention, yet I am rubber band. Can you send me a new one in front? That is the only thing that frank to say that I have derived more by mail? My hair had been falling out bothers me. I have written to the Jeffer. satisfaction from having my hair restored for over fifteen years, during which time son Bank instructing them to give you than receiving the medal. My success I have tried practically every supposed my deposit. There has been a few gen- with the Cap has been so pronounced remedy with absolutely no result (except tlemen here watching the trial of the Cap that it bas led to quite a number of sales injurious), but thanks to your Cap, the and I think you will now receive inore among others who were watching my fuzz on my head has developed into orders from this place." progress.”

hair." The names and addresses of the writers of the above letters are omitted, and very properly so, but we have no objections to sending coples of the originals, together

with the pames and addresses, to any one interested, for private use. It will be understood by every reader that many of those who have used the Evans Vacuum Cap with the very best results are persons of prominence and position and standing, who could not, under any circumstances, permit their names and photographs to appear publicly in connection with any such personal announcement. They have no objection however, to our using them by correspondence.

The Evans Vacuum Cap is furnished on trial and under guarantee issued by the Jefferson Bank, of Saint Louis, and any bank or banker will testify as to the validity of this guarantee. We have no agents, and no one is authorized to sell, offer for sale or receive money for the Evans Vacuum Cap-all orders come through the Jefferson Bank. Let us send you a book which explains the possibilities of the invention, and also evidence of the results it has achieved. This book 18 sent free on request and we prepay postage in full. EVANS VACUUM CAP CO., 237 Fullerton Building, SAINT LOUIS, U. S. A.

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No more comprehensive treatise on drawing has ever been published than this new enlarged edition of the Cyclopedia. Twentyfive dollars would not buy separate volumes covering the subjects.

Size 8x10 inches The chief object in offering the books at a reduced price is to show the character of our instruction in drawing and to interest the public in the work of our school.

R. FRITSCH, New Orleans, La., says: "I cannot say half enough in praise
of the 'Cyclopedia of Drawing.' I was greatly surprised to receive such fine
books, containing so much valuable information, at so low a price."


To Readers of The Technical World

BOTH VOLUMES sent free on approval (express prepaid). Keep them five days. If satis-
factory send $1.00 and $1.00 per month for six months thereafter. Otherwise notify us
and we will transfer them absolutely free. [Cash with order $6.50. Money refunded
if not satisfactory.]


Freehand Drawing PROF. E. KENISON, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Mechanical Drawing PROF. H. W. GARDNER,

Shades and Shadows PROF. D. A. GREGG,

Rendering in Pen and Ink PROF. W. H. LAWRENCE,

Perspective Drawing FRANK CHOUTEAU BROWN, Architect, Boston

Architectural Lettering H. V. VON HOLST, Architect, Chicago

Rendering in Wash and Color,

Water Color hints for Draftsman PROF. W. H. JAMES, Mass. Inst. of Technology

Working Drawings
PROF. C. L. GRIFFIN, formerly Pa. State College Machine Design
WM. NEYBECKER, N. Y. Trade School. Sheet Metal Pattern Drafting

Practical Problems in Menguration

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American School of Correspondence, Chicago:

Please send me free on approval ter press prepa.d perence in pedia
six moihs. Otherwise will notity you and hold for shipping
directions. Cash with order 86.50. Money refunded if not
of Drawingi

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American School of Correspondence


St. and No.


Feb 06


Tech W.



Mention Technical World Magazine

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For the asking. You'll wonder how you
ever got along without it - if you are a
machinist or a worker in metal. Describes
tools that you won't find in hardware stores

Handsomely Illustrated, and with full details.
If you want the most complete Catalogue,
write to-day, asking for Catalogue T.



Mention Technical World Magazine

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