The Dynamic Birth of the New Testament

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AuthorHouse, 2005 M01 11 - 224 pages

ThelandofPalestineis where the four gospels were originated.

 The places known as Galilee, Nazareth, and Bethlehem, are forever engraved upon the hearts of Christians in all the earth. The little mountain called Calvary, on which the cross of Christ was erected and, on which Jesus of Nazareth died, will forever be remembered and be celebrated by, Christian believers world-wide. No Sunday school teacher, and no preacher of the gospel, can afford to forgetCalvary, and the Holy Redeemer, who died on that cross outside the holy city ofJerusalem. 

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About the author (2005)

As he sat in the great examining hall of the University of London, pondering laboriously over questions in theology, and the extensive history of Israel’s patriarchs, prophets, priests and kings, encompassing the dynamic ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, he told himself that it was worth all the sacrifices and discipline involved in obtaining such excellent knowledge.


Dr. Nehemiah Palmer became a sincere Christian while he was in school as a teenager. He was fortunate to have as his pastor, the great gospel preacher Dr. R. A. Kennedy, who was also a Medical doctor and a graduate from the famous University of Edingburg, Scotland, U.K.


After Dr. Palmer completed early ministerial training at the Jamaica Bible College, he traveled to Great Britain, and completed studies at the London Bible College, the Wolsey Hall College, Oxford, and at the University of London, U.K.


He had wide experience as a church planter, pastor, and evangelist. As a soul winner, he has endeared himself to multitude of Bishops, Pastors, and Christian friends in Jamaica West Indies, England U.K., Canada, and in the United States Of America.


He is highly respected by all those with whom he associated in the great task of Kingdom building.


He is a married man with five grown children and seven delightful grand children. After much thoughtful deliberation, he came to the United States Of America in 1968, and became a citizen of America. His gifts and talents made room for him to minister extensively as a gospel preacher, and lecturer, including the involvement in many seminars.


As a Christian writer, he is the author of the books listed here:


1)      THE PREACHER’S DYNAMITE..(sold out) 


3)      GOD-BLESS THE CHOIR (sold out)

4)      DESTINED TO WIN..(sold out) 


6)      1,000 YEARS OF CHRISTIAN AND JEWISH HISTORY (Newly Published)



Multitudes who have read his books have been inspired and blessed.

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