Bulletin of Pharmacy, Volume 19

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Page 380 - ... or other agency for the cure, relief or palliation of any ailment or disease of the mind or -body, or for the cure or relief of any wound, fracture or bodily injury, or deformity, after having received, or with the intent of receiving therefor, either directly or indirectly, any bonus, gift or compensation, shall be regarded as practicing within the meaning of this act.
Page 358 - I live for those who love me. For those who know me true; For the heaven that smiles above me, And awaits my spirit, too; For the cause that lacks assistance, For the wrong that needs resistance, For the future in the distance, And the good that I can do.
Page 303 - A yearly Digest of Scientific Progress and Authoritative Opinion in all branches of Medicine and Surgery, drawn from journals, monographs, and text-books of the leading American and foreign authors and investigators. Arranged, with critical editorial comments, by eminent American specialists, under the editorial charge of George M. Gould, AM, MD In two volumes — Volume I, including General Medicine, Octavo, 700 pages, illustrated ; Volume II, General Surgery, Octavo, 684 pages, illustrated.
Page 347 - ... menstruum to saturate the powder and leave a stratum above it. When the liquid begins to drop from the percolator, close the lower orifice, and, having closely covered the percolator, macerate for forty-eight hours. Then allow the percolation to proceed, gradually adding menstruum, until the hydrastis is exhausted.
Page 275 - It is to be distinctly understood that neither this Convention nor the Committee of Revision created by it intends to have these doses regarded as obligatory on the physician or as forbidding him to exceed them whenever in his judgment this seems advisable.
Page 423 - ... conduct and carry on the retail drug or apothecary business must produce satisfactory evidence of having had not less than four years practical experience in the business of retailing, compounding or dispensing of drugs, chemicals and poisons, and of compounding of physician's prescriptions, and of being a graduate of some reputable and properly chartered College of Pharmacy. And those applying for certificates as qualified assistants therein must produce evidence of having not less than two...
Page 469 - Specially Adapted for Students of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry. By W. Simon, Ph.D., MD , Professor of Chemistry in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Baltimore, in the Maryland College of Pharmacy, and in the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery.
Page 426 - ... experience in pharmacy under the instruction of a licensed pharmacist, and he shall also pass a satisfactory examination by or under the direction of the Board of Pharmacy.
Page 53 - Is he dead? Is there any hurry? Shan't I bring you the book and let you look it up yourself? What do you want to know for? And I will lay you ten to one that after you have answered the questions, and explained how to find the information, and why you want it, the clerk will go off and get one of the other clerks to help him try to find Garcia — and then come back and tell you there is no such man.
Page 467 - Penn and his ungodly crew, so that the Lord may be glorified, and not mocked on the soil of this new country, with the heathen worship of these people.

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